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Get where you’re going with Lyft.

Whether you’re catching a flight, going out for the night, commuting to the office, or running errands in a rush, the Lyft app offers you multiple ways to get there.

Enter your destination. See your route and ride cost up front. Choose Priority Pickup to get going quick. Boom. Done. Simple

Choose from solo rides, Shared rides, Wait & Save, Priority Pickup, Bikes & Scooters, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Transit, or even Rentals.

Our Wait & Save and Shared options help you get around for less. And you can find the fastest public transit routes, too.

* Lyft ride types may vary by region. Check the app to see what is available in your city.

Prices vary based on market condition.

By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device’s language settings


Thanks for choosing Lyft! To make your rides even better, we update the app regularly. It’s like housekeeping: squashing bugs, cleaning up code, and other small-but-mighty improvements.


44 comentarios en "Lyft MODDED"

  1. This app connected us to three drivers and had us waiting for over an hour. I’ve been a customer for a long time, but it seems like they have a lot of work to do from a user experience perspective. I’ll explore other options going forward. Edit- still an unreliable app! Drivers have sat around without moving on me at least 10 times. I will use any other forms of transportation before going to lyft.

  2. All of the drivers are good: Some of them get out of their vehicles to help riders with bags or groceries. The app is easy to use. One small problem: When I am managing my destinations’ shortcut list, depending on the location, I cannot add or update because the “done” button disappears when I attempt to save the location. Also, I am not able to enter and save both the location and address. I can save only one or the other (but not both). Sometimes the information is brand new.

  3. I’m a little disappointed. I understand the cancelation fee but I don’t think you should be charged when the driver isn’t making any progress to pick you up. The car will just sit there. Even after I closed app and reopened it, the car didn’t move. I knows the cancelation fee isn’t much but still. I work hard for ever penny I make. I tried to see about a refund but the app doesn’t offer the reason for why you should get one. It gives other options that don’t suit the issue.

  4. It’s an unreliable source of transportation. Any business that doesn’t have any customer support whatsoever is going to be every bit as suspect as it sounds. I use the app often and the drivers are mostly great, but the app isn’t to be relied upon if you absolutely have to be somewhere on time and within a reasonable price. Also, the “wait and save” option is absolutely a “bait and switch” ploy.

  5. Lyft is great, most drivers are great, the timing to get a ride is also great, the app is easy to use, basically everything is top notch. The reason for 3 ⭐, is because there are a few features, that I believe should be fixed, or added. The first problem, No matter what, the customer should be capable and always able to change destination, add stops (As many as one wants), be able to disclose the approximate waiting time at each stop. (CONTINUED ON NEXT COMMENT)

  6. I’ve been using this app for a very long time but, lately I’ve been picking rides with shorter wait times and are also more costly. Then end up waiting way longer than what the app said, it is usually cheaper and faster to pick the standard time and price. In short don’t charge me for a specialized service just to turn around and give me standard.

  7. big face dice:

    This app has become one of the worst apps to use. Their rides are super expensive even for short distances to where I have turned to Uber, who has more practical prices. I have ordered rides and got my driver switched 3 times, making me late on many occasions. I have had 3 holds put on my card for one ride, and the customer service is horrid to try to get in contact with. I have been a customer for years. However, I am going to stop using this app and I would not recommend it for dependability.

  8. Mike West dice:

    No way to receive help! And if the address is near an airport forget it! The app always automatically changes the address to some other location that’s far away from where you actually are or want to go! So then I’m forced to walk to the actual place I want to go! The only reason why I am using this horrible app is because my company is paying for my rides between my hotel and work. Otherwise I can’t wait to delete this worthless app!

  9. I’ve been using the app for a while without any issues, but recently, I was not able to request a ride because my credit card information is not valid. But all of my credit cards are working fine because I use it for Uber and other purchases. I contacted Lyft and they kept saying to enter the correct information, etc. They are just repeating themselves without being helpful at all. This is just ridiculous. It’s clearly a glitch or the app problem but no one is capable of resolving the issue.

  10. Bug dice:

    I keep getting drivers that are 10+ minutes away and when they’re a block away from me they cancel the ride. This happens almost every time and it’s made me late to work and appointments when it happens with multiple drivers per request. The service is unusable for me at this point. There needs to be some kind of change to the driver system so it doesnt automatically add rides to their route because it isnt fair to the users!

  11. The app stopped working. I reset my phone and all my settings in the app and on my phone and nothing. I can put in where I want to go but when I get to the next screen it’s blank with the exception of the select button. No now option, no later option; nothing. I keep trying to get ahold of some kind of customer service to troubleshoot but even that is unsuccessful.

  12. Eric P. dice:

    App Failed Me When I Needed a Ride… When trying to get a ride to the airport, this app couldn’t pull up ANY destinations, let alone the airport. I tried everything, wiping cache, deleting data, reinstall, but nothing worked so I went with Uber. Now that I’m home, the app works fine. I didn’t change anything except upgrade to Android 13 last night.

  13. JP Murphy dice:

    This app failed me terribly on my way home last night. I tried to book a ride but it never assigned me a driver and was just stuck with some connection error. Turns out that there was a driver waiting for me, the app just never told me that my pickup was confirmed. Now I’m facing a cancelation/no show fee for missing a ride I didn’t even know I had been assigned to. This ride was supposed to be paid with a company voucher, but the fee was, of course, charged to my personal credit card. Just bad!

  14. So I’ve been using this app for some time now, 6months or so. Lately I’ve been running into multiple issues that seem to be reoccurring. The first being the random double pending charge. For example I ordered a ride at 845pm account gets charged and everything is fine. Then at 2am I literally just open the app and my card gets charged te same price for the same ride! So now I have two pending charges for the same ride! Of course no one to reach out to for help! I do not recommend this app!!!!!

  15. Terrible customer service. It’s cheaper than uber most of the time, but you get what you pay for I guess. Nothing is ever done for rude drivers. Pay the extra few dollars for Uber. They are slightly better. Plus in app notifications stopped working, gps never works correctly, and the app on the driver’s end always has me picked up in wrong spot so I have to navigate for the drivers.

  16. The app works okay but there are times I have had issues. Three times I booked a ride and it did not communicate to me that the driver was on the way or even arrived (no text or app notification). I got hit with a no show fee because of that. I also had trouble recently with the schedule ahead feature and it did not tell at all the driver was on the way. Lastly, it is also not easy to get in touch with rep if there is an issue. These issues need to be addressed since I am not the only one.

  17. The app is terrible. I booked a ride hours in advance. Two minutes before my ride was due to arrive, it was cancelled. The app required that I enter another payment method. Because of this, my fare more than doubled! I tried to enter another card but kept getting the same error. I finally got it to take my card. The next fare I booked, it did the same thing. I had 3 payment methods in my profile. Your drivers should file a complaint because the poor functionality is costing the them rides.

  18. I wouldn’t use this app if you’re looking for competent drivers to know how to people up. Spent almost an hour just trying to get a driver to come to my location, in broad daylight, couldn’t miss it. It doesn’t matter how detailed you try writing where you are, they don’t know how to put two and two together. Don’t bother using this app and just use Uber. At least there they have common sense and can navigate through the city with ease.

  19. When I entered my pickup location, the app changed the address to somewhere else in the housing complex. I edited the address at least twice. It looked like it took it. then, when the driver was on his way, the app took him to someplace 4 miles away. I had to call him and give directions so he could find me. Ridiculous way for an app to work. Driver was nice though.

  20. App is buggy and algorithm seems bad – it showed “searching for driver” for 10 minutes even though I could see there were drivers nearby. I tried refreshing and my ride request disappeared so I figured it just didn’t go through. I was then charged for a cancelled ride. My phone had a stable internet connection and I was able to get an Uber ride instead in 2 minutes. I also watched another driver miss several exits on their way to me which added 15 minutes to the initial 5 minutes wait time.

  21. This app is getting worse. The waiting time is too short for the place like airport. I almost got charged for no show fee when the driver wasn’t waiting at the correct place. The driver didn’t even bother to contact and just ready to leave. In a place like airport, how am I supposed to find a specific car I don’t know at the place not as directed under 1 min? Redicilous.

  22. I scheduled an early morning airport pickup two days early, only to have it cancelled at the last minute. I was unable to get a new ride because the app required a second credit card, which I didn’t have on me. Lyft should have made this requirement known during the original booking when I had more time to deal with it. Lesson learned: Lyft can’t be relied upon. I ended up using Uber.

  23. Putting this here since there is nowhere in the app to leave feedback about the app itself. Be very careful when using the app suggestions for locations when you are unfamiliar with the area. Trying to go to DFW and the first result for ‘DFW’ was some outbuilding far away from the terminal. Ended up paying twice as much since I had to edit the ride and backtrack.

  24. Generally great service, but the app consistently misrepresents how close drivers are and how long it will take to get to a destination. Most recently, the app showed a countdown timer to find a driver, then when it ran out said “Just a few more seconds” for a period of minutes, then said 2 more minutes, then after 3 minutes I cancelled. I understand if it’s difficult to provide an estimate, but failing 3 times in a row to deliver on a claim just makes me want to use Uber.

  25. Danny P dice:

    I use this service a lot and have for many years for business travel and lately the drivers have been extremely hard to find in a timely fashion and when I try uber I find one in half the time. I have had several times also where the driver just seems to be two minutes away forever and it never changes and I have to cancel it and call an uber. I prefer lyft but this is not worth the headache.

  26. Christy A dice:

    Happy for the most part but have noticed that when I pay a couple of dollars extra for the quickest pickup it may end up being longer than the wait and save. Also I have selected wait and save and been charged the quick pick up rate. These little bait and switches although they are only a couple of dollars or a few minutes (which sometimes DOES make a difference) are annoying.

  27. This app is not great, but unfortunately, I prefer using this service over other rideshares like Uber. However, I regularly find myself having to wait 15+ minutes to secure a ride, while the app struggles to “locate” me or the “servers are busy.” I have to walk in circles or far distances back and forth before the app figures out where I am. It is very inconvenient and a waste of time. I like that prices are more affordable, and the drivers are very good.

  28. P M dice:

    Most drivers are awesome, the app itself is awful. App was great a year ago. It can say a driver is 2 minutes away and it updates a few seconds later that they’re 10 minutes away. Prices aren’t accurate, final bills are more than displayed because of hidden fees. There’s no way to dispute a charge except for in the app. If you can’t dispute the charge in the app there is no way to dispute it. Multiple bugs and no way to resolve issues made me switch apps.

  29. Since the update, I’ve have nothing but bad experiences using Lyft. Like all the other reviews have noted, the price you are shown at the beginning is not the price you end up paying, it’s always more. Secondly, the navigation system they use is absolutely terrible. I selected my current location as a pick up point, and it placed my icon somewhere several miles away. There was no to calibrate it. Drivers will also start the ride when they are blocks away from the pick up location. Horrible app.

  30. The only reason why I’m giving the app two stars at all is because it does what it says it does. Sends someone to pick you up and drop you off. However the app is unreliable. It always glitches and gives the wrong location. Also the driver doesn’t even need to be in the car driving to make the app work. So a driver could be on their bed relaxing when boom they get a call. Sure the app says 4 minute wait time, but the driver getting ready takes longer. Just to many problems and no solutions.

  31. The app worked well for my early rides. However, it caused me to overpay for two recent rides. In both cases I chose a ride that was showing one price, but when I accepted it, I was charged more. The first overcharged me by around $6, but the second by about $40. The app claims to have help to allow you to resolve issues, but if they don’t fit in a preselected set of bins, the best you can get is, “please provide feedback to help us with future rides” – only preselected feedback allowed.

  32. Kevin M dice:

    The app does not update the pricing after first getting a quote for a trip so 2 minutes later when I ordered the ride they increased the price by almost 3X ($23.99 to $60) without ever telling me about the change in price. It wasn’t until after the ride that I noticed this absurd price jump. The app makes it extremely difficult to get support and speak with someone. When I was finally able to do so I was told to hold while they looked into the case 4 separate times and was ignored every time.

  33. The app works well and the drivers so far have been great. But the feature which allows you to get a car faster if you pay a little extra is bad and unfair and should be removed from the app. I used this feature last night and immediately regretted it. I essentially paid $6 extra dollars to jump the cue and save 7 minutes at the expense of anyone else who was also waiting for a ride. I think this is a bad mindset to encourage. I think we can do better for each other.

  34. Used to love the app, I have never once had a problem with a driver. For the last month I’ve had problems with the app and the app only. I can’t even know when my ride is here, it goes back and forth, I’ve even heard drivers complain about the glitches. Plus can’t send a complaint to the actual company, all the options are just shifting blame, might switch to a better app.

  35. App is all good except for when you order a ride you can pay a little extra to be picked up sooner is a scam. 10 times out of 10, it is either not the time quoted( not even close) or the car is not where it says it is. Why pay extra to get the same? Also as a driver…..the app is horrible. Navigation will send you up wrong ways and one ways. I have had to actually, have the rider use their GoogleMaps to get us to their completely normal destination.

  36. UPDATE: The limited availability option has become much more frequent and eventually I never get a ride. Probably have to wait 15-20 mins. Lyft was great in the beginning. I used them all the time. Then, I started seeing these “limited availability” options pop up. It takes forever to get a car and I eventually cancel the ride request because I just can’t find a ride.

  37. Chris dice:

    I’ve been using Lyft for over 6 years and this is so out of standard for what my experience has been except for one time. Landed and was out of the airport in 10 minutes, it’s now been over an hour and I’ve visually confirmed 5+ cancellations by drivers after waiting 10 minutes for each one. Why am I watching a driver complete another ride only to cancel mine once they see it? Shouldn’t I be connected with a driver that doesn’t have one so they can at least cancel faster?

  38. Worst app, took us to a wrong destination that wasnt even available on Google maps when we tried to look for it and later charged us extra for the entire ride. It’s such a huge safety concern to be led to an unknown destination and then they refuse to own up that their app is inaccurate. HUGE SAFETY CONCERN. Stay aware and cross-check the destination before u board to any new location.

  39. Driver’s can mark themselves as having arrived when they’re actually a significant distance away on the wrong street, such as around the corner. I don’t mind walking, but they don’t bother actually telling you where they’re parked — I think they want the no-show fee. The Lyft app *knows* you are standing right at the pickup pin. The app also doesn’t let you see the driver’s actual location once they’re stopped, so you can’t find them if they don’t respond to your texts.

  40. G Smith dice:

    The app is not intuitive. After I scheduled my ride I couldn’t see it easily nor could I change it. I had to delete and recreate. When my plane landed 35 minutes early, I had no way to contact the driver and let him know so I had to stand around even though other drivers were anaerobic within minutes. Uber app includes flight info so your driver is as current as you are. Fortunately, my driver was great.

  41. Recent updates to Android and the app have made the app very unstable. Bugs are everywhere; some of which have resulted in charges I’ve had to dispute. There is no reliable way to get support in app when the app itself is the problem. The help section is useless. The new maps are quite unreliable and lead the drivers to the wrong address consistently. This will get better with time as they are actively mapping, but it is horrendous now. Overall, it’s just not in a good place.

  42. Switching to Uber … So many rides are being cancelled that it’s just not reliable anymore. I don’t know what’s happened – used to be great! – but I can no longer depend on it. You book a ride, driver cancels several minutes later, then it’s a booked/cancelled cycle until you pay 400% for a taxi with an Uber sticker on the back of their vehicle. Sorry guys, waiting until you lose customers to make changes isn’t a good way to manage a business.

  43. D V dice:

    You are losing money, Android phones like the LG k30 do not accept a destination the keyboard disappears. You’re at may have been hacked I have uninstalled and reinstalled still with the same problem. I prefer to use lift but if I cannot put in a destination I cannot use it. I thought you should know. This app was so simple to use I cannot just pin some destination on a map that’s the only option I have at this point. Sorry I will have to switch at this point to another app

  44. Horrible costumer care. Lyft prioritizes company policy above the customer needs. More than once, I used (and paid) the priority ride option and then rides supposed to arrive in “less than one minute” arrived 10 minutes late. When I contacted the costumer care service, they blamed the drivers and not even consider my issue, and refused to give me a refund. Also, it’s almost impossible to talk with a human being. You have to do everything trough the App, which is very frustrating.

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