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EV Charging Located Where You Like to Go
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Volta is the only charging network built to meet you where you like to go. Shop, play, dine – all while tapping into a meaningful charge for your EV!

Go to fuel up? Not anymore. The Volta EV network is designed to let you fuel where you go – at spots steps from the front door of thousands of our premier retail and venue partners. Download our app to locate and check in to chargers that will seamlessly fuel any make and model of EV.

Whether you need just a top-off or a full charge, let Volta help you #driveforward.

The Volta Charging mobile app helps EV drivers:

Find and navigate to available charging stations

Discover new points of interest and retail locations

Check-in to start a charge or stop a charge session

Receive real-time updates on your charging status (at check-in enabled stations)

See your charging history at select locations

See and interact with our full network of chargers

Volta Charging is an industry leader in commerce-centric EV charging networks. Volta Charging’s vision is to build EV charging networks that capitalize on and catalyze the shift from combustion-powered miles to electric miles by placing stations where consumers live, work, shop and play. By leveraging a data-driven understanding of driver behavior to deliver EV charging solutions that fit seamlessly into drivers’ daily routines, Volta Charging’s goal is to benefit consumers, brands and real-estate locations while helping to build the infrastructure of the future.


Bug fixes and improvements to improve the stability of the app

Improvements to improve reliability for paid charging sessions


40 comentarios en "Volta Charging MOD 2022"

  1. So far, working as expected. Would like a refresh option to update current charging state. At the moment, an app restart is needed for that. Additionally, there may be times a charger is faulty, but users wouldn’t know, since the app will just say that its available. I had reported a faulty charger, and a car later plugged in, and left. The app still showed the charger as available. This is still a useful app to get an idea of Volta charger availability, if you’re nearby.

  2. Very reliable, always works when I come here to charge. If this one is in use there’s another a few feet away. I Really like that they placed these chargers next to a larger grocery store, so convenient. Thank you Volta!

  3. I was skeptical that the charging stations were truly free until I used them for the 1st time. I’ve charged my Tesla at the stations several times and planned to continue doing so. I hope Volta continues to add charging stations and keeps them free!!

  4. Michael dice:

    Peerless chargers work well but are placed in awkward places with poor, hilly landscaping, thus fairly hard to hook up from and replace nozzle when finished. Ad-supported makes charging stations popular but…STILL?

  5. Easy installation, easy use and it directed me to a working charger.

  6. Very clean and nice charging stalls. Free charging with no scanning app bs. Does not update use status of some charging stalls. Otherwise perfect. 👌

  7. great locations! charge faster than many other level 2s. my favorite

  8. Great to have a free charge while shopping!

  9. wendersen dice:

    Would be better if there’s a notification for empty station.

  10. You can’t beat free! these are #2 chargers however the company allows 2 hours of free charging. I only wish there were more locations available. Right now it seems Giant supermarkets have them here in Philly.

  11. Fast and Powerful Chargers !! Average miles added are 33+ miles an hour !! AJC

  12. easy to use, convenient locations

  13. The charger was easy to find. Received 42KWH

  14. kai guo dice:

    Worthless app. This app does not allow me to track usage doesn’t tell me how fast I am charging, how much I have charged doesn’t tell me when I am done doesn’t alert me to when a station is available. What does plugged in, unavailable mean. Charge status in app differs than website. I don’t even need this app to use their stations. they claim there’s a 2hour limit if you go past 2 hours well I’m still charging what is the whole point of this app. have you guys looked at charge point’s app.

  15. Equipment is new, easy to hook up and large painted parking spaces are easy to find.

  16. W W dice:

    Cool to see if they are in use, out of service, available and how much time. Great app, really

  17. It’s great to finally see publicly available j1772 chargers at my local Stop & Shop! Thanks to Volta and Stop & Shop for this fabulous customer convenience!

  18. Is not up to date with charger locations. Went to Amazon fresh, charger not listed, unable to charge. Useless.

  19. the app crashes so much it seems like they don’t want to take money from their customers. I hope their investors want to keep pumping in money so they can never figure out how to take money from customers.

  20. Great to get a little juice when your shopping or watching a movie. wish there were 2 more. 2 fills up fast

  21. Derek Y dice:

    App is not updated to show new chargers.

  22. At work it started reporting wrong status on the stations, it says it’s free but actually is not. Tried to report it through the app and keep getting errors. Also the map works terribly, sometimes it locates the same station in a different state when zoomed in. It’s ridiculous that they delivered an app so faulty.

  23. Volta is the best hassle free charging option around my house, plus it is free for charging while shopping. Paid DC charger near by was not working properly and the Volta DC charger saved the day with a simple session starting click on the app. Their chargers also look very nice with big screens, unlike some others tiny screens, hard to find chargers. Overall best option around, plus it is free for a quick top up while shopping.

  24. App gives you inaccurate charging station statuses, and a broken reporting system that only displays ‘Error’ upon submission. Like a previous reviewer said, don’t plan your trips around these chargers being available, especially if you’re counting on the app to display up-to-date station availability.

  25. Constantly uses Internet and by statistics the biggest data eater despite it needs only for charging, but it tracks all the time. Not sure if I need it, since it makes a quarter of all my internet traffic and I have to pay for that. So basically Volta charging isn’t free as it claims because of completely ineffective use of Internet traffic. Is it so hard to stop monitoring when it is not in use? Sorry, guys, but you did very lousy work programming this app. Wish to give you 0 stars.

  26. Unable to see what im typing in a support request in the app since the keyboard covers the text field and no scrolling is allowed. Its also not possible to share a picture of a broken station with Volta so they can send the correct parts out with a tech to repair it.

  27. New app but it still is not accurate with reporting open stations. It tells you a location has open stations even though you can see all the plugs being used by cars. I guess only Chargepoint is capable of having a decent network. Sad for us.

  28. Totally useless app, absolutely un-intuitive. Search is broken, cannot send feedback from app- results in null pointer… Doesnt show location of chargers even when zooming in the map to place where I know the charger is.

  29. Truly free charging. Helpful when traveling and not able to charge at home.

  30. Not as good as it should be. I had previously downloaded the Volta app. When I parked at an open Volta charger, the sign said that I should check in with the app, but there wasn’t a menu item that allowed me to check in. I went ahead and plugged in my Tesla, but it wasn’t getting any electricity. Then I moved my car to a different charger. A check in screen had appeared, but the charger was out of service. Finally, at a third charger, I got the check in screen and a working charger.

  31. The app works well but the company is very slow in repairing their chargers. Of the 2 chargers in my immediate area, 1 has been broken for months, so it’s basically useless to have 1 free charger that’s always used and the other one is always broken.

  32. Really nice to get some charge at a local mall while shopping. some free power is really great. it has had me shopping at the mall vs other options and yes, I have spent too much $$ at the mall! Works great. one of the local mall Volta power stations was charging slow but I have had good luck with the others.

  33. Free charging for your electric car. What could be better. We use this all the time. Only downside is that it’s can be wrong at showing which stations are available or not.

  34. How do you even use this? I cannot select a charger to start charging. I click on charger #1 and 2 and it does nothing.

  35. App updated with new location. Everything works great!

  36. This was a fast charge and free for 30 minutes, thank you Volta!

  37. Chargers always seem to have an “unknown” status in the app.

  38. Lily RO dice:

    i cant believe i didn’t know about these stations. im telling ERRYBODY. im rearranging where i go grocery shopping, where i go to hang out, where i eat (when i eat out) heck i even started packing a picnic and have a little picnic at a shopping center that has a pretty picnic area. because it has volta charging stations in the parking lot.

  39. Jeff Sack dice:

    The free charge is great, more spots would be nice. drove to my next stop both spots were taken niether were charging. Made it home 3 miles left and the turtle telling me it would have been nice to use the charger.

  40. Getting free charging while working out. Nice!

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