Park ATX – Street parking in Austin MODDED 2022


No more coins. This is how parking should be. 🚗
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Pay, extend, and manage your parking session with just a few taps. It’s easy!

Pay on the go
Pay quickly and securely with your smartphone.
– Didn’t need as much time as you thought? Stop your parking session early and only pay for the time you need.
– Forget refilling the meter in the rain or braving the cold.

No price surprises
See when parking rates will change in the future – even when there’s free parking!
– Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session.
– Expenses made easy, manage your parking history through the mobile app.

Stress-free parking
Get alerts when your parking session is about to end.
– Stop worrying about how much time is left on the meter, we have you covered.

No need to rush
Add time to your parking session directly from your phone.*
– Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn’t. Simply extend your parking session via our app.

Get started today
1. Download the Park ATX app
2. Park where you see Park ATX app signs
3. Pay for your parking session from your phone
4. Relax, welcome to parking as it should be.

Coming soon
The Park ATX app is not done yet! We’re constantly updating the app based on your feedback.

App Permissions
– Location Services (optional): Used to quickly provide nearby parking zones.

*where applicable


Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


40 comentarios en "Park ATX – Street parking in Austin MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a good app premise, but the execution is horrendous. It has trouble recognizing what zone you’re near, so they need to fix their GPS mapping. The biggest frustration is managing payment methods. It “tries” to be smart but it prevents you from switching between multiple payment methods to reload, and it only allows a $10 minimum reload. I don’t park here enough and should be able to just pay the actual fee. If they get rid of that stupid idea, it’d be a good app.

  2. The app works well for what it does but you can’t directly pay with a card. You have to add at least $20 to your “wallet” in the app and then pay with that. And if you don’t have the code from the street you parked on your only option is to go back and get the code (which completely circumvents the app as you could just use the meter at that point). All in all I’m just salty about the city of Austin’s parking system. Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  3. This app does not work properly. Charged my wallet 3 times for the same session in one day. You can’t prepay in the morning for parking if you arrive early. It also charges a fee to use the app. Edit 4/1/19 I have added another star. Customer service contacted me promptly after i sent them a message. They are processing a refund for the parking sessions. I am grateful for the quick response and resolution.

  4. Half the time it won’t recognize that I’m near a zone even when I’m parked directly next to the pay station. It’s a crapshoot whether or not it actually notifies me that my parking is ending. A couple of weeks ago I got a ticket that specifically noted that I wasn’t paid up through the app even though I have receipts so I can’t even be sure that it reports when you’ve paid correctly. On top of all this they hit me with $90 in charges yesterday to correct an error on their end from July.

  5. Used this app and still got a parking ticket (three minutes later). Seems unkind that ParkX won’t help at all, even though they must have close relationship with the city. It would cost more in time to dispute the ticket with the court, so I ended up paying twice (parking fee + ticket). Bummer. I wanted this app to work.

  6. admin fee! well show me it as I pay. how absurd to see this 25% fee added to my purchase. OK, I only spent a $1.00, but parking isn’t that pricey most of the time. What a scam city of Austin has gotten us into again. Oh, you have to keep a balance on the app. So easy to forget this, and now to have to pay a 25% ransom fee to access my funds?! 1too bad for visitors to our fair city too. They’ll likely just lose any excess funds to the app. For me, just going to start keeping change in my car

  7. This app looks kinda nice, but it’s an overly complicated process to just pay for parking. The worst issue is that the location never works. Most of the time it won’t let me actually select the area where my car is parked. It somehow shows 12 other zones in the city, but not the one I’m actually in.

  8. The user interface for this app is awful. The hierarchy of fonts needs to be improved and the parking location code numbers are awfully long. The previous design, when it was ParkX, was much better and the codes to use were much simpler. It feels like an engineer redesigned an app that used to work wonderfully.

  9. After the updates the app is unreliable with glitches causing duplicate charges. Not only are you charged twice for the same parking but also charged twice to refill the “wallet.” This has happened to me and other co-workers. Even though the charges show up on the app history when I reached out to the app support to cancel the duplicate charge I was told the funds were already used and to contact my local operator for support. Save yourself the headache and pay at the meter.

  10. The worst. Austin made the zones so confusing you have to use an app to pay. new app constantly shows notifications you can’t dismiss, long after your session is over. need to accept tos every time you open the app. Dark patterns to trick you into getting a ticket.

  11. This app is being advertised all over Austin as being an upgrade to the other app Park X. This is more of a downgrade than anything. There is no map anywhere on their website or on their app that shows the Zonenumbers. I guarantee you this is Austin working with a private company in cahoots to figure out ways to make sure people get tickets. I typed in zone number and it did not even remember it. This is done by Design. I know what you’re thinking. I should have taken a picture.Makeamap

  12. It’d be great if the geolocation works. The zone of my location was never populated. I had to click on every zone numbers presented in the app until I found the one with an address nearest to my car. (I did not know the zone numbering has changed since the last time I used the app and thought that I knew the zone number of where I was. )

  13. This app does not work. Have tried it with more than one credit card with plenty of available credit line on them, keeps giving an error. A friend prepaid for parking credits some kind of way online, and then the app wont honor the unused credits that are specifically for meter parking in Austin. This app is useless and a waste of time.

  14. Good idea but terrible execution. Almost impossible to add more funds to wallet, and email to support address goes unanswered. Unfortunately, it is easier to just pay at the box…Austin deserves better than this app.

  15. This app is total garbage and leaves me so frustrated every single time I try to use it. The user interface and lag is terrible. Takes me forever to figure out how to load my wallet with money and it wont let me select specific cards to use. The city needs to hire an actual designer to create this app.

  16. This is actually the best designed UX in a phone app I have ever experienced. Everything works ideally, from adding vehicles and cards as you get your parking space to the tiles on the home screen for active parking sessions. This thing just works. Big kudos to the UX designer for making things just work and keeping it simple.

  17. No notification when session expires; used to have a notification and honk sound. Warning that you’re about to replenish your wallet funds has been removed, so it’ll charge your card without receiving authorization. Additionally there is no alarm warning when the zone is about to be requiring payment. If you park early in the morning, you are not allowed to pre-pay for when the zone becomes active. There should at least be an alarm that will remind you when it is time to pay. So annoying.

  18. “Between the dates of 7/24/19 – 9/6/19 an issue occurred within the Park ATX App that prevented some users’ credit or debit cards from being charged when adding funds to their wallet accounts. With the issue corrected, we now need to charge your card for the funds that were added to your account during this period but not actually charged at the time and will do so in the coming days.” Its Yalls fault! Why should we have to pay for yalls error! Total garbage.

  19. This app is a pain in the Ausstin. 30 minutes to get the app registered. Unable to apply redemption codes, crashed several times during setup, wallet setup is extremely difficult, and frankly I think $12 to park for 4 hours is ridiculous.

  20. A pretty app—if it only worked. Payments wouldn’t go though on several different cards. Should add the capability to edit vehicle and payment info without having to quit the session and go into the menu.

  21. I absolutely despise this app ever since it switched from parkx to park atx a few months ago. it went from single digit zone numbers to a 5+number zones, it’s less user friendly and send to no longer alert me when my time is expiring. 100% terrible changes to this app across the board

  22. Spent the time to set the app up with my info including 2 major credit cards. When I got to the end and chose my form of payment the app said those forms of payment wouldn’t work for this location. WHAT A WAIST OF TIME!

  23. I’ve started getting more frequent spam texts since I signed up. no idea about the service. i use a nickname, except where money might be involved. 3 hours after I signed up, I started getting spam texts using my real first name. convinced me that I don’t want the app that bad… and I can use the exercise. I gave 3 stars to give an average fair rating.

  24. Absolutely terrible update. No warning notifications that your sessions is about to expire, no early morning pre-pay options, no notifications that they’re recharging your “wallet”, and no recourse if you get the zone number wrong. All around sucks.

  25. $10 minimum purchase for my “wallet” and convenience fees to use the app? Exactly whom is this convenient for? Certainly not me. I would have gladly put some quarters in the meter and been on my way. The city really loves milking its residents.

  26. F J dice:

    Price to park downtown went from $1 to $1.25 to $2 per hour rather quickly and expanded to include Wednesdays. Greedy liberal city council likes to keep increasing price for no reason besides gouging people. The signs with the 5 digit code also need to be made more visible / reflective from the car and streets especially in the dark. The app is ok but needs to be more user friendly.

  27. It used to work great when it was the old version (ParkX, I think it was called). Now it won’t accept any of my cards for payment. Back to the old school method of carrying around quarters, I guess.

  28. literally useless. location doesn’t work. parked in 3 zones till one I manually entered existed in the app and was recognized. Then when I tried to pay it didn’t recognize a single normal debit or credit card we entered. literally a broken useless app

  29. They charge you more to use the app than to just buy a ticket at the pay station, and when you have a ticket from the pay station, you can park anywhere in the city until it runs out. With the app, if you move your car you pay again.

  30. Payment didn’t work for me, said my (visa credit) card was not accepted here. The UI is super confusing. A convenience fee? I guess parking meters are free as they don’t have one.

  31. Worst app ever. I already have a wallet set up. But as soon as I enter the validation code, it asks me to setup another wallet. And after clicking “setup wallet”, it takes back to the home screen. Money stuck in wallet = money wasted.

  32. This app is much more convenient than traditional paying. On the other hand there are too many verification steps. Often i will think i have paid, close my phone then 30 minutes later realize i didn’t confirm that i want to pay.

  33. Would be awesome if it worked half the time. Almost always have a problem with bugs in the app. One time it tried to charge me 567 dollars to park for 4 weeks. I only wanted to park for a couple hours.

  34. Works as advertised. Only gripe is that it needs a map. There’s been a few times I payed at the meter and needed to add time but had no idea what my zone was.

  35. Never could get it to work. PIN entry issues but if I killed it and started over I was in using the pin that didn’t work! Never got a map of the zones. I am assuming it was supposed to be a map.

  36. William dice:

    The bad rating is because you have to setup a wallet in the app with a $10 minimum instead of just a using Google Wallet or GPAY. The parking charge was $7 but the minimum the app would accept was $10.

  37. I’ve tries to use it 3x time and it’s trash. I’m currently parked right next to a stuoid meter and this thing still doesn’t recognize where I am. It’s telling me the zone is “invalid.” Fantastic.

  38. Charged me 5 times in the last two days $50.00 dollars worth of credit but shows ¢.35 balance. Unable to contact to resolve. Parking history and Google timeline proves I was no where near a parking booth. Double check your transaction history with card on file. Removed card and I will uninstall. Very disappointed

  39. Won’t let me use any of my credit cards (AMEX and Visa). Kept giving an error over and over again. Credit card worked fine at the meter pay station on the sidewalk though.

  40. This app and how Austin city has handled digitalizing their entire parking system just rock. I have used Houston’s as well and it abhorrently sucks compared to this, this is clean, easy and very straight forward. A+ on UX and UI.

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