Yape MODDED 2022


Yape allows payments between individuals / businesses quickly and reliably
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¡Haz más fácil tu vida yapeando y olvídate del efectivo!

Con Yape puedes enviar y recibir dinero las 24 horas del día de manera gratuita a nivel nacional a un número de celular o escaneando códigos QR.

¡Yape está en todos lados!

✓ Somos más de 12 millones de yaperos a nivel nacional.
✓ Más de 2 millones de negocios cobran con Yape.
✓ Puedes yapear a tus contactos, digitando un número de celular o escaneando códigos QR.

Yape en tu día a día

✓ Recarga el saldo de tu celular desde donde estés, sin pagar comisiones*.
✓ Pide un microcrédito al toque, sin trámites**.
✓ Retira efectivo en la red de Agentes y Cajeros BCP***.

* Para clientes que se registraron a Yape con Tarjeta BCP y con DNI.
** Para clientes que se registraron a Yape con Tarjeta BCP.
*** Para clientes que se registraron a Yape con DNI .

¿Necesitas ayuda?
Ingresa a www.yape.com.pe o escríbenos a nuestro WhatsApp oficial 939 339 299.


- ¡Accede a tus funcionalidades favoritas desde la pantalla de Inicio de Yape!
- Renovamos el Menú para que encuentres lo que necesitas más fácilmente.


40 comentarios en "Yape MODDED 2022"

  1. Please bring back the random order of numbers. I can’t understand how you dare to make users’ privacy vulnerable.

  2. Doesn’t work, because it says my phone is rooted, while it’s not. And other banking apps, including BCP itself, work fine.

  3. Retry button generate duplicate transaction. You need to implement idempotency in retry button.

  4. The app is terrible. Sms messages are so slow the app usually times out before you can validate your passcode. Also, the app goes into an endless loop when you press BCP account info. Basically, this is unusable – at least for me. And it’s not because my internet or cell connection is slow; I have a fast connection. The app allows only 20 seconds to receive your sms code and enter it. This time limit is ridiculous.

  5. It’s exhausting to try getting your money out from your account. It hasn’t happened before, but this is a current trouble which doesn’t have any solving from yape’s help service. It’s frustrating.

  6. Jhonatan dice:

    No funciona sale error

  7. manuel cf dice:

    app crashes periodically, is not realiable at all, I use it couple of times and fails, i cannot imagine someone who really depends on the app itself for comercial purposes.

  8. Dani- cc dice:

    This app always says: “There’s an error” when I want to get my Yape card. How can I solve this? Edit: Okay, now It works, thanks. Although I’d like the app includes dollars and a number for the card. It’s a suggestion of course.

  9. Sara AA dice:

    Every single time I try to make a payment or send money to anybody, says OOPS! THERE’S A PROBLEM… several times, I Uninstalled the app and installed it again, same thing… tired of it.

  10. The app crashes from time to time, and it takes a lot of time to load. Cannot send money to numbers unless they are in your contacts.

  11. Confirmation text is not sent, so I can’t pay, so the app becomes useless. I tried making a friend send me a collection req, and it doesn’t work for her either

  12. Souldev dice:

    It was working well until the app try to increment the amount of payment and asking for questions that it doesn’t make sense. It fails since then.

  13. trate como mil veces crearme una cuenta pero nada me sale error error y más errores I can never siempre to create an account it always apearse as an error and more error it drive me crazy I have tres it 1000 times NOTHING

  14. Is awesome, I can pay anywhere they accept it and don’t need to have them listed as my contacts, best product you guys came out with.

  15. Its easier paying by this app than paying with real money. Without a doubt, an amazing app.

  16. It crashes without any reason. Just when you’re trying to do a transaction.

  17. Easy to use. Few delays here and there but overall good

  18. It’s so trash, not have many option. And not is easy user. So bad.

  19. I’m waiting for the confirmation code, it never arrived to my phone so I couldn’t used

  20. Cool application from BCP

  21. Nice app, is a good way to pay and receive a payment

  22. Excellent app…saves me most of the time…

  23. Very useful and efficient.

  24. It shows an error message Waste of time

  25. Not compatible with customs rooms

  26. What’s wrong with it? It doesn’t recognize the code I just set… I was forced to give one star to be permitted to send my comment. 🙁

  27. No compatible con custom roms

  28. The same message all the time. UPS UPS.

  29. Very practical and useful.

  30. No esta funcionando la app!!!

  31. dami c: dice:

    the app says that have an error when I want to do the questions…I nned to get my yape card for the work, pls what i need to do :(?please I need help

  32. Never had any problem ! Great app

  33. Poor service now before when ever i yape someone celebrate behind the payment but now nothing and persons always get angry with me and said I don’t pay ..

  34. ME NL dice:

    I don’t have any problem with the app

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