Valley Metro MODDED 2022


The official tool for planning your transit trips in the metro Phoenix area.
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The Valley Metro app is your resource for planning and tracking your trip in the metro Phoenix area. Tell us where you want to go, and the app will help you plan and track your next trip with Valley Metro.

• Plan your trip with step-by-step navigation
• Track your bus or light rail in real time
• View your trip’s travel time
• Save your favorite stops
• Get service alerts and updates


- We’ve added support for streetcar service in Tempe
- We’ve made some enhancements and fixed a few bugs


40 comentarios en "Valley Metro MODDED 2022"

  1. Sloth dice:

    The app is great for giving you the times that a bus is “supposed” to arrive. The app is not great for letting you know that the bus you’re currently waiting on is not going to show up. The navigation is unreliable, though occasionally useful. The buses are rarely on time. This is not the apps fault. If it says your bus IS there but you don’t see it, it’s probably already left. Phoenix bus drivers are jerks.

  2. Rarely accurate. The app was sometimes helpful, but didn’t tell me when the bus was early. Had the wrong times listed for buses. I had to go out and into a different screen to see if the bus was delayed. It couldn’t figure out if I had gotten on that bus or not. We had to either wait around for an hour or walk 4miles because times were wrong. The button to align my map north is under the back button, so I couldn’t ever make my map always facing north to the top. Frustrating.

  3. What’s going to happen to ridekick? The app is great for first time transit rider, but for experienced riders, it’s missing a lot. In the routes section, it will only show routes when you enter it, not all of it. And doesn’t ridekick do a LOT of this stuff already? You even advertised it on your light rail cars. Also, add paying for a fare in the app as an option.

  4. Don Gray dice:

    Very difficult to find what you want. App need major rework. Most info can be found after learning what leads to what. But can’t tell directions at most stops and therefore get wrong info frequently. Also if a bus is more than about 5 minutes late the app just quits tracking it and tells you about the next bus instead. Can’t easily get route info as it’s frequently wrong. Seems to be worse when April and October changes hit. Routes have been changed to where I can’t get close to work.

  5. C Z dice:

    Does not work and The first Transit app I have found to require my email. This app does not need this to operate a bus tracking app (See One Busaway app). I am sure that there are open source versions of this app that can do the job. Your app says the only way to destination is by bike. That says it all. I do not see any buses on map. Sad, very sad. So many cities trying to reinvent the wheel with tax $. YOU CAN NOT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.

  6. I still cannot get verify e mail page to either verify or resend verification code. Thank heavens it works without signing in. Using version 1.1.3 fairly new Android phone. Usually I won’t try to install app let alone sign in. But eventually they will be using our phones to send a bus. And not send one with no one waiting

  7. Junk app most of the time. Displays incorrect status on bus time (says bus is on time when it’s not). Live bus tracker doesn’t work half the time. Not much different than sitting at the stop with your thumb up your butt. Wants you to log in to use some features, but it cannot seem to verify your account despite the emails

  8. Recently the GPS for that buses and trains either work or it don’t no in between before atleast it showed them may have been on a little delay but it’s not showing any of them

  9. App is unreliable. It can change alerts within 50 feet and change arrival times 10 minutes later then where you start. Most valley buses are not connected to service. Because they are owned by other groups

  10. I know is not the app is just incredible the lack of interest to at least be average you guys j..don’t care D service of trnsp. You offer is BAD. Other City’s stop running earlier and don’t come as often butThey show 2,3 min bef.oraft. their schedule says. I plan my trip in the book,your website, your Application and also text and the bus never comes All I get is the time of my trip changes to the next none. “Re·li·a·ble”.- ☝️🙄👉.-Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted

  11. I can’t even verify my email. The app freezes when I go to get the verification code from my email Smh

  12. Finally, I don’t have to wait in the sun for a late bus. I can track it and if it’s delayed, I can stay in where it’s cooler until it’s time, or decide if I want to take another route. Finally F#@k. Dont have to wait on the phone either. Thank you, to whom ever granted the ok for this app.

  13. It is a very comprehensive travel app. It also shows aprox bus location as it moves.

  14. No sense of having this app if the operators are going to turn off their location or their data when you record them nothing even happens to them they continue to drive

  15. Jj McAvoy dice:

    This is the worst, most inaccurate bus app, they constantly lie about bus schedules and leave people stranded waiting on the bus. Should be removed from the app store

  16. Alex dice:

    The app works relatively well despite the buses disappearing all the time. Valley Metro is juat a terrible mass transit system where buses just don’t show up and never stick to a discernable schedule. Valley Metro is nowhere near reliable and it wouldn’t be accepted in larger/better cities where people have to be places on time.

  17. Kahil dice:

    The app is OK if you’re new to Phoenix, but all this info is already in Google Maps. There’s really no point in me keeping the app installed if it doesn’t allow me to buy passes and buy/validate with NFC. I hate having to pull out my wallet in some places, to be honest.

  18. I think the app itself works fine as intended. The problem is that it exposes how inefficient Valley Metro with their operations. Lyft and Uber will be getting even more business now because this app does show real time data. Update: On the first day that we have to pay again to use the bus (which I have no issue with) my scheduled ride did not show up enen though the app showed it would arrive on time. Not the first time this has happened but now that we have to pay again I expect service.

  19. Marco Gil dice:

    What happened to the, Ridekick app? Ridekick was actually 100× more accurate than even Google maps and its bus schedule. I’m not even sure if I want to install this app yet. At least not until I know what happened to Ridekick. My review will change amongst the rating as well once it’s been explained. Thank you!

  20. Not any more accurate than the printed book. Live route data is unreliable at best, unavailable usually. The bus system in Phoenix is broken and seems to be designed to encourage people to just drive themselves.

  21. john buck dice:

    Easy to use but sometimes routes 50 and 0 are unable to be tracked (a dialog box says Exact location unknown). Other times only the scheduled arrival time is posted (not showing whether the bus is on time in green, early in blue, or delayed in red) but the bus arrives anyway while some buses do not arrive at all. If the current run will not be arriving at all the app should alert users as such (i.e. the bus is returning to the yard/garage)

  22. Josh S dice:

    This app is hot arizona garbage. How can a bus be on time if it hasn’t left the first stop. Arizona has the worst transit system

  23. In all honesty this app is one of the worst functioning apps I’ve ever used. It’s pissed me off to the point that I’ve already uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 times. And the only reason Ive reinstalled it is because I live in Phoenix Arizona and it’s very hot out so I guess a little bit of knowledge or a roundabout time is better than nothing but not by much because this app is terrible

  24. im so tired of waiting on buses that never show.

  25. D dice:

    Almost every time I try to use this app, buses either come several minutes earlier than what is indicated (thus making me miss the bus and need to wait 30 minutes for the next one – which is what just happened to me) or they come later than indicate (thus making me wait 5+ minutes for a bus to show up), rendering this app basically useless. What is the purpose of this thing if I still need to arrive 5 minutes early to make sure I don’t miss the bus, or if I still need to wait how long for late buses despite what the live times say.

  26. Useful sometimes, but it rarely tells you when the bus is early. Can’t count how many times I’ve shown up to a bus stop 5 or so minutes before the bus is scheduled to get there, only to see the bus leaving and me having to wait 35 minutes for the next bus. Also, sometimes when a bus is late it’ll just disappear from the listing of busses coming instead of just telling you when it’s expected to be at the stop like it’s supposed to.

  27. D Loos dice:

    Happening too often, VM app and Google map,both telling bus times, but some Never Show! even had bus blow right past, while at the stop. and late at night, there were 4 of us on central at the temp stop, bus just blew right by, bus driver looked straight at us, and because of it, caused Me to miss the last one, and end up having too walk from 7th St. & Glndl to 35th ave! I’m not a young man, and partially disabled. Citys going to hell ,in a handbasket.

  28. I like to know where exactly my bus is that way I don’t ever miss it that’s why I love this app!

  29. Route 17 is always late I get there is a shortage on drivers but it is an inconvenience to us riders who are waiting to get home or are waiting to get to work this really needs to be addressed ok thank you for letting me vent

  30. M Jackson dice:

    Why would you make this and NOT enable users to purchase passes with it

  31. This is a good app for knowing the actual time of your busses arrival and departure. They put a lot of work into this app and you can tell unfortunately Google maps still tells a better time and it’s available without downloading an additional app Four stars.

  32. somewhat accurate but wish there was more info.

  33. you know this is really messed up I am starting a new job and you guys are really missing that up because you keep not handling the routes back in the day the union used to be able to handle any kind of emergency with the drivers what happened to those days you guys need to make it more incentive to go back to work for your drivers I have to get up and go to work they should have to too you should offer incentives for them coming to work actually thank you very much…..NOT

  34. Glad Valley Metro has finally released an app like this. Makes using public transportation that much more pleasant. Instead of not knowing if the bus is going to be late or early, or of there is something wrong with it, you can know and plan around it.

  35. This app was the bomb for like 27 hours then it went to the trash now it won’t update or even show you a simple bus stop or times. You guys have to step up ur game when it comes to keeping ur app running come guys great idea and concept however spend money on the maintenance of the app because I would love to give it a 5 star review however the thing stopped working🥺 NO GOOD

  36. No option to buy tickets on the app. It’s fine to track the light rail but this is still behind every other city I’ve lived in. Should be all in one, no point in having it just for updates

  37. H. Mob dice:

    What’s the point of this app, I can’t even buy pass on it! Google maps is far more accurate! Way to waste our tax dollars! 😞

  38. Half the time you can’t even track the busses because it will tell you the current location is unavailable. Other times it will tell you it’s on schedule but it never shows up and you have to wait for the next one.

  39. Headed in the right direction. It has helped me everyday since I got it. Yes, it could have more content. It tells which bus is early and which bus is late. It is good for a 5. You can report and action is taken. Thanks

  40. It only gets worse. Like Valley Metro itself, this app is a joke. Unreliable… are the buses and trains. Negative “stars” would be more appropriate.

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