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Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family is safer wherever the road takes them.
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Hum is the connected car solution that helps you take care of your car and everyone in it. Keep tabs on your car’s health and track of its location. Get peace of mind with crash detection, roadside assistance and more.

The Hum app lets you:

Use GPS to find any of your Hum-equipped cars when you need to.
Check your car’s health from your smartphone and detect issues before you hit the road.
Connect to a certified mechanic for unbiased advice.
Review your vehicle’s location history and detailed stats by trip, such as average and max speed, mileage, fuel usage, trip time and idle time.
Connect with emergency services and have them dispatch help, even if you don’t respond to an agent.
Request help 24/7 for flat tires, dead batteries, lockouts and tows—and then watch the map to track the service provider’s progress to your location.
Capture data on driving events—acceleration, speed, braking and cornering—to help you understand and modify your behavior, or coach others to become safer drivers.
Stay on top of routine maintenance by reminding you when it’s time for an oil change, tire rotation or other service.

Download the Hum app and connect your car to your connected life.

Note: Verizon Wireless data plan required for HumX. Verizon Wi-Fi is available on select devices. Data usage applies. Coverage not available everywhere; see for details.

Privacy of your family is a top concern for us, please share your location only with people you trust.

For more information about Hum’s Privacy Policy:

For more information about Hum’s Terms of Use:

For more information about Hum’s Terms of Service:

Call: 1-800-906-2501


With this release we have made some performance enhancements for a better Hum experience.


40 comentarios en "Hum: GPS Locator MOD"

  1. Update 6.19.2022: I still can’t log into this app. Wi-Fi set up sometime back still works. Calls still come through. The app is the current version. I have gotten no help or both Verizon and app developer have no clue how to fix this. Error I get is: Oops!! Something went wrong. Retry Close Even though it appears my HUM device is still working, I can no longer log into this app. Or through the browser. And Verizon techs through text are clueless and seem completely unaware of what this is.

  2. The app does not open it continuously says oops something went wrong. If I can not use the app what is the point of the him. I cannot access the wifi password to connect to my new phone. If you do not fix this then I will remove the service all together. I will not pay for something that does not work.

  3. I love it. I can see when my honey gets home safe. I do have a bit of difficulty when logging on and trying to track vehicle. It seems like I have to take extra steps to get the correct view. I get incorrect map. I believe it shows California but xi and my vehicle are on east coast. There must be a glitch. The map eventually shows correctly. With the new 5G replacement I hope it will be easier to track.

  4. The device doesn’t track the driving, the app on the phone of the person it’s registered to does. The device shows the location of the device and car that it’s on but after long delay. Seems like there is an upgrade option, that may do something. This is not what was promised by the sales associate and we purchased this based on the performance described. DO NOT BUY!

  5. I use the Hum to drive for Uber for about a year now and sometimes it goes out, (No Internet) you have to remove it, ( wait a minute) and plug it back in, I have missed about an hour & a half, to two hours worth of work trying to get it to work. Altho when it is working it is good, lots of features on the app cheapest nearest gas station, vehicle status, etc.. I have Verizon and it seems to be the only option of Wi-Fi on the go. The GPS on it is the most accurate when I’ve seen.

  6. Overall pretty decent app. Can be glitchy. The app often sends me alerts that it’s using my device location to record a trip when I’m sitting in my home or office and not moving around much. Gets really annoying. The additional discounts are a bonus. Helpful to track my diving habits to encourage safe driving. Please fix glitches and I’ll give a better rating. Edit:The Hum team has been very prompt, polite, and professional in responding to my issues with the glitches. Great customer service!

  7. It’s a great app and gives you very price location of your vehicle being tracked. I love the features the program gives you. I wish it let you save locations and title them though. I use this app for business and personal. Im not sure if you get anything else with the monthly subscription like an onstar type deal. I’ll have to look into that.

  8. Omar Issa dice:

    I absolutely love this app. It is very useful and keeps me updated with car health and any other issues that may arise and don’t get noticed. Last week I had no idea my battery is low and needs replacement. That was a very helpful notification and prevend other problems that can be associated with low voltage and many more inconvenience situations. However, I have one question: what does that safety score provide to you and how can use it and where? Kindly, VZW team let me know. Thanks a lot.

  9. I do not believe the developer when they tell me they are working on any issue as all of these issues have been the same going back at least two years. This tells me that the developer has no interest in helping people or correcting any of the listed problems. This is bloatware that either does not work as intended or its sole purpose is spy or malware. You cannot remove this because it keeps reinstalling and you can’t disable it because it keeps reenabling. I’m switching phone carriers.

  10. Very unreliable as to the parked location of the vehicle. Approximately 50% of the time, the “parked” location is incorrect often by miles. Sometimes the driving history or navigation location may be correct. My average waiting time to speak to a customer service representative was approximately 15 minutes. I do not have confidence in the functionalities of it and as a Verizon shareholder believe that this was not a good investment. I have OnStar on another vehicle and it is very reliable.

  11. Hum, so far, is a great thing to have in my car. The Wifi hot spot is very handy, and the vehicle diagnostics are fun to review (since nothing’s wrong). When my wife lost her only set of keys, I was able to monitor the car and make sure it hadn’t been towed while I found them. It tells you where cheap gas is. Downsides? The speaker emits a loud double beep when the car is started, and I don’t know what it means, as there is no user guide, and I can’t turn it down. And some controls aren’t marked.

  12. Enticing features… I thought it provided a WiFi signal no matter where you were. At least that’s how it was pitched to me. No phone service = no WiFi signal either. And when you do get it, it’s ridiculously sluggish. 4G is so much faster! =/ Really disappointed and wish I could return it now. If your car is stolen in a no signal area, I doubt you could locate it until it was within range of signal again. Thumbs way down.

  13. Won’t pair since update. It’s still working – it let me know I needed a new thermostat. It’s tracking my vehicle’s location, but it simply will NO LONGER pair with Bluetooth. Worked great and is one of my favorite features. Wish the Bluetooth would work again. Would give 4-5 stars if Bluetooth would work again…. Don’t remember when, but Bluetooth did start working again. It sometimes still reverts back to Google assistant instead, which is a pain. I still don’t understand why it has to choose

  14. Im having an issue even getting into the app. I keep getting an oops something went wrong message. I have uninstalled the app and updated the app with the same results. Its VERY frustrating!! My husband’s app works just fine, but not mine. 😠 I had an issue tonight with my battery @ 1:00 am. Luckily, i had friends that brought me home. I was able to find diagnostic info from him. Please help me resolve this issue.

  15. Just installed my “Hum” device today. I love this add-on service to help with finding my car in large parking lots, navigation, emergency roadside assistance, and accident reporting. My problem is the app has crashed 5 times trying to set-up a family group notifications!!! I’m a stroke survivor and my family needs to know my whereabouts when I drive. Without this feature, I cannot drive. HELP!!

  16. App crashes every time I try to open it. No idea if I’m going to get charged because my trial period is ending and I can’t open the app. Also, the safety rating is pretty useless. It never recognises phone use, thinks I brake hard at my exit every time (there is a stop sign immediately after the exit, but it then goes under a bridge so I think it’s a GPS issue) and there’s no way to change the speed it thinks is too fast. The speed limits here are 70mph so sometimes it not safe to do under 75.

  17. The app is not very accurate. My car’s location when parked at home is never correct and when my husband and I used the family location sharing the app showed our locations were jumping 10 to 15 miles apart witin seconds so we quit using that feature. I really hoped it would be more accurate as I wanted to add my elderly father so he wouldn’t have to call me when travelling. It is pretty good at recording my safety score even though it uses my phones activity for calculations.

  18. The app works great on my husband’s phone, but I just continually get a “something went wrong” error over and over. It won’t ever let me in. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my phone, etc over and over and nothing works. It used to work ok after getting the error once or twice but now nothing. I have a Note 8, my husband has a S9+

  19. Been using this for about 5 months. Works decent enough but for the life of me I can’t figure out why it wants to run location services from my phone instead of the Hum device itself. Pretty stupid if you ask me. I would also like to leave the wifi radio on for an hour after I turn the car off Everytime instead of having to manually turn it on through the app. Edit: A few months later and I am getting rid of the silly thing. I just really need WiFi in the car to drive the Android head unit.

  20. This app has not worked since it was purchased. a problem with the vehicle location and actual driving history was completely wrong. The location says the car is parked when we are driving the car. The history shows my car drying at 89 miles per hour and it was never driven in the manner or the miles. This app is terrible. The issues are still not fixed and has been over 3 months.

  21. I am not fond of how it rates your driving. I get hit for sharp cornering a lot for following the road on both right and left turns every day in the same spots on my way to and from work. I get hit with rapid excel when i get on the highway trying to merge with traffic. Other than this i really like the app and other features it has.

  22. Was initially enjoying the app. However after storing my car for a couple of months, the hum device would not work and update the location. Called tech support and was told I would have to buy a whole new device since this one was “off the network.” Kinda crazy in my opinion but whatever. Then in a situation where I required a tow, the closest shop was 14 miles so I had to call roadside assistance to confirm the location. After calling three times, no response. This app is not worth the trouble!

  23. The app seems to work well with the Verizon Humx device. A word of warning about the Humx device though. While it’s supposedly in a “low power” mode when the car is off, in fact it is draining the car battery the entire time. Be sure to remove it between trips or risk finding a dead battery.

  24. We use it to keep track of an elderly family member’s location. As a bonus it let’s us know if there are abrupt breaking or turning which is helpful. Additionally, we can set the boundry for the vehicle to as low as 1 mile from the home location, so we are alerted anytime the vehicle leaves it’s home base. Both my husband and I get real time alerts. It has exceed my expectations and I highly recommend it.

  25. We have had the HUM for a while and I have loved it until the newest update 2 days ago that messed it up as far as navigation. It worked great until you updated it, please change it back and fast. The road moves but the car stays in the same spot and it looks like it is glitching out.. I have a Samsung Note 9 if that helps you fix this before I cancel my service for the HUM.

  26. Flo G dice:

    I’ve had hum for about a year now. I still can not get logged into my account. I’ve called and was told it was fixed and still not able to get in. On the upside it did send a notification when we had an issue, so we were able to get the vehicle fixed before it got bad and was not Uber warranty. I would love help getting logged out. I have done the forgot password and it never sends a link to reset. 🥺😠 Thanks

  27. This app, the associated OBD-connected device, and the service as a whole has been so unreliable that it typically borders on completely worthless. I just had to completely reset the app (again!) on my phone to even complete a login sequence. And for the first 6 months after we purchased this service, it was 100% broken. Turns out, they were selling the service and devices with a known flaw that would randomly brick the device and disable all services, with absolutely no way to recover the service without PURCHASING a new device. They eventually figured that out and sent us a new device at no charge, which now typically works about 50% of the time. And the customer service? HA! Pathetic. It’s what you would expect from Verizon but made exponentially worse by the fact that there is a third party (i.e. Hum) also involved. Wasted countless hours on the phone bouncing from Hum to Verizon and back again just so that I wouldn’t be charged for a service that didn’t work.

  28. Half the time the app doesn’t work, doesn’t record my trip, get message that “Hum has stopped working.” When I complained at my Verizon store the salesman assured that Hum was working; the app just isn’t very good. But it’s the app that is supposed to give me the information that sold me on the device! Update: The last straw was that the device in my car started beeping but no warnings showed on my car dashboard or the Hum app. Useless! Returned the device despite the financial penalties.

  29. The app doesn’t work half the time. By the time it updates, the vehicle has reached it’s destination. Not only that, when the vehicle is parked at our home, it shows it’s at an address that doesn’t exist. We’re locked into a 2 year contract for the device since it requires a line. Very frustrating when we are trying to keep up with our new teen driver. Despite all those issues, it does have good features for the driving log.

  30. This thing is terrible, worked for literally a day and hasnt updated since. Put it in, worked fine, updated and all. Went on a trip that day and since has said my car is parked 3 hours from home. despite constantly getting phone notifications saying its updating, the app says it hasnt gotten an update since day 1. Also if you move more than a certain speed it automatically starts recording a trip, regardless if your driving. I went skiing and it killed my battery in 2 hours constantly recordin

  31. This is malware as far as I see it. I disabled the app and it reinstalls on its own. Unacceptable, even for Verizon. Usually you can disable apps and that is the last of them running. Other people I know have reached out to Verizon and had an unacceptable response to how to disable the app. Frustrating if you don’t want to use it.

  32. Hum device does not collect accurate data…on a 15 mile trip to town and back (rural), I showed 4 hard braking incidents, numerous sharp cornerings, rapid accelerating, and 3 minutes of phone use…ALL ARE FALSE AND INCORRECT. The bluetooth device on your visor, which makes phone and emergency calls, is very “touchy”…just touching a key when lowering your visor will start a call. When my contract with Verizon ends, this thing goes in my discarded electronics drawer.

  33. Please don’t waste your money. If I could rate zero stars I would. Have on my wife’s car. Will not keep track of vehicle, she has been having to travel long distances due to a sick family member. I have on my phone so I can monitor and make sure she is safe. Constantly looses vehicle location, won’t update. I think it is defective equipment, have contacted verizon on several occasions. They are useless, have not made offer to exchange equipment. I expected better service from verizon.

  34. ove used the Hum app and services multiple times – flat tires, dead battery. etc… its easy to use and I’ve had great providers. I like that I can use the app to track service needed, especially since I have an older car that doesn’t have those built in. my kid is learning to drive and I think the tracker & boundary options are going to help ease my worries.

  35. Ever since the update on February/March the map has been completely inaccurate it shows that my car is parked 1 mile away from where it actually is then when vehicle is parked for about an hour or two the location jumps back and forth ,believe it’s hooking up to random cell phone tower. I called the support line many times and they still haven’t fixed the issue. Planning on switching services doesn’t get corrected

  36. Hum has been a phenomenal app. It allows me to access vehicle diagnostics, check the location of my vehicle, and keep up to date with maintenance. However, I have found the navigation portion to be quite cumbersome because it is buggy and doesn’t always work properly. I think Hum should stop using map quest and just reroute the user to a navigation app of choice.

  37. I have never had a worse consumer experience. I have spent hours trying to troubleshoot a defective car sensor. They refuse to replace it and after at least a hour per call and at least 3 calls they just hang up on you each time. I would not wish this product or it’s customer service on my worst enemy. I have waisted so much time outside in the freezing cold trying to get their equipment to work. I have never rated an app or left a review but i feel everyone should beware!

  38. It has constantly failed when I needed it most. It has not picked up on 4 to 5 check engine lights and freezes all the time. I have to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall for it to work. When it does work it would be a great item. Only reason I keep it is it is cheap to have and no other systems are out there that do this.

  39. It isn’t reliable, it hasn’t worked correctly since having it. I have 2 cars w/ a humx in one & hum+ in the other. Hum+ works fine but the humx has never worked along w/the app it doesn’t show any trips or anything & I keep getting “an error contacting server” for the humx. Ive spent numerous hrs on the phone w/verizon & hum to be pushed around to each several times. Hum says they’re working on the issue but now I’ve been logged out of the app and can’t get back in w/ the same error.

  40. Revising my original five star review: “Good app and I love the coupons. 😁” I justified the monthly fee because I had the coupons which I used monthly. I do enjoy the main aspect of the app but rarely use it. The fact that it is an extra expense for a luxury that I necessarily do not need. Having the coupons and using them regularly justified the added expense on my cell phone bill with Verizon. I’m past my 2-year agreement and will be cancelling Hum unless the coupons are brought back.

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