Speedometer: GPS Speedometer MODDED 2022


Measure and track speed & distance, check speed limit, location and time.
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GPS Speedometer & Odometer is the most accurate speed tracker which measures the speed of any kind of transportation. Our accurate and reliable speed limit alert is ready to notify you once you are beyond the limit. Digital or Analog mode can display your current speed and distance on different scales.

With easy-to-use HUD mode, this powerful speed tracker will show your speed in digits like a real car speedometer. For various vehicles like bicycle, motorcycle and taxi car, it can help you check velocity easily and track your current location accurately even when offline. You can switch between different speed units in kilometer per hour (km/h), miles per hour (mph), and knot.

This highly precise speedometer app can measure how fast you are while driving, jogging and running. GPS navigation enables you to see your real-time location fast and keeps track of every journey route on map intuitively.

The fantastic features you can get:
✨ GPS Speedometer & Odometer provides a simple and attractive UI so you can check your speed and other stats at a glance
🌐 Work offline. GPS Speedometer can work quickly even if the internet connection is poor
📍 Digital GPS Speedometer odometer features a map recording your trail and you can enable/disable tracking on map according to your need
🚘 Digital speed tracker is perfect for measuring the velocity of every circumstance like cycling, driving, walking and jogging, and more via GPS navigation
⚠️ Set a speed limit with ultimate GPS speedometer. You will be notified with vibration, voice alert and dangerous alarm when you exceed the limit
🪞 Head up display (HUD) mode mirrors instant speed on your car’s windshield
🔢 Speedometer app keeps track of your trail with detail & accurately, like real-time speed, average speed, maximum speed, mileage, starting and ending point
🔄 Switch freely between three speed units in kilometer per hour(km/h), mph miles per hour(mph), and knot
📱 Speed tracker GPS app offers both portrait and landscape modes to suit your needs
📎 Simple and practical widgets and support display in the notification bar
⏯ Pause or reset anytime during your route
📅 Distance tracker app keeps track of your history of travel with detailed information, never miss any of your historical routes
🎨 GPS speedometer and odometer offers multiple beautiful theme colors for you to choose
🔋 Small in size and battery-friendly
🧩 Display the digital speedometer as a small window over other apps to use it with navigation apps
🎁 Getting your instant speed and distance & ensure your safety along the way just needs one download

Get the most out of GPS Speedometer if you:
– Desire to test your speed while walking, jogging, cycling, driving, flying and sailing, etc.
– Want to track your daily mileage
– Favor a simple and fantastic speed tracker app to measure how fast you are going anytime
– Wish to replace your broken or inaccurate car speedometer

Use GPS Speedometer to track:
🛰️ Speed: track real-time speed, average speed and maximum speed
⏱ Time: record your trip time
📍 Location: locate your starting and ending point and show your trail
🛣 Distance: record your distance

Don’t hesitate anymore! Try this helpful and accurate digital speedometer app at no cost! It can work offline and easily measure how fast you are on the bike, motorcycle, car, bus, train, etc.

No matter whether you want to measure your speed & distance or track your location, our fantastic GPS Speedometer & Odometer is always here to help.


40 comentarios en "Speedometer: GPS Speedometer MODDED 2022"

  1. Just what I needed. The instrument cluster went out on my Volvo, so I downloaded this and have a quick-fix until I can repair it. Works well, seems accurate, and I love having a heads-up display. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to change the text color – when I change the theme color, the text stays white. Also, it would be nice to be able to toggle the stats panel on and off. Sometimes, I just want to see the speed. Fix those two things, and I’ll be glad to give it five stars.

  2. It’s super easy to use! I compared this app with other devices and it gave surprisingly correct measurements. No other reluctant devices needed while jogging and riding and I can record the speed and the diatance just by my phone. I’ve recommended it to my friends💛💛Thank you developers

  3. Hanna C dice:

    Very easy to use. I have used for keeping track of location and route many times. Highly recommend this app to anyone who wants track speed and meature quickly and easily.

  4. Aurora X. dice:

    I believe it is an accurate gps speedmeter and tracker. Very easy to use, and there are three modes i like very much, digital, analog and widget. Recommend it.

  5. Elaine dice:

    Really easy and convenient. Exactly what I want. I use it when running, walking, and cycling. The feature of setting a speed limit helps a lot. Really nice app.

  6. Some trips that I tried to view takes me back to the main screen instead of giving me the specs for that trip so that part is a bit glitchy, but otherwise I like it, especially the speed warning function because I don’t have cruise control.

  7. Works very well. I like that it automatically saves your trip, including a map with track. Simple to use.

  8. So great and easy to use! The HUD mode helps a lot! My car dashboard is broken and it’s such a great replacement. Definitely recommend it ^O^

  9. Large number is easy to see. It appears to be very accurate. I like that I could have it in digital and analog. Glad I switched from some other one that I had. This is the best one so far

  10. I’ve just started using this app. I have used a similar one before and really liked it. This one doesn’t have as many “bells & whistles” but seems every bit as accurate. Time will tell.

  11. Added to use in my motorhome while my speedometer is being rebuilt. Very pleased. It’s accurate and easy to use.

  12. Well done. Easily measure speed while driving, jogging and running, just tap the start. I’ll use it while driving everytime.

  13. Works great have had no problems out of it. Would recommend this app for use if traveling in town or interstate. Love it great app.

  14. It’s a decent app the only thing wrong with it is that you can’t flip it to side view. Other then that it’s a good app if your spedo don’t work.

  15. For now it is working good, anyone don’t speak the language can figure out how it works, that is how easy that is, and is user friendly most important

  16. run t dice:

    This app can help me measure the distance between the beginning and the end. it’s really good.i strongly recommend it.

  17. Fantastic app, it is super easy to set up and use and the map just a Google map so it’s super accurate

  18. A good app! Not plagued with adds, not trying to charge you annually or monthly, just a good straightforward app!

  19. Lenca dice:

    Very helpful GPS speed tracker! It even supports landscape and portrait screen mode without internet 👍 👍

  20. Simple yet very effective. It does what it says, no gimmics no tricks. Kudos to the creator(s).

  21. Works great, my speedometer is currently off due to some aftermarket wheels and this app is a lifesaver.

  22. Tony Paul dice:

    Just downloaded the app. It’s the best free speedometer app I’ve found for my eBike. Great for the cellphone or tablet. Great stuff guys. Thank you

  23. So far its great, not overencumbered with ads, functions fine, I’m happy with the product!

  24. kory p dice:

    Works great! You have to allow phone tracking for it to work properly

  25. Works very well I used it to test my 4 stroke bike build . Very accurate and easy to use

  26. Used it on an 8 hour road trip and everything was great.

  27. Love it! Works perfectly, no ads.. just what uw as looking for

  28. Fairly smooth for a GPS app. No lag and accurate 👍

  29. The best app I have tried.. works great and lots of features..thanks

  30. I like the trip meter! Pretty cool app with nice color assortment too! Nice job!

  31. Accurate and doesn’t jump around stays a consistent speed

  32. Simple n easy to read. So far i’ve found it to be accurate.

  33. animal dice:

    Form /function is nice easy to use no bloat .

  34. Works well wish it’d go into landscape mode

  35. Great app. Easy to use. No ads.

  36. So far it’s been great it actually works on my moped matches the actual odometer on the moped

  37. Great app use for mobility scooter….worth a good look

  38. It’s a good app if your speedometer does not work

  39. Easy to read and accurate.

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