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The official Cap Metro App offers customer quick trip planning tools, online ticketing, real-time arrival information and other great features to make riding easy. Whether you’re at home, on the go or on the bus, pull up the app to access the Trip Planner tool and easily buy tickets. Not sure how to get there? With schedules and route maps offered in the Cap Metro App, you’re only a click away from your next trip.

-This app requires Android 5.0 or higher. We recommend using Android 8.0 and higher to take advantage of all the app features.

App Features:
– Buy tickets for Local, Premium or Commuter services. Eligible customers can also purchase MetroAccess and Reduced Fares.
– Trip Planner feature plans a customized itinerary based on your starting and ending locations. Save favorite trips for easier planning.
– Schedules available for all routes in the system.
– Route Maps viewable by service and route number.
– Next Departure features allows you to find the next bus near your location.

If you use a Reduced Fare ID Card, you must first visit the Capital Metro Transit Store (located in downtown Austin at 209 West Lavaca, open Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm) to have a Capital Metro representative activate the reduced fare purchasing option on the app.

If you are a MetroAccess customer, you can register to purchase MetroAccess passes on the app by calling MetroAccess at 512-369-6067. Please have your client ID number available and email address used to register your account.

For customer service assistance please contact the Capital Metro GO Line at 512-474-1200 or visit the website at


App enhancements and fixes


40 comentarios en "CapMetro MODDED 2022"

  1. Stephen dice:

    Amazing help and response from Bytemark. I was having a bit of trouble with the app, and said so when asked to provide feedback. I was helped immediately! Like nearly always, it was user error. Cap Metro is fantastic, however I still find the paper bus passes easier and quicker to use than the mobile app. The Muller area has horrible T-Mobile service so I will return to paper tickets when this pass expires.

  2. Overall the app is great. There’s only two features that I wish it had, that would allow me to give it five stars: A dark theme mode. I’m legally blind and need color contrast. Second, like the pickup app, I wish you could see a real time GPS tracking of your paratransit ride. Sometimes era Transit is there at the beginning of your window, sometimes they come exactly at 29 minutes. If I had a more accurate idea of the ETA, I would be able to time manage a little better.

  3. Romain N. dice:

    Not bad, but could be better. I wish it was better integrated with Google map.. I wish it had the ability to upgrade to weekly pass and the ability to print a ticket in a bus if your phone battery is about to die and naturally canceling out the app ticket. Also, recently, the app has been crashing a lot but I don’t want to reload it and possibly lose my pass.

  4. Slow and unreliable. Prone to freezing constantly. I often have to close and reopen it. Anytime it’s closed or even if the screen locks then it has to refresh data and it takes 20-30 secs. I have to wait at the bus stop with the active ticket pulled up in the foreground and make sure the screen doesn’t lock. If I wait until I see the bus to pull up my ticket then it will take too long – assuming it opens without crashing

  5. Up until recently, superb. Now buggy. The issue is it has started ‘eating up’ my tickets. I bought many full-day tickets in advance. For a while I just scanned, they lasted a day, as it should be. Recently, however, it has begun to ‘eat’ my tickets after one use, making them disappear from both my repository and my history before their time is done, sometimes between trips. I already have lost four full-day tickets this way. A shame, because before this it was restoring my faith in government.

  6. The app doesn’t always tell you when a bus is canceled, which can leave you stranded. This is especially true for the 985 route. I have signed up for the Metro alerts on my phone, but I usually don’t get an alert that the bus was canceled. I just bought a $121 parking permit because CapMetro is no longer worth using. I understand you are short-staffed because of covid, but you could still update the app and send out alerts. People’s jobs are at stake when you cancel buses.

  7. A cr-app by CrapMetro. Trying to access passes on phone brings up data errors, the next departure feature seldom works, buses that they say should be at a stop at a certain time don’t show. Hey, people have places to go. Had I known I can’t rely on the bus, I’d make other arrangements. Heck, sometimes I can walk to the destination quicker than when buses don’t show. #DefundCrapMetro

  8. For the last few months, this app has been absolute garbage. I’ve been using it for years without issue until this year. I lost 2 prepaid bus passes after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. When you first open the app, it freezes. If your screen times out when you have your pass open, it crashes the app. And today, I keep getting a lot of error messages. It’s getting really frustrating. Please fix this issue! I know your services have been better. I been riding with yall since 2014!

  9. Ever since the new update, it crashes frequently when trying to open. Then when I re-open, my monthly pass has a data error & I can’t access it so I always end up buying a single or day pass moments before my bus arrives. A waste of money on my end. I take the bus everyday, it’s my main mode of transportation to & from work. I am disappointed that capmetro can’t resolve this issue, especially with all these tech companies moving to Austin. You’d think they’d be able to make a functioning app.

  10. Overall good, not nearly perfect. Occasionally, app updates can screw up your transit plans, so it’s best to check before starting your trip. Moving a pass from one device to another isn’t a difficult process, but it’s not intuitive, either. Currently experiencing a bug preventing me from displaying passes but unsure if that’s not a phone issue with memory. We’ll see if a reinstall clears it up.

  11. This app is fine most of the time. The problem is that when it fails, there are no other cashless options and I end up paying for a Lyft. Twice now, I have no payment options when I’ve tried to buy tickets despite having multiple methods saved. A phone restart fixes it but that takes way too long when you’re trying to board the bus. I have only one account and I’m logged into it. I’ve reported this to the developer email address but didn’t get anywhere.

  12. The UI is a big improvement over the older versions. But there are a few annoying quirks such as: the incessant confirmation/expiration notice when I open my weekly fare and the forced update & reload when I least expect it like when the bus is literally in front of me… It also needs a rate-the-driver feature because some of the drivers suck so hard. Some need an attitude adjustment and some need to retake the driving exam before they’re allowed back on the road.

  13. At first everything was going well. I got the app in early 2021, it ran well and was very useful. But for the last couple months it’s been monumental decline. The app regularly crashes, loads very slowly, and now says it needs to update but never actually does and isn’t letting me log in. I’m not sure what the most recent update added but this app has become incredibly unreliable.

  14. The app is really great. It allows you to track CapMetro’s unreliable (late) and infrequent service (30 minute routes) in real time. So now I can plan my day a little better instead of just wasting my time and know how long I’m going to be standing around waiting. *I do like the ability to purchase tickets in the app. That is very helpful because I don’t usually have cash on me. But of course the scanners on the bus only work about 75% of the time.

  15. They redid the whole app, but it still has the same issue where when you activate a pass for the day, it only stays on the “Active” tab for a short period of time, and then it goes back to the “Available” tab where it gets lost among your other previously purchased passes… even though it was already activated! I don’t know why they can’t get that to work correctly. The app knows the pass is active because it displays an expiration date, it’s just in the wrong tab so it’s hard to find.

  16. Not user friendly, glitchy. App map functionality needs work. Different symbology should be used to denote different routes. Park and Rides should be included as a layer. Stop IDs should include GPS coordinates so I can look them up on Google Maps. The app is about 1/2 way there. Has potential to be a good tool, but so far not there. Is definitely an improvement over looking up schedules online.

  17. this app used to be fantastic, and as a student I found it invaluable when i needed to know when I should rush for a bus or find an alternative form of transport to get to class. it was always within 1 or 2 minutes. in the last month or so it has become horrendous, completely unreliable. more often than not the bus just simply never apppears others the time of the bus from the stop steadily increases rather than decreasing. it used to be precise, now its just a guessing game

  18. Pretty awful. It defaults to ticket buying mode. Hard to get to the schedule/routes page, which is hidden under “More,” while other useless garbage takes precedence. Really dumb. Also a real rigamarole to reset my password. After having done so, it kept bringing up an automatic sign-in page that had my old password info, and it was virtually impossible to bypass that so I could sign in with my new information.

  19. My phone runs Android 11, it’s less than a year old but it’s a $99 phone. When I open app, it takes forever to start. Eventually when I can click on ticket, it takes forever to bring up the ticket to show the driver. I have to constantly explain to driver I am waiting on the app. Do you have a lite version? I just want to show driver my ticket. I can use Google Maps for the rest

  20. I would have gave you a higher rating but soo many times people are waiting for me to get on the bus because this app has me doing extra things that are unnecessary and tells me I need to update the app and free up space, then that is extra time also. I don’t understand the concept or logic behind the pay wallet. It’s just more extra stuff to waste time when people are standing behind you frustrated and the bus driver is frustrated because they’re ready to go and keep up with their time. Thanks

  21. Whatever was added in the update broke the app, frequent crashes, long load times, and app restarts are all you’ll get out of this app atm. Until it’s fixed I’d recommend buying a physical bus pass Update: It’s not getting better. Crashes weren’t really a problem, couple updates later I get a crash every time I open the app. Physical bus passes I’d highly recommend over this app

  22. Latest version is showing quite a few issues for me. Slow to load, purchased tickets not loading at all, purchase screen never updated. And the app no longer shows bus schedules, it only lets you plan a trip, it was useful to be able to see the schedules without having to plan an actual trip.

  23. There’s a lot to like about Cap Metro buses. With a few exceptions, drivers are generally very friendly, patient, and helpful. Most buses are clean, very clean compared w/ buses in some cities. On the down side, a lot of buses just haven’t shown up lately. Schedule & “next bus” texts show bus arrival at approx time & then, a few minutes past that time, new arrival time appears that seems to be the next scheduled bus. One time, it happened 2X consecutively before I gave up & got a ride.

  24. Before the 9/1/2021 update this app was running pretty smooth, now after the update it lags horribly and will crash or black screen on me. This is especially annoying when I’m about to board a bus as I usually load my ticket ahead of time. I nearly have to load it 2-3 minutes ahead of time instead now as I don’t know if the app will not respond to my tapping or just move at a snail’s pace.

  25. Absolutely DO NOT USE THIS APP. It won’t open half the time, and then when it does open, the tickets you’ve bought will be corrupted. The only fix I’ve found is transferring them back and forth from cloud save to local save. Then the app will tell you you’re not authorized to use it. Then it will randomly buy multiple tickets and charge you instead of just buying one. Tried to use it and it just bought $82 worth of tickets…

  26. Indig0512 dice:

    App crashes way too much. Multiple times I’ve had to ask the driver if I can show the pass when it loads. Edit: If I could rate this a 0 I would. No improvements at all. I have tickets stored here that I cannot access because of constant app crashes. This is just trash.

  27. Until recently, when I had to re-install the app due to a phone memory capacity problem, I’ve had no problems. But I only give it 4 stars because now when I scan my QR code to get on the bus, when I JUST bought a ticket (and every other time) I get an invalid ticket message.

  28. Needs a help button! The app should have a button to alert an operator that the bus is not on the path it was supposed to be on. There should also be a help button for people who are at the bus stop & who have waited for the bus for multiple hours & have had buses pass them up on purpose, & yes I mean on purpose as in switches lanes and stoping at the red light in front of the passenger and cracks the door open just enough to tell them sorry there’s another bus later. That’s what happened to me.

  29. Good for having the pass on your phone and that is about it. Doesn’t tell you if a route is delayed or canceled all together was waiting for a bus that never came, on the app it tells me it’s still running, Decided to see if another stop could take me, that on was running 10 min late, app tells me it’s on time. Wound up just taking a lyft looked on the app later that night and it updated right in front of me saying my route is canceled…. AT NIGHT!! This has happened several times.

  30. This ap is absolute GARBAGE! It used to work just fine a year ago. I had it on the same phone I use now. Then suddenly all it does is load and stall, might pretend to display the pass, then crash completley. If I’m lucky, it’ll take 5 minuets to finally decide to show me the bus pass I bought. I’m also pissed off that you keep canceling the time stops I need to get to home/work. I work 10 hour days and I do not like walking home half the time! Please fix these issues!!!!

  31. Felecha R dice:

    I have not rode with CapMetro in years. I was so glad to find all the new information about bus passes, routes, and purchase options in one place. It was pretty easy too.

  32. Amb G dice:

    Doesn’t even deserve one star. This app is a piece of sh**. To be quite frank and honest. It glitches in multiple areas but the most counterproductive, ironic and sad that it would even have such be one of the issues is, every time I board, when I open my pass to scan, as soon as it’s time for the barcode/QR code to appear to board it freezes saying “this app is not responding: close app, wait, feedback”. I mean if you can’t do your job get another job, right? What else are you collecting Public

  33. The app is helpful updating cancelations but should be updated earlier. Checking the routes and no cancelation but the bus never showed. It was the 324 going east bound from 2711 East Anderson Ln to Northgate and Rundberg. It has gotten better but still not able to get to my destination until late. I know this will be taken care of. I am aware covid has effected everyone. Thank you !

  34. New update is worse than the app use to be! Charged me twice for a weekly pass, and neither pass shows up on the app. I have 2 receipts in my email, and can’t access even 1 pass, so I’m going to have to pay out of pocket until this gets resolved. That’s, very inconvenient, and honestly, utterly ridiculous!

  35. This app is straight garbage. Takes forever just to open so I can use it, never has accurate bus times, and freezes on a black screen whenever I try to pull up my ticket. Would never recommend, just use google maps for bus times and buy a physical card rather than relying on this “founded by a D-average graduate” pet project.

  36. New update broke the whole system, the next departure for my stop is showing some other schedule, my ticket I bought earlier this week is now gone- if I didn’t have cash in my wallet (which I almost never have) I would have totally been late to work. People rely on this app and I understand that they’re trying to improve the experience but I’m out $11 and reliable schedules. >:(

  37. Incredibly difficult to use. Every time I have to switch busses I loose the trip that I’m on after going I to my tickets. If you could activate one route as the one you’re currently on it would be much better than having to go back through the schedule trying to find the same one

  38. The app could be designed better, and posted notices on app that masks are still required would be best. I hadn’t bussed in over a year, and today I had to miss it due to the mask policy. My employer and Dr. don’t require them, so I’m out of the habit.

  39. Half the time it can’t connect to my location unless I close the program and reopen it. then it gave the wrong times for the route. It thought it was 7 at night when it was actually 3 in the afternoon. very frustrated with a major cities best effort at web service for buses.

  40. App takes forever to boot up, and then once it does it will stop responding like three times. The QR scanner also never works when I attempt scanning the QR code. Capital Metro is garbage.

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