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A Smarter Way to Park in Pittsburgh
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The Go Mobile PGH app, powered by ParkMobile, gives you a smarter way to park in Philadelphia. Easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can use the Go Mobile PGH app in over 500 other cities across the country, including New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and more.

Why Use Go Mobile PGH?
• Skip the meter and easily pay for parking from your mobile device
• Extend your parking duration remotely from the app
• Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire
• Use the app in over 3000 locations coast-to-coast including venues, airports, and universities
•. Find areas of the city where there is available parking and avoid areas where there’s no parking

How to Set Up Your Account
• Download the Go Mobile PGH app and create an account with your email address and password
• Enter your license plate number and the state where your vehicle is registered
• Add your method of payment and start using the Go Mobile PGH app

How It Works
On-Street and Off-Street Parking:
• Enter the zone number on the posted signs around the meter
• Select the amount of time you want to park and confirm your information
• Touch the “Start Parking” button to begin your parking session
• Extend time in the app if you are running late

App Features
• Customizable notifications delivered via email, text, and/or app
• Save your favorite parking locations for next time
• Store up to five cars in your account
• “Find my car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked
• Multiple payment methods available
• Parking Availability feature shows streets with open parking spots in your area

About ParkMobile
ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider ParkMobile, LLC is the leading provider of parking payment solutions in the United States, helping over 25 million people easily find, reserve, and pay for parking from their mobile devices.

Looking for Help?
At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 350,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service is 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us:
Web: https://ParkMobile.io/
Online Help Center: https://support.ParkMobile.io/hc/en-us/requests/new
Video Tutorials: https://ParkMobile.io/tips-demos/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParkMobile
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParkMobile/


We’re frequently updating the app to give you the best parking experience. This update includes:
• The app is now localized for Spanish speakers. Simply update your device language to Spanish and start parking!
• Android Smart Lock Password Support: Save your password to Smart Lock for easy recall.
• General performance enhancements
• Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Go Mobile PGH MODDED 2022"

  1. If it works, it’s clever. However, 60-75% of the time, it freezes out or crashes while setting the time. That assumes I can even set the time. The list-/combo-boxes are tiny, usually inoperable, and can only occasionally be set by highlighting the number, typing it in manually, and hitting ‘done’ or de-selecting the area (by tapping elsewhere). I really want to like this app and say it’s useful, but as of now, it’s become absolute garbage.

  2. Worst parking app ever. It logs me out in parts of town and doesn’t allow me to log back in to use. It won’t change time options half the time and freezes. Finally, it defaults to one license plate so if you’re driving a different car and you don’t remember to manually switch out the license plates, you’re locked into paying for the wrong car and you can’t pay for the car you’re in while the other car is in session. There’s no canceling option so if you pay for three hours and you leave after one, tough noogies, no refund. You’re also charged a convenience fee each time you pay for parking through the app. There ought to be a class action suit because the city is robbing us through this app.

  3. The app is very glitchy, for such a simple task. It often doesn’t know what city I’m in, despite having GPS permissions, logs me out without warning or reason, notifications don’t show up on time (push and text), sometimes doesn’t work at all, and recently told me it timed out but instead ended up charging me three times for the same parking, but they won’t refund, even when it’s a problem with the app. Total garbage.

  4. It’s pretty ok. so, the most annoying part so far is that you can’t change favorite vehicles when anything is parked. When I installed the app, it created a random license plate, which was also the favorite and therefore the default for parking. I accidentally used the random one instead of my real cars, and when I tried to delete it it wouldn’t work because it was in use and I couldn’t change the favorite because it was in use. it was pretty annoying

  5. Simple and easy to use in my experience so far, and much more convenient than stepping over to a meter again and again. The only drawback, though minor, is that for the sake of user convenience, you’d think the city would have zone codes posted online so users could have them on-hand to reference before even leaving home… but instead, prepare to just use a meter the first time around. Again, minor drawback, but it seems like an obvious oversight.

  6. It’s definitely a convenient app. But there is a popup every 5 seconds saying “how are we doing?” If I try to fill it out, it expands too large for the screen and I can’t submit comments but also can’t escape the popup. I have to kill the app and reopen it. I click “do not show this again” it doesn’t work and pops right back up the next time I’m looking at the app. Extremely annoying.

  7. I really wish this application worked better! Someone needs to go over this application for usability! Once the zone is selected, I think it should allow you to select duration. Instead it shows a static screen on which you must click “Choose Duration”. The next screen doesn’t do anything, and you must click on “set duration” to move on. Clicking on the “set duration” button often does nothing. If you tap it multiple times, it sometimes will move to a screen showing minimal duration and a “continue” button. If you have tapped the previous button multiple times, it may instead jump to “start parking”, skipping over the set duration screen. Then you have signed up to have your credit card charged for something you didn’t want. When I first installed it, I had a number of buggy responses, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. Now it seems to know I want Pittsburgh, rather than asking whether I want Washington, DC or Milwaukee, WI. parking. It now is recording “favorites”, but still does not show the “nickname” that it requested I assign to my most frequent parking zone…just the 4 digit zone number

  8. This app is the greatest. I’ve been using this app for 3 years & no more parking tickets or running back to your meter. You can leave and go park in another area and if you had time left you can still use it instead of losing meter time. Add time from wherever you are with the notification you get that your time is expiring. If you park in the city, Oakland, Northside, Southside or anywhere in city limits and don’t use this app there’s something wrong with you. I LOVE IT !!!!

  9. This is an awesome app that saves me money on parking… sometimes. I don’t use the app all the time but my past few experiences have been very frustrating because the app freezes and doesn’t come back. Restarting doesn’t fix it and I end up paying at the machine anyway. If this glitch goes away it’s a perfect app.

  10. The last update has made it nearly impossible for me to use on Android (Moto X4), which is really disappointing because the idea of the app is incredibly useful. The interface doesn’t appear large enough to select the time and the numbers look jumbled together. I’m lucky if I’m able to select any amount of time. Please fix this!

  11. Added more time to my meter that was expiring within 5 minutes. Confirmation email was received, confirmation of payment was received, and what do you know, I get to my car in time to watch Badge #83 ticket my car even though I still had 8 minutes remaining (which I showed him). THE APP NEVER UPDATED THE METER!! And because their policy is that once they print a ticket, they can’t take it back – DESPITE me showing the meter-maid the TIME REMAINING on the app, I now have to going through the drawn out process of trying to get the ticket cancelled. Absolutely a terrible experience starting with the app and ending with the parking authority. Unfortunately the app is a symptom of the parking authority itself.

  12. I have had nothing but trouble with this app. I have uninstalled and it still won’t allow me to enter payment options. Completely frustrated! I prefer to use the app than have to type in at the kiosk. Plus I like that you can extend your time because it sends you messages BUT if I cant enter payment options then it is of NO value to me!

  13. As others have noted, there are some recent issues with the user interface that have made the app unusable on some phones. Below is a helpful response I got from support: ********************** The issue you’re experiencing is a known issue that our Development team will have resolved in the next app update that is expected to be released in March. The issue is due to a formatting error that causes users who have a larger font / large screen size setting than the default… the ability to be able to scroll and choose a different duration of time is cut off at the bottom. Adjusting your screen size will fix the issue but doing so could cause problems for the other apps on your device. I recommend downloading our ParkMobile app as a work around until this issue is resolved. Your same login information, email and password, will work for the ParkMobile app as well, and you will be able to activate parking sessions in Pittsburgh the same way.

  14. App does not interact well with password auto fill, or keep one logged in. It does accept payment methods to be saved that you aren’t able to use (like Discover card) and requires you re enter password to add or change a card. Plus you pay a transaction fee for everything. Then you get a million emails no matter what your settings are. But you don’t need to carry quarters! Yayyyyyyy!

  15. Someone told me I should download this app for convenience. Boy was that a mistake. I paid nearly $10 to park, and the whole time I was thinking it was so convenient to be able to add extra time and not run back-and-forth to the meter like it was the 2000s. Unfortunately, despite keeping my payment up-to-date for parking I was greeted by a $40 ticket. As soon as this is all straightened out I will be deleting the app.I feel that this was a true bait and switch. Truly feels scam like. Thanks, TI.

  16. Generally very good and very convenient. Every once in a while it is slow to respond. My biggest problem with it is that it changed from day one. Originally when you set a favorite location, once that was in your phone, and you went back to it, you could simply tap on it to set up parking in a particular location. That feature seems to be gone and it is most unfortunate, is it is really handy. I would really love to see you come back again. Otherwise the app works well and I recommended.

  17. It’s not functional after this last update. I can either extend the time to the preset or park for the maximum time. I can no longer type in the time I need because the app freezes. I can also no longer scroll through to choose a time. Very frustrated.

  18. Convenient for paying or adding time, but the notifications function doesn’t work. I have mine set to send me in-app notifications, emails, and text messages. I’ve used the app many times to pay for parking and have not once received a notification of any kind.

  19. I love the convenience of this app. I especially appreciate being able to add time to my parking if needed. The reminders that my parking will expire soon are very helpful. I only wish that I could register more credit cards so that I could more easily choose between personal and business parking expenses.

  20. The name of this app is the biggest problem. Every time I want to pay for parking, I go to my list of apps and start looking around the Ps for “parking” or “Pittsburgh” and it’s not there. Then I have to remember it’s under the Gs for some absurd reason. It generally works and is convenient though, once I find it.

  21. There’s a definite issue with the “set duration” portion of this app. It freezes every time I use it and it’s really small and awkward for some reason. Update: it’s been many months since I wrote this and it’s still not fixed. Usually I can eventually get it to work, it’s just frustrating. Yesterday I couldn’t get it to work at all. I guess when there’s no competition you aren’t that motivated to keep users happy.

  22. This parking app is fantastic! It’s easy to use, and so much more convenient than using the meter on the street. Update on March 2, 2020 TheGoMobile PGH app has made my parking life so much easier. No more running to a meter to put money in – a simple tap on the app extends my time. I reccomend installing it. You will wonder how you ever parked without it!

  23. I had to downgrade my experience with this app. It used to work great without any problems but lately it keeps closing before confirming my car is parked and again when I try to view activity. However, it says im parked when I try to “park” again. I don’t want to get charged 2x or get a ticket!! Frustrating.

  24. Problems with my Android phone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and still the app freezes and shuts down. I cannot select parking duration at all. It used to work perfectly. I am so disappointed. It was so convenient.

  25. When parking you don’t want to have to wait 10 minutes while the app connects, as it has for me the last 5 times I’ve used it. Also, even if you name the favorites they only display as zone numbers when parking, which makes them essentially useless.

  26. Tim Baker dice:

    Pretty bad but what do you expect from parking authority. Useful to park once it decides to actually connect and not just spin on a loading icon. Also just signs you out when it “updates” doesn’t get more useful they just change the font and display a little.

  27. After charging you to park, they have a transaction fee. The app crashes regularly when tapping a vehicle when attempting to pay. It is visual unappealing, parking regions will hide under other numbers making it harder to pick your zone. The gps coords don’t work at all for accuracy so least a mile or so off.

  28. Pros: it works most of the time. Cons: half the time I need to keep closing the app to be able to get it to work correctly. The vehicles won’t load part of the time. Sometimes I get “this zone doesn’t accept null” errors.

  29. Perfect for paying on the go with parking, especially in Pittsburgh. Payment is easy and it reminds you when you’re parking time gets low so you can add more if you need to. Plus it can help you locate somewhere to park.

  30. Philip T dice:

    Their servers do not correctly validate password resets, randomly generated passwords that meet everyone of their requirements fail to apply. Poor coding, poor data protection. Update: Just received a Credit Monitoring notification that my personal information stolen from Parkmobile was just detected on the darkweb. Excellent security!

  31. after living in a major city without any parking app, i am so happy to have this. it is so dang convenient. i can run into wherever I’m going & complete the payment instead of hovering next to a meter a block away like a dumdum and not having quarters or trying to swipe cards. being able to remotely add time is essential

  32. The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because when I first started using it they charged to the exact minute which was great! Now they charge it seems in 15 minute periods for example if I park at 3:27, I’m charged as if I parked there from 3:15-3:30. They use to just charge for the 3 minutes (3:27 – 3:30).

  33. Easy to install and use. I am a senior! Reliable, large visuals. I have had it two years. It is wonderful to arrange for parking without leaving the car. 15 min reminder before expiration has saved me money when parking ran over.

  34. If you select the maximum parking time this app WILL NOT allow you to extend the time prior to it expiring. It does provide you a 15 minute warning that it’s about to expire. At that point you should be able to increase your parking time but it will not allow you to. If you get occupied after the warning and don’t get back to it, you will more than likely get a parking citation. It’s very frustrating especially when you use the app every day and try to do the right thing. Please fix this!!!!

  35. App is very convenient however I would like to see two options. 1. The ability to cancel the meter if no longer needed and 2. The ability to email a receipt to my email address. Thank you

  36. Constant issues. Can only pay for 15 minutes as picking any other option will either freeze up in the loading phase or crash. It’s been like this for months. Have reinstalled multiple times without luck.

  37. Love the app. The only issue is the app crashes and when that happens you can’t use it to park. That can be frustrating when trying to park; especially if you have parked and are now walking to your destination.

  38. Hate this app and parking authority so much! It won’t stay logged in, making me reset my password all the time, and that doesn’t work most times. App blocks me from paying randomly, often so my time expires. I’m sure the City isn’t complaining though.

  39. The app does not work on a Google Pixel phone. The graphics are all screwy and it doesn’t allow you to choose a duration to park. Also the “find nearby zones” button does not work.

  40. I love the convenience of using this app and that the zone number is on the outside of the parking meter. In addition, i love the feature of being able to set a reminder of when your parking time will expire.

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