Super Dispatch: Auto Transportation App (ePOD) MODDED 2022


Eliminate paper Bill of Ladings and collect electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)
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Super Dispatch’s FREE App is built to be your one-stop shop to manage loads, move cars faster, grow your business with free access to our Super Loadboard, and improve your operational efficiency. Get access to photo inspections and eBOLs directly connecting to the Super Loadboard and transportation management software for a seamless end-to-end experience.

New: Move cars faster, safer, and smarter with Touchless Delivery.

Our FREE app directly connects to our Super Loadboard and Carrier TMS.
Instant access to all of your orders and documents.
Pick loads, track loads, and manage loads all in one place.

Find, bid, book, deliver, and get paid on the go – our FREE Super Loadboard connects directly to our FREE app.
Free text or email load notifications for loads posted in your lane.
Save searches for your usual routes.
24/7 one-click/no call booking.

Photo inspection of loads where you can mark damages directly on each photo.
Manage electronic BOLs and PODs where you can send to customers, dispatchers, or yourself.
Import dispatch sheets from major brokers.

GET PAID FASTER with Instant Invoicing
Integrated with Quickbooks.
Submit your invoice from your mobile device as soon as your load is delivered.
The app creates the invoice for you along with the attached BOL / Condition Report.

Instant access to all of your orders and documents.
See who owes you money and remind them or resend the Invoice with a click of a button.
Super Dispatch will highlight the past due Invoices to help you keep track of outstanding balances.
NEW: add expenses like gas or car pulling fees, add attachments like gas receipts to your orders.

No Dispatcher? No problem.
Owner Operators can manage their entire business from the mobile app.

For more information, visit our website ( to speak with our support specialists.

This app may use your location when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life.
Super Dispatch has been designed to use a nominal amount of battery power by limiting the app’s GPS usage without compromising tracking visibility.


Thanks for using Super Dispatch! We are constantly working on making the app better for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you will find in our latest update:
- General improvements and minor bug fixes
Enjoying our app? Rate us now and give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!


40 comentarios en "Super Dispatch: Auto Transportation App (ePOD) MODDED 2022"

  1. Joe B. dice:

    App is very useful for auto transport. However, I transport other type of products and would love to be able to create a BOL from a rate confirmation sheet for other types of deliveries. Additionally i would like to add pictures to the BOL upon pick up and delivery. I would love to speak with the developer about this idea. But this APP works great for moving cars or any type of equipment with a Serial number.

  2. What for did you made the change, that when we click on pickup address it starts the navigation to that address? You think you saved us a second needed to click on “start route”, but you actually made us to spend a lot of extra time to cancel that route and to find that place to just look what is there (business or particular), details about working hours and to see how that location is hard for loading/unloading. You made our job more difficult, because we do that while we driving, mostly.

  3. Most of the app works great except for since the last update I’m no longer able to share/email or download the attachments. The buttons for it are there, the app just respond at all when you hit them.

  4. This app used to work perfectly but after the last update it became horrible. It became very unresponsive, very long delays between the clicks. If it won’t get fixed I am switching to another app

  5. Bo Hunt dice:

    Will put a notification tag on itself randomly just to get yoy to open it. Once opened, np messages, no new loads, no updates on existing loads. It just wanted to be opened.

  6. Worst app I ever used , lacks features like order sorting or camera resolution options . The app uses data like crazy if you have limited data avoid it just last month it used 7gb of my data and 30gb of memory on my phone and even if you force stop this stupid it keeps running . Definitely will try to convince my boss to move to other options.

  7. I would probably give the app four or five stars except on the last update for some reason the app no longer recognizes my camera when scanning a VIN number. I can take pictures during an inspection just fine yet oddly completely dark during the VIN number scan.

  8. Need to update synchronization on galaxy s22 ultra fails to sync correctly erases damages on bol please update…… Update seems to work better now for now

  9. Print and download doesn’t work ever since last update

  10. Was very good app for auto transport business, after last updated 09/28/20 its very slow,when you tap to open app its freezing like for 40 seconds or more, when you tap on your orders another 40 sec or more,whats happened?love this app,but please fix that. I’m using this app more than year it was never slow like that

  11. Very nice. Extremely user friendly

  12. Pics are still blurry after clicking the little lightning bolt button. I’m seriously disappointed. This app and service was amazing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You guys could learn a lot from that saying. The app was excellent until the most recent updates. Takes blurry pics for inspections now. Unacceptable.

  13. Second update since last. App unistalled and posted review here. I have received over 10 calls and multiple text from developer trying to fix issue. When told unistalled and I don’t want it they ask me to reinstall it. I guess I’ll have change my phone number to stop them. Recommend avoid this one. Update. Dose not work at all. Keeps, looping back to wanting a inspection after 5 inspections I unistalled it and told dispatcher I would not reinstall. Worse program I’ve delt with for years

  14. Works as intended. There are bugs but it is expected. Simple enough to learn and sophisticated enough to meet most needs of the car carrier. Looking forward to great things from thus team.

  15. We have used this app for over a year. We use Samsung devices which includes andriod os. We are somewhat satisfied. Our complaints are there needs to be an area of payment, for the client to see when, pays ahead, cash, zell pay, check, credit card, certified funds, wire transfer, etc. Clients have expressed to us they want to see payment on their BOL. The bar code scanner does not work on tablet, and works 60% of the time on our phone. The flash never engages when taking photos on any device.

  16. I like the app but I hate the constant updates. takes away from my data usage. and if I’m somewhere where there isn’t enough service because it needs to update can’t use the app. had this happen few times allready. getting annoyed

  17. I like the app it has really helped with paperwork. would give more stars but the app is constantly doing something in the background. i disabled background data use and its still doing something draining my battery

  18. POOR customer service! app continues to crash. more often than not , cannot use app. Affecting business. constant pop ups and a customer service does not respond to emails or suggestions.

  19. App was 5 Stars. The force update to the newer app was a bad move. The camera update is what’s killing it for me. It’s slow, struggles to read vin’s and can’t read QR codes. I hope they give an option to go back to the old camera. Update: They added back the old camera as an option! Let’s go! Back to 5 Stars!

  20. App will not download. Tried restarting. I connected to wifi. I downloaded other apps. But the only one that won’t download is this one. Called customer service and I was told there is nothing they can do.

  21. I used to use your app all the time. I was having problems with it I had to uninstall it and reinstall it about 20 times in the last month. last time I uninstalled it I can’t get back on. Now I get back on but I can’t do anything with it cuz your system is Pat down again

  22. the best app so far by interface and functions but recently is glitching as hell – some troubles with synchronizing their loads work, losing all the data after you re-login

  23. Seems to be good on iPhone but when I use my Android after taking a few pictures for inspection the camera freezes and the app crashes and still crashes after I restart my phone and I’m using a OnePlus 7 Pro

  24. As a transporter the Super Dispatch app makes pick up and delivery very easy and paperless. My contact Julian is very helpful understanding the app and helping to line up loads.

  25. Use the app for work. Haven’t had any issues with it yet. It is great for dispatching and finding new loads.

  26. I checked a link about car being shipped though SD. That’s it, I just looked at the listing, Nothing More! A crazy person from Back Lot Cars calls me the next day asking where there car was, why I never filled out of compliance package, and she needed to get to the bottom of this??. I never requested a load, I was never sent ANY load info, .. but yet through super dispatch this companies accused me of auto theft. They said it was my responsibility to find out who they assigned the car to.

  27. app worked great for a while but since the beginning of June i have had to uninstall and reinstall this app almost 30 times it keeps crashing and force closing please fix it

  28. Update for previous review: Had an issue with storage and was contacted, missed the call but the resolution was resolved by Matt giving instructions through voicemail, thank you guys!

  29. This app is a critical part of our business and makes owning and operating atrucking business so much easier. If you’re not using Super Dispatch, you`re making your life hard for nothing.

  30. It won’t let me transfer the load from central to superdispatch on a android phone when I hit print the superdispatch won’t appear on the open with, any help

  31. So user friendly and absolutely THE best way to book, track, invoice, run reports, etc. We love Super Dispatch.

  32. I am unable to look at the load board and find potential loads. All I can see on my app are the loads that I import from central dispatch. Any suggestions?

  33. Suggestion Load is just in the way trying to find new load and also you can’t see how many loads are on the load board no more the update needs to be changed back like it was .

  34. R Smith dice:

    By far the best app for the industry, more big brokers (example: United Road, Ready, Cars Arrive, Metrogistics) should use this app and make life easier for everyone.

  35. Lately app has been crashing over n over. Once driver clicks on assigned car app will crash.

  36. I’ve had this app on my phone for years and never actually used it till today. I cant believe how well it works. thank you so much for making it free for owner operators.

  37. awesome app! but, please make it work in landscape mode.. it’s obnoxious looking at it sideways on a mounted tablet.

  38. Good app, but my LG phone does not allowed me to enter the VIN number manually, it automatically enters a COM.GOOGLE.ANDROID.M message and I can’t do anything about it. what is wrong? is it my phone or a bug

  39. Great app. No need for anymore paperwork. It’s all saved in the app and can send for you and has eld .

  40. I own a 1 truck and trailer car hauler and this app is perfect. Send BOL through email or fax and it’s all free.

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