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Routing Chaos Finally Solved, With The World's Most Used Route Planner
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IT’S THE MOST DOWNLOADED, Multi Stop Route Planner Software On The Planet.

Route4Me is used by Thousands of Businesses & Drivers – in Hundreds of Different Industries, for service & Last Mile delivery planning (grocery delivery, package delivery + other deliveries)

AND it’s already being used by many UPS, FedEx, and professional delivery drivers as THE most elite routes navigation app. This app is for professional drivers & couriers… not recreational roadtrippers.

It’s a better routeplanner than Apple Maps or Waze because it’s more than just routing navigation. The app is a total replacement of the Mapquest route planner and even Google Maps, as it has built in route optimization & built-in GPS navigation.

Route4Me works whether you’re a delivery driver, trucker, straight up road warrior, or just want to know how to totally obliterate competitors. Save yourself countless hours with the powerful trucker tools we offer for deliveries & services.

You Benefit Greatly By Using The ORIGINAL & Undisputed Route Planning Innovator

Do you like driving to one part of town, only to drive back where you came from 20 minutes later?

It doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed, work for a small business, or delivery driver at a big company with fleets, the time you’re wasting is YOURS.

Geocoding, smart route planning & route optimization are TOUGH. Unlike OTHER GPS routing apps or navigation system driving directions, we INSTANTLY re-sequence your ENTIRE routes in the correct order, so that you don’t zig-zag driving across town.

This is THE route planner for pro roadwarriors, sales, service, marketing, deliveries, or any other multi-destination trips. Speak or type addresses, cities, states, or POI’s. Route4Me Route Planner will optimize the routes for you in seconds!

Plus you can do batch geocoding, territory mapping, and territory routing too.

And even IF your employer reimburses drivers for gas or per stop visited, use the time you save driving around for a longer lunch, get off work early, or spend time with your family.

Our route planner app makes planning and driving your multi-destination trips quick & easy. Unlike most delivery driver or GPS navigation apps, Route4Me Route Planner gives you the most optimal routes driving directions when visiting more than one stop navigation. Save driver time by optimizing your routes.

Find better-optimized routes when delivering your customer’s home services such as landscaping, pool cleaning & more! Customers expect items delivered to their door much faster. Plan routes for deliveries such as ice delivery or even cannabis delivery!

Route4Me Route Planner presents your driver routes in multiple formats with a map interface. Unlike Circuit Route Planner or Straightaway Route Planner, Route4Me is a USA based company that offers drivers numerous technical & contractual benefits to domestic businesses, including 24/7 support.

Reviews from Experts
* YAHOO! *
Route4Me is an online service that tells you the most efficient route to complete all your errands; just put in the addresses and let it work its magic

Route4Me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4Me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized

The app could be particularly helpful for small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip

* CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR * won’t run your errands for you but it simplifies the task. Type in all the addresses you need to go to (up to 10), and the site will calculate the shortest route and provide directions

* BNET *
Need to visit our vendor and a few clients this afternoon? You could eyeball the map to pick the best route, or you could do it the scientific way

Get our driving route optimization app today!


Plan and Optimize Routes using the Route4Me Route Planner app with GPS Navigation

Updated multi-stop route planning to figure out the best driving directions for your deliveries and services. Works great for any package delivery driver, sales navigator, field routes, and more!

Improved (POD) Proof of Delivery app features with delivery driver app updates, along with additional bug fixes

Love the Route4Me free route planner and route tracker app? Please rate us!


40 comentarios en "Route4Me Route Planner MOD"

  1. This app makes my job harder. My company has been working with this company DIRECTLY to fix a hundred little issues that cause us problems while delivering. The idea of the app is nice, but once you get into actually using it, it’s a pain in multiple ways. There was supposed to be an update, according to the developers, that fixed everything we listed. That was 2 months ago. One problem for example, the app randomly decides to stop my route once I’ve already started AND completed deliveries.

  2. Pretty good. Some addresses are off by 3 to 4 blocks. So double check them if you are setting up a multiple stop route. I called to complain & was told the addresses were pulled from Google maps so Google was off. Which isn’t true. Google maps puts me exactly where I need to be., but all in all okay to use.

  3. Epi Lucio dice:

    After scanning out 100 packages, (my average), this app erases almost half of them after half an hour and I have to manually type them in wasting another 30 minutes of my time. When I also take pictures of my deliveries, it “notes” them, then I have to repeatedly take pictures until the delivery is finally completed. It doesn’t always tell me there are two separate deliveries going to the same address, causing me to come back to the same address later in the day. 1 star. Still 1 star. 4/20/2022

  4. I use this app for my trash pickup company, and we have 300+ stops a day for each of 8 drivers. And all of my guys love how the app is set up and how they can follow along or make their own better route to get to the next stop. The only thing I would change is the marking of stops. If you’re too far away it will pop up an arrival distance alert and slow the whole process of marking off stops ahead of time. If the app would auto-mark off stops or mark all button, it would make this app 5 stars

  5. This app was great before the latest update. The previous version had a small feature in the “Edit list” button. You would find “route info” and it would show you the package # at the bottom (if you only pressed optimize once it would be the correct). This small feature allowed for an expedited labeling of all deliveries. It was ESSENTIAL for long days and saved hundreds of hours sorting though that fat and oversized default list. This app was great but when you take away a time saver…..

  6. Definitely the best route planning app I have used. There are a few problems, though. 1. When I am switching to maps, it will sometimes take me to a place not even close to the address. Thankfully I know the area just well enough that I have thwarted this from taking me to the wrong address several times. 2. and this is my recommendation, add something to design the route without doing U-Turns. it wastes a lot of time sometimes to try and turn my big truck around in tiny neighborhoods.

  7. Using for the 1st time. Takes a while to set up and get familiar with menu. I’m planning my route and we’ll see how things go. Then hopefully I can come back and give it a real review. After using, found it very cumbersome. Would not sync w BT. The point stop feature that allows you to put in various places between destinations is great. Wish it had a gas station locator. Continued to falter through city. Loss in mountains. This is the trial free version. Not sure it’s worth spending $$ on it.

  8. L Harris dice:

    Route 4Me is not night friendly. When you scan make sure you have a flashlight. The font is too light and small. I struggle to see if you have a drop off or pick up you have to skip locations in between then unskip them. After completing your stop it doesn’t go away. You have to scroll down until you find your next location everytime. If you skip it it turns yellow just like the completed items. If you don’t have any drop off or pickup this is the app for you.

  9. My wife had 18 student houses she had to visit. I looked at Google maps and it would not let me do 18 addresses as best I could see. MapQuest was a disaster–giving me a nonsensical route. Route4me is a winner. Pretty interface. Gave me a very efficient route. One little glitch on data entry on phone, but even accounting for that this app is amazing–and it’s free for small time users like me! Thank you!!

  10. I cannot say the app is bad because I never got to even try it. The app does not have an option to import stops from the actual shipping labels. For those of us that don’t get the route on paper or any other form that is not digital, it is impossible to use the app where there is no option to import the route from the actual labels. We use the amazon flex app to scan individual bags containing the packages, and the app gets the information (delivery adresses) of the individual packages inside.

  11. Been house hunting over a fairly large area ( metro Atlanta, North side). I’ve installed, tested, and deleted 4 apps before this one. This is the keeper; easy to add and remove addresses(great voice input for additions), gives options to link to various mapping apps, and optimizes your route with a single touch. So far, very pleased with Route4Me.

  12. I like this application. Unlike others that I have tried it always finds what I am searching for and is very useful as soon as you use it. Those are it’s good features. The downside is that it not very intuitive but that simply forces you to look deeper and make more use of it’s fun tions, that means a learning curve which not everyone will want to deal with . Still this is feature rich and very proficient at it’s core services. Well recommended.

  13. love the functionality of this app, especially voice input. Still don’t like the new destination screen. It’s too cluttered and can only read first two stops without scrolling down. much preferred the previous version where you could see most of the stops at a glance. Please go back. USPS bar code scanning would be a great addition to

  14. I been using this everyday for work, simply because of how easy the user interface is. Usually i make over 80 stops a day. I used to be able to optimized my route with the Distance selection which makes it very easy doing my route. Lately i wasnt able to use the settings and upon speaking to one of your agent, i was informed that selection has been disabled. Optimizing my route using time makes it harder and longer hence im looking for another app. Pls bring back the distance selection. Thanks

  15. This app has been useful. I mainly use it for the mapping. My route changes daily so the optimization limits aren’t helpful for me. Actually it has said I’ve reached my limit for a few months now and I haven’t even been using the optimizing feature. It would also be nice if it deleted a stop once you’ve arrived. Despite this I use and recommend it.

  16. Edit: working great! With the last update the in-app voice feature was removed causing me to have to use the keyboard voice function. It is Terrible!! I have to say something 5 times or more before it registers. Even then I have to manually fix things before it bring up the address to select. I have issues that make manually typing addresses difficult and purchased this app for that specific funtion. Now it doesn’t even do that correctly. Being that feature back and i will give a 5 star rating.

  17. I like the app. As an insurance agent it saves me time and money trying to figure out my door knocking route, especially with FB leads which can be in a 50 mile radius. My only complaint (which is why I gave 3 stars) is that I can’t do work on my desktop. To work from my desktop calls for a significant upgrade. I have to use my phone for all of my input. The only saving grace is I can dictate with Google Voice and don’t have to type everything in.

  18. Route for me is by far the best route planner for contract drivers for FedEx like me. I’ve used it for a couple years now and they keep making the right updates and the app is so easy to use. The free montly plan is nice. Te $9.99 plan is completely worth it. There are addresses in some small towns that are almost impossible to find no matter how good you are at this job but I’ve noticed over the last couple years more and more of these addresses are easily found on your Route4 me app.

  19. I really wanted to like this application, but a lack of certain basic functionalities made it difficult. In the middle of a 25 stop route yesterday, I accidentally tapped the big Optimize button. This immediately caused the application to “re-optimize” my route which completely changed the order of my stops and made the route MUCH less efficient. Some type of confirmation before re-optimizing is needed. On top of that, every time I press the “show on map” button, the application closes.

  20. I would give it a 5 star but after finding out that the IOS version of this app has the search option for finding addresses after optimizing your route and the Android version doesn’t, is pretty disappointing. As a delivery driver I need all the time I can possibly save and not being able to search for addresses and manually looking for addresses wastes a lot of extra time I don’t have. Will be looking for a new route planning app.

  21. This was a really great free routing app. 10 routes per month with unlimited stops was great for my FB gifting group. Then they changed it to 10 stops/route, which I struggled with. But the origin counts as 2 stops! And it’s duplicating stops and not letting me delete them, keeping me over 10! Sad money grab, when there are other, more user friendly free apps that do the same!

  22. Though my phone’s OS isn’t the greatest for this app (poor interface with Google Maps brings up wrong address frequently), the app is still great for routing several dozen or more stops. Takes a bit of time to drag a new address from the bottom of the list to where it needs to be on the route when adding to a 100+ location route. Great app overall.

  23. So the app itself was great. However, I haven’t needed the app since September when I left the inspection job I was using it for. Since then I had long forgotten that it was set up to auto renew. March 26th it auto renewed. I contacted Route4me to cancel and get a refund. They told me i had to contact Google Play, so I did. Google told me they can’t refund the purchase and to contact Route4me. So I went back to Route4me who proceeded to tell me they can’t and to talk to Google.

  24. Nice features. Unreliable coordinates. I like the ability to list all my work orders without having to stop and add more due to number of stop limits. However the coordinates are only 60% accurate in my experience. Although I can see and enter the correct address, when the software sends the coordinates to the navigation app the incorrect address populates 40% of the time.

  25. Great app. Easy to use and you can put in as many stops as you want. Most of the apps I’ve used limits you to like 10 or 20, but I’ve put in 70+ and it calculates quick as hell! There was a problem with a recent update, but the team had that under control and fixed within the same day. Not bad guys. I was pissed about the broken update but you made up for it by fixing it that very same day. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work.

  26. I loved the app. I was able to preroute everything. But 2 things keep it from being 5 *. First and foremost no way to print the driving directions. Where we travel we lose cell phones and need printed backup. You can send the route to email but not the actual driving directions. The 2nd huge drawback is the route is only available a week with out paying. Another reason you need to be able to print. Nice try but wont work for me.

  27. Jo Gol dice:

    I have default route set to distance, but once i optimize my route, it changes to time. Now, your app only sets my routes by time and no longer by distance. Very unsatisfying. Update: 6/16/2020, I was told back in March that distance will be on the app again oh, but it has been 3 months, and it is not on the app yet. If anybody knows of any better route optimization apps, please feel free to help me get away from this terrible app

  28. I downloaded for the demo kept having issues setting up my start and finish points. It would keep changing and re optimizing. I guess I ran out of optimizations before I could even use the app. I ended up paying for the month subscription. The app doesn’t provide automatic navigation upon route completion. Also the app does not track stop completion so you have to remember your last stop. In addition I would like to see the route have time estimates. This app is lacking functionality.

  29. Crippled app – used to allow limited number of route optimization and the ability to manually reroute. Now it’s a a monthly fee for even the first route. Before I could plan a day trip to a new city with it. As I wasn’t actively trying to deliver, it was the perfect app as it would roughy give me a walking path. Now it is designed past to discourage my usecase as it is massively overpriced for 1-2 usages per year. Rather than encouraging me to pay it made me look for an alternative.

  30. The app was working beautifully when I first discovered it. As a home health nurse, the app was doing everything I needed it to do. I am a paid subscriber, but it seems to keep glitching and not optimizing my route! I often have to delete the app and redownload it in its order for it to open. Very frustrating.

  31. I love some of the features I found in this app, it seems PERFECT for delivery but you cant duplicate a route, mark a certain stop as your end or move stops w/o optimizing it automatically, it gives 10 free optimizations/mon…but mine were used up before I could enter all of my stops for 3 routes & actually compare the times/details… I was excited for in app gps but its not free & finding addresses is frustrating when it uses an optimization.. & it costs 1/4 of my profit… nope not worth it!

  32. If you don’t plan on paying $10 a month don’t bother with this app. It’s pretty good with the subscription but if you don’t have this subscription and try to use the free version it literally does not work. I spent over 20 minutes making a route this morning only to find out that it would not optimize and when I contacted the help center the person helping me said the only thing I could do was subscribe to the paid version.

  33. I can’t find some expected mobile routing functions. Can a user save locations from existing routes, set stop and/or employee work times, preset duration, or reorder one stop on an optimized route? Location search seems incomplete – pulled places across the country. *New users: The free version allows 10 route optimizations per month. That isn’t 10 routes though. It’s just 10 clicks on a button which runs the optimization function, seemingly regardless of changes since last optimized.

  34. I originally gave this app a 5 star, cause it worked well at first. I upgraded to a pay plan for 2 months when I needed more than 10 routes. Then canceled the paid subscription to go back to free, and never got my 10 free optimizations back. I waited for my new month to start and it said I had already used my 10 free and need to upgrade. That was in December 2018. I tried again today and got the same response. I even chatted with customer service via chat. No resolution just I have to pay .

  35. We had 11 houses to deliver to. We were able to map out a route without zig zagging all over town. The only problem we had was the closure of one main street for road work for about 3 miles. We could not get the app to navigate us around it. Other than that it was a fantastic app and I highly recommend it.

  36. SOLVED!! The app is phenomenal. Has saved me hours over MANY different routes in many towns AND even rural areas with shortest times. And it interacts seamlessly with Google’s “driving” app. Furthermore, I just asked a question about reordering stops manually and customer support got back to me within literally 5 minutes and instructed me and you CAN manually reorder the stops to adjust the route. With my large fingers a stylus does help. Just a suggestion. I rarely reorder stops but it IS POSSIBLE making this the best route planner I’ve ever used.

  37. definitely not user friendly. the optimized botton be taken me all over the place. it won’t have you plug in destinations offline. … for people with no reception in their area.. it won’t let you color coordinate for pick ups at a location. it has a bug when you click visited ot supposed to change the color on the map. but for some strange reason some of them stay as not visited color.. all I’m saying for $10 a month i paid. im suppose to get better results than google map similarity..

  38. I think the app is great. In Google Maps I was only able to put 9 addresses, which was not enough. This is exactly what I needed as far as that, the downside is that the Maps Navigation system is really not great. Sometimes it doesn’t respond, and isn’t informative like Google Maps. The incoming address does not show up, but it does have the street name. Also it does not allow you to begin navigating to the next address when you arrive. You must exit. 5/5 if these issues are changed.

  39. New Version doesn’t work. I entered a route, and upgraded to the 1 month plan. It does not recognize that I upgraded and keeps asking me to upgrade my plan. I cannot move around my destinations. SUPER FRUSTRATING, as this program has worked well in the past. Now out 9.99 and it won’t allow me to modify the route to work with my day.

  40. After getting fed up with the limited routes i opted in for the subscription. After just under 2 months of 6 days a week use, i can say, without a doubt, this app is absolute garbage. I honestly feel like i was robbed of 20 dollars. From the app crashing(daily), loosing an entire weeks worth of addresses (4 times in 2 weeks), to the huge back track that it made me do today ( two hours ), and so so much more. Its an understatement to say that this is not worth $10/ month.

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