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Find/Book Loads. Find cheapest diesel prices, truck stops to plan your route
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Trucker Tools app is a convenient, accurate way to find, book your premium load and plan your route while finding the cheapest fuel pricing and trucks stops while on the road. Trucker Tools app has been downloaded and used more than any other trucking app in the market.

Find Loads & Book Loads

Time is money. Save on both by using the “Loads” icon in the app to keep your truck moving. Easily select “loads” with your favorite brokers, see the price and book it right from your phone. With the Book-It-Now feature easily book your loads 24/7.

• Quickly book your loads with your favorite broker with the Book-It-Now option
• See the rate the broker committed to pay
• Review your load requirements before you book the load
• Eliminate multiple calls to brokers to find loads and reloads and get rates
• No wait time and no lost load opportunities
• Book at better rates
• Accurate and transparent list of available loads
• Ready for YOU to make a decision if you want to pick a load

Plan your trip

The app offers 17+ tools and features useful for truckers while on the road. Easily plan your trip with the Trucker Tools app. Use the accurate Truck Stop Guide to find your next truck stop based on your preferred location or pick your fueling station. We update the fuel prices in real-time!

Some app features that you’d like to use while on the road:

Truck Stop Guide
Routing & Fuel Optimizer
Walmart location finder
Weigh Scales
Truck Washes
Rest Areas
Medical Care

Get paid quicker

Submit your proof of delivery and any requirement documents right from your phone to get paid quicker by your brokers.

Load Tracking

Satisfy your broker’s requirement to track the load. With Trucker Tools app you have full transparency when the load is being tracked. You have to power to start, pause or stop the tracking process. Our load tracking feature sends location updated for you, eliminating check-in calls, so you can drive uninterrupted.

Company Information

Privacy – Your personal information is confidential

Have more questions about Trucker Tools or our App? Visit or email us at [email protected]!


We are consistently working to improve app performance and user experience.


40 comentarios en "Trucker Tools MODDED"

  1. Just used Truckers Tools for the first time on an actual load. Tracking was used by the broker. The problem now is that I can’t even view reloads or search for loads anymore, just a blank white screen shows. Not sure what happened but this is a issue I need fixed. Other than that I still think the app is ok. Only rating 3 stars for now.

  2. This app is now garbage. I loved the old version, but the half-screen thing is awful! It’s super-slow to respond to get it out of the way, and I can’t see the amenities because it DOESN’T SCROLL. You’ve made it useless, I am uninstalling. Like a previous reviewer said, get two phones and compare the old app and the new app side-by-side. Oh, and while you’re doing that you might pretend you’re driving and looking for fuel, or whether your chosen stop has a restaurant or other food options!

  3. Lot of misinformation on truckstop. Some are no longer open, no adequate parking as advertised. Just downloaded this update and unfortunately, it’s even not hitting all gears either. You have a nice new look, but now you chosen not to include the directional map you once had. Even though we as drivers are familiar with interstates, there are some that has to be reached from other areas; as well as some truckstops are a couple of multi-directional turns to get to them. Your map attachment helped.

  4. Very slow and difficult to use. What happened to this app? It use to be fantastic and I loved using it. Now it’s not user friendly at all and tries to do everything opposite of what your wanting it to do. Load searches are a pain to try to look up. Truckstop searches gives you every truck stop 100 miles behind you instead of your area and along your route. Fuel price search gives you the cheapest price in another state that your not traveling through. Please go back to the old version!!

  5. Such a frustrating app!!! It’s a great idea, but it’s just so darn glitchy!! 1. When you look for truck stops, the description box covers the map icon!?! 2. When I’m finally able to click the map icon, it instantly closes the app but nothing else happens!! 3. Now it only shows the truck stops/fueling stations nearest to me… Not the whole route. It’s useless for planning a stop a little later in the trip!!!

  6. Terribly invasive app. We truck drivers are being forced to use these apps that invade our very last piece of personal life. There is no reason anyone could ever need this much access to anything. I’d give them 0 stars if it were allowed. It makes no difference how many times you accept the tracking it’ll send your company and broker emails and texts saying that you have done something to turn the tracking off. You will get more texts, emails, calls than ever before. Thanks TT

  7. DRIVERS TAKE HEED!!! For the longest time, w/many arguments from brokers telling me “have to turn app on & how to work it.” Many annoying phone calls on nights, weekends & holidays have left me extremely aggravated. Finally, figured out why the app doesn’t work on my phone. The app is a version of malware. It will go through your personal information, camera, photos, data storage, listen to calls amongst other things. My antivirus treats it as a virus/malware. Therefore, I can’t & will not use.

  8. For some reason they will not stop sending me messages to open the app while I’m running a load. Throughout my last trip I was getting one every hour or more for three days. My app was open I was tracking just like their request. But the alerts keep coming. Even when I’m trying to sleep. Just today alone in 600 miles I received 19 messages. And of course I will get more throughout the night unless I delete this thing.

  9. Before the update, this app was great for finding fuel. But now, i can’t search for truck stops without getting an error, the fuel optimization screen i can’t scroll through, the app is really slow. The load tracking option is decent, but not great. If i can’t search for truck stops and fuel prices, then the app is almost useless to me.

  10. Possibly the worst app for tracking. Doesn’t want to work most of the time and fairly archaic. Didn’t use the other features so I don’t know about them but I do know any time I tried to send a message through it, it started bouncing and flickering. Constantly kept telling me to restart tracking via text messages. I never turned it off, so…

  11. Amy Lance dice:

    App refuses to properly track loads on my phone. I have one of the newest Samsung phones, so it’s not from having lack of proper technology. App keeps telling me to change location permission to allow all the time, but it’s already on that setting. I’ve tried allowing it to draw over other apps and restarting my phone. Broker was pretty annoyed, since he thinks I’m not doing something right. Good for load info, horrible tracking.

  12. Truck 003 dice:

    This app isn’t bad but could be improved with some more advanced and up to date features added to it. For example, being able to email or text/sms for more load details would make it somewhat easier at times when drivers and owner operators don’t have time to call and wait on hold. Also, it would help if the tracking updates that can be manually entered by them on load status updates could allow for more options to choose from.

  13. Room for improvement. More owner op focused. Unable to see the bottom row of icons when on the Places tab. Unable to find truck washes in areas I know they exist. Unable to do a general area search of what’s available for stops or fuel by all names or certain names and then filter for ones we are approved to use by company (not owner op). Navigation has potential, just not quite there yet. I look forward to future improvements 🙂

  14. When I am required by a customer or broker to use this app for tracking it crashes every time. I get the pop up message: “TRUCKER TOOLS KEEPS STOPPING.” Additionally I have screen “freezes” that occur using my phone for other things while Trucker Tools is running in the background. I honestly don’t know if this is exclusive to a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ ultra or not. I’m adding to my initial review 12/30/21: If anything this app has gotten worse. I dread having to use this.

  15. App let’s broker’s turn on tracking whenever they want, even if you haven’t started on their load let. My phone told me that tracking had been turned on by the app. Once I opened it up, it showed that tracking was on for a load I wasn’t scheduled to pick up for another 28 hours. I’m reporting this to Google due to the fact that Trucker Tools is allowing third parties to track a phone whenever they want which is a contradiction to the description for the app.

  16. On a trip of 750 miles the Agent contacted me 3x that your app stopped tracking. Definitely unacceptable. Don’t tell me to contact you. You know how to contact me, if you wish. OLD: Looks like you’ve changed to a tracking app. Best of luck on your new direction. OLD: To hard to use to find parking availability.

  17. I have used other trucking apps and this one is the best, by far! You don’t get bombarded with ads. The information is very accurate. The update has given us more options/features that make our jobs easier! I love the new, clean look. The ETA with each step/turn is priceless! Rate the truck stops, contribute to the scale info (open/closed), give us a heads up on parking, find parking, see UTD fuel cost…I 100% recommend this over other all other trucking apps! Look no further! This one is “IT”!

  18. What I’m trying to get fuel prices there are too many Ave overlapping folders. It was nicer on the old version where you could hit the list and just have all the fuels come up and you know what the price of diesel was without having to move things out of the way and scroll down and press more buttons. The app find more routes now which is better than what used to do. Just tell you can’t be routed

  19. BRYAN Ri. dice:

    Was required to use this app by broker for tracking and hopefully it doesn’t catch on. Kept crashing or turning tracking off and then pinging me to turn it back on. It was more annoying then a broker calling twice a day. Didn’t find the other features of the app very useful either. Update… Thanks for the response. But judging by all the negativity, including mine. Why not use some beta testers before a update release? Wouldn’t that iron some of the bugs out before releasing to general user?

  20. The worst app EVER!!!!! It always has some kind of glitch, and always has to close. Everytime you open, it closes, you need to update status, it closes. And not just once or twice, more like 5 or more times before you get to even click something . Everytime a broker requires me to use it, I rather nail my nuts to the chalkboard. I dont mind using tracking apps for brokers, but this one is THE WORST

  21. K V dice:

    Tracking doesn’t seem to be working in the background. Brokers keep complaining that they can’t see me even though I allowed tracking at all times. I have no such issues with other similar apps. I’m not going to keep this app open on my screen all the time in order to be tracked on my personal phone so please fix this issue.

  22. The broker calls me 2nd night in a row because the app does not show the truck location. As a driver, this is unacceptable to be awaken because of an app fails to do one of its fundamental functions. As an ex-IT guy, I see other bugs too, but I need to catch up on sleep.

  23. app keeps freezing, stops tracking, told the Broker we are not installing anymore. It’s 06/15/22 and this app freezes my new phone. Turns itself on when not in use. Uses various commands on my phone. This needs to stop!!!!!!!

  24. Didn’t really like the general app but every now and then I get a brokered load where they require tracking through this sub par app. I’m constantly getting error popups saying that the app has stopped working and needs to be forced closed. I get these popups even if I haven’t used or opened the app in weeks. Even when I do run the app, I still get brokers calling me for updates. Maybe try to separate the general app and the GPS tracking into two separate apps.

  25. At first back in 2020 the app worked fine, but now it does nothing but crash. I’m currently being tracked and the broker called asking why I haven’t started tracking..but in fact, I’m 8hrs into my trip and it’s not showing on their end. I’ve deleted/re-installed enough times to where my next delete, the broker will be s.o.l. I prefer not to keep buggy apps on my phone.

  26. Ruzho dice:

    Brokers who use this app don’t actually use this app. They always call and say the tracking isn’t working. I refuse to give them updates because they put it in the ratecon that I have to run a tracker. Not my fault it doesn’t work on their end.

  27. Constantly crashes. Crashed while writing this review actually. Garbage app that brokers who have better apps insist on using. And now everytime I’m asked to open this waste of data it needs an update where nothing has been done to fix it. Can it possibly get worse?

  28. Kirk Rich dice:

    Horrible I constantly get messages from broker saying to refresh the app for location updates even though permissions are set to always. It crashes constantly this needs to be fixed I shouldn’t have to babysit a tracking app.

  29. Doesn’t work on my phone.. horrible application keep on crashing all the time.. constantly requires for updates but no updates available whatsoever.. definitely garbage for your phone

  30. I only use it because brokers require it. Apparently they can’t see updates because I still get calls 24/7 about the tracked loads. Slow to update completed loads.

  31. When first downloaded last night the app kept crashing repeatedly. This morning I go to check it and now it tells me enter a valid MC or DOT # to sign up. My MC & DOT are both valid and it won’t let me use them to sign up. This is absurd.

  32. Tim Green dice:

    Apparently, the tracking portion of the app doesn’t work. Because every broker who demands I use it, continue to call me for position updates. Really annoying.

  33. Best trucking resources app out there. If you can’t find any information related to trucking and life on the road as a driver using this app its because it just doesn’t exist. Trucker Tools helps keep me & my rig on the road rollin..if you need repairs, loads, parking info,truckstop locations, or even a doctor they have you covered..thank you T. T. For keeping me and my rig safe & Rollin Hammer♤Head

  34. Oh, yeah.. this app is the best! It freezes.. stop tracking, even send information saying it needs to upgraded after you just download it

  35. Tracking, when required, intermittent at best. Fails to update location. App constantly crashes. App needs proper debugging and/or complete rework of code base. Garbage, especially when brokers fine you for not using tracking.

  36. First time I ever book a load with trucker tools. The whole experience was very good, great broker, great load, great pay. Thank you Trucker Tools. Will definitely continue to use app and recommend to others.

  37. I wish your app was more accurate and would stay open when I open the loads board I’ll look at one load go back to look at another and it goes to a White blank Page then I have to close it down just to get it to open up again

  38. Excellent app is very helpful for finding truck stops and rest areas. Haven’t tried the load broad yet but I might.

  39. Upgrade sucks. Whats the point if the overpaid IT develops garbage that keeps crashing. 5-22-22 update on new version, it still sucks, keeps closing and hav to uninstall.

  40. Clunky and disorganized. Runs in the background tracking for brokerage after the load is complete. Uninstal after use.

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