NV Charts GPS Navigation AIS MODDED 2022


NV Charts App is an ideal tool to navigate with NV Charts cartography.
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A clearly structured navigation app with intuitive and comprehensive tools for navigation on board. All current editions of the boating charts or maps from NV Verlag / NV Charts can be easily downloaded and used for offline navigation with the NV Charts App. All latest editions of NV Charts nautical boating charts or inland charts including | North Sea | Baltic Sea | Netherlands | Wadden Sea | IJsselmeer | Sweden | Denmark | Germany | Norway | France | USA | Caribbean | Bahamas areas are compatible with NV Charts App.

One way to have great nautical charts both on paper and on our phone or tablet is to use our popular combination pack of paper and digital nautical charts, which includes both charts in clever atlas format and a license for digital nautical marine boating charts/maps for use in the NV Charts App, including an update service. The advantage: Both your paper and digital charts are up to date.
In addition you can also purchase digital boating charts as a subscription directly in the NV Charts App. The subscription duration is one year and is automatically extended.
If it is not yet clear where the journey is going to take you, free online charts can be displayed in the app, even without a current subscription or valid paperchart edition.

The latest information is essential for safe navigation on the water. With the NV Charts App you have the possibility to become part of the Seame boating community. You can now add marinas, anchorages and navigation warnings to the digital chart and also add and share interesting places beyond navigation, such as restaurants or points of interest with pictures. Others can respond directly with comments. The continuously edited content can be downloaded directly to be available offline. In order to make all information easily accessible, we have improved the search function: You can explore the surroundings and search directly for place names as well as anchorages, harbours, ramps, waypoints, cranes, petrol stations, or tide stations. In addition, an auto-routing function has been integrated, which allows you to navigate directly to your destination.

Together navigation on board is even more fun! You can now share your tracks with friends or use the data outside the app and export it as GPX file. You can share your favorite harbours and anchorages from the app simply by clicking on a link and coordinate your trip planning even better with everyone.

With the AIS function in the NV Charts App you can keep an eye on AIS signals in real-time. You can connect a Wlan AIS receiver to the NV Charts and the app display AIS Class A and B signals and navigation aids (ATON), as well as MOB AIS SART transponder distress transmitters, directly in the digital chart in real-time and the traffic situation can be assessed better.

The NV Charts App can be installed and synchronized on multiple devices.

NV Charts App – Features:
✔ Search function
✔ Autorouting (Europe + other regions to follow soon)
✔ Velocity Made Good (VMG)
✔ Community Layer / Points of Interest(POI)
✔ Free online boating charts preview for planning
✔ In App Purchases of digital offline charts
✔ Community Layer / Points of Interest(POI)
✔ Reads sea charts of all NV chart areas
✔ Easy download of the maps
✔ Always the latest data
✔ Seamless zoom and panning functions
✔ Tide Forecast
✔ Online weather
✔ AIS Wifi Support
✔ AIS Sart Beacon
✔ AIS CPA function
✔ Night mode
✔ Anchor alarm
✔ Position with GPS
✔ Intuitive route planning
✔ Course markings, markings, bearing ruler
✔ Port information
✔ Display of instruments
✔ Synchronizing devices
✔ Live Position Sharing
✔ Social sharing of routes, tracks, positions

## Android version 7.0 or higher required.

Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.


# Autorouting enhancement in calculations and coverage improvements for European waters.
# Velocity made good (VMG) in expert mode for a better knowledge of the speed to the next waypoint along your route.
# Improved chart update management.
# Overzoom display warning.
# 365-day licence with access to all NV Charts App services and functions with valid edition paper charts or as in-app purchase
# Let us know what you think: [email protected]


40 comentarios en "NV Charts GPS Navigation AIS MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is great. It definitely makes route planning easy, and fun. The customer support that accompanies the app is bar none. We had a slight issue loading the charts onto my phone and Jessica at NV stepped in and fixed the problem very quickly. Thank you!

  2. At best, the app shows the charts you have purchased (one by one). Syncing of routes and markers between various devices (iOS, Android and MacOS), a rather basic function, does not work… Hilarious that now the app has augmentic reality: they are trying to run before they can walk…. Question is of course if it is even feasible for NVCharts to make a decent digital app: the charts can only be displayed one by one in the app. Basic architecture seems wrong…

  3. The app is quite well designed and practical. The maps are very good, easy to follow, and clear. However some regions seem to have a lower resolution than others and one cannot choose the symbol (nor its size) for the boat on the map. Support is excellent.

  4. The app was working happily and I had created a number of routes logbooks and waypoints, which have now disappeared. Update:Tech support sent a patch which has fixed the issue and a further update has added to the app. It would be great to export log book files as gpx files with speed etc

  5. After the last update it doesn’t load online charts at all, it doesn’t show my outdated charts I’ve bought earlier. After each update the app gets new functions and becomes more useless. It seems the time to uninstall it.

  6. Perfect for easy and inexpensive coastal navigation. Super clear charts in large book form, with app for use on most devices (mine run android). Garmin and Raymarine must be worried.

  7. Pretty lousy. Map resolution in close approaches falls behind Navionics. Overview when out of Pixel maps is a joke. There you’re better off with Google Maps. Just wasted 50EUR on a Croatia map just to figure this out.

  8. Add chart with id does not work. Empty “My Chart” page appears without option to download the chart.

  9. Up to date raster maps, with AIS layer

  10. No login possible, cluttered login mask

  11. This is a friendly system, it is user friendly.

  12. Very handy app for leisure navigation

  13. Shows west long in a east location

  14. Gekaufte Offline Kartensätze decken jeweils immer nur ein kleines Gebiet ab und sind nur noch 1 Jahr nutzbar! Danach sind wieder 50€ pro Satz pro Jahr fällig ohne Upgrade Angebot. Weiterer Kritipunkt: Die Kroatienkarten haben die halbe Detailgenauigkeit wie nvCharts Ostsee- oder Nordseekarten. Warum kosten die dann das gleiche? Wenn man das vorher wüsste, würde man für das Gebiet andere Karten kaufen, die wären dann billiger und detailreicher.

  15. NV Karte Super, die App findet selten mei GPS. Navionics findet immer mein GPS aber das Routing ist nicht genau.

  16. Besides what it can do in terms of navigation, it continuously sends my
    position to the nv servers AND makes it puplicly available to all other
    users without any option to opt out from this. It’s hard to believe that
    developers are still that stupid/naive… Just look at Strava or Polar to
    see what happens when all best practices for privacy are ignored.

  17. It’s a good app so far and works well with the charts which were my first buy. Bettered by Navionics as there are still some rough edges in usage but great as a backup for a plotter.

  18. I bought the paper charts and this came for free. I wrote my own app using
    Google charts as the other apps were rubush but this does pretty much all I
    wanted. It would be nice to access the tidal data for routing but it’s a
    good start.

  19. Great app which came free with a chart, its usefulness has really surprised

  20. Horrible scale, ok for open ocean, no good for bay

  21. Great charting, useful tide and wind data.

  22. Wir haben damit im Mai 2018 die Umrundung von Rügen geplant und getrackt.
    Funktion einwandfrei. Wir sind froh, dass es uns begleitet hat. Die UI
    könnte besser strukturiert werden.

  23. NV zeigt, dass Karten nicht flächendeckend alle Zoomstufen haben müssen. Klar ist Navionics besser, wo man überall reinzoomen kann und die Crew nicht mit Kanten zwischen Karten verwirrt wird. Aber NV hat so viele Kartenblätter, dass der Nachteil nicht so auffällt. Isailor oder Kartenwerft kommen dagegen nicht an. Sehr viel Zeit hat mich gekostet herauszufinden, warum der Wind nicht angezeigt wird und die Namen der anderen Schiffe, obwohl dafür geworben wird und in den AIS-Einstellungen die Einblendung vom Namen Standard ist. Die Erkenntnis ist, dass NV in der Android-App diese Funktion nicht bietet. Die Windows-App kann das. Überhaupt finde ich großartig, dass die selbe App mit den selben Karten parallel unter Windows verfügbar ist.

  24. This app used to be really good also use the full pc version. But now can’t download charts as password page doesn’t work on new tablet. This is potentially disastrous as I use the tablet most of the time for electronic navigation. Still like the NV paper charts but now lost confidence in NV app. Is this a common problem?

  25. Was working fine, but now the chart isn’t displayed properly, just a tiny box at the bottom of the screen… Not sure what’s gone wrong, but please could you fix it as it renders the app useless… Looks as though it doesn’t support Android 7, but it needs to… Put this review up a couple of weeks ago – no response… Have reinstalled with latest version – no improvement… Will be sailing this weekend – not going to be able to use the app on my phone – not good enough… I expected better service than this.

  26. Keeps telling me invalid serial even though I spent 228 Euros

  27. The charts work well on my galaxy S5 good on the boat

  28. Unable to give it any real stars as I was unable to find any north american charts to use. Seems mainly limited to Europe and South American. Am unlikely to even set up an account unless I can see what’s available in my areas of interest. Also get blank web page when visiting them on occasion too.

  29. Nv charts is an advanced charting instrument used by mariners to bring their ship from one port to another port in easy and accurate way .

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