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The Jaguar Remote App keeps you in touch with your Jaguar when you’re not in your vehicle, delivering greater control than ever before over security and comfort settings.

The App’s enhanced features, improved functionality and intuitive interface affords peace of mind, more efficient journey planning and greater well-being for you and your passengers.

Use the App to remotely:
– Prepare for a trip by checking fuel range and dashboard alerts
– Locate your vehicle on a map and get walking directions to it
– Check if doors or windows are open
– View journey information
– In the event of a breakdown, request Optimized Jaguar Assistance
– Plan future journeys and sync with your vehicle*
– Connect your favorite music and lifestyle applications to your InControl account for use in vehicle.*

For vehicles with InControl Remote Premium, the following additional features are available:
– Check on your vehicle security status and lock/unlock your vehicle if required
– Cool or heat your vehicle to the desired temperature prior to your journey*
– Locate your vehicle in a crowded car park with ‘beep and flash’ functionality.

*Availability and function depending on vehicle capability, software and market.

Download the Jaguar InControl Remote App and then log in using your Jaguar InControl username and password to connect to your vehicle. This App requires subscription to one of the following packages fitted to the vehicle:
– InControl Protect
– InControl Remote
– InControl Remote Premium.

For further information, including which models Jaguar InControl is available for, visit

For technical assistance, visit the owner’s section of

IMPORTANT: ONLY JAGUAR/LAND ROVER OFFICIAL APPS MAY BE USED TO ACCESS YOUR VEHICLE OR ITS FUNCTIONS. Official Apps are recognizable as originating from “Jaguar Limited” or “Land Rover” or “JLR-Jaguar” or “JLR-Land Rover” or “Jaguar Land Rover Limited.” Unofficial apps are not endorsed in any way by Jaguar Land Rover Limited. We have no control or responsibility over them. Use of unofficial apps may cause security risks or other harm to the vehicle and its functions. JLR will not be responsible under vehicle warranty or in any manner for any loss or damage you suffer resulting from the use of unofficial apps.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


This latest version has introduced the following Jaguar Remote App feature improvements.

[Fixes] General stability improvements & Bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Jaguar Remote MODDED 2022"

  1. Brendon dice:

    If this thing actually worked one time out of ten I would probably be thrilled. As it stands, the app at best crashes multiple times in a row, or–on a bad day– crashes and restarts the phone itself. It’s never able to contact the car, and forget about actually trying to send a remote command such as starting or locking it. It’s a $120 yearly fee to maybe be able to see the current fuel level.

  2. king Leo dice:

    I have no idea why Jaguar would have a subscription based app when the dumb thing won’t even work most the time. Trying to remotely start the car is a pain if you can’t actually see or hear if the car starts because sometimes it will say it’s not able to contact the vehicle and you’ll get to it and it is actually running and sometimes it just won’t start it at all. It’s due time for an update to this app to fix all the bugs and issues but they seemed to have abandoned this app.

  3. This app is way better that the previous version but has a lot of scope for improvement. Remote start/lock/unlock works and consistently. Improvements needed: ensure all features work or don’t enable them. A view which can show some statistics of the journeys over a period of time like average distance travelled, total distance travelled, average fuel economy, etc. would make some use of journey into that is collected

  4. When I saw the UI screenshots for the new app, I was happy that JLR has adopted a modern UI experience, but the app experience is horrible. It constantly crashes, locks up my phone. I have to restart the device to avoid having to unlock it constantly to have it crash.. I installed this app on Android 12 ,so not sure how the experience was on earlier versions. This feedback is for Android 12 specifically.

  5. I know there’s a lot of potential for this app, but it contonuously fails at the one thing I want it to do: remote start my car. I haven’t decided if this is an intrinsic failure of Jaguar, or if it’s an acceptable issue for a somewhat progressive feature. My local dealership has expressed unresolvable issues with the infotainment unit, so I suppose it’s possible that the remote start issue is more of a car problem than an app problem…either way please fix it 😢

  6. One year later and this app has managed to get even WORSE. The remote start does not work, at all. Or you are locked out of it because it thinks the car already ran when IT DIDNT. I contacted support and they never responded to me. What a horrible embarassment for a luxury brand. And to think they want me to pay for this when my subscription expires?!?!

  7. The app worked great until I updated my Pixel phone to Android 12. The app now is crashed as soon as I open it, more over crashes the entire phone sometimes. Edit: finally the update came for Android 12. Using it for a day and hasn’t shown any issues. It shouldn’t have taken this long, but at least the issues were fixed.

  8. Sleek and smooth. Works great with my I-pace. Displays charging status, journeys, parking location, and more, and provides useful remote control functionality. Forgot to lock the door? Kids left the windows open? Fix that with the app. Not quite as technically detailed as WattCat, but much prettier and much easier to use.

  9. This has been a mess from the beginning. Incontrol worked for a short while then it refused to recognize my car. Had to re-install app and program car. Now, Android App has remote button but no vehicle start feature. What’s APP? Also, uncertain as to what kind of SIM card the manual keeps asking me to install. From my cellphone vendor or just an off the shelf SIM card?

  10. It’s OK It doesn’t seem to have any more information or options than the previous version and visibly, it looks dated and uninviting. On the homepage I thought that I would at least see a line drawing or image of the Jaguar that I own, but nothing! In the section of the app where I can remotely lock/unlock the vehicle and the remote start function, it shows an image of an f-pace which has little in common with my f-type. I guess time will tell if the app itself is better than the previous one

  11. Not fit for purpose, I’ve tried to login to check on service mileage, fuel level and ad blue level on different occasions and each time I’m greeted with disappointment because its forgotten my login and then tells I don’t have one. So I create a new one and then wait and wait for email that never comes. Great car but this app is pointless if you can’t login to us it.

  12. Decent app,……has the odd technical issue such as dodgy connection to the car and doesn’t always sync that quickly, but overall it works pretty well and has some nice features. Would be good if i could send navigation destination to the car.

  13. I would not recommend it. I have purchased the incontrol app in January and still am not able to get into the app to start the car remotely. I have reset my password many times and my pin and every time I try to use it, it says my pw or pin is wrong. I have called support and they can’t help me. What a waste of money.

  14. Nice app, but: I can’t see the current car location if it’s moving. I only can see it if it stops. In the old app was possible. Thanks.

  15. It crashes my phone now. Can you fix it? I’m stuck on my lock screen forever until I restart the phone when I try to open it. Edit: how come this is not fixed yet? You can see through all your reviews exactly what the problem is. Get to work?

  16. Kam Patel dice:

    Jaguar are en embarrassement . They charge a ridiculouse amount of money to have the please of using this app and then it doesn’t work as it should nearly all the time . V buggy and doesn’t connect sometimes (not WiFi connection ) give wrong data , doesn’t start the car . Jag update the app and make it free and you may be onto something

  17. Sachin Mr dice:

    The app does not work 90% of the time. Some of the status is incorrect. It says the hood is open when it is closed. Takes a while and multiple tries to get any option to work. It’s really horrible for a premium car manufacturer to develop an immature application.

  18. Could use a few more features and have shut off for aknowledging battery drain when activating features. Is a very stable app. Dog mode with msg on screen would be great on a dark screen; climate active & temperature.

  19. It doesn’t update. I left my car in an area 2 days ago and that’s the last time the app will update up to. Very frustrating 😕.

  20. New version looks great and worked just fine for me. Keep up the good work Jaguar.

  21. Mar Mach dice:

    New app old issues… when will times charging work ? I want to charge my ipace during night, all set up in app but will not change …..

  22. Can be helpful but could give more info. Eg , mpg how much blue is needed, state of finance etc. Other car manufacturers do better.

  23. My car is in my garage but the app shows its location as 25 miles away in another town. I can’t see any options to start/stop the engine or lock/unlock the doors. I’m hoping it’s just me not yet used to the setup on a new car. Still having problems with this app. Sometimes a journey is not recorded and sometimes it shows the car parked at the last place I visited. It currently shows me parked in a local supermarket when the car is safely tucked up in the garage for the night.

  24. It supplies important information about your car, it’s status, details of your trips, very useful!

  25. This is the only one of the four Jaguar apps that works tolerably well, and does everything it’s supposed to. The iGuide does not have my model (2017 XE 3.0L) the Route Planner lost touch with my car a few months ago and does absolutely nothing, and the In Control apps, those that are still on the menu, are, at best, a poor attempt to re-invent the wheel, especially since Spotify disappeared from the list. All in all an embarrassingly pathetic software collection.

  26. Lost the ability to download journeys and also lost the ability to pre-condition the cars temperature on set days and times. Hopefully this will be looked into? That being said, the interface is much improved so it’s nice to see Jaguar making an effort to keep things updated. I just hope they manage to update the things they lost from the previous app.

  27. Unreliable and flaky. The remote functions, particularly remote start, work about 1 time in 4, with no way to identify why it fails. The journeys as reported in this version are always .1 of a mile different to the same trips reported in the previous version, apparently because recording doesn’t start when the car moves off, but 100m or so later. This is poor. On the upside it looks quite nice.

  28. The app looks slick but its performance is worse than its predecessor. I keep my car keys in an RF shielded box upstairs, so I used to enjoy the convenience of unlocking the car with my phone when I needed to retrieve something I’d left in there. I’m standing looking at the unlocked car now, and the app only gives me the option to unlock. It blows my mind that a “luxury” car manufacturer has such a terrible interface. What’s worse is that I pay an annual subscription for this feature.

  29. Absolutely terrible app. I don’t understand how bad it can be and still represents the big name like Jaguar. You start the climate, it actually turns on the car, but app cannot update the status. I have tried this many times by standing close to the car so I know when it starts and app fails every time. Same with lock and unlocked doors. Seems like sending command is okay but receiving/updating is not. Can’t trust such app, if I’m not close to the car I will never trust the status I see.

  30. This is a fully functioning and nice looking app (especially compared to the first version). It does the things it says it will do. There is just quite a lot of room for more innovations eg 1. Unofficial I pace apps show details like tyre pressure – that would be useful to have 2. Could have some fun stuff eg being able to remotely see the view from the cameras on the car 3. A summon app, or use park assist to take the car out of a tight space. 4. Personal profile set up and preferences. + more

  31. Can’t start car via app. It worked well the first day I installed and then it won’t work anymore. All parts of the app work, locking, beep and flash, location etc. But the important one to me is the remote start, it starts the ignition for a second but doesn’t actually start the engine, it then stops processing and just says failed after buffering for a while. Absolutely useless, apparently it’s extremely common, what are we paying for? Ripoff. Reinstalling etc. doesn’t work.

  32. No longer works on Android following upgrade to 12. Stock android phone (Google Pixel 4). Application cannot be opened, phone gets stuck in a crashing loop that exits to lock screen infinitely and needs to be restarted completely. I’ve not seen a bug quite that bad before in terms of stability. Total lack of testing. Assuming it gets fixed, the app is otherwise fine for remote starting the car or checking it’s been locked, so I’d give it a four usually as it does what it needs to normally.

  33. Improved UI but needs improvements. Should display the car on the map at the home page like the old app did. Also the font size on the app icon must be increased, “Jaguar Remote” is much smaller (and harder to read) now compared to the old app’s logo. Needless to say more features would be useful, such as geofencing (alarm if car drives outside a region), push notifications for start/end of journeys, warning if car is left unlocked etc.

  34. Very buggy, It is a surprise to me that such an expensive car got such a rubbish app. It is not getting a response back from the car properly. If I start the car remotely, the app will say the request failed, but the car will actually start. And there is no option to stop the car or change the temperature.

  35. Rubbish – in a word, I pay for premium and none of the features work. Uninstalled and reinstalled no change, what good is remote start to warm the interior if it never works. The only reason it gets two stars is the journey log works fine and i use is for my weekly milage. I was looking at changing to an I-Pace this year but if this is the level of tech and computing i can except from JLR i don’t hold out much hope for their version of an electric car.

  36. Very poor. The app looks fine and you can view all the information on your car fairly reliably (although locking status is never accurate!) but as soon as you try and control anything ‘remotely’ as is the purpose of the app, you can’t. I’ve never managed to get the app to activate anything in my car 😡

  37. A useful facility for remote control of vehicle functions

  38. Average, location is not very accurate. Must do better. No

  39. My wife uses the app almost daily. In the hot AZ heat she can start and cool down her F Pace before she gets off work. However, it won’t work with the windows open even a little. In the desert we leave our windows open a crack to prevent excessive heat build up and possible glass breakage from the over pressure. So the app won’t work if the window is open even 1 inch! Too bad. Otherwise a 5 star

  40. Easy to use and informative

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