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World App is the simple wallet designed to make the Worldcoin and Ethereum protocols accessible for everyone.

It starts with World ID, your human passport to access the new online world. Verify it privately with an Orb, and then use it to seamlessly sign in to websites, mobile apps and crypto dapps proving you’re a unique and real person without sharing personal data like names or emails.

Use the wallet to save digital money – starting with USDC by Circle – with shortcuts to deposit and withdraw using bank accounts or local payment methods through licensed partners around the world. You can also instantly send digital dollars to friends or family members around the world using their phone contact or crypto address, without fees.

Learn about Ethereum and Bitcoin – with more tokens coming soon – and earn a bit of them in the process. Track your balances, get notified with major changes and easily trade in available markets using decentralized exchanges.

Enjoy gas-free transactions with your verified World ID, receive notifications for your actions, track their status at a glance, and if you ever need something, dedicated 24/7 chat support in English, Spanish and Portuguese is ready to help.


General improvements and fixes


40 comentarios en "World App – Worldcoin Wallet MODDED 2022"

  1. Two star because: (i) An error keeps occuring. (ii) The support team is slow on response. After logging in to my account, there’s an error that occurs right after “Restoring your transaction history” process. The error is : [Not available – This feature is not available. If you think this is a mistake please contact support] What could be the issue?

  2. Im unable to restore my account and can’t seem to get help from support, whenever they send me a verification code it fails to verify so I can’t get into the app, whenever I use my password it says invalid password yet that’s the password I’ve always used, if I tap the forgot password , it also does not help, it says there’s a communication issue. I only wish Support would get back to me and help

  3. In some phones it can’t create account it says , failed something went wrong please try again what kind of programmer created this are you stupid?? it will be much important to say what exactly went wrong to help in trouble shooting… After a couple of try again it has an endless screen of “Security warning” ‘we have encountered a security issue that requires your attention. Please try the following steps ‘ i have done all the steps but still the same issue. ( What security issue???) Stupid app

  4. Manovah dice:

    I had clearly followed the steps for backup but the account was not backed up. Also not able to withdraw wld. A real scam app. Idk what they do with the data collected from the verification. Bet the definitely do something nasty

  5. It’s very unreliable, the contact help center never reply. Have been trying to log in to my account for 3 days gives me an end resulst as feature not available 👎if a simple process of login is an issue then why should you even get a single star. Poor customer sevices.

  6. Let me tell you maina!!! This app is not a good place to be, i repeat take caution!!! Don’t buy their coins, because if you do and one day when you loose your phone, making a retrival is hectic, i lost mine it’s been three days now trying to get back up, and am completely tired, Right now the feedback am receiving is invalid password.. The same password i have been using since day one. hectic!!!

  7. For the last few months the app has been performing in a delightful manner thanks to the developer team. Upon update and launching of the world coin I tried to login in and I had backed up my account and it displays a “FEATURE NOT FOUND,PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT” message. I have tried to contact support so that I can be able to login and still I got no answers, kindly check what us happening. Thank you

  8. It’s good for people in Kenya, it’s also a good saving app, and withdrawing and depositing money is easy. I like that it’s flexible and you can also sell and buy cryptocurrency. The only problem is that it sometimes delays with claiming world coin or if you are selling crypto plus the constant maintenance mode.

  9. I was among the first people to register for world coin in 2021. So whenever I try signing in using the existing account option, I am given an option to restore with Google drive. When I select that option, I am getting an error message saying no back up found. So what exactly was I required to back up in 2021 when I signed in up for world coin, that is now required for me to restore in 2023? And is there no any other option to sign in, cause it seems I will never get a solution using above op

  10. I did a factory reset and installed the app afresh. Now I can’t login to the app because I forgot the password. Trying to reset but it’s not working. Contact to support they are not responding. I am frustrated. Changing a forgotten password shouldn’t be this hectic.

  11. I logged out of my account after I had backed it up. After trying to log back in it says no back up found. This is frustrating actually. no customer service reaches out when reached to. Like damn y’all should fix your app.

  12. Account Restoration Issue I’m experiencing a problem with the Worldcoin app where I’m unable to restore my account. Every time I try to follow the account restoration steps, I encounter an error message that says This features is not available if you think this is the mistake please contact support.I’ve contacted the app support team through email to get assistance, but the issue remains unresolved. I have some important transactions pending, and it’s crucial that I regain access to my account

  13. I’m not able to access the app. It’s opening the migration screen and the migration gets stuck at 99% every single time. I’ve been trying for more than two days now and it’s still not improved.

  14. I love the app but the orb verification is not right. It’s outdated and phone verification is the ruler now. Only orb will make the app quite useless since we can’t verify. This is not right. How about facial verification through the front camera instead. This is not so right. Like,I mean where do I find Orb in this era?

  15. I’m going to give it one star until it at least becomes 1) possible to back up one’s account in a more traditional way (and not just via Google/Apple cloud) and 2) actually possible to restore a cloud backup to another device. In fact, zero stars, because enabling authentication doesn’t work.

  16. App crashes error 5002 when I try to make a new account. Tried several versions, uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. Can’t make account on a computer either.

  17. Currently useless for people in the US, no access to the wallet, no ability to confirm identity with iris scan (not a single orb in all the US). Rewards are locked, no way to unlock them without the iris scan (and can only claim a reward/finish a lesson once every 7 days). Also uses wrapped BTC and wrapped eth – that plus the no US thing, entire project comes across a bit sketchy IMHO

  18. Very useless App!! Can’t login, keeps saying no back up found. They have a totally no Customer Service contact and don’t reply to any complaints or no support at all. They stole all my money i deposited in the account! Thieves!! Be careful coz the account will just disappear and you’ll never login again. FRAUD!! WORLD COIN IS A FRAUD/ SCAM!!

  19. Very pre-release app. If login fails there is no back button. If you don’t have a backup on Drive there is no way to reset your account.

  20. I of late got a new device, I tried restoring my account using Google drive but it keeps telling me restoration failed. What could be the issue? I urgently need help because I really want to use the application to keep my tokens.

  21. It’s been a few days now that I can’t access my account. The migration process that is supposed to take 2 minutes could now take a whole day.I am unable to move past that migration interface. I am so disappointed! And the customer care, pathetic! No responses of issues are given on time or at all. You need to do better!!!!

  22. I have a problem retrieving back my Account yet i backed up my account, have a legit account and password. Everytime i when it tries signing up it tells me to contact customer support that doesn’t give back any response. I’m stressed up cause i had plenty of WLD coins yet i can’t access them. Please help😓

  23. Verification fails 30 times for 1 time working. Grants show availability at a certain date, than at that point in time get moved another week in the future. Why can’t I not recover my account with my iris? Seems very logical to enable this? All in all, pretty poor experience for the 100s of millions World coin collected in funding!

  24. app with many problems, novice developers. 1 The ORB scan does not work. 2 it is not possible to make a deposit from the card. These are only 2 problems that I saw in 5 minutes

  25. The App has been very functional in my device since day one but from the launching day till now I can’t access it coz the migration process has refuse to complete despite doing all the necessary. Please advice and help on how I can use the app again. I want to claim this week’s grant before tomorrow. Thank you 😊

  26. Cant reffer people to join since they cannot verify minus the orb thing its just useless 🤦‍♀️ how will you arrive at a target of 10 million users when you have only one way to verify ????? You need to be realistic thats not the way things work in this digital era Make an effort to introduce mobile verification just like binance i think thats the only way to get to your target Do away with the so called orb verification its useless Asf

  27. This might be the biggest scam ever witnessed in cryptocurrency . Customers are having trouble in log in, withdrawal if funds and even depositing funds . No reply from customer care . We can’t access the app because of forgotten password and we can’t reset .. so what can we do?? Guys let’s be watchful about this app.

  28. No downsides to this app, WORLDCOIN is great and the UI is seamless. You can buy bitcoins and eths in the app as soon as you download it with your worldcoin balance. If youre worried about having your eye scanned theres no reason to, every app and company has had your eye datas for years now so why not get paid for it. Finally Sam Altman and Worldcoin are providing users value and utility for their data.

  29. I would have rated the app zero star if it was possible, my first experience was excellent, but after changing my device I’m unable to access my account again even after having an option yo recover it!!!

  30. Just now I experienced that the migration takes too much of time for me and it still under processing … Solve the bug as soon as possible because it attracts more users.

  31. k iokoo dice:

    Don’t try logging out !!! You won’t be able to log in, and they will retain your data, overally it’s a bad app and you’ll regret joining.

  32. Orb verification process is useless.No orb available in my country. Verification process should be change. More Something went wrong when trying to connect my phone number.

  33. I had given it five stars but after what I have experienced with the app for the past four days I think I would reside for just a star for now until they clear the maintenance process their are talking about

  34. It’s a good app and I recently received 58 usd but you guys need to put up simple withdrawing options like mobile money which would make me even want to rate it above 5 stars if it was possible.

  35. I had uninstalled my app over storage issues, when I came to login later on today, it denied me access saying I either check my internet or there is no account linked to the google drive yet I’ve been having it, claimed grants…really frustrating

  36. I visited 3 orb locations as given in this app list but found nothing there. No ORB centres found at these locations wasted a lot of time here please send me orb locations or contact no if you have so I can verify my world Id

  37. It’s great now that one can make deposit and withdraw at ease,i love it for real,it’s a great app so far,looking towards learning more how to use it

  38. I would have given it a five star, but the way I’ve been troubled for the past one day trying to login is beyond heart breaking. Kindly resolve the issue. My account was backed up.

  39. Only getting error 5002. No reaction to my question for help in app. Tried multiple times now. No response on my twitter post. What is going on? It says someone will be right here to help me in the app yet nothing.. Even after almost 2 days 0 response

  40. Not available This feature is not available. If you think this is a mistake please contact support. Contact Support Been getting this error after login since yesterday but in app support doesn’t respond

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