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With over 30 million users, ParkMobile is a smarter way to park. Easily pay for street, lot, or garage parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time near garages and stadiums across the country. ParkMobile is available in over 500 cities including San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

Why Use ParkMobile?
• Skip the meter and easily pay for parking right on your mobile device
• Extend your parking time remotely from the app
• Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire
• Reserve parking spots in garages ahead of time to save up to 50% off drive-up rates
• Find areas of the city where there is available parking and avoid areas where there’s no parking
• Available in more than 3,000 locations coast-to-coast including stadiums, airports, universities, and more

How It Works:
• Streets, Lots, and Garages: Enter the zone number on the posted signs in your area. Select the amount of time you want to park and start your session. Extend time in the app if you are running late.
• Parking Reservations: Search for where you want to park and select the specific parking facility. Choose the date/time and complete your reservation. Follow the instructions in your confirmation to redeem at the parking facility.

App Features:
• Customizable notifications delivered via email, text, and/or app
• Save your favorite parking locations for next time
• Store up to five cars in your account
• “Find my car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked
• Turn-by-turn directions to the parking garage where you reserved your spot
• Multiple payment methods available including ApplePay, Google Pay, PayPal, and most major credit cards
• Parking Availability feature shows streets with open parking spots in your area

Looking for Help?
At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 350,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service is available 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us:

Email: [email protected]
Online Help Center:
Video Tutorials:

Thanks for downloading the ParkMobile app and discovering a smarter way to park.


We’re frequently updating the app to give you the best parking experience. This update includes:
• General performance enhancements
• Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "ParkMobile – Find Parking 2022"

  1. Exactly what I needed and great UI. Love being able to set a default car and parking space because I always park in the same ramp with the same car. Love the map it shows of the different parking areas. Just a few clicks to park and pay. I use PayPal and it works seamlessly. Plus you can extend your time from the app and it won’t let you select more time than what the parking ramp charges for i.e. can’t if it’s 4PM and ramp is free after 6PM, it only lets me buy up to 2 hrs so I don’t overpay

  2. ParkMobile, by design, is a complete scam. If you go through the necessary steps to turn OFF your parking session when returning to your vehicle, then all is fine. But the fact that you can’t set a time limit at the outset is highly suspect – they obviously want you to forget the final step in the process so that they can ding you big $$. 🤬

  3. 風呂先 dice:

    I’ve used this app three times in the last month… Every single time I’ve gotten a ticket regardless and no refunds for my payments. The app is designed to be useless and maximize ticket revenue for the city. Too many notifications, not enough notification channels. 15 minute reminder and expired notifications are a waste of life once I’ve already left..

  4. Useful, if it wasn’t for the fact that it allows you to pay twice for the same vehicle at a specific time in the exact same area .. It happens very frequently. I try to pay, the app doesn’t show the payment went through. So I think I did something wrong, and choose the time and pay. Finally the second time I pay it shows two “activities ” in my profile. I contacted the app assist.and they said it’s not they responsibility. Who takes that money? It shouldn’t allow two exact payments.

  5. M J dice:

    This app works ok. It just forces ads on you in an intrusive way (eg blocking the pay for parking button until you click their offer and then you can return to the app and actually pay for the parking session -its happened two times so far). Also the setting for turning off an email reminder for the end of a parking session does not actually stop it from sending an email notification. :/ Otherwise, it works.

  6. easy to use and very helpful! I wish it would include times of parking like if it’s free parking grey it out; let me know when paid parking starts and ends. Update June 2022 Use to love this app- lately keeps logging me out and then not accepting a password I just reset 30 seconds ago. Incredibly frustrating- wish it would just link to my Google account but won’t do that either.

  7. OK functionally, suboptimal design. It mostly does what it says. But, it’s schizophrenic about what timing options it offers. There are many street parking spaces where the physical meter let’s you prepay the specified amount of time, but this app forces you to start an indefinite timer where you pay after you explicitly “end parking”. Of course, you then forget to do that and get charged to park all day. Sometimes, it fails to show zones on the built-in map. The notifications are not accurate. If you stop/cancel your parking in the middle of the day, you still get notifications at 8pm or whenever that zone would have expired.

  8. I have used the app for years, with the most recent updates, however, it continually logs me out of my account. So after starting a parking session, it suddenly shows no active sessions. Took me awhile to figure out that it was signing me out. Inconvenient to have to continually log back in to the app to check status, time remaining etc.

  9. This app was fine until the developers decided to place a mandatory ad over the “submit” button. While booking a parking space outside the location of an appointment, it took FOREVER to realize that the reason I couldn’t figure out how to register my space was that your greedy company decided to force every single customer to view an ad prior to simply paying for the service and reaching their destination on time. I wish you had a competitor because I’d uninstall your clickbait trap IMMEDIATELY.

  10. This is a terrible app. I registered under my Google account and then it doesn’t give the option to log back in under Google. It emailed me notification that my meter expired and there was no link in the email to reconnect and pay for additional time. I went into the app and it showed no activity which is why I logged out and tried to re-log back in. In both cases it did not allow me to access the parking location even when it was on the map. This may be the worst app I ever used! I deleted it.

  11. The app deluged me with e-mail, which had a broken link to for knowledge base help. So I sent an email to the “get help” address in the e-mail and got an immediate error message that they no longer supported help via e-mail. I tried Facebook messenger with no more luck. Bozos. The app was clunky, but not impossible. I found myself going back and forth between pages after entering my payment details, finding that it didn’t default to using my credit card, despite the fact that I just entered it. This is, as you can imagine, frustrating as hell when you’re just trying to park. Amateur hour. (I love open-source amateur software, and I’ve written my share, but not when I’m paying a usurious $2 an hour to park, plus a $0.50 service fee.)

  12. clokay7 dice:

    The bar code didn’t scan one time so I had to pay for the parking garage twice (once in the app and once at the pay station at the garage). I created a help ticket and never heard back. And then yesterday it wouldn’t let me change the amount of time I could park for and it didn’t tell me the price for parking until after I was already charged. Terrible app and customer service.

  13. The app displayed the wrong currency, causing excessive wrong currency conversion fees. After contacting support 3 times during a course of 2 months! I never heard back from my first support request, the second two didn’t help at all with fixing the problem. Making matters even worse: the last support suggestion made me reset the network settings on my phone, causing me to lose all my saved networks (that I require for work!!!). This caused me to have a half day of work to fix another issue that the support team screwed up. Guess what, the issue wasn’t resolved. Never coming back to this app

  14. John M dice:

    2022 note: I was ticketed while in an active parkmobile session. It seems that a receipt proving payment, space used, and start/end time, is NOT available until after the session ends. That’s not cool. Great app, been using it for years without a problem. Costs are totally reasonable and it’s pretty much a seamless transition from opening the app to paying for parking.

  15. App surfaces Google Pay as a valid payment option, even when the specific location does not accept Google Pay, resulting in a non-descript error message. Customer support doesn’t seem to understand that this is a bug, and communicating with them is extremely trying. EDIT: App was updated, and the UX remains horrifically broken, with none of the bugs fixed. Just a really bad experience overall.

  16. We installed this app to park in Colorado Springs. Our first try worked, but when I tried to use the app a second time, I completed everything I thought was required. However, when we sat down in a nearby restaurant, I noticed that I had not received the confirmation I had for the earlier parking. I went back to my car, only to find I received a ticket because it was not clear what info was required to finish my payment. Colorado Springs profits from selecting this poorly designed app.

  17. Selected the wrong license plate number and realized it literally within seconds, but couldn’t change it on the app. I could understand after 5 minutes or so not allowing that so people can’t switch cars. I had to pay a second $10 charge for the right license plate. Thats the last $10 I will spend on this app.

  18. Absolutely the best way to get people to be able to pay for parking. Should be everywhere by now though. My only complaint is the code/area number should be easier to see or displayed in a better location. And to really take this app over the top, include any parking rules associated with that particular block, clean sweep, zone parking rules, etc. Great app please try to add new feature!!! Would be incredibly helpful for out of towners, New York parking!!!

  19. Really annoying that the app won’t just show you the time at which your session ends instead of telling me how much time I have left. This seems like such a basic feature but no option for it. Would also like the ability to schedule session start times for parking garages that don’t have the reserve option.

  20. Only downloaded to pay for parking in my city, then it decides to spam me with a misleading “gift card” notification that was misleading and required you to sign up for a recurring subscription for a non-related service. Disappointing that the only way to pay for parking is apparently being paid to spam its users. Absolutely not acceptable.

  21. Unable to change default car (no longer owned). Car setting changes are not being saved and ParkMobile support is useless. I have an open case without any response for over a month. Still no response from support. So I had to uninstall the app and start over with a new account. I honestly don’t know how ParkMobile is still in business when they don’t provide any support to their customers. Hopefully they will be put out of business with new parking meters that support mobile payments.

  22. Csaba B dice:

    If you install the app in a hurry at the moment when you need to park your car, then most likely the parking number you enter will not register with the app therefore you think you paid for the parking, but in reality, you didn’t. Check their privacy policies. If you request to not sell your info, the confirmation letter from them that is needed for the second step to start the request, does not arrive.

  23. Very convenient and cool idea. But it is not reliable. I’ve lost money as have friends with meters not activating but you get charged anyway. They say it doesn’t show on the meter. It turns green from red when the charge is verified by the city. If you see nothing you will be ticketed and forced to prove that you paid through the app. Not sure about you but I don’t have hours to support proving I paid my 3 dollars.

  24. Garbage. So many issues: transaction fees even if you preload your account with a debit card; regularly labels zones differently from parking meters; GPS doesn’t work well (on three different devices); maximum number of vehicles, which it doesn’t tell you until after the new vehicle’s data is entered; throws errors about not selecting a payment method before prompting to select one, just to name a few. Getting a parking ticket would be less hassle and maybe less expensive.

  25. Not very user-friendly at all. There is also NO customer service. I had to pay twice to park because of the unintuitive interface. At the bottom of the confirmation email, there is an email address specifically to direct questions or problems. Upon reaching out to said address, I got a response saying assistance is no longer provided via email and directing me to an FAQ online. Better to pay the old fashioned way at the meter.

  26. I find it very hard to believe that you’re not capable of setting a by the minute rate and allowing users to park based on exactly how long they need, not the quarter equivalent time blocks that you charge for. It’s blatant profit seeking behavior to force users to pay for far more than they need. I thought the purpose of this app was to be a better alternative to manually inserting quarters and streamline the process for everyone, yet somehow you manage to make it both more expensive and worse.

  27. Erica B dice:

    I used ParkMobile to park one time several months ago. I did not sign up for a membership or any recurring subscription. They have repeatedly charged my account each month since then. When I finally noticed and contacted customer support they first told me they couldn’t even find my subscription then eventually said they did find it and successfully downgraded it (even though I never upgraded in the first place) but have continued to charge requiring the same steps each month but never resolving

  28. Shane B dice:

    Extremely bad. I’ve had to use this app on multiple occasions and despite mataining an account, having pay information saved it still is extremely difficult to get to work. You start to notice everyone around you on the sidewalk also struggling to pay for their parking. It should work, but it simply does not. Piss poor UX, buggy and ad laden. Any town or city they decides to use their system is doing major disservice to their residents and visitors.

  29. App is rigged to get you to pay the maximum amount at each meter. There’s no reminders for how long you’ve parked, only alerts as you approach the *max* possible time (which is often 8 hours!). It would be *very* simple to have a setting where you choose to be reminded 15, 30, 60, etc., minutes after you park. The fact that they don’t do this shows me that they’re actually just hustlers. I just paid $22 for parking spot I was at for 20 minutes. Just totally garbage.

  30. Bad experience. Only allowed to purchase a spot in my zone for the max time, which equals more than $50. Then the app glitched or something causing a double charge. Customer service told me they’d get back to me in 24-48 hours but never did. Contacted them again, and they fixed it this one time, but refuses to fix it if it ever happens again even though it’s their fault.

  31. The app is broken. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still is unable to log me in. It says that I have attempted too many times to log in despite me not having even tried once and when I try to reset the password, it sends me an email with a non functioning link. Prior to uninstalling the app it would not recognize the zone when I typed it in and could not get my location despite me giving the permissions for my location.

  32. Love the app, however, you must make sure you indicate the correct amount of time. After the 30 min expired, I tried to renew the meter. I received a message stating I can’t park in the same place consecutively. Considering all 10 parking spots were in the same zone, I had to park in a completely different block. Other than that issue, the app works great.

  33. The app for the most parts works great and it is easy to use. I’ve only had an issue 2 times when trying to use it. It wouldn’t open for whatever reason but those 2 times have been through about 3years of ke using it. You also have to make sure you are parked in the right zone because if there is more than one zone next to eachother, you can’t trust the map.

  34. Works great, when it works. For the past couple months it has routinely locked up every time I try to adjust the time parked. It does this after rebooting the app, phone, and even reinstalling. Clearly it’s a bug in the program. I’ll gladly update this review when the problem is fixed, but until then it stays at 1 star, as it’s completely useless to me if I can’t choose how long to park.

  35. Horrible experience. As an app developer, I would never make an application so binding and complicated. Such a hassle to set up on the go. Make an account, add payment, license plate, etc. Not to mention I wasnt able to edit the parking time from 10 hours and I was only there for 2 but couldn’t edit. Let me enter the space number and my billing info and be done. Otherwise it’s just a hassle and makes me miss the days of standard parking stations and meters!

  36. Love the app! Easy to pay for extra time without schlepping back to the car, no fumbling for a card, no waiting in line, no more struggling through instructions wondering if your payment went through or you got it right. It would nice to be able to shorten your time if you were leaving early, but since that isn’t an option at ANY meter, I can live with it as is. I thought the zones were inaccurate but I realized I was looking at the wrong street! The gps is a little off sometimes.

  37. Fantastic… when it works. The ability to add time to parking without returning to a meter is amazing. BUT this app is so painfully slow sometimes that I’d rather pay at the kiosk. An average transaction takes 2-3 app resets for me. It used to work well enough that I would confidently leave a lot/garage and pay on my way to wherever I’m going, but after getting a ticket because the app wouldnt work and I didn’t have time to return, those days are over.

  38. I really enjoy this app. I love that I can use it where I live and where I travel to, for the most part. I’ve never had an issue with the app, other than trying to figure out where I am to activate a parking session. I have activated a session and still been ticketed for not paying the meter, but when the city realized I had paid, that their parkmobile reader had malfunctioned, they waived it. Parkmobile makes my life so much easier. I wish they’d send you a promo code for the fee sometimes.

  39. It’s very speedy. I find it frustrating to use parking kiosks when I’m in a hurry as it takes time to figure out the system the first time I use it. And I have to go hunting all over the parking lot to find the kiosk. And I am bad at memorizing numbers so then I have to pull out my car registration to look up my license plate number. When I’m in a rush to get to an appointment, this is all very frustrating. The first time I used ParkMobile I was late to my appointment because of the time it took to set it up (similar to using a kiosk). But ever since then, it saves me time as I just open the app, select my parking lot and choose the desired amount of time and select my car. So far, I’ve just used it for free parking, since the first 2 hours are free where I park. But it saves me a lot of time vs using the kiosk.

  40. The stickers on the meters are eye catching so I don’t forget to use the app. It would be nice to have the ability to set a reminder so I don’t forget to stop my parking and accidentally pay for a whole day. Though I’m sure that’s probably an intentional design to increase revenue, I’m more likely to not park at all (=no revenue) just to avoid that. But, when I do remember, I still get reminders around midnight that it’s about to expire, causing unnecessary anxiety that I’m going to overpay.

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