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Map routes with your finger. Follow along with turn-by-turn navigation.
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Trace a map with your finger and Footpath will snap to roads and trails. Measure distance and elevation in seconds, then follow along with turn-by-turn voice navigation.

Mix up your routine and plan out a new running route or bike ride, or plan a scenic road trip or multi-day hiking adventure. Footpath allows you to plan custom routes quicker and easier than ever before.

Join millions of adventurers using Footpath Route Planner and pave your own path.

Snap to map
Quickly measure distances by tracing a map with your finger. Footpath will snap to any roads, bike paths, hiking trails, or paths you can find on Footpath’s topo maps. Footpath can even snap to rivers and railroads.

Measure distance and elevation
Know exactly how far and how high you’ll travel with an accurate distance measure and detailed elevation profiles. Plan a precise route that matches your mileage goal, or use as a GPS distance tracker if you run without a plan.

Save routes for later
Marathon training or planning a backpacking trip? Sign up for a free account to save up to 5 routes at a time, or save an unlimited number of routes with Footpath Elite.

GPX viewer
Find a cool hiking trail on the web? Import GPX files from anywhere to analyze or save for later.

Share routes
Send your routes to friends or workout partners and let them partake in your adventure.

Footpath is designed to work in any country, and for any activity or adventure you can imagine:
• Running, walking, and hiking
• Cycling and mountain biking
• Motorcycling and driving
• Kayaking, canoeing, and standup paddleboarding
• Backcountry skiing
• Sailing
• And many more!


Footpath Elite

Ready to go the extra mile? Upgrading to a Footpath Elite subscription unlocks the following powerful features:

• Turn-by-turn navigation: Footpath will tell you when to turn with turn-by-turn audio cues
• Premium topo maps & overlays: including USGS Topo Maps, OpenCycleMap, bike paths, avalanche slope shading, elevation contour lines, and many more
• Offline map downloads: follow your route even without cell service
• Organize: save unlimited routes and sort routes into custom lists
• Export: export GPX files directly to Garmin Connect, Wahoo ELEMNT, COROS, and other apps
• GPS Devices: export TCX and FIT courses for turn-by-turn navigation on select Garmin and Wahoo running watches and cycling computers


Tips for mapping routes

• For a longer route, try zooming in and mapping your route in multiple segments.
• Tap and hold the map to quickly route between waypoints and POIs.
• Did Footpath snap to the wrong roads? Trace over the incorrect segment to edit, or use the eraser tool.
• Turn off snap to roads (magnet icon) and zoom in to manually trace the map. (Try switching to a satellite layer).


Contact Us

We’ve got a lot planned for Footpath. If you have any suggestions or feedback, or if you run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Footpath Route Planner – Running, Hiking, Bike Map MODDED"

  1. Pros: Nice interface for route planning IMO. Cons: Can’t navigate w/o “elite” version. Can’t save or track route, can’t even count steps or mileage without an account – too much dependence on the cloud in general for my tastes. This version uses 25MB. Not bad, but most valuable features are unavailable. Map data depicts lakes/ponds in my neighborhood that do not exist. I’m not willing to waste time and money to sign up for account and subscription to try.

  2. This is exactly what I had hoped for in an app. I paddle in the middle of nowhere so to speak and I am not only new to this area but 68yrs old. I do carry a phone with a tracker turned on but I’ve been afraid to venture upstream to who know where. Knowing how much farther a bridge may be or some kind of progress as I venture forward is invaluable. this app is perfect and so easy to use! I love it!

  3. Amazing app, very well worth the money for the elite version. Easy to use. Tho I have issues every now and then. The issues I have are negligible, and could be due to user error. I work at a bike shop and always recommend this app for riders who are trying to plan trips on or off road. Easy to use and you can export the maps to a cycling computer, or use the app itself for those without a dedicated cycling computer. 10/10

  4. The free version is perfect for what I need. (looking to plan out walks/bike rides that are specific distances in order to hatch eggs in Pokemon go). it does exactly that in a very easy to use format. The app has lots of helpful options for users that pay an annual fee. Normally I hate paying to use apps but this app is the only exception.

  5. I love the way I can easily erase portions of tracks and add adventurous loops. I export fun looking rides from in Strava. Import them into Footpath and erase sections I don’t want then loop back on boring sections to make the ride more adventurous then export that route into Locus Maps Pro for navigation. I know Footpath has navigation, but it’s not as good as Locus Maps Pro. I only gave it 4 stars because there’s a huge learning curve. Not very intuitive.

  6. Useless for established trails. There are huge portions of public lands and park trails that aren’t included in searches. When I zoom in they’re completely absent from the map, and my searches almost always route me along roads. In a walking app this seems like a major flaw. This information is available for free. If I just wanted to use roads I’d stick with Google Maps. Of course Google Maps and the US Forest Service app show trails and public lands, so I will be sticking with them anyway.

  7. it’s ok, once you find your route on the map you can usually start tapping along it and it intelligently follows the path, gives you height and distance. it can be hard to find the trail though, the overall map is a little lacking and some trails aren’t in here.

  8. J M dice:

    The app is lightyears ahead of everything else when it comes to route planning etc. I purchased it, but kind of regret that I did now. I planned a route out, tested it, but there’s only a dark theme for the navigation…which makes the app unusable during the day for me. I checked the documentation and it says it is to save battery. Whilst that is great, I have battery, I don’t have the ability to read a black map in the bright sunshine. Add the light map (as others are asking for) please

  9. Chloe Que dice:

    Very very nice app. you can be creative in planning your routes. very flexible. the only issue that prevents me from giving a 5 star is the glitch. there are times that it does not recognize the road and it reroutes to other roads. very annoying when creating a route i had to manually draw it, and even when i draw, it still does not “magnet” to the road.. it sticks to exactly how crooked i draw the line. overall very good app, i hope creators will look into the glitch.

  10. Great for planning, creating & exporting routes & knowing distances. I’m a runner and don’t like carrying gagets with me, so this is perfect. I map a run out, and record my time manually. I’d pay for the app if I could have access to some way of recording my times for individual runs. ie a way to save individual routes/workouts completed with ability to enter time & additional info for each workout. Back to basics workout recording 👍

  11. Sam Shaw dice:

    Very good for planning your running route. You can easily map out where you want to run. It even tells you the total distance, which is very helpful. Haven’t seen this feature on any of the running apps. So if definitely recommend this to any runner! 🏃🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

  12. 🧡Love this app💚 (No Ads) Fun app for route planning, & recording tracks even if no data or wifi. Easiest app to plan routes & breadcrumb. MUCH better than G… Maps for planning. ● Select one of many mode of travel, even has wheelchair mode. Will show route incl miles elev gain & loss(not straight line elev) & how much time you’ll need +see stats any track point. Very indespensibl app. Shows total weekly mileage. Question: how does it track total elevation gain ?

  13. Really nice app, shame about the pricing, this (2€/month!!!!) is way too much for occasional walks (and you need to pay for even basic stuff like offline maps). Should offer a limited lite version.

  14. Finding great new routes with this great app. I had been looking for a planner and one that also tracked you as you were off on your strolls. You can alternate the base map to different views. 10 out of 10.

  15. Been using this for a while now and find it very useful for planning a route. Some footpaths are not on here that you do come across when out hiking. Hopefully there is a new update out that show these paths

  16. If you let it plot a route it can use paths that are not public rights of way. Be careful, you may have to retrace your steps. User guides are useless, same as tutorial and what’s new. Still looking for viewranger replacement.

  17. Stupid. I cannot save my route like I used to. The mao isnt even current, and it is a pain to draw out the route. You would think I coukd at least save a route for the rest of the troubles. Truly not ok.

  18. Exactly what I was looking for! You just draw a path and get the distance, no nonsense, it’s perfect!

  19. J V dice:

    I love this app. If I want to walk 3 miles, I draw a path on the map and know exactly which route to take to meet my goal. Easy to use. Dependable.

  20. Really useful for maps and it is perfectly usesble without needing to pay money.

  21. Yotam L.D dice:

    There’s no way to edit existing routes, and editing a new one isn’t vert easy. The app refuses to let me make a route without a loop (the beginning & end is ALWAYS the same). The interface is very confusing to me and not very intuitive.. very much so after you save a route- because trying to understand how to go back to the original page takes a minute and if you just go back on your phone it closes the app. And you won’t even let us make copies without giving you money?Now that’s just too much.

  22. It’s quite poor. Very light on features, and the mapping available without subscription is very poor, especially as other apps give you that very same more detailed map for free. You also can’t create routes on desktop, like their competitors. Creating routes on the app just isn’t reliable. I’m not sure who this is for, certainly not hikers or anyone needing detailed routes on a good topo map or a good feature set. Everything it does is done better by the competition.

  23. Hold on a cotton picking minute….. Great idea to quickly plot a route, glad i signed up. Plotted a route,saved it……. And then, I can’t follow it,can’t see individual turns and can’t use the voice turn system….. Unless I pay monthly installment,why would I do that if I don’t know if the app is any good, and I NEVER subscribe,I may pay for something outright if it’s good. Come on …. This really liked like a good app too. Definitely if your into subscription services then worth it.

  24. Really easy to map and track routes. I wish it had a light map when following a trail though… the dark one is too hard to see in daylight. Also, the UX when tracking is a little confusing if you want to do things like change which route to follow (e.g. weather improve and you want guidance from a longer variation).

  25. Very good app – highly recommended. Stable, easy to use to plot a route, save it and export to preferred format (gpx etc). Paid for the yearly membership as I make routes for my local cycling club, yes there are other map making tools out there, but this works perfectly on a phone and is a lot more straight forward and intuitive to use. Worth the purchase

  26. used to use this and now its unusable. won’t find my location im not in new york, won’t track anything even checked all permissions and location on

  27. Bad bad bad. Should only be used by STUPID people who pay subscriptions every month. Programmed by smart people who pray that stupid users forget to cancel the subscription.

  28. Very good aid for planning walks. Has very good GPS functionality.

  29. Nick dice:

    Good App for route planning. It would be great if you could modify previously saved routes.

  30. Just paid the subscription, but no matter what choice I make after hitting export, Garmin Connect does not appear. So pretty useless for me.

  31. I can no longer send saved routes to my Garmin Connect app. It no longer provides that option on my device 😡

  32. This app is stupid. Sounded great when I downloaded it but can’t even make a damn route properly. Got to click on the “pen” icon every single time so that makes it annoying and take for ever. Doesn’t register spots you touch on the map even if you try multiple times. Tries to make a route through the city streets spelling out a word and spent 30mins and couldn’t get past the first word because it doesn’t do what it should do. Absolutely garbage. GARBAGE ** DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP**

  33. This is my go to app for planning running, hiking or cycling routes when new to an area, Strava is good, Garmin is better, but none allow the freedom and quickness you are allowed when using this app. The others try all sorts of widgets to make them user friendly, but I believe this app has the right balance of simplicity and usefulness. Have recommended it to others and they all agree, well done.

  34. BumFizzle dice:

    It’s not free, use Google maps instead.

  35. Possibly the best app for planning and plotting walks, hikes, tours, etc. Easy to use, great UI, good data. Need to upgrade and use all functions for a while, then I’ll be able to give more detailed review.

  36. quick and easy route drawing. I think this one’s worth going premium.

  37. I really wanted to love this app.. just trying the free trial – and despite all of my GPS permissions being open, the location accuracy was quite ‘off’ every now and again.. and my battery dipped fairly significantly during use. I have a Xiaomi Mi 10t lite.. and so shouldn’t really be having these problems. Bit disappointed.

  38. Edit, cool, that works where the map doesn’t recognize the intersection, unmagnetting does it, thanks I’ll give it a try now 🙂 Doesn’t recognise intersections. Tried a few places on footpaths where I am certain they intersect but as app doesn’t recognise them it sends you off on huge loops. Promising app but this problem means I will uninstall.

  39. Used this app to look for footpaths on a new trail. Haven’t tested it in person yet- went to save the route (you’re supposed to be able to save 5 for free) but in trying to set up an account it produces an ‘error at $’ code. Took a picture of the map I generated instead …

  40. Wow, great app for planning out distances….you won’t be disappointed. Originally 5 star but something has changed to knock it down to 3 star. Planning your route is no longer accurate; doesn’t follow roads, path etc as well as the pervious version

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