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Navigate MTA, NJ Transit, MBTA, SEPTA, BART, MARTA, CTA & 300+ cities
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Transit is your real-time city travel companion. It works in 300+ cities, for buses, trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and everything in between. Get precise real-time predictions for public transit, the smartest & fastest trip plans, and a step-by-step navigator when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations (or to wake you up from a mid-trip nap™). Our app gives you all the info you need, in a clear, bold interface so you don’t get lost or stuck at the stop.

Whether you’re new to a city… or a subway expert who takes NYC’s MTA / LA Metro / WMATA / MBTA / BART / CTA / SEPTA every day (or the 200+ other systems we support) this is the award-winning app you need.

*Turn on mobile data to get real-time information
**No data? Don’t worry: our trip planner works offline, using schedules

🌟 Google Play Picks
📰 “Killer App” — WSJ’s NYC subway reporter
⏰ “You won’t realize how much time you can save until you use this app” — LA Times
💪 “The best app for CTA buses” — Reddit Chicago
🔥 And trusted by the New York Times’ own tech critic, Mike Isaac

🔍 What features does this app support?
– Real-time map that shows you where your ride is 📍
– Subway maps 🗺️
– Trip planner (works offline)
– Explore different combinations of trips to find the fastest way to your destination (i.e. how does a train trip compare to a “bus + bikeshare” trip? Or a “train + Uber” trip?)
– Real-time predictions, telling you when your train, subway, bus, ferry, metro, etc. will show up
– Step-by-step navigator (including transfers)
– Voice reminders to start walking to your stop, to hurry up (if your bus or subway is arriving early) and where to get off
– Schedules, route itineraries, connecting lines at every stop
– Pay for bus & train tickets, bikeshare passes & ridehail fares in the app (select cities)
– Bike directions
– Compare ETAs & prices for Uber, Lyft and Via
– See ALL nearby bikeshares, scooters, and carshares
– Support for everything: bus / metro / subway / light rail / streetcar / train / ridehail / bikeshare / scooters / carshare / ferry

🙋 Where does this app work?
200+ supported cities, including NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, LA, SF & the Bay Area, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Paris, and many more cities across North America, Europe, Australia and NZ

⚾ Partial list of US cities ⚾ (including bus, train, subway, and ferry systems)

Austin: Capital Metro
Baltimore: MTA
Boston: MBTA, Hubway
Buffalo: NFTA, Fort Erie Transit
Charlotte: CATS
Chicago: CTA, Metra, PACE, NICTD, Divvy
Cincinnati: Metro, TANK
Cleveland: RTA
Columbus: COTA, CoGo
Dallas: DART, Fort Worth T
Denver: RTD
Hampton Roads: HRT
Hartford (and CT): CTTransit, CTFastrak
Honolulu: TheBus
Houston: METRO
Las Vegas: RTC
Los Angeles: LA Metro, Metrolink, OCTA, LADOT, Omnitrans, RTA, Burbank Bus, Foothill, Big Blue Bus, Glendale Beeline
Louisville: TARC
Madison: Metro
Miami: MDT, BCT, Palm Tran, Tri-Rail, Citibike
Milwaukee: MCTS
Minneapolis: Metro Transit, MVTA, Plymouth, SouthWest, U. Minnesota, Nice Ride
New Orleans: RTA
NYC Metro: New York MTA, Metro-North (MNR), Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), NJ Transit (NJT), PATH, SI Ferry, NICE, Bee-Line, RI Tram, NY Waterway, SIR, CitiBike
Orlando: Lynx
Philadelphia: SEPTA, PATCO, Indego
Phoenix: Valley Metro
Pittsburgh: Port Authority (PAAC)
Portland: TriMet
Sacramento: Capitol Corridor, SRT
San Antonio: VIA Metropolitan
San Diego: MTS, NCTD
SF Bay Area: SF BART, SFMTA (SF MUNI), Caltrain, AC Transit, VTA, County Connection, SamTrans, Bay Wheels
Seattle: Metro Transit, City of Seattle, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Pronto
St. Louis: Metro
Tampa Bay: HART, PSTA
Washington DC: WMATA (DC Metro & Bus), DC Circulator, Ride On, Arlington (ART), Fairfax Connector, VRE, DASH, Capital Bike Share
+100s more cities, including Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and more!


It’s camping season. Time to head to the woods and enjoy life’s simple pleasures: the sunrise… the night sky… mosquitos the size of miniature horses…

- Did the bus pass you by — or did it not come at all?
- We’ve updated GO to diagnose any missed departures

- In Royale news…
- We’ve added a new “Lost your subscription?” section if you’ve got a new phone, misplaced your Royale subscription, etc.

Rate us 5 stars, cuz we’re hoping for a starry night! (We forgot our flashlight.)


40 comentarios en "Transit: Bus & Subway Times MODDED"

  1. Great app that gets better with time. I like that I can purchase the ticket beforehand, then scan, and be seated. I like the map showing where I am, and available buses in that area. I like knowing exactly when the bus will arrive, and if there are delays. There are many other great features, too. You make each person/passenger feel special. Well done. Keep up the great work.

  2. Will Mo dice:

    I downloaded this app, to figure out the various options and to get a feel for how it works, before using it for real, to get from a to b. I was using Google maps before. So, I don’t know exactly how many stars it deserves right now. I will update in the future. As of present: I’ll give 4 stars. Easy to navigate Many different options Several Q/A , on every page Looks like a fun site. Pretty much up to date. And has options to buy/purchase tickets for all Transits.

  3. I really like that you can see the bus that you might want to catch near your area instantly instead of having to search for it. Really, the only thing that I don’t like is that you are unable to report problem such as an elevator is broken or an escalator. I have only had a problem with the unable to track couple of buses especially the number 25 for some reason, but beyond that it’s accurate.

  4. Boiar Qin dice:

    Great UI and visualization of transit routes. GO feature is great for getting around unfamiliar places. Would be 5 stars if it were possible to purchase and activate multiple different passes. I had to wait until a 3hr-no-airport pass expired to be able to purchase a fare that included airport transit. If the option is there, it is not clearly visible in the UI.

  5. This app’s UI was a mess when I last used it in 2019, and nothing has changed. You can never tell if you have an active trip, if it’s telling you to leave now for a bus you’re just looking at or one you’ve set up a reminder for. The map attempts to let you see all your transit options, but in reality tapping on anything accidentally removes you from whatever else you were looking at. It’s a useful tool for getting around still, but you need to first learn the many different ways it will fail.

  6. I’ve had the app for awhile now in San Francisco/Marin County. I used to have very few problems with it. Now it’s every use has a problem and is NEVER accurate. If multiple busses go to the same stop but take different routes to get there, it almost always assumes I’m on one of the other busses which makes it difficult to track stops. Luckily there are other apps for my area. But was very disappointed with how this one fell apart.

  7. I used to love this app, it was the best one of it’s kind. I took public transit everywhere and it was so nice to have all the info in one place. But now I can’t even plan a trip with it. It’s glitchy, some lines just won’t show up, I can’t look up lines near a far away address anymore it just shows what’s nearby to me at the moment. It told me that I would be able to “see more trips” if I signed up for royale but so far nothing has changed it’s still having problems.

  8. When it worked properly, it was great. ~2 weeks after I activated a 31-day unlimited bus pass, the app de-activated the pass. After several emails with their tech support, it was partly re-activated. I could open my pass once a day but if I closed it to look at nearby buses for my transfer, I couldn’t open it again until the next day. So I could only get part way to work each day. I explained this to tech support but the issue was never resolved. It cost me extra money for rides. Not cool.

  9. Transit cares! I’m living in a homeless center in Baltimore Maryland. My only means of transportation is public transportation. Transit wanted to help me and they did. The Transit App upgraded my app with every feature they offer. This app is easy to use and very reliable. Transit App has reached out TO A SINGLE PERSON that uses there services to help better my struggles. Thank you for caring. Your friend Travis M.

  10. Pretty good for navigation, the ticket purchasing EZfare thing is rough though. Doesn’t allow one letter names, doesn’t accept Discover credit. I’ve also had to restart the app to get it to work at all. Considering ticket purchasing might be done in a rush that’s pretty bad. Also what’s the deal with offering more routes for a fee?

  11. Mark Muir dice:

    It’s about as inaccurate and unreliable as it gets. I am only talking about the 219 bus route. I have been left waiting for hours on a couple occasions. I have been standing there watching the bus drive by like I was invisible. And so many times I can’t even count that the App says it’s coming and never shows or it says 5 minutes away which turns into 25 minutes. But other than that it is wonderful App and a great pleasure to be standing there stressed out time after time.

  12. Annoyed that “Buy” and “Ride Now” buttons are the exact same button that are context-dependent on whether you’re near a departing bus or not. It’s introducing an unnecessary point of failure. Just make them different buttons. Frustrating getting on a bus and only having the option to “Buy” because the app refuses to update and/or the bus is slightly off schedule, and I must stand at the front of the bus awkwardly trying to get the app to register that I am riding the bus NOW and need to pay.

  13. Osiris dice:

    It’s alright, I feel it’s a bit complicated to plan a route for a later time. And I wish I was able to read est. arrival times for my stops. The option to plan a route later is nice, but it doesn’t tell you what time you’re going to arrive so you could easily be late. Had some problems with the bus tracking at one point, but that’s not a big thing.

  14. Horrible layout, complicated as hell to figure out how to switch directions for bus lines and customization is next to zero…arrival / departure times are guess-timations and locations have been generalized when setting up home location and addresses are incorrect. Not going to sugar coat this app due to it functioning so poorly.

  15. Joy Keel dice:

    I live in Baltimore and for the most part the app works well. The real time data for buses and metro is typically accurate, though there’s no real tike data at all for the light rail. My real issue is the fact that you now have to pay for a service that was and should be free. There is no difference between the old, free version and the new paid version other than the free version doesn’t show all the buses in the area anymore unless I choose to waste my money.

  16. This was a LIFE SAVER while visiting San Antonio, TX without a car rental. The UI takes a little getting used to, & location services seemed a little weak. Frequently I’d try looking in different directions but the direction indicator wouldn’t move, so I’d have to switch to Gmaps. I’d also love to see bike route integration, along with routing you to buses with bike racks. But I love that it does give you different route options with more/less walking.

  17. Transit takes a long time to open. It usually shows the wrong bus routes, instead of nearby ones. Sometimes even misleads about which buses are running, and when! And what is worse: Transit crashes every time I try to plan a bus trip, or upgrade to “Royale”. A great idea, but really poorly executed! Update: the Google Play Store does not show any newer version of Transit is available. When will a fixed version of Transit be released?

  18. Pros: Amazingly helpful app for navigating St. Louis transit. Includes real time bus tracker and ability to purchase fare in-app! Previous issues with “GO” mode not automatically turning off have been fixed. Cons: Mute button is confusing. There are also excessive notifications about GPS signal, upcoming stops, elevator being out at station, etc, with no way to choose which ones I want or configure a custom notification sound. App requires paid subscription to function in some locations.

  19. The app does not send regular updates. You can only choose 1 time for you phone to update you. At any time while using the app if you zoom out to see the destination, and respond to a text for instance. You have to zoom and scroll around to find the bus your currently on again. It tracks the starting point, not the bus. The app claims it looses GPS all the time and makes the bus logo disappear , and doesn’t stop until you close out the app and reopen open it. Which is frustrating

  20. This app used to be highly accurate for LA Metro. A solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. However, recently I find myself waiting for buses that never come. I depend on public transportation. The schedule is a crapshoot. The features of the app, such as trip planning, are great and easy to use, but the inaccuracy has just become too much. I hope the listings for LA Metro will improve.

  21. Well I finally threw in the towel and signed up for Royale. So far it’s been a royale mistake. As I have said all along, this app is designed for folks with big phones, with 7 inch screens. Even with Royale, there is no way of reducing the size of the icons and text area without changing my 5 inch phone’s display settings, rendering other apps nearly illegible. The icon that shows the approaching bus location is WAY too large and often spans several blocks on the map, assuming there’s enough room on the map to see it. The wealthy Transit App developers may crave high-end super huge phones, but they need to be aware that some of us prefer more compact devices. Bottom line: Royale provides no more features that I can use than I got for free with v. 4.5 and I do not plan to buy a big phone just so I can use the Transit app. The developers need to include a feature to scale the icons and text area to fit smaller screens or I will not renew my subscription when it expires. Better is the enemy of good enough

  22. This app used to be amazing. But over the last week or so, it has become a nightmare. My tickets disappear and it shows the buy ticket option and my tickets are no where to be found. I refresh, nothing happens. I sign out and back in, they reappear for at least a short time. I go to activate the ticket on the bus & it has a loading issue. I hit refresh and it takes me back to the main screen, no tickets once again. It has cost me about 6 dollars in the past week. Just going to go back to cash.

  23. Terrible user interface but otherwise OK. Some swipe gestures are just incredibly annoying. It tries to fit too much information on the screen which makes it hard to zoom in when you need to see the map closely. And if you swipe down on the directions, it cancels the route entirely. Just a really dumb and annoying detail. Otherwise this app is really good and better than google maps.

  24. J H dice:

    This app is good for getting an idea of bus and train arrival times but that is about it. The accuracy is unreliable and if your depending on the app to catch your bus be prepared to miss it. The idea and ease of use are really good the accuracy needs improvement. I recommend using this app in conjunction with the transit feature on Google maps.

  25. J Jilote dice:

    Glitches at times. Maps a bit confusing. Make sure you’re on the right side of the road! I am grateful for the service. Changing date and times to schedule trips is helpful. Most trips are well planned with the exception of a bus running late causing a missed connection. Overall, the Charleston transit system has vastly improved over the decades. Hoping all buses will eventually have ramps. What an ingenious idea!

  26. Panda dice:

    I like this app, like I really do but all this extra changes is really taking it away from the app Plus my trip doesn’t even end by themselves anymore and it just seems pointless to even use it in that way. I email you guys countless times and all I guess the same thing that you guys are still improving the app and to make sure the app is up to date. Well the app is always up to date and I’m still having the same issue if not more.

  27. The app is glitchy and if your phone data shuts off even momentarily, it totally makes the app glitch out. Update: Jan 10, 2022 The app is not totally the issue. PSTA is a very big percentage of fault. The app is and probably always will be glichy. But the bus lines need to somehow sync with the app better. Update 2: May 16th, 2022 the app is completely down. Saying servers at capacity. It’s OK, I don’t need to know when the buses are running. App sucks worse now than before.

  28. This app is great when it’s working and makes it easier since you dont have to worry about carrying around cash. The only problem is that it stops work and it happens frequently. The big problem is the QR code randomly wouldnt pop up when your trying to get on the bus and your basically at the mercy of the bus driver. The option on the app are limited and wouldnt allow you to access your funds at times . I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times but the problem remains the same.

  29. Been using this app for 40 days now. It has helped a few times but also has been the cause of many frustrations. GPS loses signal, tracking is slower the Google maps & doesn’t always display the right information. The worst part however, is the fact that it will lead me to a bus stop, crash in the background and lose track of that stop completely just to tell me to walk to another bus stop even if its across the street only to have the bus it originally lead me to pass me while switching stops.

  30. CJ Brown dice:

    Loved this app and have been using it forever. They now require a subscription which I believe completely nullifies the point of the app. Most people whom are taking a bus everyday do not have the ability to pay for unnecessary things. The bus/train companies have apps that are free. I encourage the Transit team to get more in touch with their consumer base. This decision was poorly made and seems out of touch. If your goal is to actually help people you are moving in the wrong direction.

  31. S Ho dice:

    I assumed all apps use WMATA data, so didn’t consider the apps. There are an increasing number of phantom buses, appearing or disappearing. Arrival times are routinely optimistic. Today at Colorado and 16th st the app advised s9 in 10 minutes although the bus sign advised 3 minutes, which is when it arrived. So it’s more complicated than questionable source data. Any insight?

  32. Works mostly great, except for subways or when you’re in tunnels, as bad GPS reception makes it hard for the app to know where I am. This leads to situations like the app thinking I’m going to miss my transfer even though I’m standing right on the platform. Also on lines with more than one service – eg the Silver/Orange/Blue lines in DC – it tends to not get the line I’m riding on wrong. It works great for device tracking, though.

  33. Can’t vouch for other routes, but the #8 which I take to and from work, every M-F, has a reoccurring tendency to NOT show up even when the app lists it as arriving at pickup locations for specific schedules. You’d figure that since every bus has GPS transponders on them that Metro/the app would know and then broadcast before hand when the line is not running. Google maps is no better either.

  34. Alyssa dice:

    For as many cities, modes of transportation and the amount of different countries that this app covers, it’s pretty insane! In a good way!!! To be able to take care of that many details around the world with little to no problems is totally impressive. I rarely have any issues at all and it’s usually my phone is in a dead area. Thanks for the app!!!!

  35. Poor option controls like being able to choose an earlier bus or alternate route. The app doesn’t recognize when I’m on an earlier bus than what was suggested. Very frustrated with the lack of user control and interface. Is not intuitive and difficult to figure out.

  36. Updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. Purchase history, used tickets, etc, all will not refresh. Bought four tickets, used one, the other three disappeared. Used to be no problems. Will update my rating when issues are fixed. Used to buy tickets in bulk for the work week, won’t be doing that for the time being.

  37. L M dice:

    This app is atrocious. Complex, messy, and cluttered. There are too many layers built within the framework that easily mislead to different options or unrelated menus. When I want to travel via bus, I want an app that easily identifies my route options and location. This app requires the rider to enter extremely specific arrival details to determine routes. Why? I should be able to enter just a destination, without time specifics, to view my route options for trip planning.

  38. Giving one star because. I don’t understand the point of this app. The features they are providing is available on Google. They’re asking for premium in the app to cover cover development costs and features in premium again are of no use. No way to buy tickets on the app. Instead of asking for premium setup online ticketing system and a service charge to that it will be better for customer and for development.

  39. I’m sorry to say this app is terrible been using it about a week for the MBTA. Not only are routes inaccurate but arrival and departure times are inaccurate as well… not just for busses but the T as well. It has also sent me to phantom bus stops that dont exist. It frequently for some bizarre reason skips over the closest or quickest bus routes in favor of ones that take much longer are are very out of the way. One time the only option it gave me was walking for 45 mins 😂. Truely awful.

  40. On the map you click a route and it shows you how many minutes the several arrival times are. It’d be nice to display the time of arrival as well. And the leaving options were helpful..they should have the arrive by right next to it instead of burried in the popups drop-down. Dragging the map so the dot represents where you want the surrounding routes and arrival times was a little wonky at first . Good app after you understand a few things. I recommend if connecting to another..

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