Zoomex:Crypto&Bitcoin Trading 2022


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Zoomex-The Most Convenient Crypto Exchange
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Zoomex – The Access of Smart Investment

Start Your Smart Crypto Asset Investment, with Zoomex

Established in 2021, Zoomex is a cryptocurrency trading platform with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Zoomex consists of fintech experts from the finance and blockchain industry to provide the best IT solution. In this changing cryptocurrency market, Zoomex offers its clients the convenience of online crypto trading services and the best-optimized trading environment.

Various functions and trading pairs
Bitcoin lover? not a problem! To ensure diverse crypto trading environments for our clients, Zoomex supports a number of altcoin trading pairs, including Bitcoin/USDT, Ethereum/USDT. Besides this, limit/market orders and conditional buy/sell orders are available for you to avoid loss and maximize profit while experiencing fast crypto trading speed without overload at the same time.

24hrs deposit/withdrawal
A large amount of Bitcoin to deposit? Not a problem! Zoomex supports BTC, ETH, and all other altcoins deposits and withdrawals for 24 hours for your utmost convenience. Your crypto trading experience will be upgraded while depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies freely anytime you want.

Guaranteed liquidity
A professional Bitcoin trader? You are most welcome! To provide the best crypto trading environment, Zoomex connects its order book to global top cryptocurrency exchanges to share the liquidity. You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other cryptos safely with this guaranteed liquidity.

Pro-Trading environment
Wanna trade Bitcoin like a pro? You are at the right place! Zoomex provides the most sophisticated crypto-trading interface and tools which allow the traders have an MT4-like professional crypto-trading experience. Your Bitcoin trading experience will be greater than ever.

Safe asset protection
The rich man with a bunch of BItcoin? We are your shield! Zoomex adapts multi-signature as a top security financial system together with the cold/hot wallet system to protect your crypto asset securely. No one can ever touch your Bitcoin wallet!

Dedicated customer support
Have questions regarding trading Bitcoin? We are here for you 24/7! Zoomex’s customer support team will help you instantly whenever needed, responding to your inquiries. Our employees will solve your issue effectively in your local language.

Intuitive interface
Zoomex prepared an intuitive interface for clients. By providing a comfortable transaction experience, customer crypto-trading transaction satisfaction has been further increased.

Fast mobile crypto trading support
Wanna trade Bitcoin while camping? We gotcha! Zoomex has optimized mobile crypto trading for clients who prefer to trade bitcoin or altcoin with their mobile devices. Now you can enjoy comfortable and safe crypto trading through mobile.

【About Zoomex】
Vision: We believe blockchain technology could enrich our lives and improve our values. We aim to enhance convenience for crypto online trading services by providing the best crypto portfolio options in a faster, safer, and easier way.

Official Website: www.zoomex.com


4 comentarios en "Zoomex:Crypto&Bitcoin Trading 2022"

  1. Efe Moses dice:

    They are thieves. Don’t fall for this scam. They let you deposit, but you can’t withdraw. Send them multiple emails, all to no avail. I just wish playstore would remove fraudulent apps like this.

  2. Bamisaye Olushola dice:

    It’s an awesome exchange👍. Expecially with it’s recent one way/hedge mode update.It also accommodates trailing stop loss which not many Exchanges offer. No regrets thus far🏆

  3. Alexander Habtom dice:

    So far I’m having a good experience with this app but there is a delay on the customer support and some times no respond it need improvement

  4. Matthew Messiah dice:

    This is the worst crypto exchanger I have seen in my whole life… Scamming traders and users.

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