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Flight tracker with plane photos. Flight radar of live planes on a map.
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This flight tracker displays live planes on a map. Like a radar, with real-time position updates and many flight status details. All of the features are available for free, which is uncommon enough to be highlighted : no subscription nor option to unlock by payment.

When selecting a plane you will have all the details :
– airline and flight number,
– flight origin and destination airports,
– departure and arrival time,
– aircraft type, including photos,
– altitude, speed and heading,
– 3D pilot view animation

The planes are displayed on the map with about ten different icons depending on the type of aircraft. Also including helicopters.

You can find plane for a given flight or with a given registration, using the very responsive search engine. Once selected you may add the flight to the list of favorites. This will enable you later to retrieve and swap from flight to flight in a very efficient way.

When opening settings, you can choose type of maps and units.

One of the feature we are the most proud of is the real-time 3D view of the ground. A bird-eye view as if you were in the plane : enjoy the landing!

Present app is designed to display commercial flight. Military aircraft is out of scope.

Do note that not all planes are available : from 90 to 95 % coverage.

You will appreciate the very responsiveness of this flight tracker app when panning and zooming around.

Permissions : we are concerned by your privacy. You will only be requested to grant location permission if you want to use the ‘around me’ feature. You may deny. Clean app, no other tricky permission out there.


17.0 : new beta feature, added about 300 large cruise ships.
17.1 : added cruise search.
17.2 : plane photos now load even faster, nearly real time.


40 comentarios en "Air Traffic – flight tracker 2022"

  1. John Rock dice:

    It’s a really cool app to watch planes fly over and look over the horizon at night and see their farthest way point and see they are very far away when you can see them in the sky and on the phone. But I’ve decided to take the app off my phone because it’s really annoying having it tell me in the screen to constantly to zoom in to see more planes. I don’t need reminded over and over with the annoying thing going across my phone.

  2. Generally an ok app. But, it doesn’t pick up all flights over the area. It picks up more flights in & out of LAX. It doesn’t track flights for BUR but once in a while & I know there is much more traffic than what this is picking up. This is because we are in its glidepath. It’s ok to track the flights for the big airports like LAX. But, I’d like the see the traffic for the local, regional airport that affects my airspace .

  3. I love the Air Traffic application and I can actually see a picture of the airplane types when you select the airplane icon on the radar map! The app indicates the speed, direction, flight number, destination (from and to) too. So, as an example: when an airline explains your pilots just took off from a flight in X city landing at your airport to operate the aircraft you booked, you can verify if it true by Air Traffic and know when they are going to be at your airport. Keep up the great work!

  4. It is a cool app with great features, but more than half the planes do not show up. I will have 3 or 4 planes in the area and there will be nothing on the map. Even would check to see if there was a time delay but still nothing. Tonight alone I saw 5 planes pass ahead. Nothing shows up on the app and the closest plane on the app is a couple hundred miles away going a different heading

  5. This is a very interesting application. I can no longer physically fly aircraft so I use simulators (especially in this stay home order). This app shows you different flights, aircraft types, to / from locations, speed, altitude and also has a 3D! You can see the whole route and using this you can look up the V.O.R. & I.L.S. etc. and program this information into your simulator (I use X-Plane 11, any high end sim will work) so you can fly the route.

  6. Very nice, works great on Samsung note 9. I didn’t know all this informarion was public. Room for improvement is the 3D option. It gives map view from perspective of plane (which is very cool) but it only looks like 2D. I would think 3D should allow change in angle and rotation, so I don’t understand the definition of 3D vs 2D here (could just be my misunderstanding). Amazing app!

  7. Excellent App, no need for purchases to see the exact location of the Aircraft that’s flying. Anything from 1,000 to 30,000 + ft in the air. It refresh every few times per minute I believe due to the volume of Aircrafts that’s Landing, Taxiing, even Taking Off, and In Flight. Great, great App. I wish I was able to listen to Tower and Pilots communicating with each other while Taking Off/Landing

  8. Downloaded and launched app prior to a nightly AA jet fly over on final approach. App launched very quickly, but, only to have flight nowhere to be found on apps display. Other flights, yes, but not the one that is “just right there”, overhead. Another’s app (now uninstalled) never failed to show it, until an update caused app to no longer communicated with it’s servers. Search continues to find one that works

  9. I liked the app. But, The app. lasted about 12 minutes total time with viewing planes over my house, now it goes off as soon as you touch the plane for the info of the plane. No use if it is a bad designed app. that cuts off all by its self, deleting app to see if it is self correcting when re installing app on my wi fi.

  10. mark kern dice:

    This is a great app. does just what it describes. I’ve spent alot of time watching planes all around the world. Just tap on any one plane and it shows you where it came from and where it’s going, it’s speed in MPH, altitude, type of plane with pictures of it, and best of all it shows you the ground as if you were actually in it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app. MANY THANKS to the creator of this app.

  11. Susan dice:

    Ever wonder where the airplane flying above you is going/ coming from? Then this is the app for you. Free version works great. Also tracks helicopters and cruise ships!

  12. good for a free app. not entirely accurate though. map is sometimes offset by a few hundred km

  13. One of the best live interactive air maps I have ever used! 3D version follows the terrain as they fly over it! Favorites, and track your own flight! Also (and this is my favorite part), you can click on a plane on the map, and it shows you a picture of that type of plane, with stats like speed, angle, and distance high! GREAT APP! ☮️💟☯️ Would you be able to make a Drone ID flight tracker? (I just read full description and realize helicopters and published military are included! Woot woot!)

  14. Let’s you lnpw departure and landing locations as well as thentype, make and model of plane. Very nice app and so far, perfect performance.

  15. Fun to see what planes are flying near me. Also can track a specific flight to see when it takes off or lands. Very detailed maps.

  16. Useful, but the flight number search does not work. Not all planes are shown, even Boeing 777. I like the 3D ground view.

  17. S dice:

    I love this app. I don’t understand how others not liking it. Some people just can’t be pleased. Any way l love this this app oh, and it’s free with minimal ads. Thanks!!!

  18. Why couldn’t it find UA528, ORD to SFO? Because it was still on the ground? Okay now it found it. But why doesn’t it zoom into it. It’s just supposedly sitting there under a big pile of airplanes at O’Hare.

  19. brilliant app. I tracked friends from Heathrow to Christchurch in New Zealand.

  20. key case dice:

    Not showing helicopters. And other flight data like other apps do.

  21. great easy to use very useful especially living near Heathrow

  22. Love this app! It’s super fun to watch, I live in upper NE California with open skies. I’m always wondering where planes are traveling from and to. It’s cool to see the 3D camera too.

  23. F M dice:

    Comes in Handy! It’s my #1 go to app for when I need to know what’s going on in the sky above me. Ex.. Is it a “bird”, drone, or a plane!? I’ll just check the app. For me it’s very useful.

  24. Better than nothing but poor in comparison to FlightRadar24. There are several issues: Altitude is exceedingly difficult for me to read – red text on a green background whilst all the other text has a high contrast against the background. The images do not always (approx 10%) match the aircraft and / or airline. No aircraft registrations displayed.

  25. Love this app. fun watching the planes take off of arrive, finding info about the planes.

  26. The best interactive airplane app give the real view of the sky.

  27. The way I figure is, if it ain’t a plane or a satellite, then it’s uh drone or an unidentified.. so, thanks for the peace of mind when I’m running on day 4 on a good one. The matrix is a LIE. Escape…

  28. A little useless information might be useful one day. This app does not capture planes in East Africa

  29. Search engine does not work and huge delay showing planes in air not a good app

  30. Fantastic app for anyone interested in airplanes overhead and where they are going or coming. Really enjoyable!

  31. This game is so cool. Definatly encourage your child to play this if they wanna become atc or pilot. Even if you r on the plane you can see where you’re going

  32. It’s a lot of fun…See what’s in the air in your state or province in real time. Move the map and browse to other geographic areas. When you see a plane in the skies above you – you can determine many things: where it’s from, where it’s headed, and the plane type. I use it often; a great app for the curious minded!

  33. Since the latest update to fix 3d this app is now of limited use. The aircraft positions do not update or some of the aircraft move 10’s of miles in one jump. There is no longer any accuracy with their positions either. Planes are sometimes hours behind schedule, eg. still taxying at the departure airport when they should have arrived at their destination. It is a shame because it was a good app before 3d broke. Now it is more a novelty than of any value.

  34. Tracking of plane is not smooth like other apps. Doesn’t hold the tracked flight open if you switch to another app for a few minutes. No air speed and altitude like other app. I’m uninstalling this app. The app I found to be most accurate and useful is also the most downloaded, Flight Radar.

  35. Solid app – simple, responsive and does it’s job without fuss. Only a couple of minor flaws: 1. If the aircraft has dropped out of ADSB coverage at any point on it’s journey, the track will not be displayed and 2. Sometimes aircraft are misidentified by callsign (for example, in Australia air ambulance aircraft are incorrectly identified as Aero Mexico flights!)

  36. Superb app for pointlessly identifying the various tubular sky busses flying over the house. On a more practical note, it’s high accuracy allows me to identify aircraft I can use for VHF 2 meter band signal reflection. By aiming a signal at an aircraft near the horizon, the distance of the transmitted signal can, on occasion, by greatly increased. Particularly useful for CW, PSK, AND FT-8 modes.

  37. Interesting but some shooting game pops up taking over the app.

  38. Not in real time. The 3D function is pretty cool. but again not accurate. Was watching a plane land in perfect weather conditions when in fact was pouring rain. Try to pinpoint the airline when it flies over my house, but the app doesn’t show a plane near me.

  39. Works as advertised so far, no negative issues encountered. Great job and hats off to the developers!

  40. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!! A basic premise that many flight tracker apps operate on is to actually show the airplane you want to track. I have tried this app on multiple phones and it DOES NOT WORK ON ANY OF THEM!!!!Don’t waste your time. There are a lot of mediocre flight tracking apps-+- NONE of them are great– BUT THIS IS THE WORST OF ALL OF THEM. Google should pull this app. The quality is TERRIBLE!!!

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