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Your cycling companion: Cycle route planner, bike computer & ride tracker
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Do you love to discover, navigate, and track new cycling routes? Then you’ll love Bikemap. It doesn’t matter if bicycling for you means a leisurely ride with your city bike or e-bike, climbing MTB trails with your mountain bike, or preparing for your next cycling marathon. With more than 9 million bicycle routes and trails worldwide, Bikemap has something for every cyclist.

Turn your phone into a bike computer, cycle route planner, and bicycle ride tracker! Use core features for free or upgrade to get even more.

Your Ride Tracker & Bike Computer
• The ultimate activity tracker for cyclists. Use as a bicycle speedometer and odometer.
• Turn your phone or tablet into a bike computer, GPS tracker, and cycling distance tracker.
• Get real-time biking stats alongside your navigation—current speed, biking distance, duration, elevation, and the ETA.
• Track your bicycling activity and progress over time.

Your Cycle Route Planner
• Plan the perfect route for you and your bicycle of choice, no matter if you ride an e-bike, mountain bike, road bike, or city bike.
• Search for your destination and filter by route length, ascent, bicycle type, and surface.
• You can also use the website cycle route planner, effortlessly sync with the app, and then use your phone for tracking and navigation.

Your Cycle Route Collection
• Browse through millions of cycle paths and mountain biking trails worldwide.
• Discover routes and trails in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, and many more.
• Access official routes and trails like the Pacific Coast Route, TransAmerica Trail, Mississippi River Trail, and many more.
• Share your favorite routes and trails with our community of cyclists and mountain bikers to make our route library even greater.

Your Cycling Map
• Find essential points of interest (POIs) on your ride, including public restrooms, bicycle parking, water stops, repair shops, bicycle rentals, and e-bike charging stations.
• Avoid unpleasant surprises like construction, potholes, and slippery roads by checking out our community reports.
• Help out fellow cyclists by reporting obstacles, hazards, and amenities on your route.

Level Up
• Collect points by planning, tracking and navigating routes with Bikemap.
• Cycle more to level up and keep your ride streak. Challenge yourself to ride daily.

Get the whole cycling experience with Bikemap Premium
• Turn-by-turn Navigation: Get turn-by-turn navigation instructions, including voice navigation.
• Offline Maps & Routes: Download maps and routes and ride offline worldwide.
• Bike-Type Optimized Routing: Optimize the routing for road or mountain bikes.
• Custom Bike Computer: Choose from a range of stats for a personalized overview of your bicycling data.
• Advanced Cycling Maps: Access additional map layers developed for cyclists (3D, Night, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap, Atlas, Outdoors, Landscape).
• Export routes: Download routes as GPX or KML files.
• Detailed Route Previews: Preview your route with colored elevation gradients or in 3D mode.
• Premium Support.

Try out all of our exclusive Premium features now! You can cancel the trial anytime during the trial period in the Play Store settings.

Got any questions? Let us know via [email protected] anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Here's what's new in version 16.1.0:

• You can now customize and build your own bike computer and choose from a range of values for a personalised overview of your cycling data. (Premium) 📲

Like this update? Share the love and make sure to review the Bikemap app. Missing features? Simply get in touch with [email protected] - we love to hear from you!

Happy Cycling! 💙


40 comentarios en "Bikemap: Cycling Tracker & Map MODDED 2022"

  1. It couldn’t provide a route that I could take without having to upgrade to premium. They don’t seem to update their maps because the road they want me to take ceased to exist around a month ago. I never used the app because I couldn’t figure out how to reroute or update the road’s status (in the developer’s defense I spent less than 3 minutes trying). That being said, I gave it 3 stars because I never used it, but also had to say no to upgrading every time I tried to find a work around.

  2. i was looking for an app that helps me navigate along the most bike friendly route from point a to point b in my city. this app does not do that. it only has pre-set suggested routes for your area – it doesn’t allow you to navigate to wherever you want to be. i guess it’s for people looking to kill time by biking around town on random routes. im not even sure why it has a gps function. i guess it’s trying to be an all trails for city bikers. i just think it’s stupid.

  3. Jacob R. dice:

    Horrible routing algorithm. I was given a route ETA 33 minutes, marked as both the fastest and most balanced. I was instead directed up a 60 foot incline over a 200 foot road, then up the highest peak in San Francisco. I walked my bike up a 55+ degree incline, and barely had any relief getting down due to the terribly timed turns. Lacked bike routes for half the trip. Based on this route alone, I’ve lost faith in the app. It is great for tracking routes, but DO NOT let it navigate for you.

  4. This app is terrible, for a lot of reasons: 1. Routes chosen were unsafe – they went against traffic or in areas without a bike path/lane. 2. When on “balanced” mode, which is supposed to pick a route based on a mix of how direct the route is and ease of riding, it still picks a route that is both longer and has a steeper gradient than alternative routes. 3. Battery drain is very high – phone battery was completely drained on a 1.5 hour ride. 4. GPS often was not very accurate and lagged a lot. Edit – To the developer – I was cycling in Washington DC. Will not use again as it put me in unsafe situations.

  5. Amazing!!! Took a route Google Maps usually takes 29 miles and shortcut it down to 14 miles with less street traffic. Enjoyable voice narration and no glitches! Fabulous MPH cycling computer display and so easy to use! NOTE: HORRIBLE at address input though. It will give you a general location, instead like “West Sepulveda Blvd,” but will not find “6590 W Sepulveda.” Would prefer total mileage left on the trip to be displayed somewhere more obvious, but just personal preference.

  6. I initially liked this app. The first issue was that it includes rugged, gravel roads unless I pay a monthly fee. I would gladly do a one time fee and occasional donations. But I don’t want another monthly subscription service. But I still used it until it took me down a private road which ended at a securely gated entrance. That was enough for me. A positive is that it switches between internet and GPS as needed. I would very much be willing to pay a single fee for the app and maybe an occasional upgrade fee. But I have no desire to pay subscription fees for what other apps offer with the upfront costs.

  7. I paid for the premium option so I could utilize offline maps. However, unfortunately the offline map and offline route function isn’t working. The download stalls and has an error before I can finish. I made sure my internet connection is working properly and I have plenty of space on my phone. I emailed support and they said, sorry it doesn’t work. Ok cool, five dollars a month for a broken app. What a deal!

  8. John Rock dice:

    Much better map functions today! Theproblem was likely my using the freehand map drawing. Using the draw on roads gave me voice directions at last, not just when going off route. Only problem was the voice directions were sometimes behind me and the map, telling me to do the step I had just completed. Most important, the app stopped telling me to make the wrong turns. After stopping or slowing, the viewpoint would change. zEasily fixed though.

  9. This is useless. I paid the extra money for offline maps and got an error message the first time I tried to use it. The app pretty much can never find a location even if I type in the exact address. It always says 0 on elevation and descent no matter what and I live near lots of uphill trails. Just use Google maps.

  10. It’s not a bad app. I like the fact that it tells me the route and time I’ve biked. One thing I don’t like is unable to actually stop or pause the recording of the ride. The clock is always ticking until you actually END the recording. I often stop to eat or have a beer, but I’m not finished riding. There is a button to stop recording, but timer does not stop.

  11. Like being able to plan and save routes. But when trying to initiate navigation and hit start all I get is distance to start of route. No matter how much I try to get to the start GPS coordinates, even if it seems I am on top of it, navigation never starts. So while riding I have to manually move the map. Will give 5 stars if this gets fixed.

  12. I am based in Germany and the free version suggests the same routes as Google Maps. I have no idea if an upgrade to a paid version would be worth it. For €20 I can by a paper map with all the routes for a state and I honestly find the paper option easier to use and follow. So not for me but hey, I grew up before phone apps so maybe I’m just old fashioned!

  13. blck 77 dice:

    Nice as router tool. The online route planner is not intuitive but a also a good tool when you’ve finally understood as it works. The biggest downturn for me: a saved route is public by default. And when you’ve understood that and like to change the status of all your saved routes this is a hell of work. You’ll have to open each route then you have to open edit mode and there you can change the status. There is no batch operation for this. For me a show stopper.

  14. I download the app but I never signed up for any subscription yet my debit card was charged. I’ve been trying all day to cancel my subscription and close any account I may have but it’s impossible. The App says to do it on the website the website says I downloaded the app I have to do it there. This is very frustrating. I need any account that’s under my name cancelled, Clos es d, and deleted.

  15. 63H30 H8 dice:

    Signing in a lot, lost some trips, have to sign in every time I get away. Just not a good experience if you want to keep actual distance, won’t show speeds after saving or navigation to Stats is not intuitive. Just not worth the headache

  16. What’s the point of a bike routing app that routes you on roads? Google Maps can do that. I want a route that uses bike paths as much as possible even if the trip is longer. Why is there no option to do that?

  17. I paid the premium subscription. And most of the time the application is crashing. When I open my planned route. Unable to use the application. Very disappointed with the app.

  18. Great app, but missing the function to search map for rides which is very disappointing, it’s only available on the website, could you please bring the function to the app

  19. They turned the only reason I downloaded the app, navigation, a premium feature suddenly. I will be using another better free app then, thank you.

  20. Rubbish app. $$$ costs for meaningful use and is wildly inaccurate. Avoid. Better cycle trail info on All Trails app.

  21. Really difficult to set waypoints on mobile map as it constantly zooms out and resets everytime you set point.

  22. Once minimized it breaks. When you try to maximize it again the entire app sceen is black.

  23. jb32647 dice:

    Works well in Brisbane. Editing the routing is a bit unintuitive at first (you have to add stops to go via a certain route) but does a good job overall. Wish the voice navigation was a bit less robotic and had a male option but that’s just my preference.

  24. Really nice app that gets even better and better with updates. I use it mostly while MTB ridining (but also some road cycling), and I think some of its aspects are even better than Trailforks or Komoot. Also, maps are some of the most detailed and accurate I’ve seen.

  25. Jack Jack dice:

    I really like this app, use it almost every night to sleep. But would it be possible to add more selectable tags for the mood check-ins o the possibility of adding our own tags?

  26. It did not save my route. Just saved easiest from one point to another. Good thing i didn’t buy the app. Uninstalling now.

  27. Absolutely love this app! I came here to write this review to write some detail about all the things that are broken with this app, but I see that all 11 or 12 issues I have with the app have all already been reported. Worse, they have all been reported back in 2019. It’s 2022 now and this app is clearly abandonware. All of those reviews with bug reports all have enthusiastic responses from the dev. Let the buyer beware.

  28. everytime I put the phone in my pocket it would restart my route and change the destination. did not enjoy using.

  29. I have not used it yet but by downloading it why is I chargeble offline? You only pay to use offline on the app and if you turn wifi off and use mobile through that so who in their right mind would create an ap where you pay too the developer and provider I’m Uninstaller it what a waste

  30. free park and ride on this well marked excellent surfaced route.

  31. Jezinho dice:

    This is pretty good. I found it because Google maps limits how many times you can tweak a route to go down all the roads you want. No limit in Bikemap. Not so far anyway, and I really went for it. Also I wanted voice navigation for my carefully chosen route, instead of remembering and guessing. It wasn’t working, but the support was very helpful. Navigation gets upset if you go down the same road twice which is annoying. And navigation stops if you turn the screen off. But I can work with that.

  32. In theory the app starts well. However, it freezes continuously and when you get slightly of the map it takes ages to reconfigure. It often then places my location on a different country and I have to exit the actual route and restart. I ended up using Google maps which is not ideal as this puts you on the main road. I would not recommend this app. I’m looking for an alternative.

  33. It’s just ‘OK’ Picks better cycle routes than Google, most of the time. Buggy map orientation. If you decide to go a different direction (because it’s taken you down a horrible road), it won’t automatically correct itself, instead trying to get you to turn around, annoying. I’d love to be able to have an ‘avoid’ filter on route planning (there are many dual carriage ways near me, so I’d want to avoid them). You also can’t filter routes, by distance from you.

  34. EDITED: A serious deficiency. ANY deviation from a planned route results in the error “You have gone off route, return to starting point” repeating endlessly – a short detour around a locked gate, a longer detour to use a less-travelled street, crossing an empty parking lot instead of following the road to a corner. The only resolution appeared to be to cancel the navigation and begin a new route from “Current Location”. I did not see the option to “Start from nearest point”, but have since found that feature and will try it. Bikemap Team responded very quickly with promises of forthcoming improvements. I look forward to giving the app another try, soon.

  35. Adrian dice:

    I’m using the app a lot for work for delivery on bike. Mostly it’s working great. Few bothering things : – the address history : it’s annoying to scroll to the bottom if I want to access the last address when I have a long list in the history. Reverse order would make more sense, also I haven’t found a way to clear the history either. – rate : asking to rate the route after every trip is a bit annoying. – would be nice the select from different routes, or even slightly modify it. But good app

  36. This app is not intuitive and hard to use. Impossible to deactivate your account and cancel payment through the app, utterly frustrating, I thought I had opted out. It just takes your money. Horrendous! I have had to Google how to cancel my subscription it is that hard to figure it out! I thought I had opted out the day I signed up, but I hadn’t, you can’t sign up for the free membership without card details. Beware. They take your money and make it difficult to opt out.

  37. Initially, this looked promising, but it’s way too complicated and unintuitive to have so few help pages and instructions. As a result, I got so frustrated just trying to do the basics. Being a “global” app, I had assumed that it would cope with Japanese street addresses, but I had no luck there either. I have now cancelled my Premium Membership.

  38. T H dice:

    Downloaded just to see how the app works. So far two very annoying things. 1) The route search result is displayed on a third of you small smartphone screen (I couldn’t see a way to hide the other info to get full screen). 2) Screen is to sensitive so when you zoom in or out, the direction of the map keeps changing based on the movements of your fingers. Another thing I noticed but haven’t tested out: some suggested routes seem to follow small roads instead of clearly marked bike paths.

  39. Ray K dice:

    I really like the idea of this app. I loved the way you can plan a route and tailor it. However, Ive not been able to download maps to use offline despite having a premium subscription. I also found that turn by turn directions were trying to send me back to my start point because I had slightly veered off course and wouldn’t recognise I was back on route. Hope you guys make improvements, it’s a good effort.

  40. I have been using this app for a while now and was very happy with it. For the past few days however, I’ve noticed a bug with the speedometer. It will show me riding at ridiculously low speed (-116km/h) or ridiculously high (-250km/h), jumping from one to the other and sometimes showing me stationary when I’m at full speed. Tried signalling it through the in app ride review, but it wouldn’t let me send it, the only button that worked was “skip.”

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