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Install TomTom AmiGO at no cost and enjoy an ad-free navigation experience! Your new intelligent driving companion will show you the best ways around live traffic, speed cameras*, and hazards. Get ready for a hassle-free drive 🥳

• Speed Camera Warnings: know your average speed and drive within speed limits with fixed and mobile speed camera alerts* 👮‍️
• Real-time Traffic Alerts: avoid blocked and closed roads and get an update when the traffic jam ahead of you is slow-moving ⚠️
• Easy Navigation: pinpoint incidents on the map and navigate with clear guidance 🚙
• Android Auto: follow navigation from your car’s display on a larger screen 👀
• Trusted Arrival Times: Proprietary maps, coming from 20+ years of experience, provide you the most accurate traffic information.
• Ad-free: focus on the road – no interruptions 😍
• Privacy-focused: your data is always protected – we will never sell your data or serve ads ✅
• Beautiful Interface: visual guidance of the maps and instructions to all your destinations.
• Drive to your Calendars & Contacts: search for the addresses stored on your phone straight through AmiGO.
• Report Incidents: share radar, jam, hazards, and more traffic updates with other drivers 🔔
• Auto start/stop via Bluetooth connection: get alerts and instructions through your car speakers with the hands-free protocol.
• Overlay Mode: see speed camera* and traffic updates with AmiGO’s widget, even when you don’t need navigation.
• Simple Lane Guidance: follow easy instructions and the route bar for turn-by-turn navigation.

Join the millions of drivers enjoying ad-free navigation with TomTom AmiGO! 💙

· The use of this app is governed by the Terms and Conditions at
· Additional laws, regulations, and local restrictions may apply. You use this app at your own risk.
*The Speed Camera Services must only be used in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country where you are driving. This functionality is specifically prohibited in some countries/jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to comply with such laws before driving and activating the services. You can enable and disable Speed Camera warnings on AmiGO. Learn more at:


Introducing Enhanced Visual Cues with this update: a feature that is not only tailored to helping drivers who are hard of hearing, but any driver who doesn’t like having to turn down the volume to hear their navigation instructions better.👂 Curious? Update AmiGO now to try it out! 🚙


40 comentarios en "TomTom AmiGO – GPS Navigation MOD 2022"

  1. I read an article and was excited to try this app out. I was immediately disappointed as the local bodies of water in our area are not labeled correctly. For example, the town reservoir is labeled as a local creek that is over 3 miles from the reservoir and does not connect to it in any way. Makes me wonder what other information being displayed is inaccurate. I will go back to Google Maps and wait for a better alternative sadly.

  2. It has a few things missing: 1) it doesn’t tell you where police are or have a way to mark where they are, 2) you can’t look at the route after you planned it, and 3) the multiple routes shown don’t have a listing of what roads you will be using, i.e. major interstates such as I-85, I-285, etc, 3) The speed limit on the road that you’re traveling is either not shown or needs to be much larger, and 4) there are only two selections for voices, male or female. Please add more voices.

  3. Jose Ruiz dice:

    Very nice. It does remind me a lot of Waze, in the very best way with real-time speed, and reporting. However, It does not have a way to report police presence like Waze. Essentially, the gimmick of Waze is that you could potentially look ahead at speed traps so you don’t get a ticket… But in the big picture, the feature is really is about safety. #1 Encouraging drivers to drive a reasonable speed. #2 moving over to give police space on the shoulder in highways which is law in some states.

  4. Works well, and I want to try it more, but if I switch from that to my music app, I get a notification sound every mile that I have a turn in x miles that plays across my car. It stops giving me the sound for the notification when I switch back to Amigo. I only use it on android auto. I don’t know how to fix it so I’m gonna need to try a new app.

  5. Was going to give it 3 stars, until it locked up with 21 miles left on a 500+ mile trip. Passed our exit and had to back track 7 miles. Needs some adjustments. Notifications (multiples sometimes) go off when switching app on Android Auto. Does not resume when you stop at a rest area. Data connection lost covers speedometer. X to cancel navigation should have a confirmation prompt, twice we lost our navigation and had to wait for signal before we could resume. no adding stops or waypoints 🙁

  6. I downloaded the maps for offline use and this mapping doesn’t work with Android Auto AT ALL. I will map somewhere on my phone, pick the route and start. As soon as I connect to Android Auto, the entire route disappears and I’m left with a spinning circle for the whole trip. This mapping app is a complete joke.

  7. Jamie296 dice:

    This is a great app and I use it all the time whilst driving. I do have two suggestions: Make the volume setting stick between sessions, I always have to turn it down a touch every time I turn on the app, it would be nice if it remembered your previous setting. Have an option to not show the “add camera” button in overlay mode, if I am in and out of the car a lot using my phone it is too easy to hit this by accident. Apart from that, excellent, thanks. Huawei P20 Pro

  8. N Mac dice:

    Close to excellent, especially as it works with Android Auto. I particularly like the large speed limit/speedo overlay option, but wish that it always had a dark background. (I have to use Night mode.) It’s an excellent driving aid for city. An annoyance: when Bluetooth on, sound goes to car, even tho I have set it to b only from phone. (No map d/loads, so I keep another app for country when there is no coverage.) In country useful info given. (Voices are provided by the phone & are changeable.)

  9. Use it for speed cameras, love the small overlay which stays on top on other apps. Navigation is poor so I use another app for that. Still giving 5 stars for the speed warning. Update, now use this as my main navigation to destinations I am familiar with, speed cameras and traffic alerts are accurate in England where I live. Navigation is still not as good as G maps for my area, still inaccurate at times. I find the screen nice and clear/uncluttered, so great on the motorbike.

  10. Fantastic. Very clear experience, ESSENTIAL info and details wonderfully presented. Thank you. 🙂 People, the BEAUTIFUL Night Mode (auto/man) is there, too. 🙂 Someone said that the”normal” view is too flat. I strongly disagree. Please don’t change it. 🙂 If you still do, I hope you can then offer a couple of alternative settings. The pop-ups to verify that for example a speed camera is still there are great. We are helping each other. And no, people, you do *not* HAVE to click on them. Monday 23.5.2022: The new Enhanced Visual Cues are BRILLIANT and FUN! 🙂 For the first time since navigation programs were introduced to us, SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW that no-one else has. Well done, TomTom. 🙂

  11. Steve C dice:

    The app appears to try to send notifications to the car audio system as an incoming call when connected via Bluetooth HFP, but there’s no sound at all from the car audio system. Samsung S20 Android 12, 2015 BMW. …… Edit. Thanks for the reply, Harry. ‘Bluetooth HFP’ is turned on in the app (nothing at all happens when in the ‘Off’ position – i.e., no indication of an incoming call on the car display).

  12. Dusan K. dice:

    I can’t see street names any longer, those are very small name stickers on the roads but not above the roads with pointers like it used to be. It is really dangerous trying to read while driving. Map’s been ruined two times. First time in a March or April’s update, but then everything became alright until the latest May’s update which ruined it again… If that was the part of some new visualization, please give us the option to choose between the new or old view. My device screen size is 6,3″

  13. Good basic app for navigation but doesn’t come close to Google Maps or Waze. Can’t even read street names and I didn’t see an option to speak only alerts rather than every turn. It gets the job done but you have no idea even what road you’re on. Good to have alternatives but it needs a ton of work to be seriously considered.

  14. Brilliant easy to use and accurate. The maps and directions are clear and easy to follow. But and this is important, like it’s big brother the biggest failing for the app is when you reach your destination it stops and the display changes, you are left with almost nothing to look at. Please change the app to ensure that you have to cancel. This happens far to often in strange towns where you are left with no directions if you have to drive past and return. Stop the static camera confirmations.

  15. I am having trouble with the night screen. It is showing about an inch above the horizon in a bright grey. I don’t need to see the horizon at night at all. I am also having trouble with the sound as it often turns off. I don’t know why you just can’t lock the sound to the level you want independently of the phone settings. I use the app mostly for Android Auto.

  16. Great app; however, I am having 3 small issues: 1. Whilst stationary the Amigo reads, I’m travelling at speed between 3klm-12klm. I’ve uninstalled the app 4 times to no avail. 2. When I get onto the freeway near home, the app tells me that I’ve completed the fixed speed zone. (I haven’t been driving in a fixed speed zone). It then tells me I’m in a fixed speed zone. 3. Sometimes, the app interferes with other apps. However, overall, the app is really good 👍. Our family uses it every journey

  17. As a free app it’s pretty good. Downsides are 1. the horizon level is way too low so sky takes up half the screen 2. The colours/contrast are very washed out but to be fair all satnav apps seem to be as bad these days. Very poor viewing on bright days 3. Instructions tend to be a little late. 4. The lane guidance is very basic and not easy to view.

  18. Was a brilliant free app and so much better than Google maps when using on Android Auto. I have used daily for over 6 months, but something has gone wrong in the last few days. It now looses my location, thinks I am travelling in the opposite direction tells me to turn when there is no turning, lags behind my actual position and then freezes totally.

  19. Hasan Ali dice:

    Android auto review: The app used to be my favourite. Everything was large and clear on my lower resolution car screen. It was updated as far as I can tell 1-2 weeks ago. They updated the design and now I can’t use it. The roads are a very similar colour to the background and everything seems smaller. Unfortunately having to look elsewhere now. Would have been 5 stars for the previous AA design.

  20. This app is very easy to configure and works extremely well when connected to my cars Bluetooth (connects automatically). I only need the audio warnings of speed and red light cameras, etc and its the best I’ve come across for that, especially considering it’s free and with no ads. Thank you.

  21. The app does a good job finding routes, and lane guidance and ETAs are reasonably accurate. My only minor complaint is with the pronunciation of street names. It doesn’t do well with US street abbreviations. For example, it pronounces PKWY as “ply” and not “parkway”. The app will be excellent if you can fix that.

  22. Mark Lee dice:

    Nice app, but with a couple of annoying things. 1st, why do we have to confirm fixed speed cameras all the time, 2nd, the report button not being on screen all the time, by the time you’ve touched the screen to bring it up, what you were going to report is well behind you. Would be 5 stars, if not for these points.

  23. No- reply dice:

    Excellent, uncluttered user interface, with good functionality and extensive overall features. No subscription required, with absolutely no adverts, or other embedded / distracting marketing features upon clear and exceptionally uncluttered maps. Would be nice if TomTom could add a feature to enable a journey start point to be other than at the default current location, but when getting such a very good app for free, one can hardly complain!

  24. App use to be good but April update seems to play havoc with displaying on the inbuilt car display. Brand new car, wireless connect. How do you remove the updates ? Thanks for the response. I probably didn’t explain well enough. The app doesn’t hang and works on the centre screen in the car. It use to also send information to the dashboard screen and you could see route destination there. It’s that part that has stopped

  25. Dan D dice:

    This app would be amazing if it worked properly! The overlay feature for speed cameras is great but everytime you open the app, it says you need to download a voice. But then a download error when trying to download a voice!! I don’t want a voice… Just alarm alerts. Let me ignore that request and not ask again!

  26. Andy Mawe dice:

    would be nice to be able to save more places but pretty damn good considering free traffic and cameras and the app is free. would also be nice to be able to download the route rather than rely on the connection for online mapping

  27. Kerri dice:

    Hi, may I have one suggestions to the speedometer design? Would it be possible to make it high contrast in dark mode? True black background will be better for night driving and also more battery friendly. Navigation functions under testing, review will be updated soon.

  28. Firstly, I love this app! Everything about it. Well done! But, but, but. On Android Auto when I launch it on my car’s infoscreen I get the unresponsive light blue screen and no map. Every time! I then have to go to my actual phone and close Amigo, then back to my car screen and launch it again, and everything is OK. Fix this TomTom and you’ll be my friends for life. EDIT: I think I’ve fixed this. Just change app settings on phone to NOT start automatically on entering car. Works great now.

  29. B S dice:

    Update —– I was travelling North on the M5 Motorway (UK) heading towards Birmingham and about 15 miles from the junction for the M42 Motorway I encountered an Average Speed Camera section. Amigo recognised this and kept a check on my average speed, informing me verbally and visually on my car screen what my average speed was which was very useful. However, Amigo repeatedly informed me verbally that the speed limit through this section was 70mph instead of the reduced speed of 50mph. This really needs fixing.————– Really starting to like this app. Much prefer the Amigo interface to Google Maps or Waze. However, I wish Amigo would introduce the ability whilst on route to view alternative routes and change if necessary in the same way that you can do with Google and Waze. Also, when are spoken street names going to be introduced instead of just “turn left” or “turn right”? Glad to see zoom in and zoom out although this can be a bit temperamental, at times not working. No such problem with Google and Waze.

  30. There appear to be two conflicting sets of graphics. Immediately after installation there is high contrast between the grey roads and the pale background, and road names are written on horizontal labels, very clear. But if I exit the app and open it again the roads are pale and the street names are difficult to read. If I uninstall and reinstall I get the clear graphics but only on first opening, after which they are poor and illegible again. Please fix.

  31. Tom Tom Amigo. I loved this app especially for traffic info. But for some reason the graphics have gone very small and I can’t see road names etc. Would like it if you went back to the larger scale maps. Other than that it’s great.

  32. EFA dice:

    Latest update has speed on a translucent background instead of white, and overlay mode loses GPS after a couple of minutes (over Google Maps on a Poco F3) restored only by exiting and re-entering overlay mode. Better testing please TomTom!

  33. Edit: RE toll roads. I know how to set the app to avoid toll roads. The main issue is when taking a detour, instead of routing me back on to my previously select route without toll roads the app reroutes me to the the FWY and the toll road. It doesn’t seem to take much for it to happen. Simply driving through the carpark and not straight to the road appears to be enough for this to happen. Yet if I ignore the new toll road route it nags me for to head to the toll-road for 3-4 KMs.

  34. All good except the volume is not adjustable separately from the device’s volume, and it’s actually adjusting the device’s volume when it’s being adjusted in the app. Sometimes the volume is too low to hear navigation instructions clearly while the device’s volume is already too loud for other applications.

  35. Colin S dice:

    Good alternative to Waze and GM. Can’t find a way to enlarge the speedometer display on car hear unit using Android auto which is annoying. Thanks for responding it’s specifically the speedo not the map I wish I could enlarge.

  36. poor navigation. if wrong turn taken then app doesn’t search for alternative and must restart to get updated route. Also crashes a lot. Only good points are camera warnings and average speed indicator. decided to uninstall and buy proper navigation, because all the phones apps are very bad if used on daily basis.

  37. Was 5 star but now 1. The app when giving route guidance now seems to just show the route in blue at junctions rather than showing the route plus the other layout of the road ahead right until you get basically on top of the junction. I’ve switched back to Google maps as its useless now

  38. I like the interface, but it causes my phone to restart every time I unplug it from my car. EDIT: I use a wired connection and Android auto on the display. I have allowed every permission it asked for and it still crashes my phone after a drive

  39. No Greek language support. It seems that is working fine but sometimes it is difficult to write the destination in English. If it has multilanguage support it will be perfect. Untill now Google maps navigation is the only choice.

  40. Tor K dice:

    Simple and effective navigation. Can’t belive it’s free. Only complaint I have is recalculating the route when taking a different route than the proposed is very slow.

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