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Almost everyone now pays for services on a regular basis. Whether Spotify, Netflix, and Co. you quickly lose track of what you actually spend.

With this app, you simply enter the existing subscriptions and you have an easy overview.

⭐ Features ⭐

– Create regular and one-time subscriptions
– Enter the billing period to see the next payment date
– Add important data for each subscription (description, the start of payment, Payment method, and notes)
– 160+ different currencies with the current exchange rate
– Optional dark design
– Backup possibility (including Google Drive option)

💡 If bugs occur or for general feedback, feel free to send it directly in the app under “give feedback” or by e-mail to [email protected].


🔥 Release 1.5.2 🔥
- Fixed a bug where to price format in the input field was wrong and couldn't be saved

💡 Just report bugs or send feedback directly from within the App


40 comentarios en "Subscriptions – Manage your re MOD 2022"

  1. I have a lot of subscriptions so this app was perfect. Customizable colors… Great app! I went to add a new subscriptio today and… Gone… All of them… My backups you say… Gone… Of course… I have to look up all the subscriptions again to put them in. This time I’m putting them in my notes so I don’t lose them. How do I know if this is going to happen again? I don’t. Need reliability.

  2. Love the app. It would be nice if you could set global parameters for notifications, like I want an alert 3 days before bills are due, but I dont want to go through each one and set the notification. That’s annoying. The ability to store your back up on your SD card would nice as well. As is, what happens if the phone, this app is on, goes down? What happens to the back up lol?

  3. Very handy and useful app to keep track of all my subscriptions! I set mine up to also keep track of savings and investment account deposits, which really helps put my financial situation into perspective. edit: As far as the interface, I think it’s great to be able to color code and assign labels to each entry. I would like to suggest making the label tags a little smaller when enabled on the main view. Another suggestion is to make the overall view a bit more condensed to fit more entries.

  4. This app is incredibly helpful. So simple to see expenses especially with the tags. I added all of my bills including things I’m trying to pay off for a better view of monthly expenses. Would be great to see a possible addition where a total amount can be added for a payoff of a car/house/credit card and have the amount adjust automatically after each months payment in the future.

  5. I’m using this as a budget app and this is exactly what I needed in an app that shows my monthly expenses since most everything I have are subscriptions! Everything about this app is perfect – the layout, the ability to choose colors, the recurring monthly/weekly feature – and to see it all simply. Other apps have confusing layouts but this one is simple.

  6. Truly I wish more developers would release apps like this. Simple UI, does what it says on the tin without a ton of bells and whistles, simple export feature. I would gladly pay $5 for this app. If the developer ends up reading this, I sincerely thank you for putting this out there and hope you continue to make beautiful, well-designed apps that are a joy to use. To others reading, if I had one suggestion, it would be to enable sharing the backup from within the app, but since the app helpfully directs you to the location of the backup, I could live without that functionality.

  7. The app is really nice and clean with a beautiful UI. However, there is no way to stop a recurring subscription and it just keeps going until you delete it. It would be nice to be able to stop a recurring subscription like to put it on hold for awhile it cancel it all together without deleting it. Other than that, great app!

  8. This is a handy, promising app, that’s just a few fixes away from being great. I’ll gladly up my rating for this app, if the developer fixes a bug (on my Galaxy Note9, at least) where, while filling out a new subscription’s info, if you accidentally auto-rotate the screen or let the screensaver/lock screen come on, the fill boxes will replace all your typed entries with whatever you last typed or whatever you had copied as text. Otherwise, I like this app, and it’s on the right track. Thanks.

  9. Love it! Was thinking of making it myself until I came across this, and it was exactly what I needed. One suggestion I do have: It would be great if you could have a second list of subscriptions, kind of as a ‘maybe’ list. It would have any additional subscriptions you are considering paying for such that you can see the added/total monthly costs if you choose to subscribe to those things in future. They could be individually hidden or revealed as well so the monthly price can be played with.

  10. uYuKooKie dice:

    I love this app so much! It is so useful for monthly expenses. But I hope you can add a feature that allows us to pay the bills and it will separate into another window that called “PAID” or something. Sometimes it makes me confused into which bills I paid and haven’t. So, in the end by adding this feature, I know which bills I settled and which bills I still haven’t settled in that monthly subscriptions. I would rate 5 stars if you added the feature. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

  11. Simple, sufficient and visually pleasing. This app doesn’t go overboard with features, nor does it require you to add your bank account. You simply put in the name of the subscription, choose a colour, choose the amount and the billing cycle – and you’re done. The fact that you can choose whatever time period you want for recurring bills is good – I was able to choose 84 days, since that’s what how I am billed by my network. It’s a brilliant app. 😍

  12. Absolutely amazing app. It is simple, yet has all the features you could want from it. I also wanna praise the developers for not changing it in unnecessary ways. The layout has stayed the same all the years I’ve had it, because it is awesome. They have not subjected to “modernization” and hidden away features behind multiple clicks to get a more sleek look.

  13. This app is gorgeous and extremely useful. As others have pointed out, cloud backup would be great. I’d like it if I could assign colors to labels instead of items and reorganize items manually (not alphabetical or by amount). Keep up the great work. I’d love to buy a subscription to subscription to help keep the development going!

  14. Great and simple app. No extra fluff, no sign in. Just keeps track of your subscriptions in a very clean interface. Night mode is great. Customising each entry by colour has imo the perfect number of colours. All the little things done well to make an awesome app. A huge ask, but having the option to be able to cancel and resume subscriptions in app. A true subscriptions manager. *I guess this would involve extra permissions and data being having to be made available on the users side*

  15. Great app! Very simple, easy to use, easy on the eyes. There’s a few things I’d change: – Allow me to disable the monthly price of yearly subscriptions when the preview is set to “monthly” – Allow me to pause subscriptions – Don’t adjust the price of previous payments in the “total paid” section, give me a box telling me if I’d like to adjust those previous payments, or adjust them individually.

  16. Simple, light, and easy-to-use! Love how the app looks and with no ads 🙂 Wish we could sync automatically across multiple devices though. Nevertheless, this app is amazing! UPDATE: Please add feature to assign labels on the list page so that we don’t need to open a subscription. Also, the backups are all in the root of the internal storage. Maybe it would be better if they were inside a folder instead or add Google Drive/Dropbox integration. UPDATE: Google Drive feature was added!

  17. No comments. Absolutely amazing app. But, as a feature request, can there be an option which makes the bar slide to the left the closer it gets to the expiration date? That’d make the “show time until next payment” option much more visually fun and a lot more obvious of the deadlines! This is not a criticism, though! I’d never expect anything more than that alone from such a free app. Really, great work!

  18. Great app, no doubt. Works perfectly just as expected. Two suggestions from my side: 1. Show a notification when a subscription is due. 2. Allow the user to select the date format. Update: Thanks Simon about the notification issue. Didn’t know about that bell icon. Thanks for the swift reply. Hope you continue developing even better features for this awesome app!

  19. been awhile since this app has been updated but works fine for me on all my devices including Chromebook. Its simple and no complicated features that take a steep learning curve. It works just fine. Glad to have this for i use it to keep track of all my bills ect. Thanks! 5 stars.

  20. Dan-Maz dice:

    Super useful to track subscriptions and other payments. The custom filter options is really nice to have. One feature that would be nice to see would be a calendar view of when payments are going through, it does already have a ‘countdown until’ feature.

  21. App is not maintained anymore but does what the name implies. Please add support for icons as well. Makes it easier to recognise subscriptions when there are a ton of them. One star less for it.

  22. Alex D dice:

    Hey Simon Really love the app, it’s great! The only suggestion I have is that it would be good to be able to filter yearly subscriptions out of the monthly amounts, so I could see exactly what I have coming up next month for example. If you want any ideas for other Apps then I have been searching for a decent app to record air miles from different airlines. (not so important these days) With some tweaks you could use the same architecture and UX as this app.

  23. MAN I’M ADDICTED TO IT. Been years since I’m using it, and it’s much more than just tracking online accounts. I have my other bills, recurring, sip, MF & insurance accounts too. The option to add tags & filter by it is just what made it the best app in the market. Only thing I feel missing is the ability to filter out tags. Like, I have some entries mentioned as “optional”, and I would like to list only the rest. Adding “mandatory” to everything else gets clumsy quickly as I need more filters.

  24. Simple, effective overview of all subscriptions you have in different currencies that estimate and convert to YOUR currency to give you an idea of the total sum. You can add tags for different categories or payment methods. It’s just all-round great at what it does!

  25. After I’ve downloaded hundreds of apps from different categories, this is the only ideal application available in my phone! There are no ads in the first place 🚫 easy and light interface, the idea of the customizations are simple but creative at the same time!🔥 Unfortunately I got to know it a short time ago, it helped me very much in organizing my monthly and yearly payments after all were in a mess, Looking forward to see more apps from the developer in the future 😀 Hope you the best 🌸

  26. Awesome app & NO ADs. Dev deserves 5 stars. I usually pay all my bills online. This app makes life easier making sure that I don’t miss out on paying a bill. Great work dev🤘🏻A few suggestions 1. Add a Pay button that redirects to a LIST of preinstalled payment apps . 2. Add a notifications tab separately and give an option to automatically notify about all my subscribtions a day prior to expiry. Because switching on/off notification for each and every subscription manually takes up much time.

  27. Love the app. Simple and performs its function. The only things I wish it had are optional fields for website/userid/password, and an export mechanism (any format), such that I can export the list and give it to someone for emergency purposes (if something were to happen to me, they’d more easily be able to handle tying up the loose ends).

  28. This app is great. It looks amazing and even has a dark mode, plus it does exactly what it says it does. – edit: also, on the front of cloud backups and such, also just let us choose where to save the backup when we make one. I think android has that feature, and most of us have a file explorer to handle it easily.

  29. Kay Chan dice:

    This is just what I wanted to keep track all my paid subscriptions and purchases for software and apps. Before this I done a list in my Notion but still lacking something I want. This app is just simple and nice! Love it so far! One thing though, I find it abit troublesome to edit item, eg. adding tags, edit note, notfications, etc. Hopefully the UX/UI can be improved to make all the addings and editings for one item to be done on the same page, so I don’t need to go back and forth and save.

  30. It’s a good app. But please provide an option for each subscription to determine the number of days for recurring monthly payment. Sometimes we buy a yearly or pay 6 months upfront for a subscription. So for each subscription, the number of days for monthly basis could be 28 or 30 days respectively. Overall I love the app. Thanks for creating such a app.

  31. Axo dice:

    As much as I want to continue using this, this app breaks the ability to open files from the phones download manager. Subscriptions will always try to open any file, as it thinks that anything from the file manager is a backup to itself. I attempt to open an apk file, Subscriptions will hijack its opening, then state it (obviously) cannot open it and then either crashes or sends me to backups.

  32. Love this app, so simple, beautiful and useful. However, I do wish you could change the next bill date without having to modify the start date, as often the dates shift due to way time works and all. This is very annoying and has led to some bills being lagged, or the past dates/total cost being wrong. This means first and total end up being more and more incorrect/useless the more I have modify to match my true bill dates.

  33. Been wanting to find an app like this for a long time. And it’s beautifully designed. If I were to ask for one feature request, it’d be to have a way to suspend or “pause” a subscription without deleting it. For people like me who pause streaming subscriptions when they aren’t watching them, it’d be really useful. Keep it up!

  34. Great design, easy to use, very nice UI. No ads, no permissions, great app! Hope something like notifications for the next payment is added. Another possibility is like a final payment date for those subscriptions that you manually have to renew. Edit: Oh didn’t notice notifications were already there, brilliant thanks!

  35. Fantastic app! Helps me manage all types of regular payments not just subscriptions, providing a great overview of what’s due and going out each month. Clean and clear and easy to use. Thanks dev! Told all my friends about it. One feature request – please show due date on each entry on the main screen not just time until next payment (due date is more helpful).

  36. I’ve just found this app and I find it amazing. So impressive how simplicity and functionality may work together. I would consider a paid version. Eventually for a Google Drive export and import capability. Thanks pal. EDIT: just noticing that the backup option is already in the app. Perfect.

  37. This app is fantastic! It’s really user friendly and it allows you to see what you’re spending on services like Spotify, Netflix, and others. It’s a great way to keep track of your budget and to make sure that you’re not overspending on services. Overall, I really recommend this app!

  38. The app is great for keeping track of your subscriptions. The only thing is it could adapt better to smaller screens e.g. by showing the subscription text on its own line.

  39. pretty, easy to use, fast, what else to expect? perfect. i would add an option to set end subscription time, so it deletes / archive once it’s date. as i use it to manage debts. also, it would be awesome to have different wallets, so I can manage private subscribtions, family subscriptions…

  40. This app does exactly what I need! It took a while to set up all my accounts and notifications, but once they’re in there it’s perfect! I appreciate the privacy factor. While it’s be nice to have it automatically search for my accounts, it’s an awful lot of personal info to give out. This is exactly what I was hoping for in a subscription management app!

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