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Simple and fast picture gallery and photo manager for viewing photos & videos
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Gallery app is simple, modern, light and fast photo gallery and picture manager app for viewing and organizing your photos and videos.

Main features:
🌟 Beautiful simple and fast photo gallery
🌟 Quickly search pictures, GIF, videos and albums
🌟 Use the photo viewer to sort and view files
🌟 Easy to share pictures and videos to social media, email or anywhere else
🌟 Show photo and video details
🌟 Photo manager allows you to rename, delete, share, edit pictures, videos and GIFs
🌟 Set any picture as wallpaper
🌟 Modern photo and video gallery
🌟 Zoom photos, videos and GIFs easily with gestures
🌟 Photo slideshow
🌟 Dark mode


Bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Gallery – photo gallery, album MODDED"

  1. Pretty good gallery app. The adds aren’t really intrusive. And the basic app without VIP suits my needs. My only suggestion is that they should allow you to set up the gallery so that you can view your pictures by name and not everything default to by last added. I have over 30,000 pictures and videos and it requires a lot of files and naming and numbering them all to keep them organized. Takes quite a while to go into each individual file to set it up correctly.

  2. It was fine for a while, and it was the best I could find, but for some reason it completely stopped working the other day. Every time I try opening it, it just closes. If it weren’t for that, it would be a solid five stars imo. Edit: It has somehow gotten worse. The crashes stopped, but now the ads are getting excessive. I know I shouldn’t expect any less from a free app, but the ads keep opening random articles on my browser.

  3. The app is really good almost perfect the only reasons I’m not giving it 5 stars is because its missing (or haven’t found a way to use them) some features. Like when I select an image I would like to have an option to select all so that I dont have to select the photos one by one to move them to another folder or delete them. Sometimes I move 100 photos and it’s annoying going one by one. The annoyance to have to grant access every time I move or delete a photo. Other than that its great.

  4. Used to be good… They’ve done some weird update to this app where when you’re looking through your photos it automatically takes you to an ad website. The previous version had ads running on the bottom of the page. Now you’re sitting there trying to figure out how the hell you got to a web page you certained you did not open. Takes you a while to realize it’s the damn app. It seems they have disabled the link notification choice in the settings. I might have to look for a different app.

  5. For what ever reason, I cannot move photos from other folders to existing folders, and it’s irritating. I try to move some screenshots I edited to another folder, and the app says ‘unable to move items to this folder. The system only allows the gallery app to copy or move items to the DCIM or Pictures directory or subdirectories’. What’s the deal with this??? Other than that, the app is fine. I’ll change my rating once the aforementioned issue is fixed.

  6. Gabe Gann dice:

    The gallery itself has been pretty good and I like how it separates the videos and photos into tabs. However, here recently the ads have been the type of ads you can’t just close, as they block the entire screen and you have to close the app and reopen to be able to view your stuff. Ads are fine for free stuff but those type of ads are unacceptable.

  7. The app so far has been a very useful tool for sorting and managing my many photo and video albums, especially with the array of available settings. My only gripe is that when creating new folders, there is no option to choose the location of said folder, meaning that creating new folders is somewhat of a hassle if you want to store your photos in your sd card or any other specific location.

  8. The app is very useful and I like how well organized it is BUT it has an issue when it comes to deleting and displaying files 1. When you delete a image or video and leave the folder they come back. 2. After editing an image it doesn’t always show up sometimes you have to leave the folder and then go back in before it shows up and other times it doesn’t show up at all. But other than that it’s a really nice and well organized app

  9. TERRIBLE!!! It straight up DELETED a HUGE folder of pictures, some of which were SUPER important. Then today after I go back in, there’s random photos and videos missing. I had them all in specific folders, and I KNOW they were there last night. Now they’ve just vanished. I have to go through a TON of trouble trying to recover all of what this app “lost”, and who knows if I’ll actually be able to get them back. I’m honestly really angry. I just wanted to look at my photos, not lose them all!

  10. Without a doubt the best gallery app available on the Play Store right now. It’s simple, clean and is frequently updated. There’s one thing I wish that could be changed. When swiping left or right while a video is being played, it seeks about 10 seconds back or forward into the video. I would much prefer if swiping from the left or right went to the previous or next available video. For seeking, I’d suggest double tapping on either side of the video instead.

  11. Solid app, ease of use, nice UI, clean looking…and AD cramming like you wouldn’t believe. That’s the only reason I’m not giving it a 5. Ads are incredibly disrupting everytime you’re browsing and editing pictures. There’s no rhyme or reason on when the ads appear, and when they do, you can’t even choose to skip them after a couple of seconds, and hijack your entire screen until you close the app. . . and the cycle begins again. I know you need ad money, I understand. But don’t be like that.

  12. Didn’t find all the directories on my Google Pixel 4a phone. Worse, sometimes a file is seen, and sometimes it isn’t. (My Cx File Explorer is working fine.) The zoom level is great on photos. Video playback does not “remember” the original portrait or landscape that the video was saved or taken. I have other complaints as well. Just avoid this app for now.

  13. This is a fantastic, straightforward, basic gallery app that does all the essentials you’d expect with none of the extra features added on. Albums, you can filter by photos and videos, and the interface is nice, letting you pin folders to the top, add covers for them, and change the app theme. Editor is simple, make basic changes. If you’re looking for something without fancy interfaces trying to do things for you, this is perfect. And we’ll worth going premium too.

  14. The few low ratings may be a result of user inexperience. I’ve seen no ads at all during two solid hours’ usage, spent organizing hundreds of pics into 32 new folders with absolutely no trouble with speed or lost pics. You can select multiple pictures to delete or move. Google Photos is much harder to use. I’ll use Gallery awhile longer and if I find no problems, I’ll buy. App is professionally done; kudos. It’s almost exactly what I’d try to produce for myself if I really wanted to code it.

  15. I believe this is the photo gallery app that was in my previous Android version but was forced to update to Android 11 that had a newer version that function differently, a newer one either did not have the folders option or was more difficult to operate. I don’t like it when programmers change things. So I’m happy with this version of gallery which is more like the previous. Thank you for making it available.

  16. I’ve had my new phone for a short while and this app for about a month. Up until today, this app worked with no issues. Very easy to use, easy navigation, with lots of features I was just finding out about. Unfortunately I ended up uninstalling this app due to an Amazon photos and that would not go away. I would close all apps and then open up this app, but everytime I tried it loaded google play with ads about Amazon photos that you could not close. Good that I didn’t have any time invested.

  17. If you have a moto g stylus, this app is a must. Motorola did away with any gallery app and just uses Google photos now, which is confusing and I couldn’t find my pictures because they weren’t organized like I’m used to. But I downloaded this app and now I can navigate my photos with ease. It automatically categorized them for me and I’m sure I have the option to create more albums if needed. I almost returned my phone because of the lack of a gallery! But this saved it.

  18. Motorola removed the gallery from most 2022 phones and thought Google Photos was the best option. They were wrong. GP very hard to use. I installed this app and will never look back! Finally, everything sorted in folders for easy access, click the picture and the edit option is right there at my fingertips. If you have the Moto G Stylus, get this app before your frustrations kick in!

  19. Soon after installing, I MOVED some important files from one folder to another. It said that it moved successfully but it did not reach the destination folder and they are missing from the FROM folder also. So basically I have LOST all those important files. I cannot find any files in the trash folder too. Any help would be appreciated on how to get those files back.

  20. A very reliable, consistent, and straight forward application. However, most importantly, this application came in clutch, considering that the Google Pixel does not actually have a dedicated gallery app in the phone itself (like phones are supposed to) (Google Photos does not count), therefore I had to find my own, and this app does everything I need it to, from organizing pics to making files. Only thing that sucks is the ads, but it’s fair, it is a free app after all. Otherwise, great app!

  21. A simple gallery that’s fast and easy to navigate and lets you sort based on name, photo size, or date added. I wanted this ever since a recent phone upgrade was trying to force me to use Google Photos which is slow and confusing. My only suggestion to developers is to add a little icon next to folders that are in my SD card. Just to help me differentiate between folders from Internal Storage and help me sort photos as needed. Otherwise I have no complaints for the moment.

  22. So far, so good. (I never figured out Google Photos. It was, to me, the most illogical, difficult and just plain user unfriendly app ever.) This Gallery app has won me over and I’ve only been using it for a few days. It is sensible, laid out in very logical manner. And it doesn’t get bogged down by doing things on autopilot. (G-Photos kept moving pix to G-Drive, which I do not use.) I am going to upgrade to premium. Gallery appears to be worth it.

  23. Worked well enough for a while. Wish I could just pinch to control column count, but being able to sort by modified, ascending, descending and all that was nice. But at some point the Favorites gallery stopped working. It crashed the app every time. I restarted phone and everything but the only fix was reinstalling. Lost all my favorites cuz of that.

  24. Ray Kode dice:

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android version 11 My A50 came with a photo app named “Gallery”. (I believe it to be a Samsung app but I could be wrong.) Anyway, I downloaded the free version of this app and then upgraded to premium (I really didn’t “see” anything different) just to see what this highly rated app looked like. Your experience may be different, but I didn’t notice anything really significantly different than the Samsung Gallery app that came installed on my phone. The app seems to work properly. I played with it for about 2 hours before deciding to uninstall it. So, if you have nothing, this app might work for you. I noticed two things which motivated me to uninstall the app. 1: The editing ability appears to give me the ability to rotate a photo but it didn’t work for me. I’m thinking because the editing toolbar partially overlays the rotate left and rotate right controls making them unresponsive. 2: I use the secure folders feature on my phone to protect a subset of my photos and documents with a password. THIS app doesn’t give me the ability to copy or move a photo into secured folders when I select the photo. I get a number or options but not one that allows me to access the secured folder. My phones already installed Gallery app DOES have that option. So, for me, THIS app really didn’t give me anything that I didn’t already have or I would consider enough to motivate me to keep the app. It certainly is better than nothing.

  25. My only complaint is the function that allows you to swipe to fast forward/rewind in videos is far too sensitive. That feature in other apps is generally intended to move 5-60 secs at a time but with this app you move the entire length of your movie. This makes it very difficult to rewind 30 secs when watching a long movie. If you want to fast forward/rewind at larger amounts you can already do that with the time bar at the bottom, so the swipe function should be reserved for small amounts

  26. Had this app. for a few months and I am pleased with it’s ease of use. The only problem I have found is that the only way to edit your photos I’d by using the pre-set edits, I would like to have the ability to personally adjust the saturation, high, etc of the photos while editing. Overall… Good app.

  27. I would have given the app 5 stars but every time I edit a picture that’s stored on my SD card and/or transfered from my old phone, my screen turns block and I have to close out the app. Once I go back into the gallery, the image I edited is gone and new folders are created with grayed out images. What’s frustrating is that some of them were new pics but I’d moved them to my SD card, so I don’t have a backup. Also, there’s no way to transfer to SD from the app.

  28. Curt Snow dice:

    Not bad overall. I am testing it as a replacement for Google Photos. Functionality and interface are very good. My main complaint is how slow it is when I want to delete photos or videos. Takes a long time. Also very slow to move photos from one folder to another. If it wasn’t so slow, I would give it 5 stars and buy the paid version.

  29. Dia Boyos dice:

    Erased photos when trying to transfer them. Zero tech support. I’ve contacted them 3 times they haven’t responded once. No option to NOT use folders if you just want everything together and organized by date. Can’t copy items to clipboard. The ADS! There’s a full screen ad after closing virtually every photo! Can’t rename file type, e.g., if you download a gif but it saved as a jpg. This was a temp app until Samsung Gallery works with Android 11 which can’t happen soon enough.

  30. This is a very good app. It allows you to organize and view your photos in alphabetical order. As well as other formats. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars. Is because the ads have become progressively more obnoxious. It’s one thing if you get an ad and you can click off of it within a few seconds. But these ads come frequently and last for several minutes. I had to forcefully stop the ad and turn off Wi-Fi in order to view my photos. Enough with these obnoxious tiktok ads.

  31. No matter what I set my “sort” settings to in a folder (date taken, date modified, ascending, descending etc), they’re rarely ever in order. A picture I just downloaded will be in the middle of the folder. It’s frustrating. •• Editing mode could use more options. [Moto G Stylus 2020 / Android 11] Other than this major sorting setback, it’s great.

  32. E dice:

    This is lacking functionality. I’d like to see a recycle bin. Also I should be able to freely move videos and pictures into one folder, not one for each section. I was trying to keep those of my wife together in one spot but had to create two folders with the same name. I should be able to hide or unhide folders or pictures. There are other free apps that do this.

  33. A bit disappointing, but it’s the best out there. I’m sorely upset over how there isn’t a single gallery app out there with a decent UI, video looping, and without ads. With this I got 2/3 since I got rid of the ads. Still disappointing. Why can’t I find a single program that allows for video looping. It would be such a simple patch too

  34. koitsu dice:

    Editing mode needs some work. I always want to use the built-in editor, don’t need the prompt every time. Filter options need to be user-adjustable, not presets. Flip and rotate are NOT filters, they’re transformations; needs crop capability. And needs a lot more image adjustment options in general (see Gallery from Simplemobiletools for an example).

  35. An actually decent gallery! The layout that is given to you is able to be customized and for what is available to users without the ‘premium’ is actually still varied and it doesn’t feel too limited . I enjoy the seperate sections for photos and videos, it’s easier to find some stuff compare to ‘Google Photos’ My only problem is the app occasionally has a small problem occasionally, it doesn’t happen often but sometimes the text on the app will be the same color as the background.

  36. I was going to give this app a great review, but when I edited a photo and then tried to save it it got in a loop that it couldn’t get out of and locked my phone up!!! I ended up having to restart my phone to do anything with it. I love the app and how you have the map function on the photos because I’m in a nursing home and I could go home on my photo and that really brought me to tears. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and it’s not even a year old.

  37. Michael dice:

    My Motorola phone didn’t come with a gallery app, just Google Photos, which I hate. I’ve tried a few different apps, and this has been my favorite. Simple, clean UI, easy to use, no extra bloat that you don’t need. There are ads, but they are unobtrusive and don’t interfere with use like the ads some other apps.

  38. I just got a new message, with Android 11, Picture gallery is unable to copy or move files from System storage to SD Removable storage. I just had the contents of three folders dissappear from my phone recently when I tried Moving files to my SD card. So I’m Copying first and then verifying that the files were copied before deleting them. That does not work now. Is there any picture gallery app that just works???? That answer is BS. I found another app which works and doesn’t have these issues.

  39. 10 seconds in and its already a better app than most. Separates pictures and videos (any app that does otherwise is just stupid) and lets you exclude folders. Most other gallery apps are too stupid to utilize these 2 most basic features. Only downside is it processes actions very slow (10 seconds to delete a photo…..?) and the editor doesnt work at all. Not sure why the developers couldnt make those basic features work. But that might be asking too much, most developers arent very bright.

  40. This app came installed on my Moto G Stylus phone, which has a 48 megapixel camera on it. On hi-res, those are some big jpg files, but this app has never glitched or had a problem. Makes sorting images and organizing them a breeze, and lets me arrange folders however I want. Made it my default image handling app. Also smooth and easy importing, exporting, and converting file types. Nothing but good to say about it!

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