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The most rewarding way to pay for fuel
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$5 in points just for you! Download the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app & pay for fuel. New members only*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit exxon.com/terms for full details.
The most secure and easy way to pay for fuel and earn rewards.

Exxon Mobil Rewards+ is a loyalty app that allows you to stay in the comfort of your vehicle while you pay for Synergy™ fuel with your phone. Say goodbye to taking your wallet out and swiping your credit card at the pump.

It’s simple: create an account in the app, add your preferred payment method, and start earning rewards on your next fill up at participating Exxon and Mobil stations!

With the ExxonMobil Rewards+ app you can:
• Securely pay for fuel from your phone using different payment methods, including Google Pay
• Find the nearest Exxon and Mobil stations
• Check out convenience store offers and earn rewards on drinks, snacks, and more*
• Track and monitor your purchases and rewards
• Earn and redeem rewards on everyday fuel and convenience store purchases

Download the app today and start earning rewards immediately on every purchase!

It’s simple, safe, and contactless! Just open the app, select your pump number and authorize the pump. All you have to do is get out of your car to select a fuel grade and begin fueling. When you finish fueling, the app automatically displays a receipt with your transaction total, earned rewards and, if selected, a car wash code!

If your location services are turned off, simply scan the QR code at the pump to select your pump number.

The app accepts all credit and debit card payment methods, Click to Pay, as well as the ExxonMobil SmartCard and Google Pay.

Apply for the ExxonMobil Smart Card through the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app and get 6 cents off every gallon, every day with the ExxonMobil Smart Card.**


For more information and frequently asked questions go to https://www.exxon.com/en/rewards-program. Your feedback is greatly appreciated; look for new updates coming soon!

*At participating locations
**Subject to credit approval. Account must be open and in good standing to qualify. Statement credit will be applied monthly with qualifying purchases. Terms and conditions of the ExxonMobil Smart Card Rebate Program apply.


40 comentarios en "Exxon Mobil Rewards+ MODDED 2022"

  1. this app is great and i feel my information is safe since i don’t have to use the pump to pay. the only thing i would change is the way nearby stations are shown. it’s shown on a map, which is fine if you know the area but if you are in an unfamiliar place you have no idea what that map means in relation to you and which one is closest, it’s just a random map. Other than that I’m happy with it. It makes getting gas faster and less icky knowing I don’t have to interact.

  2. The Grez dice:

    Always prompts for a password. Sign in isn’t as prominent as advertising garbage that I don’t care about (it’s a tiny link down at the bottom). After being fully credentialed, still have to use a pin. I liked it better when I had to lug around that little piece of hardware. At least it didn’t add 2-3 minutes to my stop.

  3. David U dice:

    Typically a decent app. However the last three times I have tried to pay for fuel with the app. it makes it to the payment portion, gives and error and tells me to try again. This wouldn’t be as big of an issue if it didn’t also make it as far as charging/putting a hold on my card/account before it crashes, then waiting for days for the charge to drop off back off.

  4. 9/22/22 app functions again! Thank you 9/2122 still doesn’t work after reinstall. I guess it’s back to Racetrack gas stations for me. 9/21/22 the downside of an app that makes your life easier, does what it promises to do, and that you actually enjoy using is that the frustration when it doesn’t work is so much stronger. People interface with this app when they need gas.

  5. The idea was great. Emphasis on WAS. Simply open the app when you’re at the station, choose the pump you parked in and authorize with a card in your phone. It would accumulate points with each purchase. But, THE LATEST UPDATE SUCKS! It crashes every time you try to use it. It eventually works but you need to try 6-10 times of crashing at different parts of the process. It’s not a particular bug, it’s an entire ecosystem of critters. By reading through the reviews it appears it affects everyone

  6. The app does its job, although a good percentage of stations I have stopped at while traveling do not take it. One of the things I find annoying is setting the pump number. If not scanning the pump QR code, you must scroll through the pump numbers, which can be very temperamental. I cannot control the numbers whizzing by to stop at the correct one. It always overshoots, and I end up selecting the wrong pump, so must cancel and start over. If you could just slow down the acceleration on the pump number scrolling, it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I really like the app and happy about the money. back. It needs to be faster and better at opening up and authorizing the pumps. The more a person uses it, should get more points back as well. In the past two months I have had nothing but problems with this app at not connecting, not opening up, constantly shutting down and having errors. I have emailed them twice and have got nowhere with it They just said uninstall and reinstall. By the way, that didn’t work.

  8. I can no longer log into the app after the recent update. Edit: I know how to log into the app. It just won’t let me. It gives me an error message about either password or email address is incorrect when attempting to merge my Speed Pass+ login with the new update. Both are correct. E2: Did that. E3: I’ve told you what error message I get. It states my email address or password is in correct when I get to the merge page. They are both correct as it lets me get past the first log in page. I’m about ready not to use your app or stations more than I have to because of this.

  9. This is a replacement of what was a perfectly good app. It is white stark and unappealing to look at. The contrast between the letters and the background is very difficult to read I prefer the dark background of my phone in the purple background of the old app fit in with that. In addition to that it took me longer to figure out where I could actually go to make a payment. And then it was despite providing ability to use my location.

  10. No map and poor location recognition. I am not sure what they were thinking removing the map feature. I don’t have a single retail app on my phone that doesn’t show me nearby locations. The station finder used to be my go-to during road trips. I guess they figured we should just use Google Maps now…? The location feature doesn’t recognize which station I’m at. I hate having to take my phone outside the car to scan the QR codes. I hope they fix this!

  11. Horrible! The Speedpass app was fantastic. This one is horrible and I can’t even log in. It keeps asking for my phone and PIN, and after I put them in it keeps telling me it’s an existing account. No kidding! That’s why I clicked “Sign In”, not “Create Account”. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and the problem is still there. This needs to be fixed, and also the station locator needs to be added back in as well, according to other reviews

  12. When trying to choose the gas pump number, the numbers slide uncontrollably left and right, making it difficult to choose the correct one. The activating of the pump is unbearably slow compared to using the Speedpass key tag device. Currently, the app can not be used inside Mobile convenience stores. I keep getting told that the Speedpass key tag will soon be retired, and the app will be it’s replacement, but it’s obvious that the app still needs to be refined and updated accordingly.

  13. I hate the app. It closes, crashes, shuts down, doesnt work more than it does. I live in a rural area, you have to pic and choose certain stores because, more does’t accept the app and does. and don’t rely on the app to tell you which stores accepts it, because several I’ve been to that the app says it’ll work at, either doesn’t work or doesn’t have cell service. I had one of the original speedpass dongles that worked great at every store. Please go back to the dongles. please!!!!

  14. Never was as good as the keychain attachment and has always been too slow to call Speedpass. Simply using cards is faster. Now it doesn’t work at all, continually saying something is wrong with the pump and to try another. Nothing is wrong with the pump. It works just fine when I pull out my credit card. The problem is Speedpass. Sent feedback but heard nothing from them.

  15. The old Speedpass+ app was much easier to use. Start page is not user friendly or intuitive. Several times now I’ve tried to use it and it can’t detect my location. Not very convenient. It does read the QR code and my points transferred from the Speedpass app that worked just fine. Station finder feature is gone. I don’t think the support team has a clue. In nearly every reply they make to these less than stellar reviews, they suggest actions that most of these users have already tried. Awful. The more i read, it becomes clear that the replies are auto-generated. Tried it again yesterday, no change. Shell’s app is a little more cumbersome but it works. Left Mobil and went there instead.

  16. I’m almost surprised that it has worked as advertised for me. With the location data turned on, it automatically has the station I’m at up and I select the pump. The rewards program is pretty ok as well, giving you points for gas and item purchases that can turn into actual money off. I think I need an editor. This review could definitely use some cleaning up but what are you gonna do?

  17. I have an existing account. I enter my info, it signs me in, and asks for my cell and pass code. I enter them, submit, and it tells me I have an existing account and to add the new card. Of course it offers no way of doing this, and no way to contact anyone. Just another example of fixing something that isn’t broke, and breaking it! 10/29/19 Downloaded the latest update, same log in issues. Still a useless app. I’ll wait for one more update, then deleting forever if not fixed.

  18. Absolutely horrible update. The new user interface is not intuitive to use. Also, location detection is badly broken — forcing the use of the QR scanner. This defeats the purpose of the primary use case of the app — paying for gas before getting out of the car! The QR scanner works, but freezes while in use as if the app is going to force close. Wish I could roll back to the previous “Speedpass Plus” release.

  19. This app works sometimes, at other times – most frustratingly – not. Should be termed “Slowpass +”. At this point just not worth the time and frustration trying to get it to work. Took the time to e-mail Exxon and to their credit did get back to me, but with the message that it was an issue with my credit card, not their app. Have had problems with this app regardless of what card I use, the problem – judging from my issues as well as others that have commented – is with the app, not the card.

  20. The application doesn’t work at all locations like it should. It’s either a location error or the application can’t authorize the pump. This has been happening since the application came out for me. Its supposed to be a “SpeedPass” but it acts more like a “MaybePass”. What’s the point of the application if I have to go into the store. Then sometimes the registers mess up when you enter your rewards information. I have literally stood at the counter for 5 minutes. Very frustrating sometimes.

  21. Speedpass was more convenient than this. There is no way to locate a nearby gas station. When I was at an Exxon, the app couldn’t locate it so I had to scan the barcode. The app wouldn’t process the barcode (just kept scanning) so I eventually just quit and paid with my car. I’m not sure if I even got points for the transaction. Very inconvenient in comparison to the ease of the Speedpass app before this update.

  22. The original app worked beautifully. This app is junk. I don’t get the option to save password so I don’t have to log in every. single. time. ANNOYING. It has also hung up somehow, requiring me to scan a barcode. I did not notice this on the app. I left, entered the amount in my ledger and threw the receipt away. Days later I was unable to use the app because it still had the requirement to scan the barcode I no longer had. There was NO other option. ANNOYING. I’ll stop using your stations.

  23. The first time I used the app, I could not see how to use it to pay at the pump. There did not seem to be a scanner at the pump and nothing happened in the app. The station may not have been set up for it yet. The next time I used it, everything worked fine [@ the same station]. The app seems very intuitive, finds nearby stations & allows paying in the app and applying rewards in the app.

  24. when I 1st downloaded app. it was great! after the 3rd or 4th use, it wouldn’t pull up, so I didn’t get my full promo use from synergy fuel, ( that’s all I put in my Vette). I even uninstalled app and reinstalled. no change , after a month I tried again several TX, finally worked. now, it takes about 4 to five mins to pull up after I click on it and then sometimes it closes app. I love this app just like everyone else, its very convenient , but it takes way too long sometimes, Any suggestions?

  25. Pretty miserable app. For me, the main function of this app is paying and starting the pump without using my cards. That function works MAYBE 10% of the time. It lets you select a pump, and start the process, but then immediately cancels the exchange. Or. It just doesn’t work at all, and won’t let you even start the process. I’ve tried for years, through multiple different phones. Current a Pixel 3. Pretty disappointing.

  26. the app is slow on opening. have to open and close a couple times before it actually opens then to know you are at a station. but hit or miss if you can actually use the app because for some reason (not my avail credit) can never run my mobil cc or my other cc on file. it was great at first. five stars! But it is just too much of a hassle for something that may or may not work.

  27. This used to be a really great app until about two to three months ago when there was an update to it and now it is basically useless and so I am changing my rating from 5 Stars to 1. It either crashes on load or it crashes in the middle of authenticating or practically anywhere in between at random. Sometimes it will simply minimize itself and I can bring it back up and try to keep going until it crashes and then you had to reload. S9+ w/Oreo. The devs need to get off their butts and fix this.

  28. The app is worthless now, it doesn’t detect the location, and doesn’t have locate gas station, and I keep getting connection error. When it decides to work, it’s fine, but most of the time it doesn’t, each update just breaks a different feature in the app. And this is for my Note 9 running android pie.

  29. Why does this app look for a bluetooth connection any time another device reconnects to my phone? It keeps looking for a car (Ford, I believe). There should be an option to turn this off. I emailed their support about it and was told “Unfortunately we only support Apple Watch for the Speedpass+ app”. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense.

  30. If it ain’t broke….. Before the recent update, location services worked without issue, now it can’t detect location, and it’s the app, not my phone (seems I’m not the only person having this issue). I liked the old app where the initial screen was to pay for gas, not points/ad page. I’d like to see this changed back since that’s what we mostly use the app for, when a banner showing point and rewards. No login issues though, and app otherwise works as expected.

  31. This app used to be user friendly and actually work until they decided to “downgrade” to an app that doesn’t work. Everytime I have used it, it says it doesn’t recognize my location, even if the GPS is turned on 10 min in advance. I’m forced to use the QR scanner. I’ve tried on multiple devices and it doesn’t work. It is twice as fast to just use your card to pay at the pump. I’m not sure why they got rid of the old app that worked perfectly fine. I certainly expected a lot better out of Exxon.

  32. I’ve had this app for 3 months…So far I like it. It’ simple to use. pay from your phone. When you reach 500 points you can choose the option to use $5 off your next transaction or $2. If you reach 1,000 points then $10 off your next transaction, but you have to choose the option. Sometimes it doesn’t find my location so I have to close all windows and open it again, but it only happened 2 times. It finds stations, but it doesn’t tell you how much gas is in that location. I wish it would.

  33. It seems as if most of the reviewers are having the same issue. The app worked great until you did an update. It’s been over a month since I’ve been able to use the app due to a network error about my network is currently unavailable please check your cellar network settings or try again. What’s even more frustrating is that is will take ypu through the entire process before this error pops up. I love the app honestly but I’ve missed so many points over the last several weeks due to this. I go here because I don’t like to use my card at pump due to skimmers. Please stop saying that you are working on the issue and actually work on the issue. My provider is ATT My phone is a Samsung Note 8

  34. The app works but it’s too slow. I used to love using the key fob to pay because you wave your keys in front of the pump and it authorized almost instantly. Now I have to open the app, wait for it to connect to the pump, wait for it to authorize my card, and every step of the way is so slow. It would actually be faster to just take out your card than paying with the app, but I continue to use the app hoping for improvement.

  35. This app is completely broken. The location feature does not work so the app won’t detect when you are at a station to fill up. The QR reader is inconsistent, I usually have to stand there with my phone awkwardly trying to get it to read the code. This app is a major downgrade from the old Speedpass + app, which worked perfect. This app is just a headache. Awful execution, ExxonMobil.

  36. While the app seems to work properly (I can initiate a gas purchase and pay for it with a credit card all through the app), the rewards points are broken for me. I never get credited for any purchases. I emailed and they replied to call. So I called and they credited me points, but new purchases still don’t show up. I have now sent another email stating I have no interest in calling again (being on hold for 20 minutes, then struggling with the agent to understand my issue, credit my account, and still not resolve the root cause issue) so forwarded my account info via email for them to investigate. If they refuse to do so without making me call or can not fix the issue, I see no benefit to keeping the app and will end up deleting it (and having no incentive to seek out Exxon/Mobile stations specifically). I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for them to fix this or be able to benefit from the program. Edit update: Well the response I got back from email was to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Did that, still have the same issue. So essentially this app is useless to me and I will be uninstalling it.

  37. app is constantly crashing. the points system at the pumps are ALWAYS down when you want to use the points. never able to access the VERY FEW points this program offers. the points earned ratio to how much I spend in gas SUCKS. a full tank gets me $.30!! really??? you’d have to have a fleet of cars to earn enough to be helpful. I’d give it a zero stars if I could.

  38. This app rarely works and can’t be depended upon to pay for gas. For some reason it frequently will only work over the a WiFi connection, which you obviously won’t have while visiting a gas station. Sometimes though, even when connected to WiFi, it still gives an error screen when trying to login. It’s a coin flip when you get to the pump whether the app is going to be bugged. Given the simple purpose this pos app serves, it’s completely inexcusable that EXXON can’t keep it debugged.

  39. Loved this app but several months ago but then started getting the “something happened” message multiple times.. uninstalled reinstalled, changed password, rebooted phone.. each time and it seems to work and then quits working.. so frustrating!!! One reason I choose to go Exxon is b/c of app and collecting the points but if I can’t do that then I’ll choose to go somewhere else. I checked online and other people are having this issue.

  40. Its a great app because it makes it easier for me to fill up my tank and also gives me points for what I was going to buy anyways. Took 2 stars because it crashes once or twice every time I use it. I got to reopen it until it works. Updating my review 2 months later. There was an update and the app worked fine for some time. But now it’s been almost 1 month that it doesn’t work. Gives me a location error and QR code scan doesn’t work either. So I can never pay on the app now.

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