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A personal safety and location sharing app to track your family and friends
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Why Guardians?

Exploring new places, walking home alone, meeting someone you don’t know, taking a late night cab ride – these are some things that can make us feel unsafe, especially for women. In 2021, we all have phones, and now that can be our line of defense.

By choosing trusted people as your Guardians, and allowing them to see where you are, you can have peace of mind, and protection in case anything goes wrong.


• Invite your friends & family to be your Guardians. Choose the people you trust to see your location when needed.
• Share your GPS location privately. Only your Guardians will be able to see where you are and check on your safety.
• Setup forever sharing. You can choose to share your location permanently to certain trusted people.
• Notify your Guardians immediately when you are feeling unsafe, using the I need help feature
• Battery life, network strength and phone status can also be shared. This can be vital information for your Guardians and your safety.


Hello again!

We're back with a new release this week.

This week's release has a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you like the app, please give us a 5 star rating!

If you have any questions, please write to us via the Contact Support option in the app.

Thank you & stay safe!


40 comentarios en "Guardians from Truecaller MOD"

  1. This app is an absolute bullcrap, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, the only time it gets the location right is the initial request from the person who wants you to be their guardian, after that, it gets stuck on that location forever even when the person moves to a different location. Don’t waste your time on this, it’s an experience you would regret. The developers should fix this, unless their intention is just to profit from collecting people’s data.

  2. I just turned on my phone and another one next to it -both are running this app- and have refreshed positions of both, but they are not appearing immediately (taking too long in fact) to show results of their updated positions in the other’s display. This is very unimpressive (Google Maps location-sharing does way better and faster than this).

  3. The app is good, and its integration with Google map is fantastic. But I would suggest you add satellite map type, where the pictures and colours of locations are clearly shown. I would have loved to suggest you remove the option of not sharing one’s location with his/her guardians, because that’s the essence of the app, but other users might not buy into it. Is it possible to use the app to track one’s guardians’ phone in case of theft or loss? Even if the phone has been flashed by the thief?

  4. It’s more than just conventional location sharing through navigation apps, as it: 1. Has 3 different buttons in widgets for SOS, Watch Me and Watch Contact, as opposed to one, giving more granular control. 2. Has an evolving volunteer network that’s ready to help in case you feel unsafe and hit SOS. 3. Displays important information such as phone’s battery percentage, ringing status, signal strength, speed, pin/unpin location & a direct calling & messaging button in an easy to read manner.

  5. This app is good to use for safety, but there must be the feature where we can see our loved ones or family member, friends, through their phone number so we can see and track them where they are traveling. Improve the app with this feature. It will be very helpful for everyone.

  6. Liked the idea on which this application is being developed, but it’s not working in my tab when verifying my number it shows a message “something went wrong” or keeps loading. I wanna use this application so if you guys can solve these issues then it will definitely worth 5 stars.

  7. Miltius dice:

    Great intent but location jumps all over the place within 300 foot of the location the person is at, even when device hasn’t moved for 5+minutes — jumping shouldn’t be happening because if GPS doesn’t jump around when moving and sharing your location of local friends in other apps that has a GPS feature, then this also shouldn’t be jumping around. It’s connected to 4G/5G locations and also has wifi enabled at all times, and even has blue tooth enabled on devices too but still ‘jumps’. FIX!

  8. When there’s an emergency, you press sos, there should be a feature that, automatically the application should start sending live front and back photos to the guardians, and also turn on the voice. Would be really helpful.

  9. The app no doubt is wonderful, but sometimes it feels like someone is spying on us all the time for no reason. I feel a lack of privacy in my life. The good point being safety but there is no point in showing if u are on call or your battery percentage or when did you turn off your location or EVEN IF U DID, IT SHOULDN’T SHOW ON THE APP.

  10. Its a great app that is easy to use. My only issue is that when you activate the SOS button the phone of your guardian does not ring or vibrate haphazardly to indicate a serious emergency. Meaning if you not near the phone you wont know that there’s a SOS call on your phone. In an emergency situation time is very crucial and delay is very very dangerous

  11. Love the interface and ease of use. Would like it more if you had the option to manually adjust the diameter of the location, so that you don’t get notifications if people going in and out of a zone every 5 minutes. Otherwise, great app, big van of the truecaller team

  12. This app is very nice but live loaction is not actual and vary 300 meter to 1 km. Exect location can not be accessed. Another issue i was facing that on random test it shows more than half hour location. One suggestion on opening app it should be refreshing but it shows data 2min before.

  13. It would’ve been great if they added a shortcut for sending sos, eg. Press power button thrice to send Because chances are that in needful situation you might not be able to access phone screen easily

  14. It’s more than just conventional location sharing through navigation apps, as it: 1. Has 3 different buttons in widgets for SOS, Watch Me and Watch Contact, as opposed to one, giving more granular control. 2. Has an evolving volunteer network that’s ready to help in case you feel unsafe and hit SOS. 3. Displays important information such as phone’s battery percentage, ringing status, signal strength, speed, pin/unpin location & a direct calling & messaging button in an easy to read manner.

  15. Accurate location. Gave it 4 stars due to a couple things. First, there’s features and wording used within the app that isn’t explained and there is no help menu… Second, I have an android and my daughter has an iPhone. Her location infor and phone info doesn’t auto update and there’s no explanation on how to do this. Overall great app ad does what it should but they should work on the helpful info section

  16. Sam boss dice:

    Absolutely amazing other than the fact that the location is slightly off this app is a game changer. I’ve been looking for something like this but they were all scams though this app provides almost accurate location and info about the person.

  17. Good app but lacks the group feature. Considering I want to monitor all my family members I have to manually send an invite from each of their phones for them to see each other’s location. Other than that the app is good.

  18. Pawan Saw dice:

    It is worse app …. It show only real time location for 1 day after downloading and after that it stops showing current location and shows a previous location only. Before it was ok Please look forward into this matter.

  19. Constant “Guardians is updating..” notifications. I can’t turn this specific notification off. I can turn all of the Guardian notifications off, but that defeats the purpose of this application. Many applications allow you to individually turn notifications on and off instead of just all or none. Please release a hotfix otherwise I will be forced to uninstall.

  20. It’s a very nice and useful app. Dark theme in menu would be great. There are tons of other apps like this but it comes with the peace of mind as it’s from truecaller. Location sharing is available in Maps from Google too, but there aren’t features like the ones provided here such as alert others and SOS, updates would make it better. It’s good enough though.

  21. My friends are sending me invite but instead of the accept option I’m directed to send invites. They can’t accept my invite and I can’t accept theirs. Try to fix this problem. I was having one connection but when I reinstall the app I can’t see my first connection. Ahhh still a lot of work to be done here.

  22. I had a problem when i started using the app & they were very supportive & called me to fix it. It’s a gr8 app i totally recommend it. I just got 2 things i wish they do. When the other partners start moving i need 2 know, specially if they choose to be forever sharing. I cant watch over the location 24/7 so i need to be notified if the status is not static in 1 place & they r moving. Another thing is when waching over some1 i need 2 keep scrolling the screen otherwise i wont b able 2 c the pin

  23. The motive of the app is good but there is a remark, we can’t able to see the exact location of the guardian. My suggestion is that when we try to see the location just show that in Google maps so that we can find it easier. Remaining everything is awesome. Please try to fix this🙂.

  24. The app is very unreliable lately….it keeps giving wrong locations of our loved ones. It used to be very accurate but it’s not anymore. Please work on this or we will have to uninstall it. its creating problems between loved ones lately I have also noticed that if you forget update the up on the other person phone then it stops giving the location of the person until u ate able to update the app. Why cant the already installed version continue working even if its not updated. Pls work on this

  25. Too many bugs, First of all I can’t even signup using my number, it sometimes get login automatically, and most of the times it just shows that they gonna give you a confirmation call, which never happens, then the OTP also never available, I got OTP only once, and then after entering it shows authentication failed. Also, I tried to connect with my friend, and i tried more than 20 times to share my location forever, but it always shows the glitch, after clicking on that CTA, nothing happens.

  26. The location tracking has been incorrect. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but to no avail. The location update is very slow. Hope something can be done about that. Will update my response here once done 9th November 2021.

  27. Very useful app. But accuracy is need to be doveloped. For example my loved ones both in same house, guardian shows one of both in beside House. One feature can be doveloped, loved one Day tracking, Number of location they travelled in the day. Not entire route they may stopped in different locations in same day

  28. Why location sharing should be full time. While options are available to chose only when using the App, but it is not allowing to go ahead. It should be the right of the user when to share location. It can’t be mandatory even if the options are shown.

  29. Really a great application. We can easily check that where our loved ones are. But the only problem is the accuracy of location is not perfect. Always minimum 5-10m difference between actual location and application location.

  30. I have shared my location at all times using Google maps with closed ones. I don’t see a need of another app doing it for me. Also I trust Google over True caller for data access. Additional SOS feature is useful but hey the person with whom I want to share should also register in this app.

  31. Unable to sign up. Managed to sign up on one phone, but on the second phone appears to sign up, and send out invitation, but then starts all over again prompting for the mobile phone number. Tried reinstalling the app. Got the message: ERROR Invalid verification status. Phone number blocked to reuse.

  32. The accuracy of this app is is not accurate. Is shows people 14 to 20 km away from where they actually are. Please fix before I give 5 star. It used to be accurate. Past 2 weeks useless!!

  33. Very nice app… I myself and my friends are using this app. I say that all parents can live monitor their children using this app. Moreover the boyfriend can see the location of his girlfriend or the girlfriend of his boyfriend, whether he is telling lies.. If this app also works offline then it will be even better. Thanks for team truecaller..

  34. I was able to use it perfectly but after1-2 days, it stops showing the person’s updated location, after that the location doesn’t update at all. Liked it at first but liking it right now. Fix that please. Its not working.

  35. This is really an amazing app by Truecaller.Thanks to Truecaller team for this mind-blowing app. lt really helps to know where our friends family girls or ladies when they travel alone or going somewhere and this is also good for childrens because if had any emergency this app can help. but this app shows real live location but in minimum 5 to 10meters Distance . please solve that problem. Thank you for this application.

  36. 1)There should be a selection of area in which we can select that if we go out from the selected area radius , the app gives a notification itself. 2)There should be a option like when a person go out of his home so automatically the location service should start and when returned to home it should close by itself , due to which battery’s consumption will be some what saved. 3)Should work on battery , so that i must not take so much battery. 4)The app should also give an option that it

  37. It would’ve been great if they added a shortcut for sending sos, eg. Press power button thrice to send 🆘. Because chances are that in needful situation you might not be able to access phone screen easily

  38. The app Is really marvelous. I was always looking for this kind of app. My request to the team is to update the map frequently as at certain places the things are changing rapidly.

  39. I really like it, it’s better than my other location app, I really like the watch over me button and it’s accurate. But the only problem is that it won’t let me type in the location, only let me move it around, I like it, but just wish to type in the location.

  40. At first time of using this app this one worked correctly, but day gone its not working properly the network of my guardian are good and location is turned on, and they let me watch over its working for some distance but after that its not updating. This is really ah nice feature to watch over, please fix these issue.

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