Driver: Dash Cam & Cloud Sync MOD 2022


Use any app while Driver, The Dash Cam App records your trip in the background.
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Driver, The Dash Cam App turns your phone into a dash cam for free! We put drivers first. In the event of an incident, you’ll immediately have all the evidence you need to fight your case, all in your phone, along with support from our Roadside Assistant partner, Honk – just a button away. You may even share access to your video with friends and family in real-time over the cloud. Gone are the days when you needed to connect your hardware dash cam’s SD card to your computer.

Record your drives
No recording time limits! You always have unlimited HD video recording. Starting up your dash cam app before each trip is as simple as opening Driver and letting the app automatically start recording. Driver will continue to record in the background while you use other apps.

Dual-Camera Mode
Record external & internal video simultaneously. Both video files are attached to each trip for easy and convenient viewing. The feature is available on certain Android devices.

Never lose video data
Always find a backup video stored in the DriverCloud. Save storage on your phone by setting the DriverApp to auto-delete videos after 1-30 days. Note that 1HR of single-cam HD recording takes up roughly one 1GB of storage.

Access videos instantly
Easily access all your videos from your phone or any browser with DriverCloud. Each trip is enriched with location, time, and speed data in the cloud. You can also download the raw videos by connecting your phone to your computer.

Roadside Assistance
Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 across the U.S. with an expansive network of 75,000 service vehicles powered by Honk Roadside. Get help within 15-30 minutes for towing, flat tires, lockouts, etc.

Forward Collision Warnings (Beta Access)
Get audio alerts to warn you if you’re getting too close to the car in front with just your phone. We’re advancing car safety technology with our proprietary advanced computer vision algorithm.

– Mount your phone on a dashboard phone holder (shorter ones provide greater video stability/use magnetic dash mounts for easy mounting)
– For longer trips, keep your phones plugged into your charger (USB cable)
– During hot summer days, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

At Driver, our mission is to make driving safer and smarter for everyone. We always put the driver’s (Your) needs first to achieve that. We are dedicated to mobile technology, creating a world where no new hardware is required to benefit from the latest car technologies.

The non-paid version of the DriverApp is ad-free and absolutely free. Get the benefits of a top-ranking dash cam app with Dual Cam Mode, audio recording, side-by-side map & video gallery view, background recording, distraction-free screen saver, customizable auto-delete videos, and offline mode.

DriverPremium unlocks the full power of your DriverApp:
– Back up your videos instantly with our industry-leading video sync technology.
– Store HD versions of your trips on the cloud by syncing over Wi-Fi
– Access our latest safety features like forward collision alerts
– Get nationwide roadside assistance 24/7
– Save on gas with Driver & GasBuddy

We will charge your account when you purchase a DriverPremium subscription plan. Your account will automatically be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period unless you disable auto-renew. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your Account Settings on the Play Store after purchase.


Note: GPS is required. Continued use of GPS running in the background can hurt your device’s battery life. Other factors such as temperature, battery health, and other apps running in the background can also affect battery performance. Please be aware that DriverCloud will utilize cellular data to sync your videos.


Under the hood improvements to make your drive even smoother.


40 comentarios en "Driver: Dash Cam & Cloud Sync MOD 2022"

  1. Installed today, uninstalling soon… The app requests permissions that aren’t described, nor was I offered in settings to adjust desired functionality. While it offers a choice of approximate or precise location, it won’t let you begin unless you select precise! This is because your driving style is monitored and shared with insurers! In any case, using it cause rapid battery drain and rapid heating up of my phone. Cool functionality is none of the rest matters to you.

  2. This is a great app, easy to both use and understand. The only complaint I would have is that there needs to be an option to store drives externally, whether on an SD card or other external storage device. Otherwise it takes up too much internal space and your constantly having to delete drives on every 3rd-4th drive.

  3. Hard time calibrating and laggy video on a Google Pixel 3A XL. It says calibrating 0%. The refresh rate on the video feed is clipping hard. The videos should also be automatically saved into a unlimited space cloud storage specifically designed for this application in order to provide the better experience you want from your users. There’s only so much limited space on phones and videos take up gigabytes. Local storage isn’t ideal for an application like this.

  4. The app appears to be very easy to use and it has a great potential if several bugs are removed. However, at this time it keeps freezing, stops recording when placed in the background of other apps, and my phone Samsung S9+ has a dual camera but the app only will allow to record front or back. For now 2 stars, but willing to increase if developers work out several bugs.

  5. first time I had this up great that roadside assistance actually does come through I locked my keys in my car. regardless I had to get a new phone and wasn’t able to have the old fun to clone. therefore I lost all of the data backed up to this app. the customer service I got from the developers of this app was hands down the best experience I’ve had. it wasn’t an app problem it was a phone problem

  6. Lacking configuration options. I do not want it to automatically stop recording. There’s no way to set the storage location. What about speed and location information? It would be nice to save that as an SRT or overlay it on the video itself. Also, it would be really cool if it had Tasker integration.

  7. I drive for Uber 10-12 hours a day. This is by far the best dashcam I have ever used. Customer service is amazing and respnds quickly. I drive a Tesla, so have built-in dadhcam, but still prefer to use the driver app over that. When I got hit by a semi, they were able to look at the footage of the collision and send me not only the video, but a detailed crash report. I highly recommend this app to anyone that doesn’t want a bulky dashcam in their car.

  8. 6 secconds. Sorry that you couldn’t figure that out on your own. I’m sure it’s a great app if you can get it to actually do anything other than freeze or crash at 6 seconds. Freezes at 6 seconds after I start a recording. Every time.

  9. Haven’t tested yet, and I think this one is good but I have some issue on how to choose which storage to be use either internal or external, how to change from miles to km? Where I can see the folder location for the video? Thank you for having free apps. It’s good to have payment option for contentious support fund development. Just not subscription. Hehe. I hate subscription base payment.

  10. P C dice:

    Videos are held only in the app unless you want to spend 4.99 a month to have them uploaded to a Drver App Cloud Storage account. No thank you. I don’t need to pay for stuff with another company that I already pay for with another company. Uninstalled.

  11. I cannot use this app while my phone is connected to the charger. My battery drain is so great it stops charging because it is getting too hot. Other than this one issue, I love the ease of use of the app and the unlimited cloud storage is awesome!

  12. Have to restart the app multiple times before it works. Most times it locks up with a black screen on Android 7. Doesn’t matter if single or dual mode is chosen. My phone is capable of dual cameras

  13. Don’t understand the space usage? Does it record all time until get gets down to the level of space left on your phone that you choose or does it loop for one 1gb or so that you choose?

  14. Does Driver app compatible with samsune A02s compatible ? I did retry uninstall & reinstall the app to test it again ,but it keep crashing when i begin to drive using single and/or duel camera mode.

  15. Nice app. Would be nice to have some options. Speed, GPS overlay. Sound in forward driver mode…..

  16. Great graphics but horrible about crashing,what good does this app do if it doesn’t work

  17. All videos corrupted. Unable to delete videos. Completely nonfunctional and useless.

  18. So you do have delete but forgot to tell us in the app. I don’t care about your secure B’s about save locations. I know that is a lie, give us SD card save. This app is useless until you do.

  19. I have a Samsung A20 and can’t dual record or record noises. Does this app not work with my phone model? I can record normally but I would like to be able to record sound and behind me as well.

  20. This app is amazing I am so glad I don’t have to buy an expensive dashcam I use my thousand-dollar phone instead I already use it for music and it mounts to my mirror mount easily I use a Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra and all settings are on this app again is amazing record everything just like $1,000 dashcam and the best part this app is free

  21. Rob B dice:

    Good app in the beginning. Now it shuts down bc of heat. If this is to be used with other open apps, perhaps my phone pixel 6, cant handle the load. What will it do in summer heat?

  22. Works great. Found it on Consumer Reports!

  23. App crashes after 30 seconds in sunlight. Would be such a good app if this can be fixed.

  24. This app doesn’t really do anything the built in camera app can’t do. It asks for location services but doesn’t do anything with it. A speed readout would be helpful. An option to save or delete each ride would be great as well.

  25. There’s an option to delete videos if under a certain storage space that doesn’t work (I have it set to 1 gig). It wouldn’t be a problem, if I could manually delete videos but that isn’t an option, instead when I’m out of storage the app asks if I want to delete videos. This popup corrupts the current video. On top of that, there’s no way to lock a video so it can’t be deleted.

  26. Really like the way the app works. Full of great features. Unfortunately where it matters most doesn’t seem to work well. There seems to be no simple save to camera roll option and no default folder. Copying to folder works but any attempt to play the video crashes the gallery app.

  27. would be five stars if showed date and time while recording along with speed and needs the option to record the back also and the front at the same time doesn’t even give you the option to do that so that’s my issues mostly not being too see what behind u and give it a split screen to see front and back would be awesome

  28. Love it! So glad to be a tester!

  29. K Barrow dice:

    Didn’t work right video currupted ..I have a moto g stylus… and it turns on and records.. but you can’t play back video 😕

  30. The resolution, and framerate is the worst. My phone supports 4K, and the app only records at 640×[email protected].

  31. Love this app! I like a lot of their features especially to easily switch between recording internally and externally. I will then have 2 videos. I can also do all of this while recording in background and driving with Waze. So good. Better than many other dash cam apps.

  32. Nothing but trouble with the app. It keeps telling me camera out of range. I’m sitting in my car phone is w feet away. How is that out of range? I have reloaded the app reset the camera. When in delete the camera from the app and reconnect it works for about 5 min or untill I walk out of range then it never connects again. Pretty useless

  33. It looks like it might be good but it demands too much before I can even test it. It wants email address, it wants to link Spotify. No. It should only do those things if and when I do an action that requires them. Uninstalling because too obnoxious at the start.

  34. needs a lot more functions it’s doesnt record both camera like they claim. no auto record when plugged in. it’s just a very limited app compared to the other apps I’ve tried. it’s a shame because they make it sound like the perfect app it just doesn’t do anything they said it would

  35. I want to love this app, but the video quality when exported is so terrible you can’t make out anything. Inside the app, the video quality is great, but when you “share it” it makes the quality horrible. Also, there needs to be a way to directly download the video to your phone. Fix these issues and it will get 5 stars.

  36. Worked fine for about a week recording up to 90 minutes. After I got the free road service it suddenly recorded only 15 minutes then stops. I texted tech support and was told I must have stopped. The ride I took was at highway speed nonstop. I though it was a great app but I can’t count on it anymore.

  37. needs work video lags on a Galaxy S8. the icons are in the recorded video. crash detection only puts a box around vehicles, no audio alert. looks like a very early stage in development. did crash about 5 times on me.

  38. Matt dice:

    Limited functionality. I might be back in a year or two to see how things have progressed, but this app is missing far too many features currently. Also, there’s no good reason to force users to record audio when using dual camera mode.

  39. I re-downloaded the app and it seems like there has been an update I see that it record both front facing camera and back facing camera. But when I look at the footage that has been recorded my face camera the front-facing is not visible. I shared the video to my Google Documents and it only shows the back facing camera even though I checked the box to record both. I would also like it to capture my speed and the time of day on the screen.

  40. Nice to see a polished dashcam app that works smoothly & is not too complicated. Did have one corrupted video file, but their support team took the issue seriously & actually offered to try and recover the data for me. Would love to see a PIP overlay feature in the future.

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