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This App lets you save your current location, share it with friends and navigate
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Save Location GPS – The app name says it all! This is your Personal Location Assistant.

Save your favorite places. Never forget where you parked the car. Share important locations with your friends or colleagues. 

★ Features of Save Location GPS ★

◇ Save & Share Location
Save your current location with just one click with accuracy. 

◇ Online/Offline Support
App will work with and without internet. You can save new location without internet. (GPS will take time to locate without internet)

◇ Save Location Detail
Also saves important details like Latitude, Longitude, Title, Address, and Photos to mark any location.

◇ Save Location Edits
Easily edit your saved locations, or remove unwanted locations.

◇ Group your Locations
Have some favorite restaurants or hiking spots? Group them together for future reference.

◇ Different Map Types
You can see maps in Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain views.

◇ Favorite Locations
Add locations to Favorites to always remember your favorite places. Access it quickly from favourite screen.

◇ Navigate to Locations
Navigate with ease and find the quickest route to all your destinations with Save Location App.

◇ Login and Sync Locations
Login and access your favorite locations on any device. 

◇ Export and Import Locations
Easily export all the location data into a CSV file so you can easily make use of that data. Want to map out a group of locations to share with a work team? This feature is perfect for you.

◇ Support/Feedback/Feature request
We love to hear from you! In-app message us any issues or feedback. Have a new Feature idea? We would love to hear and we will for our best to serve you.

Here is some use cases :

◇ Visiting a new friend for the first time? The Save Location App will quickly show and save the location details with exact accuracy so you can reference it later for your next visit! The app even stores the date so you remember the last time you saw Grandma!

◇ Find the best restaurant in town and want to remember to bring your loved ones? Save the location in the app and even share it with your friends so they know where to find you. 

◇ All location data can be saved in the app for reference from other devices, all with security to ensure only you and people you want to see your location data can access it. 

◇ This app is perfect for adventurers, business people, team leaders and those who socialise with family and friend  Just imagine all the places you’ve been and thought how you would like to share with others. This is your chance. 

Save Location GPS is now also available on iOS:


We polish the app more frequently to make things run more quickly and reliably.
Please send your issues, feedback and feature request to us at [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Save Location GPS FULL"

  1. So far, so good after 3 hours using this app. I deliver pizza and I’ve added numerous GPS locations. I tested one of them and it worked perfectly. What I like about this app is I can pull up “search” by address name or address number. When it pulls it up I can click on the “map” icon and it opens my “Google Go Map” app. Then I just click on the “navigate” button and I’m good to go. This app is super easy to use. I hope you won’t change anything. I’ve seen so many updated apps get ruined.

  2. It is a simple, straight forward app. It identifies and records your current GPS coordinates. It does what it is supposed to do, except….. It is not entirely “free”. I used it to record locations of 50 trailside benches for our rail trail inventory. That worked. However, when I went to download the data in the advertised CSV format, they want $10 to unlock this capability. This cost was not disclosed in the app description in Google’s Play Store. A very poor practice.

  3. This app does absolutely everything I need it to do, and its the best one Ive found. I can map multiple locations with GPS coordinates and then view them all together on a map. This is one of the only apps that I could find that let me do that. Not to mention the quick direcrions to the points as well. Love this app!!

  4. Cody Ng dice:

    I like the app. It is super useful for its purpose of saving the location. And I tried all other apps for the same purpose. Nothing comes close to this. However, there is an issue I found recently. The app won’t take me to google map even though I specifically selected google map in the settings. It kepts opening waze app instead. Please resolve this asaps in your next update cuz this app works best with google map. The address doesn’t show correctly with waze. Maybe fix that issue in waze also.

  5. HL Allen dice:

    This is the only free app I’ve found that allows for hassle-free saving of locations. You can add name and category, if desired, or you can turn on the Drive mode in Settings for one tap functionality. The developer provides excellent support. (I didn’t see the Drive mode.) Fully deserves 5 stars!

  6. Excellent app. I use it for neoghborhood marketing. The app sinks well with Waze. I am able to note the date and time I marketed a certain neighborhood. Months later when I am ready to market a certain neighborhood again, I just locate my saved destination, confirm the date/time that I last marketed the particular neighborhood and drive to the first house in the neighborhood. The app is user friendly. I use it daily.

  7. Great app. But Dont rate it. You get ads after you rate it and they’re more annoying than the app its self asking you to rate it.

  8. Initial impressions are very good. It seems much better than other similar apps that I have downloaded & tried. The ads so far have not been too intrusive – no full pages with blaring sound or objectionable “adult” ads as yet. Purchase price for ad free is reasonable. Information is comprehensive & easy to read & maps are clear and legible. All options are readily accessible & widgets look useful. I will pay to remove ads very soon if it continues to work as well after a little more testing.

  9. henry kob dice:

    This is pretty awesome and I like how it tells me the distance to the location. I like how I put in a suburb or town name and it finds it really easy. If only this did like flight routes with lines over the map would make this even more awesome and I wonder if the developer would add elevation to the adress I search for. Keep up the good work and thank you developer

  10. Jamie Ham dice:

    I like the ease of saving the locations to a list. And being able to edit the names after saving the location. And having a list and map view and being able to delete them. One problem is I lose my gps accuracy when my phone switches to lock screen. Then when I want to quickly mark another point I have to wait for gps accuracy to reaquire

  11. Great app. Fulfills all my requirements. I can save my current location with image , phone no , remarks etc. Premium services are very expensive ( Rs.3000 for lifetime). Should reduce the price so that more people can take the Premium services. Rest all features are excellent 👌. Adds are also limited.

  12. Exactly what I searched for. Very nice that saved locations can be opened in preferred GPS app. Very useful when leaving car in an unusual location. Invaluable when you need to be met “here”, but have no idea where exactly are located. Very useful the possibility to share saved locations. Overall, brilliant, nice job !!! UPDATE: would be very useful to have a comments field for saved positions !!! Thank you ! Bought the application, well invested money :))

  13. Disinstalled after 1 minute of use. Does not work without internet connection although internal mobile’s GPS does… why?? If I needed another mapping and navigation app I’d rather use the usual ones.. the meaning of this kind should be to give your position in areas where there’s no internet connection, just by reading the built in GPS position and writing it on screen.

  14. Tried it for the first time today and it failed miserably. Needed to find my way bsck through a complex housing estate to collect my granddaughter from her new school after dropping her off Downloaded this to avoid issues. When I used it to find my way back it took me to somewhere two streets away. I had to resort to using Google maps which worked perfectly. However giving it three stars due to a very user friendly interface.

  15. I have to drop people and machinery to a huge number of rural farms in NZ and I’m so pleased to be able to push a button when I get somewhere, log the location and never have to remember the way again – it seamlessly links to google maps and gives directions and travel time. And you can obviously load addresses in manually. I’m checking to see if I can share this with my team and we can share knowledge faster – it would be handy if it could, fingers crossed

  16. I like the features. But I hope they add a widget feature where it instantly records the GPS position instead of forcing you to enter a name to save the place. Its very inconvenient to name the place while driving.

  17. Almost perfect it has categories, favorites, sync export import, very imp feature i have been asking in many other such apps was 1tap location saving widget,it has that too.. I mean what is left then? Yup still scope of improvement, there is no direct way of sharing places from Google maps to it neither any way of entering “plus code”.. Also can sharing Google maps place to it, can it show some way coordinates can be copied along with the save button. This app will turn perfect. Thanks

  18. So far so good. Easy to use, but I’ve used a simpler app for storing your location before that only needed a single tap and reference. Unfortunately that app is no longer functioning. So, that said, this is now the best location saver in the world. The king is dead, long live the king, and all that. As is there is no better, how can i rate it less than 5*.

  19. Kaseiagi dice:

    I say this app is pretty good. I’m using this app for a small project that I’m doing which is recording crimes with descriptions that are happening in my city. Recently, the crime rate has been going up and I felt that I should watch more of the news and find out where they’re located since I’m bad with remembering street names and locations. So far, this app has most of the functions that I needed and it was easy to get used to when I first opened it.

  20. All this silly app does is save your location – if you stop and punch, “save locartion”. At which point you must also st there and give your file a name by ryping ut in. It doesn’t keep track of your route or anything else. This thing is too Micky Mouse. And it takes too much time and trouble rouble for not much in the way of results.

  21. Would be nice to be able to open the map at the saved location. The necessity to move the map from my home location to the location I’ve already saved is kind of annoying. Also typing notes into miniscule text area is a pure torture >_<

  22. Very accurate and easy to save locations. Not as easy to navigate use; have to click around a bit each time to get it to start. Once navigating it seems to be right on.

  23. Russell L dice:

    Updated to latest version 6.5, and now when I share location to a text message, it includes %2520 and %252C multiple times throughout the message. Assuming this represents non ascii characters which only display correctly on an iPhone?? Now it’s more garbage than actual useful data included in the information.

  24. Fantastic App to store your current location and share. Also you can go to the map and store any location by simple pressing on map. It connects with google map as well to show direction. Very thoughtful app. Thanks for this.

  25. I’ll review better when the search functionality became more accurately. When I searched for “convenience stores” had returned location around the world. It makes more sense if brought results based on my current position.

  26. No street view in 2019? I am using other applications that are free and they have street view enabled within there apps. Others have even somehow linked there app to Google Street View with a button click and you don’t provide it at all and expect an annual subscription. Don’t make me laugh, you chancer. Before I pay for an application especially an annual subscription I expect all features to be available to me in that application.

  27. Impressive apps that exceeds my requirements to map out locations include embedded notes & photos. Above all, it allows syncing of information across different devices. Thank you!

  28. Need an option to record visit date & time.

  29. Save Location GPS on LG G4. Simple, accurate and easy to use. Highly recommended. Only suggestion is to add functionality to display groups in order, for examples, by name or date saved. Thank you Rayo Infotech.

  30. Alexander dice:

    Great for marking where you’ve done things.

  31. Very good and easy to use

  32. easy to use. High accuracy to the last 5 metres. It was a first time experience and I was impressed. Used it already on my job where I collect data in remote locations of Nigeria.

  33. When spot is located and wish to share with Google map app so that the location can be put a label, a list,…. in My Google maps Can you do it with this App? (need to make your app trigger Google Map to make that as an option in the share app list.)

  34. hi, your app is very good but can i suggest you one thing to make it perfect? and i need that feature on my job… related to geotag, the most important thing is the accuracy of distance between object that we tag in some apps, we can tag object if the distance is around 3-5 meters… more than 5 meters, all function is still locked/off so that we can not tag the object so, it ensure us to have accuracy before doing tagging Can you & your team add this feature to your apps “save my location”? I mean we can not tag untill the distance between GPS vs object is around 1-5 meters? so, all function is off before the GPS has the required distance that i mentioned above Thanks

  35. Super useful, great for marking precise locations wherever they might be. Love the ability to place certain locations in specific folders.

  36. Great app! Does exactly what I need without any unecessary functions. Just a small request, is there any chance we can get a ‘Share location’ quick settings toggle also like there is for ‘Save location’?

  37. J R dice:

    Always wants to rate, can’t get the correct gps position out of the box from the app. Detail of saved position displays innacurate LAT/LONG, correct datas only when copied into clipboard. Generally not bad.

  38. I use this app to mark stones in the fields and then I go back and pick them later! it’s not bad some times screws up on locations and its terrible to delete you have to go back into the list find the pin closest to you then delete it!

  39. This app is what i am looking for, just to mark all tye places, i have visited to keep track of what left in my to go list. But still lack of many features, tthis idea can be improved to get much better experience. But thanks anyway


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