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The official SEPTA app brings our entire transit network directly to you with convenient access to schedule information, real-time updates, trip planning, fare options, social media connections, and Customer Service. This new app is perfect for customers on the go with your best SEPTA travel options right at your fingertips. We’ve made some our most popular website features mobile including:

*Manage your SEPTA key card(s) directly in the app.
*Purchase weekly, Monthly Passes,Travel Wallet
*Next to Arrive: Point to point train schedules and real-time information for trips between any two stations on our Regional Rail system
* TransitView: Locate your bus, trolley, or trackless trolley and see approximately how close it is to your stop
* TrainView: Your personal status report for all Regional Rail trains on the system
* Schedules: Find a timetable for every bus, trolley, trackless trolley, high speed line, and regional rail line
* Fares: Find the right fare option to suit your travel needs
* SEPTA Connect: Link to us on Facebook, Twitter, contact Customer Service or share your feedback


Updated route KMLs for new schedule.


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  1. I have trouble with the Key portion. Sometimes after when I put in money (no matter the amount) and then make a trip and a transfer, I somehow end up with a negative amount of money (and it’s not because I used it for more than those two trips). This also happens on the website. This is a strange and frustrating predicament that needs to be fixed.

  2. While there have been improvements, something I’ve noticed if that a bus is cancelled it doesn’t always show up on the app AFTER the scheduled departure time, when one is my st likely to look for it. It will show if it’s late or early if it’s running, or untracked, but I’ve only seen “cancelled” before, not after, and have been left hanging as a result.

  3. Lauren dice:

    This app leaves so much to be desired. Sure, you can get the times that the next train will come. But you’re not likely to find the info quickly, if you’re in a rush. There are several pop ups that come up every time you go to the home screen. Super annoying. Also, there are so many glitches. I’m unable to see my trip history ever – if I click trip history, it asks me to log in, even though I already am. I log in. It takes me back to the home screen. It’s an endless loop.

  4. Pretty easy to use and seemingly accurate for riding buses I’m Philly. Often doesn’t give heads up on route detours. Sometimes the timing is off for bus arriving (bus may come 1-2 min earlieror later than what the app is giving in “real time”). App is very helpful overall to have for using the bus. I don’t use it for train or other Septa services.

  5. Pete Haas dice:

    Edit: Things have seemingly been restored…thanks SEPTA This used to track buses really well, but over the last few months a lot of buses on the routes I use show up with a status of “untracked” or don’t show any status at all…nor does the app list last location in the timetable anymore…so I never know when or if a bus will show up…which defeats the purpose of even having this app since Google maps tells me the schedules.

  6. App is fine, it does what it is supposed to but asks a lot of superfluous questions. For example, I have to opt out of the new schedules Everytime I want to view next arrival. There is no intelligence coded into that popup. Also, while adding a destination stop is helpful for timing transfers and updating family members it shouldn’t be a requirement. Especially since some stops can’t be quickly found without initiating a search. But all in all a good app and I’m thankful to Septa for putting in all the hard work.

  7. not a bad app, if you are just looking for schedules. Sometimes, the app does not show current data, such as the trains being canceled. Also, it would be nice to put in a location ok n and a destination and be able to get instructions on how to get there. or, be able to view a location on a map and see which bus routes would service that area.

  8. Being able to see my septa key balance is great, but I would like to be able to reload it or buy trailpasses. The scheduling feature for regional rail is for the most part great, but a little limited. It makes you choose a start and stop destination and only gives times for those two stations. An option to download or view the whole stop schedule would be nice, like on the septa website. Overall it works very good! The trainview has a lot of great potential

  9. The app is good with real time updates but the session expires, the real time updates dissapper and you don’t see anything on the screen if you are monitoring a transit with the app open in real time. If stops updating after 1 or 2 refreshes. But if the app runs in the background and you are checking a route, then it keeps running smoothly. And everytime you open the app it will show the exact location of the transit.

  10. This app is awesome! It’s almost always accurate and gives you service alerts. Usually the app updates before the monitors at the station do. You can save your favorite stops on different transportation lines which is great. You can also log into your key card account and it displays your balance and number of rides left at the top of the screen. Much improved from the old version! Thank you SEPTA!

  11. In order to view the next bus to arrive you have to enter in a destination instead of just letting you view the next busses coming for a selected stop. If you switch to another app to go see what you destination is, it closes out of what you were in the middle of. It’s constantly asking me if I want to download the schedules to my phone. When I saw constantly, I mean it asks me at every single page I open in the app.

  12. Vast improvement over Septa’s old app. You can set favorites like the old one, but this one gives you real-time, and tracking. I’ve used this app, been on a bus, looked at next available for my second bus, and in real-time, I was able to decide which stop to get off to catch the second bus. It also keeps current on how late your transportation is. I’ve used this app for Regional Rail, also.

  13. The transit view system is never accurate, and since the app rework it has required you to only view busses on a route going the same direction. Because I typically take the route from one end to the other, I would like to see ALL busses on the route regardless of direction. Furthermore, the next to arrive function requires too many fields to be entered; I wish it just showed you the route and your location

  14. Nice that it exists, but it’s missing simple features. Needs the ability to save “favorite” stations. Or at least remember your last selection. Needs the ability to swap stations so you can quickly see your return schedule. Strangely when you do pick stations, it brings you to a map first, then you have to awkwardly swipe up to see the schedule. Check out NYC MTA’s app for examples of these suggestions.

  15. The app itself is usually works. The issue is the data is worthless and unreliable because most of the time the buses are not using their GPS. So despite several buses are in the route, maybe half show up. The times are also worthless. A bus shows 20 minutes late, then refresh a minute later and its on time!! Also the app cannot show next to arrive if after midnight. So 3 strikes and you are out. Septa overall needs vast improvement.

  16. Transit or City Mapper are better. Know where you are but not how to get where you’re going? Don’t use this app. It’s 11 pm and you can see a bus headed the other way, and want to know how long until yours arrives? Good luck getting this app to accurately show you current bus locations. This app is great if you want to see the route you take every day to work via favorites. Also cool thatyou can see your Septa Key status in the app now. Otherwise not super helpful.

  17. The app is terrible. Reports buses that have already left as late, so enjoy your mystery time standing in the cold. Completely missing random bus stops and times that I regularly take, like they don’t even exist. Seems like more a data problem than a developer problem, but nonetheless, you’re better off with a paper schedule and patience. Or the Septa Instant app, which of course doesn’t come from Septa.

  18. Half the times are wrong, all the times are inaccurate. Trains aren’t cancelled ahead of time but two hours late and not on the app. Trains are never where the app claims they are. All this is good for is reminding yourself what the schedule is. Occasionally the delays posted are correct, but the timing of the delays never is. Good luck using this app, but there really isn’t another option.

  19. As a person trying to plan an event this is not my favorite app so far. First the app clears the fields if your switching between apps and a second would be there does not seem to be any future site for planning later time travel. I found the 2 points I want to travel between and favorited them but they don’t seem to travel regularly or not connected even though the map seems to show a metro connecting them. I think as a first timer I would have also liked the option to set up a card in app.

  20. Wanted to try the app myself after hearing mixed reviews. Sadly the app as is doesn’t allow for favorite-ing whole routes, only specific stops and trips, which is useful if you *only* travel to very specific, limited locations. This is pretty much all you can do on this app, aside from having a hit or miss time reloading the KeyCard. A better bet would be Moovit or Maps app when you need trip info, which usually has all the same alerts, fare and real time arrival info, etc., and do kiosk reload.

  21. Works well, but constant reminders are annoying. Everytime I open app it tells me to download new schedules, even though I downloaded them a couple months ago. It repeats all notifications everytime I look for a different route or station. I shouldn’t have to read a notice more than one time after opening app.

  22. The app is very informative and keeps me up to date about times and any sort of delays. Download this app if you use any sort of SEPTA services ! My only complaint is that there are too many pop up announcements when I open the app or go to different pages. This needs to be fixed for a more seamless experience.

  23. Kashima dice:

    Nice but…..the app has error like plan trip doesn’t work. When you click on it it’s just a blank screen. The pop up for down loading the schedules is a bit annoying. Is there a way to turn this feature off? It should be an option on the left to indicate if I want to download a schedule not every time I open the app.

  24. It’s an alright app but can be a bit slow and inaccurate, but that’s not really due to the app but due to the train infrastructure in place. However, the reason I knocked off two stars is because it asks me to download the latest schedules every single time I open the app even if I have downloaded it before multiple times.

  25. I think Septa gives the schedules to the best of their ability; but, the buses are almost consistently off-schedule, for reasons unknown (mechanical issues, detours, accidents). In that way, it can be frustrating and makes me think about driving in, instead of the long wait or no bus, at all.

  26. Of all government apps this is the absolute worst I’ve ever encountered. I wanted to plan a trip to the 69th Street Terminal and that Hub is not even listed on their site which is one of the most important destinations in the SEPTA system. whoever designed this knew that they would never ever in their life ever have to use it. Absolute and complete garbage do not waste space on your phone with this app

  27. So far I haven’t had an issue with the app at all. Pretty clear and easy to use, when I d/l the app I familiarized myself with it as much I could. Since then it just became more convenient. The fact they update the schedules pretty consistently also helps with any confusion. Busses trains trolleys subway and rail all in 1 quick n easy app that you can load your travel wallet funds too!?; can’t beat that!

  28. It actually does everything it’s supposed to do exceptionally well plus you can check your SeptaKey balance/reload all within the app as well as save your most used and favorite routes for quick access and you have all schedules at your finger-tips. Oh and the app loads quickly too even on a slower phone like mines. Well done Septa.

  29. It’s a good app but they need a feature where you can see if the buses are on time or not on the GPS underground or if you’re on the internet or not. And it sometimes skips schedules where a bus is supposed to be due but it won’t say that it’s due for another 20 minutes or so. So if they can fix that it would be great.

  30. Lately, your app has been saying certain routes don’t run in the weekends when they actually do. Last night, I had to go to work and the bus I’ve been taking for the past few years all of a sudden are not running when the app says it does. I’ve been left stranded at 2am trying to get home and having to walk 13 miles to get home. I don’t have the funds to get an Uber so I’m left at your mercy.

  31. Pretty good app for getting around. It isn’t always reliable when you need exact information on where a bus is. One minute it will tell you your bus is 20 minutes late and a few minutes later tell you it’s on time. Also you need to know your start and destination before it will give you schedule information. I wish there was an option to just get the arrival times for a bus without having to know the destination. That would speed up the process. Also there should be a map function for busses.

  32. The app sucks I know for a fact that it gives wrong info. For instance I have a bus stop at the end of my block and the app will tell me to catch a bus a whole block away. I tried to use the trip planner there’s 3 options but the app won’t allow me to swipe for the other 2 options.

  33. 6-13-2021 Update! I logged into my SeptaKey account recently for the purpose of checking my keycard balance, however, there is nothing there to tell me what that is!! I know that checking my balance by phone always works. Unfortunately, that defeats the purpose of having an online account or an account connected through the app. Please fix this.

  34. yomar295 dice:

    Your real time app does not give accurate information regarding whether a bus is running saying it is untracked. When i call customer service they say they have the same information as we see that the bus is untracked. Bottom line is it may or may not be running which is not much help especially with doctor appointments and work. It would be nce if app is accurate and if your customer service can give us accurate information and have open hours when buses run, ie prior to 8 am.

  35. A Marshal dice:

    App is slowly improving but still could be better. Some of the terminology used is not intuitive. Miss the opportunity to see the entire regional rail system map with train locations – looking at regional rail line by line is a pain if several lines will get me close to my destination.

  36. Jeff C dice:

    I used this for trains. If you go to that area and try to plan a trip, it takes you to Google Trips, which is NOT about trains. Also, the app is not intuitive or easy to use to find the next trains. It also repeatedly asks if I want to download a schedule. Whether I say yes or no it keeps coming up. And why would you need a schedule if you have a data connection?

  37. K. dice:

    Terrible. Seems like the update from 4/21 warped the entire app. GPS map faulty now..buses appear & disappear. Unable to access ” new ” schedule..have to manually put in location of start & stop destination s, but seems like app unable to process. Have uninstalled & reinstalled 3 times yesterday..tried not updating schedule..nothing seems to work.And yes I can use GPS with other apps ( the one for LYFT works fine on my phone). Reading the comments indicate a general consensus something is wrong

  38. You must give them full access to pics, files, etc. on you rphone or it won’t download scedules or let you go on further. It just cycles you back to agreeing and giving permission. Reverse trip is not working. Have to put in a separate trip. Not working very well right now. Freezes a lot. Otherwise it is very helpful.

  39. Q Simmons dice:

    The app provides an easy way to load my keyboard and check bus schedules. After, doing an update 3/1/22, I noticed once viewing a couple of the bus schedules that the format was disorganized.

  40. Bus tracking system is convenient when it cooperates, extremely inconvenient when it doesnt. Multiple times has a bus said it would be a few minutes late until it changes to ‘untracked’ abd doesnt come at all. Multiple times. And this morning the bus said ‘cancelled’ up until halfway through the route so I, and Im sure every other person on that bus, had to find a different way into work. Please fix the tracking system!!!!!!!

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