Nice Ride Bike Share MOD 2022

Official app of Nice Ride Minnesota, the Minneapolis Area bike sharing system.
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The official app for Nice Ride, Minneapolis’s bike share system.

Nice Ride consists of a fleet of specially designed, durable bikes that can be rented from our network of docking stations throughout the city. Our bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making them ideal for one-way trips. Bikeshare is a greener, healthier way to get around — whether you’re commuting, running errands, meeting friends, or just exploring the Minneapolis area.

The Nice Ride App gives you access to thousands of bikes in your area — unlock and pay directly from the app and get going.

The Nice Ride App also shows upcoming public transit departures, with walking directions to stations and stops. Including: Metro light rail trains, Metro Express & Local buses, Metro A & C Lines, Metro Airport shuttles, the Metro Northstar Link, Southwest Express & Local buses, Plymouth Metrolink buses, Maple Grove Transit buses and the UofM Campus Shuttle buses.

Within the app, you can purchase the following Nice Ride passes:
Day pass
30-day pass

Happy riding!


Thanks for using Nice Ride. We update our app regularly to make your bike and scooter rides even better. Every update of the Nice Ride app includes improvements in speed and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight them in the app.

You can find bug fixes and performance improvements in our latest update.


40 comentarios en "Nice Ride Bike Share MOD 2022"

  1. Great app, makes getting around campus so easy. There are always bikes around and the app is always performing. The only thing that could be improved that I’ve seen is when you click the location button to see where you are it zooms out a lot and you have to refocus it. Ideally it would maintain the same zoom and closeness but just move your view to your location.

  2. Nice Ride is no longer affordable. Even Classic bikes have unlock fees and $/min pricing instead of the single ride pricing they used to have.

  3. fun and cheap way to get around the city as a tourist. I did a 25 mile ride and was kinda annoyed that I needed to stop every half hour to start the timer over but there are so many stations around that I never had to go over the 30 min limit. just have to plan your route if you are doing longer rides. the bikes aren’t bad- just casual 3 speeds with squeaky brakes but they felt safe.

  4. horrible ride! worst experience ever. Dont rent the “dockless” bikes. I rented one for myself and one my girlfriend after I got the day pass. Everything started out fine until we stopped and locked the bikes. we secured them with the lock on the hub but their system didn’t read the lock so i couldn’t end the ride! I also couldn’t unlock them again because the system thought they were still unlocked. Nor could i rent different bikes because it said I already had a rental in progress. dont do it.

  5. Insanely expensive, terrible bike design that barely balances at all – it’s only possible to ride the electric bikes. Forget about the regular ones, you’ll fall over at the smallest Hill. They barely turn, and they’re heavy. I bike everywhere but don’t have a bike right now. For the cost of a good hybrid or mountain bike you only get 10-15 rides. I also had a glitch, the ride ended when I paused the bike to go in a store, only a few min. When I try to resume the ride it gave an error. Really scr

  6. Absolutely trash. Ordered an all day pass for $6. Rode the nice ride bike for an hour and thirty minutes. Docked the bike at one of nice rides docking stations when I was done. Waited for the click as it locked in place. Only to find that my card was still being charged. Called the customer service number 3 times and each time made me wait 30 minutes before they said leave a message and immediately hung up on me. I’m extremely frustrated due to there technology error their rude customer service.

  7. The updated app has so many symbols, I really don’t know what they mean. It’s also super inconvenient to use for “dockless” bikes (which actually do have docks you’re supposed to return them to). Lime Bikes are so much easier and simpler to use.

  8. It’s a little difficult to.get used to where the directions are and how to unlock dockless bikes at first, but otherwise it’s a great app. Great use of technology to improve transit.

  9. You can’t get more than one bike at a time so after I rented the first bike I had to get my gf to download the app, add her credit card etc. while it was racking up the $.22 per minute. The e-bike worked great until we got out of the zone. The moment we did, it said it was ok but then the bike was twice as hard to pedal and started charging itself off my peddle power. I basically got worked to death to charge it’s battery and paid more, I would have been better off with a regular bike 100%……

  10. Expensive compared to scooters unless you get a long period pass. You have to end your ride at a hub and dont place it in a dock. Compared to the scooter rentals, this has to go. Most likely not going to use again. You would get pretty confused if you picked up the a dockless bike outside of a dock not knowing you have to end your ride at a hub. which isnt well discribed what a hub is. Is it the dock? If its called a dockless bike why do you need to park it by a hub/dock.

  11. Nice ride program is convenient & easy to understand how to work the bike lock. If you are a family or individual whom has an EBT you can sign up for $5. Only downside is the bike may not be at the location as stated on the map or the bike may need to be serviced.

  12. Tried to pay $2 for a 30 minute ride on a bike. App refused to accept two valid credit cards as a form of payment multiple times. More hassle than what it’s worth.

  13. Bike rental was fairly easy. It would only let you rent 1 bike on the app. The machine let us add the other 2 bikes we needed. They put a pending $100 charge on our credit card. Found out later it will be removed. Nice bike is good to rent but you need to a couple of items.

  14. So far, so good. Only thing I would improve is it can be hard to click on the docked bike pin when a dockless pin is always adjacent.

  15. pretty dumb that you cant put payment information in until you actually buy a pass. i dont want to stand in the street fumbling with my credit card.

  16. Couldnt take my card information. I typed both cards in correctly and it kept saying all the information is invalid. I guess I can never ride one these bikes. How dumb is that

  17. Not terribly user friendly when trying to rent more than one bike at the same time.

  18. good app, gets bike fast – wish it would explain more about the dockless hubs but I’m not sure that’s a reason to delete a star from my review

  19. I would give this nothing because it took 18mins to see if we could get all our bikes hooked up with friend’s and nope. 1 bike pure account. The machine did not take our cards for the riders so we tried on the phone. 1.8 miles my butt! I did not even ride the dang thing! I will be calling customer service in the morning and give a update and follow up ASAP

  20. I work on the UMN campus and use the bikes all the time to get around. Great experience!

  21. I think its stupid if you buy a 24 hour pass to stop every 30 minutes to lock and unlock a bike just so you don’t get charged on longer rides

  22. the app itself is pretty cool, some of the dockless bikes are gliychy though

  23. This Guy dice:

    I cant even put in my number without saying it failed and crash on me Edit:UPDATE June, 24 2020 Still having the same bug

  24. all the bikes are “on their way to the shop” so its not convenient at all

  25. The entire bike rental process was easy for this visitor.

  26. Let’s me unlock bikes, plan routes, works smoothly.

  27. Love the bikes very glad they are availible

  28. New customer, just trying it, looks good,

  29. Need to distribute more in oakdale & Woodbury where their aren’t that many buses

  30. One word stupid hour and a half ride cost $14 yo I can hit up buses at 30 mph for 2.5 hour for2 buck the f@#$ Never again is rather walk or bus of anything these bikes should be at cost or a deficit

  31. Corona virus peaking and your delivering your bikes yeah uh thanks

  32. Used the system 10 times in 3 days & it worked well each time. What would be great is an Options or Priorities feature. I found bike trails that were perhaps not as direct but that were far faster, safer & pleasant, & actually got me where I wanted to go in the same amount of time. These weren’t suggested by the app’s route planner. Instead, I was routed through downtown streets where I rode with traffic & stopped at every traffic light.

  33. Works great. I was able to see a lot of the city 28 minutes at a time for one 24 hour pass. Unlike some other cities with similar systems the bike information was mostly accurate. Will ride again when I come back.

  34. NAVIGATION DOESN’T USE GYROSCOPE. Love the bike system, but I will use Google maps until nice bike makes a better navigation app.

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