Kaspi.kz суперприложение MODDED 2022


Платежи, покупки и финтех. Одно суперприложение для ежедневных потребностей
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Kaspi.kz – это суперприложение, в котором собраны самые разные сервисы для ежедневных потребностей. Более 11 миллионов наших любимых клиентов делают платежи без комиссий, совершают выгодные покупки, управляют личными финансами и копят бонусы с Kaspi.kz

Магазин на Kaspi.kz
• Выгодные покупки из широкого ассортимента самых разнообразных товаров, включая электронику, одежду, обувь, детские товары, ювелирные украшения, товары для туризма и спорта, товары для досуга, книги, автотовары, мебель, товары для строительства и ремонта, товары для животных и многое другое
• Сравнение цен от разных продавцов, характеристики и отзывы о товарах и продавцах
• Покупка товаров в кредит или рассрочку, картой Kaspi Gold или Kaspi Red не выходя из дома с доставкой

Kaspi Travel
• Поиск и покупка выгодных Авиа и ЖД билетов не выходя из дома
• Покупка билетов с Kaspi Gold или в Kaspi Kredit

• Оплата без комиссий более 7000 самых разнообразных услуг, включая мобильный, интернет и ТВ, коммуналка, налоги, штрафы, билеты, транспортные карты, платные дороги, парковки и многое другое
• Оплата с Kaspi Gold
• Kaspi Бонусы за оплату большинства услуг

• Моментальные переводы клиентам Kaspi.kz по номеру телефона или по номеру карты
• Переводы без комиссий на любую Kaspi Gold и на Kaspi Gold с других карт любого банка
• Переводы на карты других банков и международные переводы на карты Visa и Mastercard любых банков мира

Мой Банк
• Оформление Kaspi Gold, Kaspi Red, кредитов и депозитов прямо в приложении
• Оплата ежемесячного платежа, полное и частичное досрочное погашение кредитов в любое время без штрафов и комиссий
• Управление всеми действиями по Kaspi Gold, включая изменение пин-кода, установка лимитов на покупки в интернете, блокировка и перевыпуск карты

• Ashyq. Регистрация входа в общественных местах с Kaspi QR.
• Оформление пособий, регистрация ИП, переоформление авто прямо в приложении
• Социальный счет для получения пособий и соцвыплат

Kaspi QR
• Удобные и безопасные покупки через Kaspi QR в магазинах партнеров Kaspi.kz
• Оплата с Kaspi Gold, в рассрочку на 3 месяца с Kaspi Red или в кредит с Кредитом на Покупки
• Авторизация по Kaspi QR в любом Kaspi Банкомате или Терминале без карты или ввода ИИН для снятия денег и пополнения счетов

• Акции Бонусов и рассрочки в Магазине на Kaspi.kz и у партнеров Kaspi.kz

Kaspi Maps
• Поиск ближайшего Магазина Партнера, где можно оплатить с Kaspi Red или с Кредитом на Покупки.
• Месторасположение ближайшего Kaspi Отделения, Банкомата или Терминала на карте
• Информация о категории товаров, времени работы Партнера, местоположении и контактах


Улучшили работу и производительность приложения.


40 comentarios en "Kaspi.kz суперприложение MODDED 2022"

  1. Its really good application. A lot of options, honestly nothing disturbed me so far. I am satisfied. Such a wonderfull application I do almost practically everything on it.

  2. This app has no option to hide your balance in the money transfer menu. So, if you like when any waiter or taxy driver looks at your balance while you are inputting they phone number – this app is for you.

  3. Dear programmer,please provide ngelish version.it will be useful for foreign people to use who residing in kazakstan.also,it will be more better if the apps can used international card for international people

  4. Very cool app and best brand from Kazakhstan. Now we need Kaspi Taxi vadly, because Russian taxi companies sucks!

  5. I can’t use this app because of missing English language. I hope that you will improve user interface and will add the English language

  6. The app itself works, unfortunately no English translation so it can be very difficult to use if you’re a foreigner who can’t speak Russian or Kazakh. Since it is used almost everywhere, I have to use this bank and app until another company offers competition and an English interface. Also google translate can’t help since the app does not allow screenshots. This means I can’t even take a screenshot to see if there is a setting to change this problem.

  7. I haven’t used this app myself yet, but the interface is clean and the functions and the service Kaspi app provides sound very convenient. However, as an international student who’s Russian skill is bad, I need an English option for the app, especially since Kaspi is used prevalently.

  8. Overall good experience good alternative for cash as you can pay everywhere with it but company should provide English interface at least in the app for foreigners since a lot of foreigners use it. It is difficult to use all the features properly if you don’t know Kazakh or Russian.

  9. I would like to use this app. The problem is its only in Russian language. Does it have setting to change the language in English. It is extremely uncomfortable and painful to order the online purchase. So with no option left I have to choose Ali Express or Amazon. I mean you are loosing your customers. Why do you expect that all people can read and write Russian language?

  10. Piasjaj dice:

    very good app, easy to used this app, nice dashbord

  11. It’s a good app and thank for adding kazakh language that’s great

  12. Asif Ali dice:

    The app in itself is ok, however as a not Russian or Kazakh speaker it’s very difficult to navigate. Having the option for English language would be a great step e.g. Like Altyn-I bank has. Further I saw in the post that your app exists in Ireland in English. Therefore coming with English language option should not be difficult. Further why does the app not allow screenshot, as usually I would make screenshot and translate in yandex, now even that is not possible. Please solve and you get 5*

  13. It’s complicated for foreigners cuz they need to translate each word given in this program. It’s not like Halyk Bank because it has no English language system, just applied kazakh and russian languages. I’d give a five star comment if you guys add English as well.

  14. N Ni dice:

    No way to login via pass, SMS, OTP etc. Face recognition is required

  15. It often crashes on my phone. I would also appreciate and English language option, maybe not for the shop, bit the main banking functionality. I also don’t like that the login is bound to my phone number instead of email or username.

  16. Only Russian and Kazak language available. No option for English language. I hope the developer realise that there are also foreigners living in Kazakhstan.

  17. Cory Kos dice:

    Odd that some of the screen shots and even the Investor Relations site for the Kaspi App show English…but yet English is not actually an option: Kazakh or Russian only (and with the app’s security settings, you can’t take screenshots to use with a translation app). Useless for any Kazakh-based non-Russian speakers.

  18. I’m wondering with bad reviews related to English interface. Common guys, you are using app in Kazakhstan!Should we give bad review for European or American banks for not having Kazakh or Russian interface?? The app works well itself and for security reason, of course, it will not allow you to take screenshot. Does Chase Bank allow it?))) So I’m personally very happy with Kaspi Bank service and it’s app.

  19. It’s really a good app very easy to use.We can buy everything from here.But sometimes it shows some types of technical error in scanning the Qr code.Otherwise my experience with it is very good 👍

  20. Great service and amazing customer support…

  21. Can’t use the app, because it doesn’t recognise my face. Neither people in the bank nor customer support by phone can do anything about it. It just locks you out forever. Don’t recommend putting money into this bank — UPD. In response to Damir — no, I’m not going to risk getting locked out of the app once more. Not using the bank until this “feature” is no longer mandatory. You’re trusting your image recognition technology too much… What if my phone camera is just too bad?

  22. d3coder dice:

    Постоянная реклама в пуш уведомлениях без возможности их выключить. They use push notifications to send you add and this can’t be disabled without blocking all push ads as they use new push id, so you can’t block it in android.

  23. This app is not available in English. The expatriates and international students living in Kazakhstan find it difficult to operate by taking screenshot of everything and then translating it to English. Kindly make this app available in English language also. Please pay attention

  24. iqra mano dice:

    This is the great app.I love this. I give 5 star

  25. App is called “Kaspi.kz – Super app #1” But there is nothing super in app that has only Russian language, while apps of smaller banks have also English and Kazakh. In top of financial apps it’s in 2nd place, after Homebank, so it’s not #1. Also I don’t understand why people keep using this bank, with 0.5% cashback and low interest rates for deposits. Big 🧠, Alisher

  26. Polished and handy mobile banking app, but… Please, move the online shop and ads to a separate application. It is very annoying to see nagging offers to buy stuff from your shop, when you just wanted to check your balance.

  27. It is not a good idea to have clients pass face control on entering the application. If my camera is broken or simply very weak to provide good quality of the picture then I shall not be able to enter your application.

  28. Matt A. dice:

    Со временем приложение становится хуже и хуже: 1. Нельзя сделать скриншот (страница платежей и страница истории платежей, переводов) 2. Невозможно зайти в аккаунт, просит фотографироваться, в конце безуспешно The app is degrading, and there’s nothing ‘Super’ about it: 1. It’s impossible to take screenshots in the app (payments, transfers and their history) 2. Useless login auth flows (identifying with photos), which will refuse to recognize you.

  29. It is good and useful app. However it doesn’t have english support. So you need to speak Russian or Kazakh to use it. Please add English language options for foreigners.

  30. It’s really good app, we know it. But can you add english option, pleaseee. I hate switching to translator then go back. Thank you in advance.

  31. I just loved it , running amasingly , a lot of options, easy, honestly nothing disturbed me so far. Great job, team!!!

  32. Please add english language in this app As an international student in Astana it has been very difficult to operate with this app. Please it is a request english is a universal language it will help many foreigners who come to visit this country

  33. This app is may good but they don’t have a Kazakh or English language supporter. Only russian when they will add Kazakh or English language then I will change my rate for the app Edit: They added Kazakh language. Well, that’s good costumer service

  34. Disgusting. I tried to take help of customer service but no help i got. Even i messaged on Instagram acc of kaspi. Kz but just they ignored my messages and problem. They saw my messages and surprisingly they ignored it. Money is being debited 3 times from my kaspi app. And i shared my problem with them ans i request to solve this issue but no help i got. Just they ignored my messages. I tried all way to contact them. Please solve my issue.

  35. every thing is good . just 2 point ; 1 – there is no choosing languege option (only russi is avalble and not aupport english) 2 – payout limite will reset to defualt every month !!

  36. Just a really superb app 😃 Payments are swift and smooth. Haven’t had a sign le problem yet. Refunds are processed flawlessly as well. I would usually get mad if a small business does not have Kaspi QR or Kaspi Transfer

  37. When will you add; 1. Kazakh and English languages 2. Samsung pay I’m tired of; 1. Translating from Russian to English 1. Making the same and so much steps to make payment with this application. And I wish you to add what the clients need for real… I and all parts of our family will delete this app because of bad services and the difficult russian lang, no one in our family understands the Russian…

  38. Can you please add Kazakh language to your app. No language is available except Russian. I don’t understand Russian very well. And when it comes to money you need to understand every word. I like your app, but please add Kazakh language. And if you’re already working at this issue could you tell me exact time frame for resolving this issue?Among Kazakh banks only in your app no way to change the language to Kazakh

  39. Such a wonderful application. I do almost practically everything on it. The last update that allows you to copy information is so awesome 👌.

  40. App description is misleading. It doesn’t work correctly on Android 5.0 or higher not even on Android 6.0.1 like developer mentioned in description. Poor developer team that can do nothing to fix it.

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