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Instant diesel discounts - save big with each fill up!
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Save hundreds, even thousands, on diesel every month with the Mudflap app!
Get the #1 Fuel App for Trucking & Commercial Vehicles.

-Average 40¢/gal instant discounts on diesel
-Generous rewards program with bonus fuel every month
-No minimum monthly gallons
-No waiting for rebates
-Rapidly growing, nationwide network

Mudflap helps you find the best truck stops and the best discounts in your area or anywhere on your route.

Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to get started:
-Download our secure app
-Connect your payment method (all major credit, debit, or fuel cards accepted)
-Pick a truck stop from our network
-Get your unique fuel savings code to lock in your awesome discounts!
-No fees or credit checks
-Just download the app, head to your nearest truck stop, and start pumping!

The Mudflap app is accepted nationwide at hundreds of independent truck stops and regional chains including:
-Sapp Bros
-Road Ranger
-Mach 1
-Onvo (Liberty)
-Truck World
-And we’re adding more stops every day.

Get the savings you deserve starting now.

Have questions? Need help? We’re here! The Mudflap customer support team is available around the clock to help you with any questions. Call us at 888-885-3835 or email us at [email protected] anytime.


40 comentarios en "Mudflap MODDED 2022"

  1. The app delivers as promised. I would give it five stars, however, all of the font and icons are too small and difficult to read without holding the phone right up to your face. There’s no way to adjust the size of font and icons in the app. This makes it very difficult to use at the most crucial time when trying to find a fuel stop.

  2. REVISED REVIEW: Had some initial issues with the sign up and called customer service for help. Didn’t really get any….BUT….Did hear back from them again, as a follow up, and they actually did “make it right”. So to sum it up; good service over all, just minor hiccup in the beginning.

  3. Brian C dice:

    Awesome app; huge savings on diesel fuel!! Had a minor mixup when the lady at the pump on the other side of my pump also happened to be using Mudflap and the cashier made a small mistake and mixed up our purchases. I never got the confirmation text/email so I messaged the support team and they quickly straightened it out and refunded my entire fuel purchase!!

  4. Very easy. Obtained code,picked pay inside, pumped fuel, went inside and told the cashier my pump numer and mudflap. The cashier grabbed his tablet and took down the code, gave me the receipt for full price. Before I could get outside I received a text showing my card was billed for the discounted price. I can walk inside for that kind of savings. Loved it.

  5. I downloaded this on a recommendation and found the discounts aren’t nearly as good as the TSD Open Roads program I’m already a member of. They also don’t seem to have as many locations and I can’t pay at the pump like I can with Open Roads. So it’s not for me.

  6. I would like to give less than one star but no option, That’s why I gave 1 star. The worst support in the app, they do not help well, they ask me already canceled and refunded payments, but I couldn’t find them in the transaction and they stopped me from the access to get the fuel code.Just took my information nothing service.

  7. Great app. Would help if you could search by city or a smaller area. Very hard to drive and look for a station.

  8. Haven’t it used it yet, but it looks promising. I’m just a bit confused about how to use it. So, do I find a location that they have on the app, hit the get fuel code, and put the code at the pump, for example, at a maverik? Does it just charge my card, like if I were to pre-pay at the cashier?

  9. Easy to use saves me so much money . When fuel prices are what makes or brakes this industry, mudflap is a awesome tool. It cost me nothing to save money, and they have all but one of my favorite fuel stops.

  10. Seryoga dice:

    Such an amazing app I wish I had it sooner. I get the best priced for fuel ever and it is extremely easy to use. I would recommend Mudflap to everyone. Thank you very much and keep up the awesome job.

  11. I’ve noticed after planning my trips around the mudflap places, when I get there the discounts are lower than when I originally looked. Then after fueling and checking later on the discounts are back up higher than before.

  12. Great discounts on fuel pretty easy to use and a few times I’ve needed to fill up my daughter etc I can send her a screen shot and tell her where to go and it’s done.

  13. Last week purchased diesel for 3.82 gal. @ Fuel Mart in Perrysburg , OH. Exit 1A off the toll road 80/90. Right where it meets up with the I – 280 interchange. 160 gals. and a bottle of Lucas Def. Treatment currently on 1300 miles with a little under a quarter tank of fuel left from that fill up. That’s not bad for 3.82 a gal. In my opinion.

  14. I’m definitely impressed. It’s a much better deal overall compared to TSD Logistics, with no fees, and you can use a credit card to get cash back.

  15. Great, works as advertised. Make sure you turn off VPN or it won’t give you a fuel code. Would be convient if you could do this at the pump. Overall, saves on avg 30 to 60 cents a gallon.

  16. I put mudflap on my phone. After putting in all of my required info, I used it 2 times. Then it stopped working and I was told they didn’t have my information. LSS, two days later, I was a victim of identity theft. Do not trust giving them your info. It cost me.

  17. Best app I have found with significant savings for the consumer. Most stations I have visited have an easy drivethrough for my rig.

  18. Ed Cora dice:

    Hands down the best app I’ve come across. As a owner operator I have used different fuel cards and after fees etc, comes out to a high rate than advertised. Mudflap does not charge fees and the price you see if what you pay. I literally set up the app for the first time, and used it at the pump. Easy to use and great people running this app

  19. Richard R dice:

    Pricing is much higher than gas buddy and even upside. Not worth putting your personal info in app at risk of fraud. I asked them yesterday via live chat to delete my account and personal info and was confirmed done. I was a able to log in the next day as if nothing happened. I do not trust them. I reached back to the company and coincidentally got the same person who then said it would take 24-48 hours for the account to close. I reached back again after a few days because it was still active!

  20. 111JHC dice:

    At first i was skeptical, and very cautious about getting scammed, but after doing some digging, and phone calls i made a decision to start using the APP. It’s so easy getting the best price for fuel now that I have Mudflap. All I do is open the app and every fuel stop affiliated with Mudflap pops up on the screen for me to choose from. Glad I made the move to Mudflap,best thing I ever did. However, trusting Christ as my savior was the very best decision I ever made.

  21. Great app. Customer service is great. I had a problem and they took care of it and me very quickly. The best.

  22. Great savings. Nothing but good things to say. They have continued to grow and improve, good on’em!

  23. Can’t even link your bank account. All they say is “we’re updating app and working on it, we know you’ll want your extra 2cent discount”. Obviously they want to save their 2cents. It’s not a must have or truckers wouldn’t sogn up It don’t take months or a year to update a app. Now someone opening a business bank account have to use another fuel card because it takes a few weeks before a debit card comes. Any suggestions anyone on what other fuel cards to link bank account

  24. Snow Vise dice:

    On average i get 40- 80 cents bigger discount at same location using another fuel card…. go to NASTC and try for a month and compare it with this company….they are not giving all discounts on fuel to the subscribers. Not using it any more just watching…and my fuel network is much better than this company is offering.

  25. Doesn’t work I found a station they work with took the gos towards it I put I checked in didn’t get no discount and talk to service they said nothing they can do because supposedly I didn’t click on the offer won’t use again it was one and done

  26. Great app for saving on diesel. You get the discount at the pump not in account to collect later.

  27. Jeorge626 dice:

    My first time using Mudflap I was a little lost so I called in a rep walked me right through the very simple process. Very impressed have shared with other drivers my savings they are getting on board

  28. Tom Razo dice:

    Not very useful, only a handful of stations in Cali, and most are off the I5

  29. Great discounts. No problems using it and hasn’t cost me anything to use it.

  30. We need more mudflap locations. Other than that, this app has been amazing.

  31. Very easy to use and search. Saved me about $85 just on the first use

  32. Ricky Rex dice:

    Always great prices on Mudflap app. App is easy to use.

  33. Very good fuel discounts! Easy to setup and use!

  34. Awesome app, phenomenal savings. Game changer in the owner/op world. Why didn’t I do this a year ago..? Smh

  35. Big savings every time and super easy to use.

  36. Great app for discounts.You won’t find anybody that can match these discounts.

  37. Mudflap just perfect and super easy to use Try it youll love it.

  38. Love the savings we have gotten all accross the Midwest. Every little bit helps these days.

  39. Quick and easy, and the savings are amazing!

  40. Great app. Good discounts. Just wish more was closer to home.

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