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Getting the fastest delivery routes is easier than ever.

Optimize for the shortest routes, avoid traffic and delays, and quickly find packages in your vehicle with Circuit Route Planner, the easiest delivery driver app for couriers.

With over 150 Million deliveries optimized and over 1 Million downloads, Circuit Route Planner is the world’s easiest routing app.

Features on the Circuit routing app include:

✔️ Optimize your delivery routes to avoid traffic & backtracking, & finish an hour early.

✔️ Tell Circuit Route Planner where a package is in your vehicle & get notified at the stop so you can quickly find it.

✔️ Choose your preferred GPS, including Google Maps, HEREWeGo, and Waze.

✔️ Find and add destinations fast using accurate address, zip code, or voice search in the driver app.

✔️ Mark priority delivery stops to do them at the start of your route.

✔️ Set time windows for packages to deliver on schedule.

✔️ Choose the length of time you want to spend at each stop.

✔️ Get instant and accurate estimated arrival times.

From finding the shortest routes to helping you to avoid traffic and backtracking, Circuit Route Planner can get you home an hour earlier. Whether you’re a courier, a delivery driver, or a retailer looking to start your delivery logistics, Circuit will help make delivery easy.

Enjoy quickly adding multi-stop delivery addresses in just three taps on the easiest delivery driver app. Add a list of addresses in minutes, get the fastest routes in seconds.

Get optimized courier routes for unlimited stops in a few minutes.
Got a long list of stops? Let Circuit Route Planner handle the task – don’t spend hours mapping the shortest route; optimize for the fastest delivery routes in seconds.

Change in your schedule? Delivery logistics can be hard to predict. With Circuit Route Planner, you can easily add, delete or reoptimize multiple stops while on your route. Including hands-free voice entry to save even more time.

Need to drop a package at a particular time? Circuit Route Planner has a time window and priority setting to make sure you arrive at your destination on schedule.

Navigate your preferred way. You can use Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, and HEREWeGo. Seamless switching from navigation to order details saves time and effort.

Behind on your package route? Circuit gives you instant estimated arrival times for every stop. Circuit Route Planner can replan your route to avoid traffic and delays, so your arrival times are always optimized and up-to-date.

Why choose Circuit Route Planner?

Circuit uses advanced technology that combines your current traffic conditions with the most up to date map data to plan and optimize your fastest and shortest routes.

Tell Circuit where and when to start your delivery route, add the list of stops you need to make, and Circuit handles the rest. It’ll decide the best stop order that avoids traffic and prevents backtracking, so you’ll finish your delivery route as fast as possible.

Solve all your potential routing problems with the Circuit app. It gives estimated arrival times for your planned route. If you’re behind schedule, Circuit can reoptimize the remainder of your course to avoid traffic and delays, so your arrival times are constantly optimized and up to date.

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40 comentarios en "Circuit Route Planner MODDED 2022"

  1. I’ll change it back to 5 stars once this is fixed, because this app is amazing, been using it for almost two years 🙂 With the new update I’m not able to switch the order of the stops without it re-optimizing everytime. I understand wanting to have the path there, but being a delivery driver with upwards of 200 stops a day, I need it to be quick when I’m reordering stops. Also, the ability to reorder stops from the list would be absolutely amazing.

  2. It does what it says it does, Problem it has a setting only for delivery drivers, not for people who have to work with multiple locations for their jobs who aren’t actually delivering. The next day when I want to continue the trip from the previous day, from a different address and time the app stays locked in on the previous day. It won’t reoptimize with new start and end time, forcing me to end previous route and start over. Uninstalling……

  3. Does not choose the quickest route. I bring packages from the same hospital to the same fed ex everyday. One day I decided to use google maps instead and their route cut my time in half! So the next day I did another experiment on a different daily delivery and google maps cut that one in half too. Even though circuit uses google maps something must get lost in translation because plain old google maps is still way more efficient & free!

  4. Horrible. The second time I used it, entered all the information the day before the route and had it ready to go. That morning they turned on an ad to upgrade to the $20 plan, with no way to remove it from the screen! It blocked the entire view of the route! The whole route was useless! Wasted my time and still ended up using paper! Trash. Find something else.

  5. d-jemme dice:

    I organized a yearly book drive at my college to get books to incarcerated people and circuit makes picking up the off-campus donations from the surrounding community so much quicker and efficient. I Googled looking for something like this. my only beef is that the app-to-map is a bit clumsy and I wound up with a variety of ways things were being displayed, actually wound up having pull over to navigate between apps at one point, but it still saved me so much time and effort. glad to have it.

  6. This app is phenomenal!!! I occasionally need to drop off work for projects. I never thought I needed it until last night. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes! Very easy to use and intuitive. The only issue I had is the connection with Waze suddenly sent me through Alleys to reach my destination. I never drive through Chicago alleys! I just canceled in Waze and entered the address myself. As far as I’m concerned it’s still a five-star app!

  7. When I tried to use this app first stops were extremely easy to set up, but i noticed a flaw. If the map dosen’t have a house number it will not add it to the route but instead find the closest house that does and add that instead. If there is a newly built house then it won’t add correctly and you cant move the pin. If there was a way to manually set a pin instead of automatically “correcting” it this app would easliy get 5 stars, but this makes it hard to use effectively. Please fix this!!

  8. Awful experience. Got my route all messed up and out of order when “optimized”. The $20 for a monthly subscription is horrid. It’s not even worth $5 just to own it. Should be free, and even then I wouldn’t use it. On top of all that, it uses other apps just to map things. Just use Google Maps and save money and time.

  9. Used to be fine, recent update added huge mistakes. A recent update makes it so when it starts routing through Waze it uses GPS instead if the address this now often makes it so I’m taken to the wrong side of houses or businesses which adds anywhere from 5 to 20 minute detours trying to get to the proper place. This never happens when I type in the address only when Circuit routes it out and this only started last week

  10. The app works great, really helps plan my delivery route in a strategic manner. My only note, is I would like to be able to search an address in my existing stops in the “edit route” tab. For instance, if I was delivering a box to Walmart and had forgotten to mark that stop “ASAP”, it would save a lot of time to be able to search the address in my existing stops, instead of locating it by scrolling through all my stops. If I could see that happen, I would have absolutely no complaints.

  11. Very impressed! I have been looking for an app that will help me organize the businesses I do audits for. I don’t always know the areas well so I found myself going back and forth killing my gas. this app makes it quick and easy to find the best route saving you time and money. 4 instead of 5 stars because, with my work (micro jobs) the $20 a month subscription for unlimited stops is a bit exorbitant. I could see $8-10 but even that is pushing it, when I pay $6 a month for streaming music.

  12. Great app. I work with DHL and it does exactly what I had hoped; timely routing and user friendly. I have actually turned 3 of my employees to the app and they equally enjoy it! It would be nice if the next stop automatically set itself, instead of having to do it manually. But that is my only complaint so far. 😉 *edited to add*** they did add a drop down feature from the notification panel on your phone to select the next stop, which is much easier than switching back and forth between apps.

  13. The app is clean, simple, and streamlined. In my experience, it can easily handle over 50+ deliveries in one day, without missing a beat.I highly recommend this app. It organizes addresses in a way to save time. To get a more accurate ETA, put in a realistic time it takes you at each stop, and stick to that time. I would have to say that it look me a bit to get my orders inputted, and organized in the correct order in my vehicle, but once I started driving, and let the app take control, I was able to turn off my brain and just drive from stop to stop. It was seamless and almost flawless. My only complaint about the app is that occasionally, Google Maps and Circuit didn’t communicate to each other very well when a stop was completed. I would hit done on Maps, and then nothing else would happen. Circuit for some reason didn’t get the memo to move automatically to the next stop. My work around for this was to enter the route list, and then manually hit start on the next stop. Then we were back to rolling through the stops again. This was a minor annoyance, and didn’t effect my views on the time savings this app provided. When I was doing over 10+ stops a day, I felt this app was worth the money.

  14. Very easy to plug in addresses and optimize. The problem is that my very first route I ever plugged in takes me under a four lane highway where there is no road, making the whole route useless. The directions are vague on how to report the specific map error. I would really like to get this corrected so I can use this daily or I will have to cancel the error is in an area I go through regularly.

  15. It works great. Definitely saves time, but sometimes it would be nice to move houses around because the directions are wrong, then when I make the correct one the next stop it doesn’t always reoptimize correctly, it will just put that one house first and keep the rest the same. Also if you stop a route in the middle and pickup the next day it doesn’t change the times if you switch the beginning point and time.

  16. Great app, unrealistic pricing. $20.00 a month for unlimited stops or $10.00 for 200/month??? 200 a month?! That’s 6 stops a day. there are so many apps on the market that allow more than that for free trial usage that’s an asinine price and completely unrealistic. App was good but not worth $20 a month. Might as well go buy a GPS and get the program to upload your own routes for the one time of $60. if the price comes down I’ll try it again other than that don’t waste your time.

  17. Jimmy San dice:

    The app is exactly what I needed to optimized various routes for people who drive for a living, a very important feature that Google map lacks. The app is very intuitive and fast in calculation, and the routes are saved so you wont need to dig them up again. I have not seen any ads so far, so I highly recommend it. The only bug I have came across so far is when the set departure time is not changed in the routes. I would also suggest the option to skip ahead. Other than that, excellent work.

  18. I had no need for the route optimization feature but this app proved to be extremely useful when I needed someone to cover my route. it allowed for someone who did not know my routes to easily be able to cover for me while I was on vacation. I just entered the addresses of the delivery locations in the order that they must be visited. all he had to do was hit done after each stop and it would automatically begin navigating to the next stop. Great idea!

  19. c5cpe dice:

    Argh! Don’t know what reason/who changed things, but I promoted this app to all my tardy associates, like it was my product. For the past month or so, I couldn’t use it over wifi, and it stays on real time. I had to cross reference my travel time on another site and Circuit’s time was off by 30min. I used to be able to set my depart time the night before to get the best possible result to leave efficiently, but not now. It was a game changer when I first got it. Please repair/fix what you had.

  20. Pretty good app. Should be an option on Google Maps for free IMO. I pay for the subscription. I own a mobile business that I need to go around to different shops asking for their business plus I need to keep track of the last time I was there. I use Mapline to input flags so I can visually see the area, then copy and paste those addresses into circuit to optimize my day of driving. ONE app would be amazing instead of Mapline, Circuit, Google Maps. Couple things I’d fix: Make adding notes much better. It’s ridiculous we need to go back into the “edit” screen where my routes are out of optimum order. Plus if I have multiple stops with the same name (Great Clips, Petco, etc.) its a pain to figure out which address I’m at. I need to remember who I talked to, and bullet points of what was talked about/should/when I stop there again. Make an App that I can open on my Windows computer. Easier to make my routes and all that with a Keyboard and 5x larger screen to see where I can divide my routes up.

  21. Excellent, especially for new guys on service routes. Allows you to save routes (addresses in a specific area) for future selection with your own naming convention. Simply input addresses, select a starting point if desired, and let the app optimize your route. I don’t need the timing feature but it seems handy. Also, there is an option for an end point (optional). And this is my first day using the app. Thumbs Up!

  22. The app is nice. The features on the app and the fact that it’s automatically optimizes the route to go from destination to destination in the fastest order and accounting for traffic and time of day is also nice. However for someone like me who uses it for my second job, $20 a month just is not cost-effective to me. Especially since I can take 20 extra minutes out of my day and put 20 addresses in MapQuest and it’ll do the same thing for me. The convenience is nice, but not $20 a month nice

  23. I had to make a one time delivery to 10 places in NYC for work. This was a last minute job and I needed to leave immediately because traffic to the city is getting worse (rush hour(s) approaching). Before the delivery, on my android phone, I searched on the Play store route optimizer or something like that. Circuit Route planner showed up I downloaded it, and needed to put in all the addresses immediately. This app as soon as you download it gives you a 15s video on how to use the app. That is AMAZING. Spot on for knowing your audience. After watching the video, and entering a address it tells you in very simple words, we use google maps for each route, so come back to this app and press done. All clearly labeled. Never used software like this, and its UI and user friendly design is simply unmatched. Once I saw this, I unfortunately hit a pay wall. In most cases, this would make me leave the app. However, after seeing how easy I learned the app. I didn’t even care if I had to pay for a month. It was 7 days free I believe then $19.99 a month. Instead of going to a potentially free app, and wasting more time. I sticked it out. It was so easy to setup the payment. 2 taps. I can’t recommend how amazing this app is. Just to give a wonderful story for it.

  24. Absolutely Terrific App ! Was visiting Atlanta, looking to move there, wanted to drive around all over looking at dozens of neighborhoods, about 12-15 a day. Entered addresses of homes for sale and hit Optimize tab and BOOM all were synced up. While this is exactly what this app is supposed to do, I have used other apps, but had problems. Circuit was completely fluid, easy to use, easy to understand, was terrific. Use this one people ! Thanks Circuit for a Terrific App Michael

  25. Very intuitive. works well. My 1st 50-stop route was near-perfect in terms of efficiency and minimal back-tracking. Errors were all mine–mostly initially picking the wrong address from the addresses presented, realizing my error halfway to the destination, and hitting “Done” when I really meant to “Start” navigation to the next stop. The moral: READ the button before you click it! All-in-all, a very solid app, well-worth the monthly fee.

  26. I use this on my food pantry delivery volunteer route. What sets it apart from others is that you can set your end destination, so the route ends where I want to go after my shift. But a new route always defaults to the end destination I put in the first time I used it and I can’t find a way to change the default. I list client phone numbers and primary language in the notes section, to call when arriving. I wish there were a way to save entries, though, for repeat clients.

  27. I prefer the interface, but the app isn’t efficient. For reference, I am a courier. I make 40+ stops in a single route. Putting in an end destination is useless. The app has repeatedly chosen a bad final stop before my end destination. For instance, yesterday it was making me finish in a city 40+ miles from my end destination when there were other stops in my route less than 30 miles away from where I wanted to finish. Also, it sometimes won’t send me to the nearest next destination

  28. Not even close to worth $20/month. This app is worth at most $5 as a one time payment. There are so many bugs. It is extremely frustrating to use. I used this app as a personal vehicle driver for UPS over the holiday season because Google Maps only lets you create a route with 10 stops. While Circuit seemed like a life saver when I first found it, it turned out to be a nightmare as a delivery driver. The point of the app is to save time, but it makes you back track like crazy. Pain in my ass.

  29. I used it once on a trial for a day when I had to go all over town with deliveries and errands. It made it easier for sure, and if this were something I needed more than once in a blue moon, I’d definitely keep it but $20/month is just too expensive. I’d also like to be able to see the details (i.e., mileage) after the trip but I was unable to find it. Great for those whose job it is to make sales calls.

  30. The app is designed well, but the only problem I have is with them, is that they like to change their monthly price every so often. I still had a remaining subscription that was paid for. But when they decided to change their price to 19.99 I couldn’t access any features, I was basically forced to pay when I had already paid a month ago to keep using the app. I’d be nice if they would send an email or something letting you know their price is about to change.

  31. This app was absolutely terrific and it worked perfectly during my 7-day trial. But as soon as the trial period was over and $20 was drafted from my account, I conveniently started having issues. For whatever reason, I can no longer speak my addresses into the search bar. And manually typing them in only works sometimes. Update: maybe it was just a bug in the system or something, but today the app seems to be doing what I’m paying for it to do. 5 Stars!

  32. using with Google maps and it get the GPS location of your stops but it does not account for detours and closed bridges. The routes are not logical if there is a road closure so Google Maps just runs with it having to travel down the same road twice is 8 and 9 miles per. running from one end of a road and back 2 or three times. it should check mapping data with closings and traffic. I work areas that are unknown to me. Having to backtrack to find a way around is getting old.

  33. Option to purchase a subscription pops up and ruins use of the app. Otherwise the app is great for plotting points on a route but the $20/mo subscription is a rip off (uses Google maps, which is free, for routing and optimization). The only reason this app appeals to me at this point is because it allows you to plot more than 10 points at a time. I think a one time purchase price for the app would be realistic, and maybe a cheaper subscription option for the ‘teams’ function.

  34. Great product. I used it when I was doing property preservation work. Days I did grass cuts, inspections, or snow removal I could have 10 to 20 stops a day all over the state so this made my life much easier. In property prez work you need to be flexible too. This app lets you add and remove stops at any time. This is a VER, VERY GOOD APP. I used it every day and can say the price is worth it as of 2018.

  35. Honestly, it’s useful for my work. The clear and detailed map helps me to locate the houses and the businesses exactly. Therefore I can save the delivery time of my route. However, the negative point is I can’t edit the address. I have to delete the wrong address and type a new one. So if you can solve that problem, the app will be greater.

  36. THIS AMAZING APP ! won’t deny! needs to improve! subscription prices need go lower $20 per month is a bit expensive unless you can make the app better. meaning making sure app moves on to the next stop without clicking on it. Making sure both platforms have importing sheetz. Making sure that addresses that do exist can be searched for! I have encounter cases where I’m force to eliminate the address because it doesn’t show within the results.

  37. Wow so incredibly efficient. I am impressed by the app. I did a free trial and didn’t need it past the one day but it allows you to optimize the route. I put in 88 addresses and was able to do them faster than the 40 I did on my own the day before. It also lets you specify a car side to make it even more efficient. Realized this after bur still really cool. Cool app

  38. Pretty cool, actually. At first, i didn’t get any permission request for it to work its magic but once it did, it worked exactly as I expected. It calculated quickest route included times i spent on each location and when i hit DONE for each, it allowed me to begin a new Google Maps session with one button. SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

  39. I love Circuit. It saved the day. I was asked to do a bus route in a part of town I’m fairly new to. I took the job because I needed the money. I 1st tried age old MapQuest but the app claimed I entered the addresses wrongly, without a remedy to resolve my error. So I searched for an app that provided route planning. And wala, Circuit popped up on 1st search. Long story short. I was able to list as many addresses as needed. It was much easier. Google maps navigated to each home in timely order.

  40. just started and seems wonderful. But being able to manually change the order of the stops would be more beneficial then setting times or priorities. i have sometimes over 100 stops. visually seeing on the map how i would run and changing based on that is quicker then having to go back and forth setting a time. thank you for creating something like this especially when its time consuming just to sit and route.

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