Parclick – Find and Book Parking Spaces MODDED 2022

Search for and book discount parking spaces near you. Download now! 🅿
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Parclick lets you search for and find parking spaces in over 250 cities in Europe. What are you waiting for? Download now and save up to 70% on your parking. With the Parclick app, parking your car, motorbike or van in any location is cheap and easy.

Are you tired of going to a new city and spending hours looking for somewhere to park? With Parclick, you can find a car park wherever you want, tailored to your schedule and for the best possible price. Forget driving round in circles looking for somewhere to park!

Parclick is simple and intuitive: find your location using the GPS finder or search for a destination using the app, choose between special offers on car parks in your area and book your parking space directly from the app. You only need your booking code to enter and park your vehicle (car, motorcycle, van, minivan, etc.) for hours or days.

How can I use the Parclick app 🤔

✔ Choose where you want to book and your parking dates 🚗

Let the app find your location using the GPS finder or search for a street, city or point of interest, and select how long you want to park your vehicle for. Just like that, you can select the best offers available on parking spaces across the map. And if you’re traveling by train, boat, or plane, the app can help you find car park deals at airports, ports and stations too.

✔ Choose from a huge number of available affordable car parks 🅿

Parclick offers hundreds of parking spaces to cater to your every need: 24-hour access, suitable for all kinds of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, vans, etc.), surveillance systems, etc.

✔ Select, book and receive your access code 🎫

Sign up, register your vehicle and select your preferred payment method. Once you’ve chosen your car park, you’ll receive a booking number to present at your destination. The app lets you manage all your bookings and uses the GPS finder to locate your chosen car park. Book as far in advance as you like!

✔ Park in hundreds of cities across Europe 👌

Parclick offers parking spaces in European countries like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, and many more. Don’t waste time looking for somewhere to park: easily book a parking space in advance and forget about driving around in circles looking for somewhere to car park.

Where can I use Parclick? 🗺

– Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Naples, Bari…
– Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Cádiz…
– France: Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Reims, Metz…
– Portugal: Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Coimbra…
– Other European cities: Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Basel and many more.

Parclick is a free app that lets you save up to 70% at over 1400 car parks across Europe. With Parclick, you can filter results by price and distance from your location. Parclick offers flexibility for drivers who need parking spaces tailored to their needs.

The app suggests special offers for local events, monthly subscriptions with discounts and access to Multiparking passes that let you park in different car parks in the same city. Find a car park near you and book your space in advance, whatever your vehicle (car, van, motorbike, minivan, etc.). Find Parclick in over 250 European cities, with over 1400 car parks available!

Forget the lost pennies under your couch cushions. Stop running desperately after parking meters, like Captain Ahab after Moby Dick.

At the start of the year, we gave you the possibility of paying parking meters in Barcelona. We also promised you that soon there would be more cities available. We like to keep our word so, here it is: now you can use our app to pay for the SER area of Boadilla del Monte! Stay tuned for more cities 😉

Still don’t have Parclick on your phone? Download the app for free and discover the cheap and easy way to park!


This update includes a few small performance improvements and several bug fixes.

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Easy access to car park offers in 280 cities

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4 comentarios en "Parclick – Find and Book Parking Spaces MODDED 2022"

  1. Alex Itcus dice:

    SCAM The parking was closed, I had to find parking for a hour at 1 in the morning after 10 hours drive. The number shown by parkclick is just a robot in Spanish, nobody there. LE: yeah, right.

  2. Rick ter Haar dice:

    Terrible app for parking in Italy, we used it 3 times all of them went with trouble.

  3. Daniel Boluda dice:

    Extremely expensive and slow service. I needed 4 hours and the app forced me to pay 7 in advance. I finally used 3,5 and no refund was granted. If you pay yourself at parking premises instead of using the app you will save big money. Moreover when leaving the parking the parking guy had to call to Parclick in order to check the reservation codes and it turned to be a very slow process. When paying myself it was always quick. Worse service and more expensive. What’s the value for this app????

  4. Mauno Pihelgas dice:

    Better than nothing, but the app showed that I was in a free street parking zone in Pedralbes, Barcelona, but I still got 90EUR ticket 😬

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