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My Budget Book helps you manage your money more effectively through easy recording of your income and expenses.

Using the individual or recurring transaction features, you’re able to track and forecast your balances. You can also visualize your records with dynamic charts and graphs.

Budget mode allows you to set limits or goals, over custom periods of time. Buying too much clothing? Set a monthly cap. Spending too much on coffee-to-go? Set a weekly limit. Saving for a dream vacation? Set a savings target for every two weeks. Define limits for credit card accounts or other payment types. You can even toggle “rollover” for your budgets – account for every bit owed or saved!

• Offline: no Internet permission, to protect your privacy. (But you can easily share backups to the cloud.*)
• No advertising or hidden in-app costs (only voluntary donations).
• Personalize your Material Design layout including configurable dark mode.
• Comprehensive views, with convenient tabs and a wide variety of sorting options.
• Easily visualize your data as tables or graphs, understanding your income and expenses in a new way.
• Manage multiple accounts and make transfers between them.
• Customize your categories and subcategories to accurately reflect your unique situation.
• Enable sorting that distinguishes specific categories, payment types, people, or groups.
• Add photos or receipts to your transactions, to remember transaction details or reduce paper clutter.
• Use reminders to help you make pending payments on time.
• Set the beginning of the month based on your regular salary (e.g. the 1st or the 15th).
• Reconcile your expenses with your bank statement.
• Create your own templates to make transaction entry even easier.
• Protect your sensitive data with a password or fingerprint (optional).
• Import existing data or bank statements using the CSV import (other formats may be made available on request).
• Export your data as an HTML, Excel, or CSV file, so you may view or print them with your computer.
• Automatic local backups so you never lose your data. (Create your own any time as well.)
• 4 widgets bring convenience to your home screen.

An integrated and comprehensive manual helps you make the most of the features – if you can’t find it there, support is only an e-mail away.

*Again, for security reasons, there is no Internet permission. To use the app on multiple devices, or to add automatic backups to your cloud, please read the chapter Synchronization in the integrated manual.

My Budget Book is under active development, and improving your experience is a priority. Please feel free to test the app for a month. If it doesn’t fit your needs, just send an e-mail and you will get your money back.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send a message via the integrated Support function.


New app icon.

Android 13 support. With Android 13, a new permission is required to send notifications. This is only needed when using the reminders.

10 new CSV formats added.

All changes can be found in the "last changes" dialog.

If you have any questions, just send an email to [email protected] or use the integrated support function.


40 comentarios en "My Budget Book MODDED"

  1. I used Every Dollar for a few months and hated the interface and how tedious it all was. This is literally checked every single box I was wishing every dollar had. Do yourself the favor of getting this app. Best 4 bucks I’ve ever spent. So easy to navigate, put in expenses and income, recurring payments, one time payments, expiration dates on loans. It’s just overall awesome.

  2. Great app with almost everything I could hope for. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because a lack of one feature that I think would be key for someone like me. If the budgets let you change currency per budget. Going the extra mile but I think simple would be an updated exchange rate every week or so, simply pulled from Google results.

  3. absolutely brilliant. i have used over a dozen other free apps before, trying to get a workable budgeting system goin, and everytime i would find a glaring fault. i was finally willing to spend the measly 3 bucks on this app after reading the other reviews and it was completely worth it. Flawless. Great account making tools, transfers, budgetmaking with the ability to roll over balances if you so desire, and with spending breakdowns with as much detail as you want. I can’t recommend it enough.

  4. Love it, used it for years. The app has all the functionality you’d want if you’re looking for completely offline app that never syncs to your financial accounts. It can easily be customized while remaining highly intuitive. Be warned that I’m having to purchase this app again on my new phone (although I’m using the same Google account as my old one). I’m happy to do it and support the developer. This is a little treasure.

  5. Two months into using this app and in my opinion it is probably one of the best budgeting apps out there. I have tried many budgeting apps and this one is probably the most pliable. There is a little bit of a learning curve but once you figure how you want use it for your budgeting it becomes very easy to use and intuitive. The feature I like the best is the ability to attach a picture of a receipt to each transaction. I drop the photo on my SD card and link it to the transaction. Works perfect!

  6. I have been using My Budget Book for several years now. I have had questions and the support was very responsive. Not designed to be accessed online, I have not found that to be a problem. Since online security is a real concern today, I’m OK with it. I started by downloading transactions and then importing them. However, many of my transactions are repetitive, so I set up repeating transactions and no longer download them. I do recommend this app without reservation.

  7. The best budgeting and financial tracking app I’ve found. Easy to maintain, powerful, flexible. Imported several different CSV files without any pye-formatting (exports from my banking website, for example), worked great. My brief rating drop to 3 stars for a failed backup was 100% my error. I was in a rush and realized later I had restored the automatic backup on my new phone instead of the one downloaded from my old phone. Sorry about that 🙂

  8. tried all the other free budgeting apps. this is the only one that worked for my brain. all the other apps are just trying to sell you credit cards. if you really want to build a model in your brain of your financial situation, manually entering every transaction is the best way to do it. there is a learning curve to the app. it’s a lot of work, but the rewards are invaluable.

  9. This is just OUTSTANDING in every imaginable way! FIRSTLY, it is an excellent and easy way (very intuitive!) to enter and manage your everyday personal AND business expenses, and it so easy to export from for your accounting records. This does a FAR better and more accurate job than I could ever do by constantly writing in a notebook, keeping receipts (etc) and then transcribing everything. So fast and easy. SECONDLY – this is huge – it does NOT force any ridiculous or inappropriate permissions on the user. Very private and secure. LOVE IT.

  10. This is a fantastic budgeting app that allows you to manage all of your accounts. It is a little overwhelming at first, but this is solely due to how much you can customize and fine tune with this powerful app. The templates and recurring transactions make adding new purchases a breeze. Exactly what I wanted, will never use another one.

  11. Mo Web dice:

    The app is good but missing two important features that a different app I’ve used had. 1) You can’t change the position of entered transactions. Meaning if you add a transaction and then another it’s based on the time you entered and well as the date. However there’s no time setting to adjust when it’s entered My Budget Book only has date. 2) There’s no way to search for duplicate entries. At least I haven’t figured it out. 3 stars until these features are added.

  12. It’s a bit of a learning curve but once you get going it’s pretty versatile. Currently comparing it with the YNAB app. I’ve found this one is more difficult at first and needs more input, but I’m not stressed about security or a subscription, and they essentially do the same thing. I’m unable to see my budget past February 2024, is this normal?

  13. I have used this app to keep track of spending and income for several different accounts and I can’t say enough good things. It has never crashed and I have transferred data to my new phone easily. I like being able to enter deposits, withdrawals, checks, and debit card purchases as soon as I make them. I also like being able to create categories and sub categories for my transactions. Great app!

  14. This app is simple, but has so much data! Budgets are very easily managed, spending categories are completely customizable, and there is so much data available! A handy graphical displays money spent and money remaining for each budget, and it can be customized to include only certain spending or income categories. A year view shows you your forecasted money if your spending habits remain the same all year. And pie charts dig into each category of spending and income. Information rich!!

  15. After researching about a dozen different budget & expense tracking apps, I am SO HAPPY to have found this one. The manual entry and no-syncing with my bank keeps me alone accountable and engaged. The level of customization is total, and I find the interface, while necessarily dense sometimes, is still easy to read & understand. I also appreciate that the developer is NOT interested in selling data. What they WERE intent on, and 100% succeeded in doing, was making a truly superb budgeting app.

  16. Overall a nice app! Worth the money imo. I love the simple design and easy functions. It’s a little confusing to try and set up your accounts, spending, etc but I mostly just use it to keep up with which bills are due when and how much. Definitely recommend if you’re trying to get your spending under control.

  17. Every thing is fine , but one field is missing in your app. It is collecting all data , but there is no field for entering qty purchased It is useful in certain period assment to at present your app shows for a category how much is spent on purchase on certain items, but it is not showing how much quantity purchased. In the data entry sheet there should be column to accept quantity purchased for every entry or every purchase. Hope it will be more useful.

  18. Simple, but effective. Has exactly what I need and I don’t have to worry about any online account connectors. Just an app that helps keep me aware of my expenditures. 🙂 Update 12/28/22 Still using this app and I’ve gotten SO much better at keeping track of my spending. It’s helping me out so much. Thank you for making this app. I’d give it more stars if I could.

  19. I have used this app to track my finances for a long time and it’s served me well, but I wish we could edit the quick input amount because my currency uses a lot of zeroes and it doesn’t even let me add zeroes after using the quick input.

  20. By far the best budget app on the play store. Once everything is inputted its so easy to track all expenses, recurring transactions etc. Helps me a awful lot. 5 Stars.

  21. Very easy to use and customizable yo your needs. Definitely recommend it for anyone looking to keep a good control on their finances.

  22. Boo! You have to submit every transaction yourself and can’t sync it with your bank. I make way too many transactions myself to do that. These apps should say that up front- total waste of $4

  23. Bob dice:

    Wow, this app is totally worth the price. Its the first budget app I really enjoy using. Main reason would be its OFFLINE and this is huge no worries about online accounts and all problems that come with that. Thank for this awesome budget app.

  24. Excellent app. It can be used to record all home expenditures. Mainly you should have patience to record your expenses.

  25. Is a great app. I wish compound entry feature was added to allow multiple debits and credit transactions

  26. John Doe dice:

    I’ve been using the app for 5 years now and I’m very happy with it. Excellent customer support! I wish the auto fill function would also remember the radio button selection at the top (Expense, Income, Transfer) and that accounts could have independent currencies (even if you couldn’t transfers between accounts with different currencies) and that there was a desktop version. Finally, if the app could prefill some fields by scanning a receipt (without saving the picture).

  27. I tried a few other free apps (and trial paid apps) and finally decided to buy this app. This app is the only one that meets my expectations. I wanted an app that can project my monthly account balance for the next 2 years according to my income and expenses, and this app did it 👍

  28. This app is really awesome and really what I was looking for. It offers many possibilities to enter very detailed incomes and outcomes. It has additional functionalities like searching with filters, statistics, backups, exports, imports, budgets and some more. Almost everything can be configured. You need some time to set it up, but it is worth the money.

  29. This is a full finance app. I loved it for a long time. But the app feels old or im just bored. I know there are a few color options. But I’m talking about the boxy sharp edges of the interface design. I really liked this app. But after I tried other similar app, it feels something is missing here. Even though the difference only on the interfaces and animation. Wish you the best. But for now, i will use other app with more sleek design while waiting for you to be more futuristic design. Thanks.

  30. HFPJ35 dice:

    Probably one of the best apps I’ve seen on the Play Store. Does exactly what it says and has no privacy concerns. Wish there were more apps like this.

  31. I have used a few budgeting apps in the past and I have to admit that this one is the best I’ve come across. All functions perform as expected. The statistics screen is really well done. My only suggestion is creating a predicting algorithm feature that would take your average expenses over a set period of time and predict your future worth in a set future date. What i can tell the overview screen does this but only with reoccurring expenses/incomes. Anyways not a showstopper. Great App!

  32. Exceptional offline budgeting! I have tried so many budgeting apps to find the right one. I have tried auto-syncing apps, which don’t work with my bank and don’t hold you accountable like manual entry does. This app gives you all the tools you need to analyze, record, and plan with your money. A work of art; I will gladly buy this app to support the devs and I encourage everyone to try this app.

  33. I’ve been using this app for years – it is the only expenses tracking app that I ever needed. It has all the features one can reasonably expect. Keep up the good work and please avoid temptation to complicate the GUI, clutter it with new features someone possibly might want or make it more “modern”. Good things need not change, good things must not change!

  34. I have been using My Budget Book for around four years to keep track of my current account. Setting up regular payments is easy after the first few. It is easy to amend a payment when a monthly amount changes. I enter all new transactions daily so I am always aware of the remaining balance in my account. The search function is handy when trying to locate a specific payment. The statistics tab gives an overview of the amount spent in a particular category. Overall, I am very pleased with the app.

  35. johana a dice:

    Too complicated, can’t link accounts, there’s better apps that are free.

  36. Spearra dice:

    Its incredibly powerful and not particularlly difficult to use either. The only feature I feel is missing, is the ability to apply a Comment to a Category or Subcategory, like how Transactions can have a Comment applied to them.

  37. Absolutely love this offline app. Don’t have to worry what third parties are doing with my info. I love the net monthly view so I can see my net surplus for the month and know how much money I can put into savings.

  38. Sue M dice:

    Excellent app. Well worth the small purchase price. Intuitive design. No tech issues… just happy budgeting 🙂

  39. Amazing app! Only ask is that I could define which accounts show up in the “total account balance” so I can hide my savings account from total available money!

  40. Been using it for years now. Great for basic use, and better than all the rest for advanced users with a working understanding of bookkeeping. The only thing that could make it better would be if it let you track AR and AP. Templates make things very efficient, the widget is handy, and it does basically everything I want with a bit of thoughtful planning. I can track all of my credit cards and bank accounts separately and transfer between them easily to recognize payments.

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