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Hire Me Now™
Hire Me Now™ gives you the power to advance and control your career. Set the terms of employment for the job you want before taking calls with recruiters.

Get updated truck parking availability at thousands of truck stops, as well as information on amenities provided, such as, Wi-Fi, diesel lanes and more.

Intelligent Route Based Weather
Plan for future weather conditions on the route ahead by adding your destination before you even hit the road.

Leave notes for other drivers and reminders for yourself about pick-up and drop-off locations, tricky roads to watch out for, restroom access, loading information and more.

Achievements reflect career excellence. Earn them on the job by reaching daily milestones, fulfilling goals, successfully navigating complex situations and more.

Direct-message other drivers or join a chatroom for updates, dangers in the lot, or to coordinate social in-person meet-ups.


This version fixes an issue where in app purchases were being refunded and improves the performance of the social feed scenes, preventing UI lock ups.

As always stay safe on the road!


40 comentarios en "Truck Driver Power – Truck GPS FULL"

  1. Rob P dice:

    Helps me out when my Garmin is being retarded. Valuable. Edit: ETA is always off by a large margin. It doesn’t seem to take the limited speed into account even though it’s set in the profile. There are audio bugs. The entire UI is somewhat poorly set up. Very messy.

  2. I’d shrink the bottom a little and show TWO turn arrows ahead, at the top, instead of one, so you know which way to turn after an off ramp. I LIKE that this continues to help even if you pass your destination so you don’t have to stop and type it in again. You have to say “Go to next destination” when you do really arrive but that’s a good thing. I like the zoom feature that STAYS zoomed unlike that #GOOGLE_WAZE POS. I wish my company put this on the ELD instead of that #VERIZON_CONNECT POC.

  3. True Blue dice:

    This app has great potential. The biggest flaw I see which makes it unusable is the standard layout. When traveling the location marker is directly in the middle and doesnt have a different view to see the road ahead. If the location marker was on the button you could see what’s coming. This creates a bigger problem when combined with the location lag. If this gets fixed, you could charge me a monthly fee and I would be glad to pay it.

  4. App crashes from time to time. Works great when it’s actually working. It’s sad that I have to uninstall and then install the app again everytime it crashes. I tried it again after I was called and emailed, but now it won’t work at all. Having trouble with my location. Not tracking my miles. Nothing! Completely uninstalled until it gets figured out and fixed

  5. I have used a lot of trucker apps. Some are great some not so much. Truck Driver Power has taken all the elements that I like from a few apps and put them into one. The navigation works great and keeps you on teuck routes, it has a weather radar over lay which in my book is great for safety and there is a social network with other drivers. There are achievements you can earn along the way. Helps to pass the time.

  6. This app is exceptional. It shows you everything. Great for planning trips. Would love to see the added feature of suggesting the lowest prices for fuel along the route suggested along with the current fuel tax for each state. I am a lease-purchase operator, so that feature would be very beneficial to me and other lease/owner operators as well. I have to use a different app for fuel purchases, and it will help to not have to go to a separate app. Awesome work, guys!

  7. Mr. J. dice:

    A bit too much going on with the recording and social media for my taste, seems like an unnecessary use of resources. Only will work on my phone and print is too small. Unstable on my tablet. It would be nice to SET all options as a default instead of having to select vehicle type for every run. Other than that, the routing does work well.

  8. Pleasantly surprised by the options. It see can be set to show specific truck stops like loves or any you want. Provides traffic and weather updates(if you enable it) and see’s scale houses. It is configurable for height and weight and can avoid toll roads if you want. It does what my Rand McNally does but better because my phone is faster. Genuinely impressed.

  9. it was a little hard at the begining to figure out whats on but once you get to know it, one of the best apps i used for truck nav. only thing i hate about it is its social media sharing screen that pops up everytime you turn off navigation. wish there was an option to turn those off, but other than that 5 stars for the app.

  10. R. Harvey dice:

    Decent backup truck GPS app. There needs to be more improvement. I was directed to a low bridge in Newark. Luckily I payed attention. I was also directed to a T.A. that did not exist and routing was off by 4 miles for one customer. I used google maps to complete the delivery. Overall it is decent and I like the app but it needs more work.

  11. When you select the route and start Traveling the GPS works good but 1…it doesn’t show warnings like weight restrictions, low bridges etc. 2.. When you stop at a traffic light for a little while the GPS Icon starts to spin around like crazy thats annoying cause sometimes you want to see where you are turning next. 3. It doesn’t show Traffic, it shows traffic on small roads .. It supposed to show only on highways and interstate for example

  12. These guys have done a tremendous job building this app for Truck drivers. Routing is pretty good but you should always double check. There are groups you can join and have the ability to see other drivers in your area. There are weekly competitions for milage and once a month they spot light a driver. It’s based on Tom Tom technology with Truck friendly routes put into the app. It shows low bridge, rail crossings, truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas with the opportunity for you to update

  13. So yea .. I was reading another review n dude was saying how if there wasn’t the lag you could charge a monthly fee… ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I was using your app because you offer the different routes n also the weigh stations n what else…. Umm I like your app anyway! But I’m back to Google

  14. haven’t found a option to avoid tunnels but it helped with all my other needs so it’s a very useful tool.

  15. Mav Ben dice:

    Now that the app has been updated, I am back in business, I would not use any other GPS, the settings, easy to deal & understand, I’m sorry but I got used to this app I won’t use anything else

  16. Thank you for fixing the annoying “get started”. Raised only 1* because now your app crashed 4+ times each day 2 days in a row. OLD: Drop 2* because of annoying “get started” keeps popping up when just trying view stops ahead. OLD: “chain laws” in effect would be awesome.

  17. The app still has more than a few snags, routes you away from a Truck Route road that you previously ran in the opposite direction less than 24 hours earlier. Routes you off an Interstate route to a surface road, adding nearly 45 minutes to the trip and eventually returning you to the same Interstate you were previously on 35 miles later.

  18. Glitches like crazy & takes a while to recalculate a new route, but it’s not too terribly bad. It would be great if you could put in the coordinates for your destination; maybe in a future update.

  19. It has the best low clearance map and weather by time on your route. But the parking status is useless without time. Mostly a few days ago or older. Do not trust parking status on this app.

  20. Hero dice:

    It keeps reducing the volume of Spotify when it talks and won’t fix it unless the app is on screen. Also this is my 3rd review because it keeps being deleted.

  21. Joshua C dice:

    This app saved me the stress of driving,Where there’s low clearance my truck 13ft high. The only thing they need to make the app more intuitive and user friendly and then it will be definitely a 5 stars

  22. Keeps stopping in middle of route have turn off an back on very in convenience it stops working right in the middle of a big city Right Where I Need to turn or get ready to turn it always stop so me and I have to close the app and reopen it while I am driving

  23. Great app, the only thing that can make it better is if it told you which side of the street the destination was on.

  24. Brandon dice:

    It’s good, it’s only not taken me to one location once, I like the app overall.

  25. Even being a work in progress, this os a solution and extremely useful navigation app. Designed for trucks but can be used for cars respectively.

  26. map navigation needs update ,turn by turn

  27. Love this app my partner has a Garmin and every time I turn around we’re on a secondary road this app takes us from point A to point b as close to a straight line as possible. Umm I’m not sure what suggest a five stars 🤩 but there’s 2 side stars lol

  28. i love the app but needs option to change font size can’t see the small lettering while driving the milage ,ect need larger font size

  29. jon dice:

    need to record 250 Miles b4 use i have a cdl, but I’m also vacation. useless app

  30. It’s okay sometimes it takes you on routes not meant for a semi….. can’t really use bug report while driving, and can’t pull over to report something

  31. This app does not contain truck stops when you push on the plus sign. Plus it does not have the current speed limit of the road you were on. There are other issues as well that I have found but I have deleted the program. One other thing that annoys me is when it constantly States 264.7 mi to go… 264 mi is hard to determine in one’s head but the .7 is ridiculous! I don’t care about point anything. You must be located in the UK… Yes??

  32. EDIT: These guys must be working around the clock because issues have been resolved. I really love this app. 😊 Old review: “Will be 5 stars when you figure out why I have to uninstall and reinstall this app over and over. Just this week, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall 4 times and that is since Saturday.” A lot has changed with the app. 😊

  33. It routes me down “no truck” roads. It’s response time is extremely slow (after I make the turn, it’s still telling me to make the turn and approximately a 1/2 mile later it’ll update to the next direction). So far there have been 2 street addresses that it couldn’t find. I would not recommend.

  34. I love the app, but this is the 3rd time its shut off in the middle of a run and when it restarted it erased my entire run. Edited on 4/22/21, after the bugs were worked out, I still love the app, possibly even more now than before, it is my go to GPS app, thank you for contacting me Thunder, it very appreciated when the ceo reaches out. And I’ll probably be the first driver to get 500 miles in alaska lol. Thank you for contacting me and receiving my input.

  35. Mike dice:

    Correction to my previous review. The app is way better than I tought. When you download be patient to go through all the buttons and options. You’ll find many usuful futures wchich are there. The most useful are low bridges, weight stations, current traffic and rest areas. Consider to take a deep look in to this app before buying expensive Garmin GPS

  36. Super strong & TOTALLY free app. Great support and quick responsiveness. I love seeing my lanes and posting them on Facebook. The achievements are pretty cool too, as is the leaderboard. Really cool concept here. I cant believe I’m just getting in on this.

  37. The first time I used this app it wanted me to go north 6 Miles then come past where I was to go to my destination ? This is I- 83 in PA. I was going from ext 34 to ext 24 both exits truck friendly waisting a lot of time. Checked it against Garmin and Google maps. You definitely have a issue and the other choices for that route, not truck friendly

  38. JD Corr dice:

    I love this app. I use it for tracking and keeping record of all my runs. I also use it as a backup GPS. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for the same. I also enjoy the ability to connect with other truck drivers for feedback, hard to find info and other such things.

  39. It would be nice to be able to hide the trip information and expand the map to full screen when driving. The itinerary at the bottom blocks the view of most of the map and features. Otherwise I like it so far

  40. Great app shows ALL fuel stops current weather conditions scales rest areas and has a better hazzard notifier than google, freezes now and then and you have to end run to get it to track correctly. All in all I love this app

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