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Off-Roading Navigation App With Trails, Public Lands, & Private Property Info
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GPS mapping App that lets you easily find the off-road trails you’re looking for—whether you want to discover what’s open nearby or explore somewhere new. Filter 615K miles of nationwide trails by accessibility for 4×4, SxS, dirt bikes, moto, ATV/Quads, Overland, and snowmobiles.

▶Navigate Without Cell Coverage
Save Offline Maps to bring your custom maps and adventure along when you’re outside cell coverage on the trail. With the onX Offroad App, you turn your phone into a handheld GPS device using your phone’s internal GPS. Navigate offline by following the blue dot to always know how to get home–wherever home is that night.

▶Adventure is Tap Away with Our Library of Map Data
With map data sourced from USFS, MVUM, BLM, and NPS, our color-coded basemap includes off-road trails, Public Land boundaries, and recreation points to let you quickly scan for open routes near you and locate dispersed camping or campgrounds. Tap anywhere on the map to find hiking trailheads, trailer parking, non-ethanol fuel stations, boat launches, fishing access, and more. Scout the landscape and visualize mountains by viewing your maps in 3D, topo, satellite imagery, or a hybrid.

▶Private Property Maps With Boundaries-Elite Only
Make your maps Elite to discover more off-road access with private property boundaries and data for the whole country. Always know where you can legally off-road and camp, and find out who owns OHV trails or the property next to a trail easement with our Private Land Map Layer.

▶Plan, Record, Save, and Share Your Trips
Drop Waypoints to save points of interest on your maps and share locations with others. Go and Track records and saves your speed, distance, location, and leaves a breadcrumb trail so you’ll always find your way back and can share your ride with friends and family.

▶Off-Road Trails In Your Vehicle’s Dash
Android Auto compatibility lets you enjoy hands-free navigation and view off road trails and maps in-dash. *When in service, Android users can see their in-dash maps in 3D.*

▶Private Land Layer-ELITE ONLY: Nationwide private property maps and land boundaries, ownership information, and acreage
▶985 million acres of Public Land across the U.S.
▶615,000+ miles of motorized roads and trails off-road for 4×4, Side-by-Side, dirtbikes, dual sport,, ATV, Quads, Overlanding, and snowmobiling
▶24K topographic maps and 3D maps for the entire U.S.
▶550,000 Recreation Icons for points of interest including:
▶Gas / non-ethanol fuel stations
▶Trailer parking
▶ Backcountry cabins and lookouts
▶Swimming and fishing access
▶Hiking and biking trail heads
▶Designated camping areas, campsites, campgrounds
▶Hot Springs, Breweries, and much more
▶Save unlimited Offline Maps for offline navigation without cell service
▶Mark points along your route with photo Waypoints to plan and share your adventures.
▶Track your trips (location, speed, distance, and elevation) to know where you came from, how to get back, and share your ride with friends.
▶Locate free camping, car camping, and dispersed camping
▶Active and historic wildfire layer to help plan safe adventures
▶ Localized weather conditions and 7-day weather forecasts
▶Line, distance, and area measuring tools
▶Coordinates and compass for anywhere you scroll or roll




At onX it’s our mission to help you find new places to explore with confidence, knowing you have onX Offroad with you.

If you have any trouble or have an idea on what you’d like to see in the app next, please contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.


40 comentarios en "onX Offroad: Trail Maps & GPS MOD"

  1. The app is okay. I think there should be more options to filter through trails. Especially when I click discover, and it only shows me 30 trails while there’s 200+ within 100 miles of me. Anyway, the filter options should be more advanced, I would love the app if o could filter by difficulty, distance from me, length etc. It would speed up the process of finding a trail significantly

  2. This app is spot on, it’s easy-to-use, and the customer service is great. The desk top, tools-add route feature is exactly what I wanted in a maps application. The add route is not yet available on the mobile device but I hear it will be added sometime in the future. What I do is use the add route feature on the desk top, save the route and it’s there saved to the mobile device… Sweet! There is also help on YouTube if you happen to get caught up on a how to do. Happy Trails!

  3. Love and hate this app…. right now it keeps defaulting to where I am not where I am researching. Super frustrating. So many glitches. Also the have a live zoom class that is worthless. I have watched multiple times. They don’t address any questions. And it’s the same stuff every time. Might as well just tape it and replay it. Probably do… not sure it’s the money anymore. Grrrr.

  4. Love the details provided about trails. It’s unparalleled in providing that info. It lacks, however, any form of filtering. I need to be able to zoom to a section of my state and see only trails that match my abilities and what I’m looking for. E.g. only show 6 to 7 trails. I currently have to click on each and every trail to see that critical detail.

  5. Been using OnX Offroad for almost two years now. We love to find trails near wherever we go or explore areas we know we want to visit. I’ve tried many different apps and none compete with OnX. The offline maps feature is phenomenal as well as being able to see private parcel and public roads. I generally use the hybrid mode to see satellite and topographic lines simultaneously. It is still not perfect but could be with user ability to provide in map feedback on errors.

  6. Levi Buck dice:

    Awesome for offline maps in remote areas. I only wish you could easily switch between north up, direction of travel up, and nav mode. Also, I wish there were more map download sizes than 5² miles, 10² miles….and then 150² miles. Why not have several fixed size options and also be able to zoom a customized size? All that said from a place of appreciation, and I want to see OnX do well and grow, because I really do love this app and what it enables for us to do.

  7. I like this app. It’s easy to use, works great. Has good info in the map itself. There are a few things tho keeping this from being a great app. More tracking data would be nice. Elevation gained/lost, max speed, time stopped/moving. Also having a measurement system that “snapped” onto a trail in order to accurately measure distances would be great. Edit: Most of these features have been added. Great app.

  8. grednav dice:

    I’ve had a subscription for a while and am on the fence about whether to renew. On one hand, it’s indispensable to quickly see the limits of public land (NFS, BLM). On the other hand, it’s incredibly annoying to see routes that are massively highlighted just because some guy in a stock Tacoma drove the tame dirt road and decided to leave a detailed report. I wish there was a way to turn off the highlights. Please… just show me trails/roads and limits of public land and (up-to-date!) closures.

  9. After two years of paying for this I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it. The UI is very unintuitive and more so, the single most important thing an app like this could have, there is zero user input. There absolutely needs to be a way for users to input reviews and current trail conditions and data for others. Insanity that you guys charge for one person’s opinion.

  10. It tracks good and has alot of options to it. BUT it absolutely is TRASH when it comes to turning a phone or tablet horizontal. No matter what I do all of my content (waypoints & tracks) disappear as soon as I turn horizontal. horizontal is only for track & go. As of right now there is no way I have found to constantly keep your content showing on the map. As far as vertical goes to get your content on map you have to hide and unhide it I ride a rzr I need it sideways. Make it consistent | & —

  11. Nearly unusable in landscape mode (i.e. on any Android-based head unit). When this app is in landscape mode, all of the main menu is removed with no way to access. That means no way to discover nearby trails, no way to access/download offline maps, no way to see your saved content, etc. EDIT: Developer – some devices only have landscape mode…so if there are no controls, saved offline maps can’t be download or used.

  12. I’ve used this app for years with very few problems. Now it just doesn’t work. I was in the Grey’s River Corridor of Wyoming 3 weeks ago and the app completely crashed. I was in the Centennial Valley in Montana last week and the same thing happened. My offline maps absolutely refused to show anything that was helpful. As I’m writing this I’m in my home with WiFi connected and the routes still aren’t showing.

  13. 9797TJ dice:

    I am really trying to like this app but like another said it is nearly unusable in landscape mode. In my state we can snowmobile on groomed snowmobile trails, ATV trails and cross country on public land. In landscape mode I cannot switch between “Snow” and “Dirt” depending on where I’m riding. Also if I want to use the “headlight mode” to show my direction of travel while in landscape mode the headlight direction is 90 degrees off. I end up using the free Polaris Ride Command app more.

  14. Josh B dice:

    Kinda works ok sometimes. The app doesn’t like to load up half the time it just shows a blurry map and I have to close it and restart to see anything. I got a new phone and all my saved trails are not loading, it shows a folder that I made but nothing in it. (Update)After reinstalling the app and loading all my offline maps 1 at a time my trails are back.

  15. Tested the free trial. No trails close enough to me to make it worth continuing to use this app (Southern WI). After the demo in the beginning, the app continued to think I was in Moab, even after clicking the location button. Had to reopen to get my actual location, but then it’s extremely zoomed out, so I have to manually zoom in on my location to see what’s around. Idk maybe the app is ok if there are trails near you, but I wasn’t able to test any functionality beyond looking at the map.

  16. C B dice:

    Geared towards people who think going outside is a niche thing. Like holy cow, print a map and bring a compass if you are really going to do anything serious. This is more for people who casually want to go down a trail and take a selfie from a water tower. The app just isn’t powerful enough for the money. It is just another “going outside” tax. There are better and more robust free apps available. Maybe with time it can get better, but it seems they want easy and stripped down as features.

  17. In the beginning, I thought it was a great app. We look for trails in areas that don’t have phone service (to ride ATV’S). At first they have lots of help navigating the app, but it isn’t the easiest to use. So to use it in areas with no phone service, they will let you upload a map. ONE map!! One and done! No Thanks, we do a lot of riding and need more than that. I’m done with them. Great app, just need to tweak it some, expansions or something.

  18. Poor user interface, does not save trails correctly, can be buggy, stutters at times. I wasn’t expecting a lot going in with the app, given I was an early adopter of the hunting version and was less than impressed. There are better alternatives out there, especially if you want to make use of a subscription.

  19. The app is actually extremely good. I absolutely loved using it in Moab and it really is essential. There’s just one major issue that kept me from giving it 5 stars. The app is SUPER power hungry, it drains the battery on my phone fast and I have to plug it in every few hours of using it. It also makes my phone run extremely hot. I have rebooted my phone, made sure no background apps are simultaneously running, but it still makes my phone get real hot. The app needs more efficient programming.

  20. I installed this app and played around with it while at home. Liked it and purchased premier. An hour later, after closing the app, I got in the car and ran some errands. 10 minutes later, in the background, it used up my Gig of data. Not yet knowing what happened, I bought and extra Gig. Ten minutes later, the app used it up. It did this in the background. I had to deny it mobile data, which makes it useless. I think I will need to uninstall it and get my money back. Update: Called the helpdesk. Very helpful. My confidence in the app is restored. The app was still downloading offline maps (for whatever reason) when I left the house and lost wifi. It currently does not differentiate between mobile data and wifi for the purposes of downloading offline maps. We agreed that a knob or two which could give the user the ability to prohibit background map downloads using mobile data is needed. The user should be able to specify a blanket prohibition, and also be able to make selective exceptions.

  21. This app has a leg up on all other trail apps in one major part, new off-roaders can find places to drive while just cruising down the road. I leave the app open and just drive down the road and when I see a green trail I check it out. It is extremely easy to use and works great offline. Now for the bad, in my state (Arkansas) probably around 10% of the trails are not shown on the app. Not a big deal to me, but may be to some. Also, I really hope that creek crossings will be noted in the future

  22. The app is very user friendly, simple and to the point. I use this as my offline GPS maps (I create the routes prior to going out) so I do not get lost and it does the job very well on my tablet. I can mark hazards/turns/etc. that need to be displayed. Make sure to download offline maps if you even think you will lose service because it can be difficult to navigate if you do not. Pros: Simple & clean design, easy to create waypoints/tracks as well as share them with others, GREAT GREAT customer service, and reasonable pricing when compared to other similar apps. Cons: The app does have some glitches/errors and is missing some icons/other features but I have reported what I found and even have received feedback about the status on them! Overall, 4/5 stars and would recommend to reach out to the CS Team if you have issues, they help out a ton and the app does do the job well. They will even take on suggestions on what to add if you feel that it would benefit.

  23. App still has some kinks, but overall, functional and useful for off-roading. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the off-road trails can’t be an additional layer on the original OnX Hunt app instead of requiring an install of two apps from the same vendor with highly overlapping features. Tech support is likely the best in the industry.

  24. Good in theory, but the app UI is clunky and there are some glitches. Dropping points to measure distant just drops the point in some random spot on the map. Trying to choose between different recorded trips is nearly impossible. For some reason I can’t check or uncheck them, it just does nothing. For these reasons I will not be purchasing after the trial.

  25. jakejjs dice:

    Great app. One feature I like happens to not work. I like the app to stay awake when I’m running a trail. Even when I select the option to do so, my phone still goes dark so I’m always having to unlock my phone while driving. Maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong? I otherwise enjoy the app, the trail ratings are super handy. The search feature could use some attention, it would be nice to filter results go find specific trails.

  26. This app needs a lot of work to be used for offroad. Although its concept is great, it’s usability is pathetic. You can only save maps in 5, 10 or 150 mile widths. If your trail is 42 miles and you want details you have to save 4 or 5 maps just for 1 trail. Also you have to have it in upright mode just to access the map features, once in landscape mode they are unavailable. It’s obvious that they don’t actually work on the app to make it better.

  27. Junk. When you click on ‘discover’ it shows several trails. When you click on the trail, it zooms the map to some place. It does not tell you how to get to that trail, where the trail stops or starts. Total JUNK. Should i just drive around until the dot on the screen matches some place on the trail? The ‘help’ pictures do not match the screen. No such buttons to press. This app is JUNK.

  28. This easily has the potential to be a 5 star app. I rate it as a 4 only because it is not user friendly in landscape mode. Not having the toolbar available is really frustrating. I’m sure a ton of users are working with a tablet in a horizontal mount. Having to stop and take it out to rotate and wait for the toolbar to appear and wait again for it to reset in portrait mode is very painful. My fellow riders are not that patient most days. A larger GPS bloom would also be a win.

  29. F I dice:

    The landscape tracking issue has finally been fixed. Couldn’t use my preloaded maps in Baja two weeks ago because of this issue. Devs really need to start thinking about the users who use this app in landscape mode. We always lose the legend with elevation and distance markers. The information provided should always be the same no matter which orientation is used. I can’t fit my tablet in portrait mode on my truck. The map data is now extremely slow to load as well.

  30. K. H. dice:

    Android Auto functionality is finally here (thanks!), but definitely needs work. Still a good start toward creating a mapping app that actually works with my vehicle’s navigation screen. Although roads and trails are missing in some areas, and the types of off-road classifications are very subjective, the data should improve over time. Just having a map showing potential trails AND public lands (including BLM) is very useful, even essential, no matter what you ride or drive.

  31. The current version of this app has a major flaw, in that it has very limited functionality when your mobile device is in landscape mode. I say “current version” because a previous reviewer noted that this flaw did not exist until the latest “update”! I hate it when companies make “updates” that aren’t! Anyway, in landscape mode, the biggest problem is that the map won’t recenter, and when moving will not keep your position centered on the map. Many other functions are also missing in landscape

  32. So, overall looks to be an OK app and service. But not having the ability to select a trail and have the directions go into mapping software; Google maps, for driving directions to the trailhead is a none starter for me. Will take a look in the future as there are currently other services providing more functionality. However, good start.

  33. This is ALMOST the offroading app I have always wanted. The features are there. During the trial period, I liked the app more and more – with one BIG exception: it hangs. Not just the app, but my whole phone became unusable both days that I tracked my ATV adventures. So, with great disappointment, I have to keep looking for an app that works well. onX, please fix two things. (1) The app MUST be bulletproof or most people are not going to pay for it. My phone is a less-than-a-year-old Galaxy A21 with very few apps installed. For the record, I have a lot of verification experience and know that what I’m asking for is possible. (2) $30 or even $50 one time is reasonable. $30 per year is not. You need one-time pricing. “You’re never done paying” is not customer-friendly.

  34. The GPS is terrible. Doesn’t show where your at making the app pointless. If you switch over to Google maps however that will give your exact location. So it’s not hardware related and is definitely software related. The map does not follow your direction of travel as well. This makes reading the map a pain in the ass. Google maps does follow your direction of travel. Once again a software issue. The developer needs to fix these critical components to make the app useful.

  35. I am disappointed with onx off-road. The app itself is very good and the web interface is nice however, I bought a year subscription back in December with the intent of mainly using it with android auto. The release was delayed and now that it’s out, it’s basically useless. It’s nothing more than a rendered map overlay showing your location. It doesn’t show satellite maps, any of your offline maps (which you need when you don’t have data) no option to record a new route, leave waypoints etc.

  36. Little to no information about trails. Some trails are mislabeled or are completely incorrect. See no value in upgrading at such a high cost. Maybe if it was a one time charge but a subscription… Just not worth it. Especially when they have very few trails listed in my area and the expect their subscribers to build their map database WHILE PAYING FOR IT. The concept of this app is good which is why I give it 2 stars.

  37. Ryan B dice:

    This app does not have the most intuitive user experience, however, over time it has gotten better, and after learning how to use it you’ll find that it is very comprehensive and super helpful. Watching one of their How To webinars will help reduce the learning curve. I had the elite version before private land lines were introduced, and after a year I chose not to renew. Once I found out that you could see private land owner boundaries, I re-subscribed and am enjoying the app a lot more.

  38. Good potential. I’m an avid dirt bike rider in Utah and Idaho. An interactive map showing the motor vehicle approved trail is very welcome. Otherwise, you’re jumping from app to app looking at trails and trying to figure out what’s legal to ride. Hopefully it will be updated soon with the ability to load GPX track files as a layer onto the map to make it easy to follow a planned route. Long term additional features will need to be added if this is going to compete with the bigger GPS apps.

  39. It could use a couple features that would make it perfect. Like having a trail remaining highlighted so you can follow it when in a network of Forte t roads. As well as have the app follow the pin like a routed Google maps, so you can drive off screen. A better search feature would’ve been nice. Popular trails in aware of don’t show up in the app but will on Google maps. Over all it does everything I need.

  40. Horrible App at best! App crashes all of the time while recording tracks. Too few features. Basically nothing more than a simplified version of Google maps. Trails nearby feature is a joke. Can’t navigate to a trail. Not sure how they can charge a subscription for this service. I will NOT be renewing my membership when it is up this in a couple of months. Maybe time to go back to Garmin.

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