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Search, find & pay for parking with Honk. Hello app, goodbye old parking meter!
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North America’s #1 trusted parking app: Save up to 50% on parking with Honk.

Forget waiting at pay stations, digging for change and circling the block trying to find an empty parking spot – use the HonkMobile app the next time you park and save on time, money and parking tickets!

Using a single account, drivers can pay for parking on their phone at any of the 2,000 locations and 190,000 parking spaces Honk is accepted across Canada and the United States. Whether you’re looking for city, off-street, hospital, school or airport parking, Honk has you covered!

Just some of the cities you’ll find us in: Corner Brook, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Whitby, Oshawa, London, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Waterloo, Windsor, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Burnaby, Kelowna, Surrey, Okanagan, Vancouver, Nanaimo, and Victoria.

How It Works:

– Sign up and create a free account using your email or Facebook Connect
– Add your license plate – parking sessions are validated by license plate – store as many as you like!
– Add as many payment methods as you’d like – great way to manage personal and business expenses
– Honk accepts all major credit cards, Visa/Debit, PayPal, MasterPass and ApplePay
– Book parking in real-time or make a reservation for the future
– Click ‘pay’ and get on your way faster!

App Features & Functionality:

– Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly parking options
– Mapview of all available parking spots in relation to your destination
– Choose parking spot based on price and proximity
– Park in the same spot for work? Favourite your most frequented parking spot for even quicker and easier access to the spots you use on a regular basis
– Opt in to receive text notifications 15 minutes before your session is set to expire
– Feed the meter directly from your phone – no more running back to beat the meter maid!
– Receipts are emailed to you within seconds of a booking
– Municipal, private, school campus, university, airport and residential parking
– Access to parking deals and promotions – with savings up to 50% off regular parking rates!

Go ahead and ghost the parking meter and download the HonkMobile app today – you’ll never look back!

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HonkMobile.com: https://www.honkmobile.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/honkmobile
Twitter: https://twitter.com/honkmobile
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honkmobile/


- Improved mobile home screen


40 comentarios en "HonkMobile: Find & Pay for Parking MODDED 2022"

  1. This is the most convoluted app I have EVER used for parking, it took me 25 minutes to finally get to paying for my parking, one big issue is, it needed to be updated, but that flashed on the screen and disappeared so fast I couldn’t read it until the 3rd time around, after the update it made me re-enter all my Credit card data, everthough it was already in the app, I’m GLAD theres only 1 place I go that I need this app, and I don’t go there often…

  2. Worst Parking app ever. I wish there is any rating below 1 star. I was unable to use my app have to delete the old one and install again. At there is not freaking sign in the parking lot tell me what is the lot number. Guess what, I paid it then after that I realized it paid to a totally different parking lot where I use to park. Is that default?When I trying to get back my car and find a station to pay. There is parking ticket on my windshield. Nice. GREAT JOB Honk pay. I want my money back!

  3. Mandy lee dice:

    There is no cancellation button. If you make a mistake and try to go back to change it. It ended up booking multiple parking sections and charged multiple times. There is no way to cancel parking. Designing flaw or on purpose?

  4. CJ Lebert dice:

    $70 ticket because UWO switched to Honk without notice and the app wouldn’t allow me to download it. It finally downloaded the next day, so it isn’t a phone issue. Don’t trust this app to work when it’s supposed to (if you can even get it to download). Save yourself the tickets and headaches and find a non-Honk mobile lot or take the bus!

  5. This app is disaster. I tried 4 credit cards. It failed to add any of them. Adding vehicle to this app also a pain. Works fine with Google pay or PayPal though. Worst thing they have a contract at Hospital parking, where people come already in the distress, on top of this making parking payment with Honk is another level of pain.

  6. The fact that I have to cough up $15 a day – indefinitely – yet there is no daily auto-renew feature is infuriating. As a result I wake up every morning in a panic realizing I missed the 7:00am parking renewal time, to discover yet another parking ticket on my car. I absolutely hate this app.

  7. Tom dice:

    Can’t make an account because “e-mail address is already in use” (as it should be. I have used in the past)…but I cannot reset my password because the reset link does not work. Does not matter where I send the reset from (app or desktop), nor does it matter which web browser I use, I have sent many, many inquiries to get my password reset, but have yet to recieve any communication in response. Not 1 single email. Nothing. Not even the “contact us” forms work. It’s been over 3 days and nothing.

  8. Easy, fast, and reliable. It also gives you notifications when your time is about to expire and will allow you to extend your time if needed.

  9. This is by far the worst app I have ever used, nothing works right. Very poor function. I would give it a 0 if i could. Worst part is im forced to use it.

  10. Great customer service. My only critique is that my parking zone is only identified at the kiosk, as opposed to being located on the many Honk signs. Other than that, a great service.

  11. This app is comically bad. All the hoops you need to jump through to pay for $2 parking is absolutely absurd.

  12. Works well, although I’d like the ability to turn off the location warning (I don’t keep my location on on my phone, and it gives you a popup every time warning that you’re more than 15 km from your ‘location’. It also seems to default to sending emails every time (unlike PayByPhone) which I’m not sure anyone asked for . . . there may be a way to turn it off though, I just haven’t bothered to look it up.

  13. Very difficult to use flex pass.. informed of event days are not covered by flex pass after buying a pack of 10 passes. UGH!

  14. Menu system is non intuitive. OK once you figure it out after repeated go arounds.

  15. Super easy, I like how it remembers my information so I don’t have to enter it every time I park.

  16. Super easy and convenient! Love this parking app over all of them.

  17. It’s great not having to search for change or deal with the machine that seems to dislike certain coins

  18. The app was still counting the available seconds(!) when I reached the car (less than a minute left) but the yellow parking violation notice , $30 fine was already attached below the wiper blades. I ran to the officers who were just few cars away to show the app and exactly then, in front of their face, the notification pops up , parking just expired. All they say, they can’t do anything in their system it had already been expired before,so they issued the ticket. Maybe there is few seconds or more discrepancy between the app time and enforcement system time but why is it my problem? They issued the ticket exactly the minute it was expired (nice of them,too,let this be their greatest pleasure in their life), but regardless, the app was still counting down. This is one problem. Other problem is, it also shows a warning 15 minutes before expiration. But if you add that 15 minutes to the time of the notification, it goes beyond the expiration by 3 minutes (in my case) so that is also misleading. And I paid for this, just to get an unjust ticket.

  19. Can’t experience what doesn’t work. Sadly when I try to even register, it doesn’t allow me. Not on wifi, not on data. And when I tried searching for the area of the parking either based on the number on the meter (Oakville and Cobourg), or by area, it couldn’t find it! Very frustrating to use, for sure.

  20. T G dice:

    Can glitch in times of need and in a rush or rut, especially when it is a saved/regular parking spot of yours. Wish it helped keep track of adding additional parking time being added and keeping the “deal.” It shouldn’t need the internet to let you know when time is up. It’s texting/notification/email system is annoying too

  21. Easy app to Navigate and convenient way of parking and keeping receipts.

  22. Straightforward and to your personal information parking lot you wish to choose and duration of stay

  23. Great app, I wish they included an option to cancel parking though.

  24. J R dice:

    Confusing. And no way to end parking early before time runs out

  25. Why are multipavks so hidden? This is such a great feature and the process is terrible to find the options.

  26. Awsome. Works as described. Neve have to worry about coins or skimmer apparatus places on kiosks by scammers. Saves time and efficiency. No line ups. A wonder people still use any other method, unless they don’t have a smart phone perhaps. Customer service has also been very quick and efficient when incorrect vehicle selected at check out. Wuick and took control of the issue. I see app now double check vehicle.every time. Nice! They really listen. Mich appreciated HonK!

  27. It was difficult for my colleagues and me to initially figure out how to purchase the 5 Pack…after searching each tab numerous times all three of us stumbled upon how to make the purchase but then it was somewhat easy to redeem a pass. Redeeming a parking pass has lots of clutter on the page…too much to read unnecessary text. Also, get rid of the wording that says “redeem a pass to park for free”. In reality, I’m not parking for free as I pre-paid for those passes.

  28. Thank you for making it easy to park and pay, and to easily extend the time.

  29. I always have to use their website because the app just loads to a blank screen on the Google 6 Pro…

  30. Amazing and hustle free parking….Keep the good work.

  31. Easy to use & it saves your most frequented parking.

  32. O Stoa dice:

    Stupid app/company doesn’t allow to cancel or shorten session. Like a scam company! Hope they go bankrupt one day!

  33. Always works, I like that it confirms my license plate number before paying.

  34. Great UI, easy to use and fast.

  35. This app takes advantage of desperate people by taking away cheaper parking rate options when their parking is about to expire. I have paid hourly rates at a specific location before, but when I went to extend my session remotely, I was only given an option to pay full daily rates. There is also no phone support, so this is not something that can be resolved in any time urgent manner.

  36. Very poor app. 2 options for the lot we parked in are long term parking or hourly parking. Long term parking in our location is not listed under long term, but under hourly??? That is incredibly dumb. Big changes needed, not user friendly at all.

  37. Can’t even use. Won’t allow sign up just keeps flashing…”an error has occurred”…tried using the honk kiosk at a college…wasn’t working there either…network problems they said. (Paid for parking at the college parking office.) Junk I think. And, they want me to put my credit card number into this defective system…I don’t think so. Doesn’t seem very trustworthy…use at own risk if it allows you access.

  38. I love everything about this app. 4 stars only because you can only choose certain time frames, I understand why that is, but for example if you want to park overnight you have to do 24 hours for $18.25 even if you only need it from say 6pm until 10am the next day, you pay for 24 hours until 6pm or wake up every 3 hours to pay lol. The choose duration option has never allowed me to choose my own time frame. Otherwise I love it!

  39. Not inclusive, only accepts credit cards no change or debit. Like not everyone has a credit card and it’s so fustrating because I can’t park at my work and there is no other parking lots it’s all owned by you…. So I feel like it should be updated to accept credit cards so everyone can use it.

  40. I have been using this app in Kingston, ON religiously and today I notice they have added a service fee for online transactions…. really??? I’m sure the app makes a fair percentage amount on the transaction already and now they want to add a $0.25 service fee on every transaction. Brutal!!! If someone from the App wants to contact me to discuss further, I would appreciate it.

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