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Spotlight enables easy access to manage your vehicles, drivers, and assets.
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Verizon Connect’s Spotlight App puts the power of the Fleet & Reveal platform in the palm of your hand, helping to improve both the safety and efficiency of daily business operations. The mobile app lets you quickly identify crucial information about your vehicles, drivers, or assets, and take decisive action at any time from nearly anywhere.

Why use it:

Better visibility
Whether you are in the office, on the road, or at home, Spotlight lets you quickly access near real-time information about your vehicles, assets, and drivers.

Improved communication
Streamline your communication with your drivers with the ability to call or send messages directly from the Spotlight app with a single click.

Easy Onboarding
Easily get up and running with Spotlight — designed based on customer feedback. No experience or training required.

What’s included:

Quickly identify the location and status of all vehicles, assets, and places in near real-time or review vehicle history via a single map, list, or detailed view with no limit on the number of vehicles/assets you can view at once.

Drivers tab
Easily find a specific driver and get detailed information (i.e. name, vehicle, current location, contact information, and recent alerts).

Alerts tab
Manage your driver’s behavior with near real-time alerts (i.e. harsh driving, idling, and speeding) that are color-coded based on assigned priority and provide key details to give more context on the event.

Easily find your vehicles, drivers, and places in the system by searching for a name (or even partial name).

Want to tell us how you feel about Spotlight? Leave comments and feedback directly on the app to influence future enhancements.

Not a Verizon Connect customer?

Contact the Verizon Connect team at 1 (866) 844 2235 to get started.


40 comentarios en "Spotlight by Verizon Connect MOD"

  1. It would help if the app actually opened. Ever since I updated it, it never opens.

  2. Verizon connect is a joke. Horrible service! Trying to spend more money with them and then make it impossible. I have two GPS units and they don’t work. You can’t get anyone to help but they don’t mind charging me for the devices. I have been dealing with this for 4-5 months. Their management won’t even return emails or calls. I guess it’s time to get my lawyer on it. RUN AWAY!

  3. Very annoying app! Once you launch it, use it and go out, it will continue to re- launch itself. Have tried everything to stop it (force stop, uninstall and reinstall, update) but nothing works with my Android phone. It’s actually relaunched itself 3 times while I’ve been writing this review??? Won’t be using it anymore.

  4. Stopped working. Pop-up to download keeps popping up. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it still happens.

  5. Great Equipment Tracking device and app .

  6. K Coleman dice:

    This app use to be alright, but then after an update a few months ago when they made us switch from the old app it began freezing all the time. Trucks flip into tow mode several times a day as well. The main issue that frustrates me is half the time it doesn’t open, you have to click on it and close it a few times to load up correctly.

  7. It shows me basically the same thing that the reveal map shows. I was directed to download this so I could view the assets as well, because that’s been our problem for months now. Back and forth calls to Verizon being directed to different apps. The website shows me everything perfectly fine but I’m not always at my computer.

  8. Crys K dice:

    Can see divers, whether idling, driving, or stopped. Can see the time for these as well. Can zoom in on a map and get very detailed location. App not designed for larger font sizes, but otherwise good.

  9. Not only does this app open even on a simple swipe, it can’t even keep itself logged in for more than a couple hours. Not to mention how unintuitive the setup and usage is. Fix this broken app, or don’t offer it on the app store.

  10. Update rate is so slow, when you reach destination of a vehicle it’ll often be far away already, which is very frustrating in urban areas. Otherwise, a clear and intuitive interface

  11. Annoying pop up every time to rate the app.. You cant select a location on the travel for the time you need to use a slider which his supersensitive and your finger is always in the way and I need to know exact delivery times for my clients.

  12. thom crad dice:

    I signed up for them and they said I had 3 months free trial. It has been 5 months going on 6 months so I terminated contract they did not do what they said they would do and now want 10 thousand in early termination fees. My chipper was stolen in that 5 month period and that was one of the GPS says that was not working that they were trying to get fixed. If they had been working would have found my chipper alot easier. Make sure you read the fine print this is the worst service I’ve ever had.

  13. I like where this app is heading as before I have had to use the the web page on my mobile, one big flaw I see is the lack to filter the vehicles by their assigned groups. I work for a company with 49 vehicles been tracked but I’m only interested in seeing the 6 vehicles in my department the whole fleet has been setup with groups for each department. I’d be happy to give the app 5 stars if it had the ability to filter the displayed vehicles via the assigned groups

  14. This POS app has to be uninstalled and reinstalled everytime I want to use it. It gets stuck on the load screen everytime, complete garbage. Worst vehicle tracking service out there, don’t be fooled like me.

  15. It has problems opening. Have to do it 2-3 times to run. It has got worse. Should be better. It is apperant Verizon does not put alot into the little things That matter to their customers. (I have been a customer since 2000. Yes, that is when Verizon got started.) Heads up Verizon.

  16. This app was working at one point. It no longer allows me to log in to it. I have removed the app and reinstalled it several times and I continue to get a message saying “a problem occurred please try again later”. Extremely disappointed with this app. I used it all the time in my business. You need to fix these issues.

  17. App keeps crashing before I can use it. Have to open and close multiple times to get it to open, then as soon as I click on anything it crashes!

  18. Too needy for rating. EVERY time the screen changes, it interrupts what im doing to ask for a rate. Even after saying no thanks, EVERY TIME. Cant even get to use the app with being interrupted. UPDATE: Not even 5 mins after submitting a rating the app interrupts me again to ask for rating…

  19. Seems to be a great app! Pleased with it initially.

  20. Essential for my business. Spotlight is a great improvement on the previous app. Now I can see all the vehicles on one one map.

  21. Great, all in one, app to easily track your entire fleet of vehicles! Simple to track, check driving behaviors, and even get driving directions to each and every vehicle (simply find lost drivers or broken down/abandoned vehicles in your fleet).

  22. Agave Bob dice:

    Good app for locating equipment on the move. Easy to use and pretty accurate, also i have not come across any annoying ad’s.

  23. Install, use once, Uninstall. Rinse Repeat. Ibpay alot of $ for Fleatmatics, FIX THE APP.

  24. I want a app that we can also keep track of our maintenance and service on our trucks. This is the same as reveal why so many apps that do the same exact thing with just slightly different looks.

  25. Ta Ki dice:

    Crashes when trying to activate zirgo. Long loading time on start up. Only been able to activate cameras. Freezes up while trying to load activation screen..

  26. I’ve had it less than a day. First time in asks me to rate it. No idea how I like it yet but I’ve noticed every time I touch my phone the app launches by itself. I don’t want an app that takes over my phone.

  27. Been using Reveal with no problems.. They tell you to switch to Spotlight and it never works… In my opinion this app is garbage and I’m highly considering canceling the service

  28. First weeks location locked up in app. I tried on different phones and still locked issue was resolved. After i uninstalled and installed app again. Over all decent app.

  29. Just installed it and it’s not working!! Spotlight keeps stopping message. Think I’ll stick to the old one at least it works.

  30. I have used reval for years. This spotlight is garbage. I someone can show me how I can check a drivers history past yesterday. I check them weekly, not daily. I liked reval better

  31. Jim Fors dice:

    App launches itself once every minute. Makes my phone unusable. Have to go into settings and stop it after every use or it will relaunch.

  32. Work great for keeping track. We know where vehicles are at at all times so we can deal with emergency calls more efficiently.

  33. Loggs me out at least every 12-24 hours. Never had this issue with the last app. Verizon can’t make apps. Really shouldn’t even be involved in fleet services in my opinion.

  34. Mike Lard dice:

    Keeps freezing in the blackout screen with logo……..We’re paying to much for our cameras to be having these issues. Needs fixed asap!!

  35. Will not let me NOT rate the app, no matter what I push, the nag screen keeps coming back, even after this rating, the nag screen reappears.

  36. Old app worked 100% better. This one doesn’t update the truck location. Shows assets where they were at 60 miles ago.

  37. c r dice:

    As far as I can tell this will not be a good replacement for reveal manager. It does have more available items on “maps”. I’m loosing more than what was gained.

  38. Spotlight responded to my concerns within a day. Glitch fixed and they walked me through my log in issue. Thanks guys!! But now it’s am being asked to rate app every time I open it. ANNOYING

  39. when I first install it for the first week or two it work okay. But now it doesn’t work can’t search for any vehicles search option no longer works

  40. Wish there was a way to eliminate some vans as to follow only certain ones that pertain to my division. Very messy otherwise.

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