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Truck Navigation. Avoids low bridges, truck restrictions Live GPS directions
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The only truck nav app that does not collect or sell your personal data

Truck Routes Updated Hourly

If you need Tech Support feel free to TEXT or Call 7249011115 SmartTruckRoute is the only truck GPS system where maps and routes are updated hourly and supported by verified truck driver feedback from over 500,000 truck drivers. Unlike other apps for truck navigation we do not sell your data nor do we access your personal information. We are subscription based. Our routes are created on our servers where thousands of routes are analyzed before we display the best one to you.
Our app is not free as we pay to our engineers and cartographers. Free apps make money by tracking you, selling your private data, and/or pushing ads. Our team is based in the US and offers support by phone, email, and texting.

FREE 2 Day trials are automatic.

Takes only 3 minutes to install the complete system with maps!

For questions or help in processing your order, TEXT or call 724-901-1115

Includes alternative route

We also make smartbusroute and smartrvroute

This app helps commercial drivers navigate away from low bridges and areas where trucks are not permitted such as parkways and residential areas. The app will give you voice guided turn by turn navigation. Maps and routing are updated daily.
SmartTruckRoute GPS Navigation is available for the following countries:

United States
( Australia versions available as separate apps)

What’s New in Version 2?

• App works in the background even when you are talking on the phone
• Easy, new interface makes it faster to use
• partnering with google and waze
• State Odometer report is built-in (no add on required)
• Voice recognition for address finder
• IFTA mileage reports (included)
• HoS
• Fuel Prices

Why we are better…

• Instant Truck Routes on your Android Smartphone or Tablet!
• Our app unlike other truck navigation app does not spy or track your personal information. See agreements of other apps.
• No lengthy downloads
• Daily map updates with Permanent and Temporary Truck Restrictions, and up to the minute traffic.
• Truck friendly. Unlimited routing.
• Turn-by-turn voice instructions and warnings
• Hands-free operation. Speak your destination or give command
• Driver feedback loop allows drivers to give real-world mapping and routing experience feedback.
• View satellite images at your destination.
• Configure the app to reflect the size and weight of your vehicle to insure the best route. The default settings are set up for an 18 wheeler: 80,000 lbs, 53′ length, 13’6″ height, 8′ 6″ width. You can easily change these settings to be higher or lower to accommodate your vehicle size or Hazmat Level. Also supports motor coaches.
• Find Truck specific points of interest, truck stops, rest areas, repair facilities, weigh scales
• Driving assists: traffic and weather display, lane assist, speed limits, state border crossings, route export
• Odometer export with IFTA Fuel Tax Report Requirements
• Efficiently uses cellular data which results in very low data usage (1 gig/month, see Help section to learn how to use even less).
• via points
• Dispatch routes directly from your browser to your phone. Use
• Talk while navigating
• Enhanced night mode
• Free Updates
• One-time payment, there are no recurring fees.

Free APIs for developers.

Refund Policy:
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the application you can request a refund within 48 hours of your download and specify the reason for the refund request.

Want a Free Trial? Email: [email protected]
Company based in Boston, MA
Download SmartTruckRoute now for safe, reliable, truck GPS routing and navigation.


New Settings under POIs
Show current road default
Automatic IFTA transfer from device to device.
VIA announcements
Better reporting weight station Open/Close
Adjusted entries to depots
Custom Colors for Lane Assist
Picture in Picture mode Settings->General->Picture in Picture Mode
Speed Cameras with warnings

to in search bar including lat and long


4 comentarios en "SmartTruckRoute 2 Navigation FULL"

  1. jon cornelius dice:

    I would give this app 5 stars but giving 3. This app worked great until the last update. Now when it runs in the background, it will not keep track of mileage and I used it to keep track of individual state mileage as well. I have emailed support 4 times with no fix or response to this issue which is extremely frustrating as I paid for subscription. Thinking of uninstalling.

  2. Robert Piatkowski dice:

    I’ve been using this app since September 2019. I have over 330k miles on this app and been through quite a few updates and keeps on getting better every time. I don’t use the satellite view while navigating because it uses too much data. I use the satellite just when I enter an address so I can get a general idea or the area I’m going to. This app has been on point every destination I have gone to. It’s the best $62 I spend every year.

  3. Heather Bahney dice:

    This has been my go to GPS for two years. Overall I really think it’s one of the best there is. I finally found the weak spot for this app though. For some reason in El Paso Texas this app is basically unusable. It will try to take you on non existing streets thru residential areas. I had problems with both my delivery directions and the directions to my shipper the next day.

  4. Aristotle Rhodes dice:

    No truck GPS is perfect but this is my main one! I was using smart truck route 1 then switched to 2 when it was released. I was saving my points to get a Rand and a Garmin because I didnt want to pay for one out of pocket and was paying a monthly subscription for the smart truck route app before I switched to the 3 year subscription. Long story short its worth the money and I been using the up since its release date. I’m going to do a YouTube video comparing the 3 and to me STR2 is the best!

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