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Splitwise is the easiest way to share expenses with friends and family and stop stressing about “who owes who.” Millions of people around the world use Splitwise to organize group bills for households, trips, and more. Our mission is to reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on our most important relationships.

Splitwise is great for:
– Roommates splitting rent and apartment bills
– Group trips around the world
– Splitting a vacation house for skiing or at the beach
– Weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties
– Couples sharing relationship costs
– Friends and co-workers who go out to lunch or dinner together frequently
– Loans and IOUs between friends
– And so much more

Splitwise is simple to use:
– Create groups or private friendships for any splitting situation
– Add expenses, IOUs, or informal debts in any currency, with support for offline entry
– Expenses are backed up online so any everyone can log in, view their balances, and add expenses
– Keep track of who should pay next, or settle up by recording cash payments or using our integrations

“Makes it easy to split everything from your dinner bill to rent.” – NY Times
“Fundamental for tracking finances. As good as WhatsApp for containing awkwardness.” – The Financial Times
“I never fight with roommates over bills because of this genius expense-splitting app”- Business Insider
“The Single Best App You Can Download for Group Trips of Any Kind” – Thrillist

Here are some of our industry-leading features:
– Multi-platform support for Android, iOS, and web
– Simplify debts into the easiest repayment plan
– Expense categorization
– Calculate group totals
– Export to CSV
– Comment directly on expenses
– Split expenses equally or unequally by percentages, shares, or exact amounts
– Add informal debts and IOUs
– Create bills that recur monthly, weekly, yearly, fortnightly
– Add multiple payers on a single expense
– See total balances with a person across multiple groups and private expenses
– Custom user avatars
– Cover photos for groups
– Activity feed and push notifications help you stay on top of changes
– View your edit history for changes to an expense
– Any deleted group or bill can be restored easily
– World-class customer support
– Pay back using our integrated payments: Venmo and PayPal (US only), Paytm (India only)
– 100+ currencies and growing
– 7+ supported languages

Get Splitwise Pro for even more amazing features!
– Convert expenses to different currencies using our Open Exchange Rates integration
– Access to “spending by category” budgeting tools and other charts
– OCR integration for scanning and itemizing receipts
– Store high-resolution receipts in the cloud (10GB cloud storage)
– Backups to JSON, downloadable from our website
– Search full expense history
– Save default splits


Various fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Splitwise FULL"

  1. Rolan S dice:

    Good idea but the interface isn’t friendly, some features like “simplify debts” are constantly there and they’re vague, infact it’s better without it because it shows the same results anyway but with more explanation as to how the numbers were achieved, it just sucks that there’s no way to remove that message where this feature is constantly pushed to be turned on.

  2. Fantastic idea, but the app just doesn’t work very well. I bought the pro version to itemize a receipt, and the app just can’t itemize anything; when you scan the receipt, it duplicates items, and then you can’t delete or alter any of the items. I was able to log in on my computer and fix the list, but at this point, I might as well just use a Google spreadsheet instead. Also the price for the pro version is ridiculous, $30 per year or $3 per month? Maybe a one time purchase of $30, not yearly

  3. The app is very functional and easy for me to use. I really wish the “home” or default layout showed your total balance. The reason I’m giving it 3 stars is due to it being rather difficult for seniors to use. Both my mother and father have been added to many of my family accounts (phone, TV, internet, etc) and they have a very hard time understanding the application and end up paying me separately for each group.

  4. This app is a must have for anyone who lives with someone else and splits bills. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use, and direct linking with Venmo is super convenient. My only gripe is that you can’t put the app in the background – once you leave the app, it closes completely. Very frustrating if you’re trying to enter an expense and are flipping back and forth between the app and, say, a picture of a receipt.

  5. It’s okay. It’s useful for dividing expenses amongst a group. However, the charts leave a lot to be desired (especially considering this is a premium feature you need to pay for). First of all, it shows a pie chart for break down by category. Just show me a bar chart. Secondly, if I try to show the data just for myself and not the whole group, the pie chart doesn’t change, it still shows the group totals which doesn’t help me at all. All that changes is a list of what I paid and what I owe.

  6. I like this app, its great for keeping track of expenses between my girlfriend and I. It would be helpful however, if I could select an item specifically to pay, and once it was paid it could be crossed off. Though I’m paying items off, things that were entered last year still show up in the list and it gets confusing. I can’t be the only one who wants something like this.

  7. The app is great for people living with roommates and have to split expenses. Easy to list expense, you can attach recipts, whole 9. But I only use this app to pay OTHER people. When I open it or click on a notification, #1 thing I want to see is a SETTLE UP button. Instead you have to back out, go to some other tab that doesn’t even seem like the right one. Basically navigating the app is confusing and there needs to be a quick settle up button on all expenses so I can click and be done.

  8. Mark Jasz dice:

    Great App. Have been using it for years, about 30 trips now. It does take some getting used to as there are some idiosyncrasies as to how you set it up. But after that its a real breeze. I really like how it minimizes the number of checks/payments you have to make to settle up. I really like it for group dynamics. It makes group bills easy. Someone just picks it up and it goes into the SplitWise account.

  9. It’s just ok, but definitely needs improvement. I used splitwise for the first time this weekend in order to make it easier for my friends and I to split our vacation expenses. I love the idea of having just one app where you can record, pay, and keep track of all transactions. However, the interface isn’t intuitive and some of the transactions didn’t go through and I had to maneuver a round about in order to accept payments, which was extremely frustrating.

  10. Really like this app and how easy it is to use. However, the app should show All Expenses, instead of just Activities… similar to the desktop version. Would be so much easier to see that also on the app. Really like that our expenses are exportable to Excel. Also, would be great if the app remembers the category for iems, like Publix is always groceries category, so i don’t have to always edit. Overall, has the features i need except that just seeing Activities on the app can cause confusion.

  11. A neat simple tool for keeping track of who owes what, great for traveling with friends. Importantly, this app has been around for at least 8 years (that’s how long I’ve been using it) and didn’t go bad the way web services usually do these days: no ads, no obnoxious upselling attempts, no redesigns ruining the UI, no frequent updates, not getting slower or buggier over time, no other obvious bloat. So hopefully it’ll stay usable for a while longer.

  12. Honestly barely usable. Nothing is itemized so you end up looking at a lot of large totals without knowing what the money is for. Can’t settle up when looking at a specific purchase, you have to go back to the whole group to do it. Really poor UI that’s incredibly unintuitive. Needs a lot of work before I’d reccomend to anyone.

  13. It’s good BUT one issue i have is that i can never review how the app split the expenses exactly. So you have to trust blindly that everything is correct or you need to calculate everything separately… Please add an overview option so that you can see what happend in the background. Also, it’s just kind of unclearly arranged. You can see what you need to pay or what you get but you can’t really find out why – how which expenses add up. However, so far it was always correct 🙂

  14. Very useful but I literally have to refigure out how to pay people or add expenses every single time I use it. Really good for dividing group expenses like in a group household or when you go on trips with friends. Also it lets you add shares however you want. Like your partner eats twice as much as you? You can set it so they pay 2/3 of your joint groceries. The annoying thing is it’s really hard to use. There’s no big button that says “pay”, you have to go through searching every tab each time

  15. Splitwise works great for splitting bills. There’s one main issue with that keeps it from being a five-star app. The interface is extremely clunky. When I get a notification about an expense I have to go through three or four additional menus/clicks to get to button that lets me actually pay that expense. I realize that splitwise does different things than venmo, but it would be great if there was a “settle all expenses from this group” option right on the notification page.

  16. The app does not allow you to unclick payment methods. So people can send me money to Venmo, even though I don not have an account(and can’t create an account bc of of an issue with my phone#) It continues to be an issue & I would love to see it fixed. It’s also very difficult to find old transactions, everything is lumped together, & when you click on a specific person, it only shows the very last transaction. If my housemates didn’t use it, I would not be on this app.

  17. This is the absolute best app for splitting expenses with a group of people. It’s easy to log them, split them is various ways, and even go back to update past expenses without having to make sure all the math is correct. It makes group cost splitting extremely easy. And it allows you to pay through many common payment apps. I would love to see Zelle and Square Cash on here as well, which are the only features I think are missing.

  18. it’s okay. functionality is subpar. Interface could be a lot clearer. need to figure out a way to connect with credit card/payment sources for auto splitting. writing up is a hassle. also need to connect better with Venmo so request is simpler. and the “settle up” button is very deceiving. this doesnt reflect anything in reality. again, Splitwise needs better pairing with other apps.

  19. Does exactly what I need it to! For years I depended on updating spreadsheets for settling expenses with friends and family. My spreadsheet was a work of art but it was still manual and depended on people reporting expenses to me accurately. This app has made it redundant and I love it for that. The users now have to make sure they enter what they pay for and the rest of the settling is done. Initially I found the interface not as easy, so 4 instead of 5 stars.

  20. very difficult to keep track of expenses when multiple people are editing due to some expenses being entered at time of expense and others being entered later by another using a different terminology, especially 1st time users! need to be able to see actual amount of original bill while scrolling. I think this would make it easier for second person to spot duplicates, especially since amounts are easier to spot.

  21. Best expenses tracking application out there. It’s basically an expense split app among friends, but does come with a lot of extra required features. It doesn’t ask any personal info of yours, like social. And even doesn’t track your credit cards or bank accounts. If you live with more than 1, go to multiple place with different people, and wanna save your time from splitting bills and getting embarrassed by asking for your money back, then definitely this is THE app for you.

  22. I love this app. I use it to split expenses with large groups or individual friends. It’s super easy to use and makes breaking everything down a breeze. This stuff can get really complicated really quickly without good management, and that can lead to harsh feelings among friends splitting expenses, so relying on this app to do all the work means more good times and fewer headaches.

  23. This app is absolutely amazing. initially i had trouble getting used to it and started exploring the other apps. But once you are familiar with it’s features it’s very straight forward. I wish the app interface was little more user-friendly but i don’t think that drawback should drag down the credits it deserves for all the usefulness and value. you can do monthly rentals, phone bills, & other expenditures seamlessly… all in one place. your can also setup recurring bills!

  24. It has some quirks but it’s the only thing that works. Needs to allow dummy accounts that pay for everything for roommates, then the roommates settle up. I had to use alt email to make dummy account. No dates displayed on payment list. On pro, can’t set default split to other person, only yrself. Rcpt scanning doesn’t recognize discounts and you can’t edit the items after scanning, so totals all wrong, makes that useless for us so prob won’t pay for pro. But srsly no other app works at all.

  25. Very useful app and works without issues but I have some minor complaints. I wish that when I get a notification of a bill that I owe, that notification would take me to a page that would have a pay button, instead it’s just a page about the bill and I have to back out to the home page and go to the settle up page, I just feel that is unnecessary. I also would like it if calculator functions were available when entering an expense instead of just a num pad so I don’t have to go back and forth.

  26. Love using this app, makes keeping track of my partner and I’s expenses easy! We used to use Google sheets but this is a million times better, it provides push notifications, does the math for you, it’s super intuitive, and the best part is the automation categorization and archive of expenses! Never again do I need to ask “did we adjust for this?” Because I can check in seconds

  27. This used to be a lot more easy to understand but this latest update is confusing as hell. Simply figuring out how much you owe is way more complicated than it used to be and tracking the accounting between all the groups etc leaves me scratching my head. Love the look of the new design but not the interface.

  28. Very confusing interface that isn’t intuitive to use at all. I can’t tell who I’m supposed to pay or how to access the “Settle Up” function at most points. I just aimlessly tap around until I eventually find it. In a large group, bugs are causing payments to go to the wrong individuals, while requests are being sent from people who are not owed money (I have confirmed with these individuals that they did not send the requests). In theory this app should be great, but in practice it’s awful.

  29. This app is absolutely amazing. I pay the bill for everyone in the house and it makes it things so much more simple. A weight has been lifted. Thank you Splitwise! ❤😭 Update: I see people in here complaining that it can’t do certain things but it absolutely can. Do not blame that app for your inability to navigate such a simple platform.

  30. I really dislike the new interface – Splitwise has been a well loved and well used app of mine for years now. Having gotten used to the old interface for so long, it had the same sudden shock of transition from Windows 7 to 8, and it’s made everything harder than it was before. Why fix something that’s not broken?

  31. Very useful, go-to app for tracking any kind of ongoing shared expenses (travel and dining especially). Frustratingly, there’s no ability to archive groups myself which makes the groups list pile up with long-resolved groups, which lead me to review and dock it a star. I will revise my review if and when this changes!

  32. My roommates have been using this app to split the bills for a while. It’s really simple to use. It allows the person who owes money and the person who is owed the money to keep track of payments. It even allows you to connect to other payment apps like Venmo or PayPal so you can send money through those. If you pay with cash, that can also be recorded in the app 🙂

  33. This app is fantastic! It takes all the work out of divvying things, especially when you are on an extended trip with someone. I especially love how at the end of the trip, under “settle up,” it gives you direct access to venmo. Thanks for thinking of such a useful and user-friendly app!

  34. Definitely one of the best apps I have ever used. We were on holiday with a group of nine friends, and this app made it a breeze to tally everything up, especially when you need to split stuff unevenly. The UI is nice and easy to use, and the adds are not shown, exect a gentile nudge to get the premium version I wholeheartedly recommend it!

  35. Great app! Helped with my family. Feature needed: save your standard split ratio. Me and my partner split things 70: 30, make it easier for expenses to do that. There are lots of options but not an easy one. For this. You have to type in 70 30 each time on each expense. Which doesn’t sound like much. But every time you’re buying something? I’m doing it again and again and again. Good app though!

  36. carrie m dice:

    Extremely poor app design, there’s an option to “Simplify Debts” but it gets very confusing and if you ever turn it off, even at net 0 when no one owes each other, everyone is stuck in a loop of paying everyone else in the group. For example if everyone owes each other $0 but you turn off Simplify Debts, I’ll owe 6 people varying from $15-60 and they’ll owe me the same amount. You then have to manually remove about 50 transactions. Awful, it’s like it was coded by a student.

  37. This is a great app to use when going somewhere with friends and you wish to split the bills. You can all pay for certain things each, then add them to the app and it works out who has already paid the most and who owes who. We have used between 2 people, 4 and even 7 to work out the costs evenly. It’s a great, essential app for these occasions.

  38. B O dice:

    Used for years for group trips, housesharing, family debts, always free is good enough if you don’t care about exchange rates etc. Great fee splitting options, great interface, honestly all my friends now use it too. Wish it had the option to subtly nudge friends that forgot to pay you but you don’t want to bother them, disguised as a normal push notification.

  39. Good concept. But there must be an option track ourself expenses. We can not track expenses which I’ve entered and didn’t split with anyone. – when we modify any entry, there should be only new entry. As of now it is showing both old and new entries.

  40. Technically works fine but split wise pay is terrible I am using this app for quite sometime, we have all the split options, however when it comes to splitwise pay, it’s horrible, not sure why it takes a week time to transfer money, that’s something I hate to use in this application.

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