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Online Trading App for Demat Account, Share Market, MF, IPO with 1 Cr+ customers
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👀Looking for a single platform for all your trading and investment needs?

📱Download the powerful investing and trading made simple Upstox app and join 1 crore+ customers to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, F&Os, Commodities and Currencies at minimal brokerage charges.

⏫Upstox is one of India’s highest rated trading apps. With our smart and intuitive technology, online investments and trading is quick and easy.


– Ready-made Option Strategies, the safer way to trade in options to maximise profit probability and minimise risks

– Predict market direction and get pre-curated option trading strategies

– Choose from low and high risk option strategies

– Know profit probability, maximum profit and loss and funds needed

– Interactive pay-off graph to know ‘take-home’ profit amounts at different levels of NIFTY/BANK NIFTY

– TradingView charting library with 100+ indicators and 80+ drawing tools for technical analysis

– GTT orders valid till expiry along with stop-loss and profit-target order features

– Pledge Demat Holdings with Margin Pledge to avail extra leverage for F&O trading

– Build your own strategy directly from Option Chain.

– Place basket orders – add up to 4 orders (legs) and place them all with a single click

– Learning series exclusively dedicated for F&O

– Dedicated desktop platform with advanced TradingView features

– Enjoy Option Chain, Option Greeks, OI and IV data for analysis


Intraday+Swing trading

– Margin Trading Facility: Up to 2X leverage for Equity Delivery trading or buying certain stocks and holding them for up to 150 days

– Instant price alerts

– Instant Withdrawal from Upstox to registered bank account in 15 minutes

– 3-leg GTT orders valid for 365 days with stop-loss and profit targets

– AMO and CO orders

– Enjoy up to 5X leverage on intraday trading

– Explore the app without opening an Upstox account

– Track live updates, LIVE stream market data and quotes from NSE, BSE & MCX

– View OHCL (Open High Close Low) data

– LIVE Nifty and Sensex price updates

Long-term investing

– Smart insights by analysts on why a stock is moving up or down

– Scan through 5000+ stocks by their sector, technical indicator, or fundamental data. Eg. Top Gainers, Automobile Stocks, 52-Week High Stocks etc.

– View company’s fundamental data – Shareholding pattern, company profile, financial ratios and more to make informed decisions

– Find corporate actions and reports all at one place

– Place orders during non-market hours and also place orders which are valid for a year.

– Add up to 100 scrips per watchlist


– 24/7 IPO

– Invest via WhatsApp without opening an Upstox Demat account

– Hassle-free, zero commission UPI based IPO applications

💸Mutual Funds

– 2,500+ Mutual Funds

– Zero commission investing

– SIP investments starting at ₹100/month

– Find tax-saving funds using smart filter

💸Brokerage, commission & other charges

– Up to ₹20/order on Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodity

– ₹0 demat account maintenance charge

– ₹0 commissions on IPOs and Mutual Funds

– Brokerage calculator Calculate & Compare Brokerage Charges Online:

📲Open an Upstox Demat & Trading account

To know about our share market demat and trading app, visit


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40 comentarios en "Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account MODDED 2022"

  1. For past few days, App’s response is very slow and unable to see portfolio details and trade. Most of the time, message shows on screen is “we’re having trouble in loading this page”. While, my internet speed is excellent over 100mbps, at same time. Instead of advancing for betterment, the app functionality is getting deteriorated and as investor, we are losing the opportunity. Appreciate if you take necessary measures to fix this.

  2. App is too slow. It doesn’t load dashboards. Take too much time. My MF transaction failed. But in the back ground it was successful. I thought it failed and placed order for the dlsecond time. For every information it opens a new browser tab. Then why the app is there. Better use console in browser.

  3. paneesh v dice:

    This is a good app but there are some improvements required. Need multiple alert option, currently there are only 2 alerts that I can set for stock or index, need multiple alerts so that i can trade based on the alerts. It would be good and helpful if I can add the alerts in chart itself similar to Trading view rather than adding it outside the chart.

  4. Dheeraj dice:

    The new update made it worse. The new update doesn’t show as many details as earlier. The older version was very much informative and was easy to analyse the portfolio. Now, need to keep clicking to see total returns, 1day change etc. I was trying toove out of Groww only because of this feature. But now both Upstox and Groww have the same interface making me go back to Groww.

  5. After one year still UI is not convenient. Trigger price and order price are far apart, slide to order is extra efforts, overview of script doesn’t have order tab so you need to press back, go to orders section of the app and modify the orders. I would say still old app is so much better but they have put advertisement for new app so prominent in the old app it’s irritating.

  6. 1. If you are chatting with the agent and you go back to the app again to take a screenshot for example, the session is disconnected. The chat should remain active until it is closed. It is annoying that everytime we go back and then have to open a new session and explain the query again. 2. Mutual fund is not user friendly. There is no option to modify mf as other brokers provides This functionality “should” be added. 3. No facility to transfer shares online. The transfer process is offline.

  7. amit suri dice:

    Old is gold. You new version is too dificult to navigate. The option chains please add option to have clasic view. Fonts size is too small and make it bold Please please please remove banner ads of new version from the old app as we tend to use it till we move to other players as we find you guys to adamant with the growth you got.

  8. All good, but sometimes, Portfolio value showing either high or low instead of actual value. small suggestion from me is that if you add app or web inbuilt notepad, that will be unique and very useful feature. We need the profit tracker. Please make it ASAP.

  9. The older app was much better than this version. The watchlist has smaller digits and unlike older app it does not have red and green digits.It is visually not appealing at all. It contains so much unnecessary information. Traders need a simple app not complex. Please dont force users to use your new app or you will lose many users.

  10. It hangs badly and at the time exactly when price goes up. And if sold it will be sold on hanged price instead of market price. Initially it was good but now it is getting worse. Hopefully this bug fix soon. All other this are good this is one troubleshooting a lot.

  11. Upstox turned out to be a major letdown! Initially, there was talk of zero brokerage, which got my attention, but now they’ve switched gears and are charging an exorbitant 2.5% brokerage fee. It’s utterly outrageous! I cannot fathom recommending this app to anyone. There are far better alternatives out there that don’t burden you with such excessive charges. If you value your hard-earned money, steer clear of Upstox; it’s nothing more than a money-draining trap!

  12. dzay faru dice:

    Charts are slow and glitchy … Not satisfied Tried clearing cache and also other network the app was jst installed but on the other hand tradinview works great. Using the app on Xiaomi hypercharge 5g & galaxy tab S4. Both having same issues. Will surely share a screen recording once I’m back on the app on monday! Peace you guys are awesome 👍🏻 quick replies!

  13. It’s over all good. But in this app ( specially for mobile),you can’t take the chart effortlessly. It’s lagging to much, you can’t move the chart freely. All the required indicators are not available. Chart is a main thing for a trader, and upstox somewhere fails to give a good chart system. It lags too much, you can’t move to and fro the chart properly. Even if you place an indicator, wanna to change time frame, draw support and resistance, you can’t do it within a second. Totally a headache .

  14. I have been using this app for about 1.5 years now . I would say the best app for investing , I can’t say about trading because I don’t use this option . The interface , the customer care – everything is flawless . Only one thing I complain about the app is – the app only allows F&O to those people who have bank account in private banks like HDFC , Axis , ICICI etc .

  15. I have been using this app for long time now and it’s getting too irritating now. I never switched to any other platforms cause I like to stick to one but now I think I need to move out. The charts are not even loading and it’s hanging so bad everytime. Every 3 months there is some money cut from my account for some maintainence.. maintain the app first before charging us mann

  16. Best app to loose your money. Whenever placing market order ,the broker will automatically select from for the highest prize and when you sell at market order it will sell comparitively lower rate. Specially designed to lag and loose money to make you loose the profits in trade. Interface is one of the best in market and works fine overall but i have observed 8/10 times orders placing at higher. Please don’t go for this app if you are an intraday trader, the brokerage is heavy 2k-5k monthly.

  17. Hi Upstok team, the space available in your apps is very less and especially when we open the chart, then the size of the deck in the left header is very large and the size of the letters is very large, so you also need to decrease it.

  18. making many changes to a UI can be overwhelming for users, causing confusion and frustration. It is important to make changes gradually and with purpose, keeping the user’s needs and preferences in mind. While it is understandable that users may prefer a previous UI, it is also important to keep the UI updated and modern to meet the changing needs of users and technology. Ultimately, the success of a UI depends on how well it meets the needs of its users and provides a positive user experience

  19. This is an example of how to ruin a good interface. The previous version is near perfect. If only it had an option to categorize holdings so i can have different portfolios, it would have been perfect. 2023 Update: i just used the simplified upstox app. I think you guys spent a lot of time trying to make it as complicated as possible. Worst UX of any app i have ever laid my eyes on

  20. I would have given you five stars but there are some bugs in your system. On my android phone whenever I save a script in a custom watchlist and then delete it, the deleted script keeps coming back in the watchlist after some time. The watchlist arrangement keeps going back to the state before. Also on the web dashboard whenever create a view and save it in the cloud after a few weeks of inactivity it just disappears.

  21. A user friendly app with diverse set of instruments in India to trade from. Been with Upstox for 8 years now. Customer Service has been responsive. Downtime/other issues, though rare, are communicated well in advance. Though, not a big fan of the new violet version of Upstox app. The blue version was much better.

  22. Cons : When the market is tranding, then immediately this app gone to offline. I’ve faced this issues only when market will being trendi and continuously showing that network is not available. But how is possible because on the same time in same device, parallely i have being operating Trading view apps and this app never goes offline. So I think their is Trap by Upstox OR may be there server are out dated. So I have requesting to Upstox team, kindly fix this error.

  23. Selecting 40+ strikes or scrips, each individually one by one, to just clear expired or unwanted strikes, during market hours, in mobile app, is not easy or is just irritating if to be done daily basis. Please add “Select All” option for quick watchlist editing or clear up, for a better app user experience!!

  24. Worst experience while doing segment reactivation I have clearly mentioned the issue and added the screenshots of the issue as well to the CC Team After 5 days i received a call asking about the issue and screenshots. And again I received a call after another 5 days seeking for a screen recording saying that I have not uploaded a pdf eventhough i uploaded pdf doc. The errors are as well too vague and ridiculous which says attach a doc with no pwd protection even though there was no pwd.

  25. It is fair that they provide the fundamental data for the companies. But they are often misleading as they are not updated on time. So I request the management, either remove the said section or update them on time. It is always better not to provide any data than providing outdated data.

  26. A lot better app than the compitition. The best thing about this app is the discover tab. Keep up the good work team. One humble suggestion is that work on the improvement in desktop version especially the option chain and make it more practical like your Android app.

  27. Now, it’s getting better. Really good experience with the new platform. Keep up the good work. Update: It’s got smoother than ever. And really stable. Never a hassle or a problem till date. Love this Upstox app. Recommended ✅

  28. if the app can have one-time square off all positions, I will give all 5 stars. its very hard to sell one position at a time we lose a big amount at a time. please work on it. other platforms have this system. Thank you.

  29. No One dice:

    Not showing commodity scripts…I know how to add scripts in watchlist and how to create watchlist but app simply not showing any commodity script . I searched for gold crude silver etc. but app not showing anything… Edit :- Cleared app data and restarted app problem solved.

  30. I am not able to complete my registration. I finished singing the documents and it just says, your response is recorded. When I try to click the close or download the document, it’s just stuck. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  31. I already linked my pan and addhar still showing that pop of not being linked.please make necessary changes it’s now annoying. Ps. Tried clearing the cache and data. No use. ___________________________________ As you said I did everything and I got call from your team but the issue still persist.guys c’mon I am also a software Engineer how hard is this to stop a pop from checking condition. Issue resolved thanks Sandeep karar and team .In about 30 min. Thanks team great work.

  32. Said that in opening they take 1 ₹ for account present and will credit back to the account but process didn’t done and 2 times total 2 ₹ has been debited but still not get refund. May be this should not done with any other client. Upstox check what you have done it.

  33. The only thing due to which I don’t prefer upstox is it’s complicated UI. I surely think that , only options like buy, sell, stoploss, Target, portfolio etc. Are useful for the user to which any one can easily invest.

  34. Hi team upstox, check this and provide proper values. Don’t give junk values. The indicator on trading view shows different results than on same upstox inherited trading view charts. Example zigzag indicator shows different results (proper) on trading view, where as on upstox it shows not correct signals and indicator. This created the upstox app inherited trading view is not correct and believable.

  35. Remove the ads about new app everywhere in OLD upstox app…. In the watchlist section also now, in the charts section also, order section also, no section is left now… Including the portfolio and holding srction, along with funds section which is there since ages… Please remove all those bloody apps everywhere for god sake… It creates hinderance, obstruction and its a bad / unhealthy distraction…

  36. App is very good and user friendly. Can you just add a feature of basket order where traders can execute all orders at single tap of finger that would become so convenient including margin required. Rest everything is working just fine.

  37. There are lot of issues in loading the chart. The chart page appears in full white screen. Almost after one month of my complaint, the issue is resolved finally as of now. Will see if am able to use the app without any further problems.

  38. Very good application for investors and traders. While using a laptop, it’s disconnected many times while using trading view chart analysis. If possible, solve this issue.

  39. Just updated the newest version I was amazed to see Oi scanners and heatmap now I could say that I am using the best version of aap in my trading carrier .it just save time to look for what I want to see. Thanks a lot for providing me this pleasurable experience in just 1 click

  40. Thanks to upstox team to resolve problem for margin calculation.. Last few days… in new application build strategy fund calculation is not ok for options selling.. please check and upgrade as soon as possible. Overall Good application..but Add One more feature OCO (one cancels other) for tralling stop loss like old upstox application for intraday.. one of good feature..

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