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Free Parking, Rules, Garage Deals & Gas Prices in 100+ cities
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Find parking, save money on gas & protect yourself from tickets with SpotAngels

Take advantage of the free 7-day trial to protect yourself from tickets and save time and money on parking! You can cancel anytime and will be reminded 2 days before the end of the trial!

🅿️ Find free & available street parking
Yes, you’ll be able to see the streets with free parking! It also shows where you’re likely to find available street parking. The information is provided by our community of millions of Angels who report open spots and take pictures of parking signs. Search and filter the map in 1 tap to find free parking and save money!

🤑 Book the best parking deals
SpotAngels also lets you book parking deals in advance. Ideal for events, airports, and downtown parking. You can pay directly in the app in 1 click with Google Pay!

🗓️ Get street cleaning and alternate side parking hours for your neighborhood
See where to park to avoid street cleaning or alternate side parking. SpotAngels also supports residential parking permits in cities where they apply.

🔔 Locate your car at any time and get parking reminders
The app automatically remembers your parking location using your car’s Bluetooth. It then sends you notifications when it’s time to move your car for street cleaning or any other street parking rule. If you don’t have a car bluetooth you can still set your car location manually.

⛽️ Find the Best Gas Prices
Locate the closest and cheapest gas stations near you. You can filter by type of gas – regular, medium, and premium. The information is maintained by the awesome SpotAngels community.

😇 Contribute and Earn SPTC
Earn Spotcoins by reporting open spots, adding parking sign pictures and gas prices. You will be able redeem your Spotcoins for money, discounts in garages or to get free access to our premium subscription SpotAngels Plus.

🌎 Cities:
Los Angeles (LA)
New York City (NYC)
Philadelphia (Philly)
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco (SF)
San Jose
Santa Monica
Washington, D.C.
+ Many more!
Start crowdsourcing to put your city on the map!

📺 They are talking about SpotAngels:
“The NYC street parking spot finder” New York Post
“SpotAngels can at least make sure you avoid a parking ticket” The Boston Globe
“SpotAngels helps drivers avoid parking tickets” San Francisco Chronicle
“Useful for finding open meters and free parking” Chicago Tribune
“SpotAngels helps drivers find free parking and cheap parking, fast” Patch Los Angeles

Happy parking 😊
We’re here to help at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Find the best deals for airport and event parking! You can now search for it specifically by tapping Deals > Airport Parking or Event Parking.

Introducing gas prices in SpotAngels! You can now see gas stations on the map and select them to see gas prices. Contribute to the SpotAngels community by sending a picture of prices so they're kept up to date.

As always, thank you for being part of the SpotAngels community and feel free to send us your comments and feedback to [email protected]


40 comentarios en "SpotAngels Parking & Gas MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is generally good. It shows where I can park and for how long and even let’s me search for future parking to plan ahead. There are two flaws though. First, the GPS isn’t accurate. When I stop moving the map will start rotating such that when I look back at the screen I have no idea which way is forward. This doesn’t happen with any other gps enabled apps, so it’s clearly not a hardware issue. Second, the map doesn’t show the direction of one way streets.

  2. The app is rather useless for actually finding available spots. It also constantly erroneously detects me driving when I just walk around. There is no way to disable that “feature”. It is still useful for parking location map, street cleaning information, and reminders, but most of it is negated by bad implementation of driving detection. edit: So it is possible to disable the driving detection. But it is not obvious how right away.

  3. This app use to be great. But now when I search for an address, I no longer see the color on the streets for street parking. Turns out, you need to pay now to see where you can park for free, where you have to pay to park, etc.. and not a one time fee, it’s a subscription! All content seems static though, it is definitely not worth a subscription.

  4. While i love the idea, the app is either very confusing or doesn’t work. Every single time I tap “Find Parking Here” I get “Couldn’t get place information, please try again”. at the same time it still shows some of the parking lots and garages around. If it doesnt work yet at some location it should be easy to communicate it explicitly.

  5. Driving in a city like New York, this is great searching for street parking & knowing how long you can take advantage of free parking. It also tells you where paid parking can be found. The reason for only three stars is twofold. 1- When navigating real-time location, the map spins around when you are not moving. So sitting at a light, suddenly the orientation of the streets in relation to your car is upside down or sideways. 2-This app sucks battery power more than ANYTHING I’ve experienced.

  6. Great app with helpful features, I’ve been using it for some time now and it really saved me lots of headache. The app still lacks ability to report parking rules and signs easily (have to take a photo of the sign and wait). Also, there is no way to keep track of multiple vehicles in your household.

  7. This is essential to finding free parking in downtown Chicago without ripping your hair out or just completely guessing. I also found parking in a nearby suburb and the app informed me that I could park there for days – and I saved a ton of money. You can find where there is handicap parking as well, which is also very important! I like to use it when planning ahead and also live to see if there is parking on the street I’m driving on. I also like how certain spots are highlighted as more reliable bets for finding free parking.

  8. Carlos M dice:

    It used to be worthwhile but all notifications are now behind a paywall (except the 30 minute before). A subscription service model does not make sense for static content. Maps are fixed and likely pulled from google maps api, the data on street sweeping days complied from mta and crowd sourced. You are better off creating an appointment reminder on your phone. Or using one of the other apps out there that provide a comparable, arguably better solution.

  9. Wow, I’ve downloaded and deleted this app before because I thought it was useless. But I decided for some reason to try it again while in Chicago. All I can say is, this app helped me find excellent parking the whole weekend. Remembered where I parked, and even auto set reminders for when I needed to move my car. Must have app if you are driving to the city.

  10. I’m in SF and have used this app for free, without the upgrade, for well over a year and it’s been stellar!! I contribute pkg info and photos as do my peers, so even temp street closures, etc are up to date. I think a lot of this app relies on user/peer group contributions. I do know that when a pic/info I submit is unclear that cust svc is awesome about contacting for clarification as to variables such as two times a month street sweeping vs weekly st cleaning, for ej. Love it!

  11. J. M. dice:

    This app just can’t be respectful of user settings and privacy. It constantly enables background settings that it shouldn’t after repeated attempts to disable them. App crashes frequently and isn’t that useful when it does work. I don’t need parking reminders when I’m parked in the driveway at my house, grandma’s etc. Focus on doing one thing right instead of incessantly tracking your user base.

  12. aten rok dice:

    Beware: the app is full of garbage notifications. It’s been two days after I installed it, I haven’t used it for actual parking a single time after installation, but it already drives me nuts with constant buzzing and some new pop up messages like every 15 min. Had to disable all notifications and all the permissions, because the developers clearly don’t understand when it’s too much.

  13. First the good: This app is awesome and saves money by providing critical information about free and metered parking start and end times. The bad: 1. filtering could be improved. When I filter a 4 hour requirement, please do not show spots with only one or two hour limit; please put a filter for min price and not just max price. filter and add cost of oversized vehicles. 2. gui can be improved. it us hard to read street names as font is too small. 3. It does not remember where I parked.

  14. I just wanted see a map. I don’t want any “register with your email, we sent you verification link, now tell us how you going to use the app” kind of nonsense. Upd -thanks for answer. I don’t need to “retrieve my account” ability. Because I don’t need an account. Because I just need to see the map and spots. Without having to do email sign and answering the survey “how I’m planning to use this app” or any other type of surveys.

  15. App used to work great. Now it’s showing my location as somewhere miles away where I’ve never even been. When I try to save location manually, instead of setting it where it shows me on the map, it’s set 100s of feet away, on the opposite side of the street. If your app knows where I am, why can’t it set my car in the same place?

  16. One of the most helpful apps I’ve ever used! This app keeps track of where you parked and because it is crowdsourced it can tell you pretty accurate parking rules. If the signs are confusing, check this appto confirm the rules! It has also reminded me when my time has expired so I never miss refilling a meter! I love it and it’s free!!

  17. Heidi dice:

    Finding free or low cost parking is frustrating, but SpotAngels was helpful and accurate at finding me an open free meter in a greedy downtown city (like most) that gouges it’s patrons $45 to park in a lot. Thanks for helping me save time and money!

  18. Mike dice:

    it gets a 4 star because there was a spot that had a 7 day plus line but i got a ticket for street cleaning twice . But overall it is very helpful for me. I love this app it’s so Essential I recommend it to people all the time.

  19. Thomas R dice:

    will be better and better with more local contributors. I’m going to use it to save all the necessary info I need around places I like to go like the beach. if I know where to park where I only need to walk 10 minutes I’ll do that

  20. The information on the app isn’t always correct or updates when trying to correct or verify information. Its navigation is flawed at times leading to completely wrong address. When it does work, the pictures of street signs are more helpful than what is written about the parking.

  21. Alan Tani dice:

    I had Spot Angels, but wasn’t familiar with using the app. About 2 weeks ago, I started receiving a notice after parking, when it was due to move for alternative parking in my areas in Brooklyn. Recently, stopped, as soon as started. I was checking my parking spot last night, and giving the correct alternating, even though I got the wrong address, safed me to move my car, the actual address/ position was close at the corner, but you can fix it….I haven’t gotten the alternative parking before.

  22. this worked great for my trip to Manhattan! not sure what the benefits of premium are, but this was a must to double-check street parking rules easily!

  23. Visiting Denver and staying at CatBird hotel this app helped us avoid $40+/night parking payment with the hotel. I wish Chicago had this app.

  24. Isa dice:

    This app is horrible. It literally is a middle man app that books u a spot thru another site. I was unable to utilize my parking pass at all and ended up having to pay at the garage too!!!! They say they have 24/7 text service for help but they dont, no replies via email or text and no refund. What a the headache

  25. solosian dice:

    free version is very useful for verifying street cleaning rules here in NYC. almost always accurate. plus options about availability and stuff are not so useful, but I can see how some would appreciate it.

  26. This has a wonderful assortment of features, however some notifications and persistant permission requests hold back the experiance.

  27. Bug renders the app unusable on Android. I can’t get past “Connect Calendar”; neither option gets rid of the menu. I cannot use the main functionality

  28. Great App, Helps a lot with the Parking Hours

  29. JTC Intl dice:

    The app knew I parked in a spot that had parking restrictions yet didn’t properly for warn me for the next morning at 6:00 a.m. I received a ticket for $84, this could have been avoided with proper disclosure by this app. I will never rely on this app again. HORRIBLE APP!

  30. Jeff Tong dice:

    Lifesaver and great planning tool. Works great even when you need last minute around the block planning

  31. Karen A dice:

    This app is soooooo helpful! Love that it gives me alerts when to move and of any parking restrictions there are where I’m parked. You have to download it if you live in a major city!

  32. for the most part, it’s good info, up to date and has been super helpful

  33. Poorly optimized, poorly designed, money-suck machine. I had to uninstall the app before I could follow the cancelation link (the app was blocking the link) on a spot I didn’t need. By the time I worked that puzzle out the reservation had started and I couldn’t get the money back. I would highly recommend avoiding this app.

  34. Would not send me a link to log in. I tried linking Gmail, Facebook, and trying to manually add.

  35. helps me navigate confusing cities and find affordable spots!

  36. Chill on the notifications. I’ve had this app installed for 3 days and I’ve gotten eight emails from you. My phone has gone off multiple times. People don’t need parking like that everyday so why harass them with emails? The best part is it wasn’t even helpful, I had to download another app to pay the parking meter when you guys said you were the provider. Appreciate what you guys are trying to do but you’re going about the wrong way. Annoying people doesn’t grow business.

  37. App doesn’t work Won’t populate ANY rates for ANY parking ANYWHERE. Either the app doesn’t work or the company’s servers don’t connect to the app properly. Waste of time for me unfortunately.

  38. Paid to reserve parking. Once I got to the address I was directed to I ended up at a motel who said I couldn’t park there and I was scammed. Was at the right address couldn’t park haven’t gotten a refund and no email back regarding the situation

  39. vd853 dice:

    The best car app that’s not made by Google. It have saved me many times from losing my car, and reminded me when to move my car too.

  40. Makes you purchase a free trail to access. This seems like an issue, will update my review once it is fixed on the developer end.

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