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Safe Truck GPS Navigation & Maps: Truck Routing, Parking, Diesel, Weight Station
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Trucker Path is the #1 truck navigation (Truck GPS) trusted by millions of CDL truck drivers. We focus on building maps for Truck Drivers, providing best-in-class trucker tools for truck navigation(Truck GPS), and finding truck stops, truck parking, weigh stations, CAT scales.

We have Pilot Flying J, Love’s Travel Center, Petro TA, Blue Beacon, Roady’s, KwikTrip, Weigh Stations, CAT Scales, Diesel Fuel Prices, Rest Area, Truck Parking, Truck GPS, Truck Navigation, all in our Truck Maps.

★ Truck Maps with Truckstops and Truck Parking spots: Pilot Flying J, Loves, TA Truck, Travel Plazas, AM Best, CAT scale, free parking
★ Truck Maps containing thousands of independent truck stops, Rest Areas, Walmart,
★ Weather and live road traffic conditions

★ Plan multi-day trips with our Trucking GPS(or RV GPS) free to download
★ This Trucking GPS is better and faster compared to traditional Garmin GPS or Rand McNally GPS

★ See which weigh stations are OPEN or CLOSED
★ Trucker map with real-time updates like CB radio
★ Truck Parking is updated as FULL, SOME, EMPTY by thousands of truckers every hour

“Don’t often take time to write reviews of apps, but this one is so deserving in my line of work as a “trucker”. Some things are just plain good and exceed expectations and this is one of those things.” – Thomas W

Our users say Trucker Path is better for truckers compared to Garmin GPS, Randy McNally GPS, DAT, or Trucker Tools. Best of all, we’re FREE to download!

All your trucker tools (trucker map) in one free app. Join the largest community in America for truckers and keeptruckin with Trucker Path as your copilot over the road. Like CB radio, but bigger and better!


40 comentarios en "Trucker Path: Truck GPS & Maps MOD 2022"

  1. I drive a entertainment bus which involves a lot of cities. The navigation had me turning down streets in Brooklyn, NY, I should not have been on. My settings are setup as a tractor/trailer. I hope this gets fixed before I head back out in 2 months. I paid a subscription fee and was very dissatisfied. Lot of cool things on the app but the navigation needs fixing.

  2. It has improved a lot since the update, but it is still lacking. There are still routes that go the stupid extra mile. Are these app developers young people with good eye sight? On the screen, important exit numbers, speed limit, weight station remaining distance, etc… All numbers and font size are too small. The average age of truck drivers will be in their 40s and 50s or older. careful when using it in the upper east side. This app guides you to a low place under a bridge. In old city…

  3. Latest update is terrible. The navigation freezes and does not give turn by turn. It’s stuck on the original location. Also, have to close and clear trip to get stop locations to show on drive. Hit and miss either the pop up box showing miles and type of truck stops coming up. Uninstalled/reinstalled 3xs. We depend on you. Please fix this ASAP.

  4. Would be great if, while in navigation it would show my upcoming saved locations. It’s seems to only show random ones. Not sure what has happened with the update, lags and freezes up more. And takes you down direction a tractor and trailer should not be. Hate that it always looks for STATE rd also.

  5. Donnie G dice:

    Went from great app to ok to useless. Latest update you can’t even update a scale? Not to mention everything you touch on map takes you to a list. I could care less about seeing a list or having to click more info on a list. It’s just an added unnecessary thing to do. Y’all could mess up a wet dream. Instead of fixing things that weren’t broke maybe you should have fixed the glitch that defaults to prepass only if you accidently click it because a list pops up every time you click something.

  6. This app went from usable to worthless. Who told you programmers without CDL that doing this last update was a good idea? When turning on a filter (ex. Truck stops, scales) and panning around to the right one, the GPS pinpoint to take me back to my location is gone. No amount of zooming in or out fixes it unless we go back to general layout without filters. When clicking on a truck stop or rest areas I pass by, now get a worthless list. Ugh. Done! Time to uninstall

  7. I’m a subscription member and up till about 3 weeks ago I would have given this five stars.. I don’t know what happened but suddenly routes are often out of the way and wrong.. even after reinstalling several times weigh station features malfunction or just don’t work.. occasionally if I quit the route I can look at them but that’s about it.. would be happy to change the review if they ever get the bugs figured out but horse show accuracy isn’t for trucking

  8. Update: seems to be working well now. Newest update has helped. Has only rebooted phone once, but I cannot rule out a different issue causing that at this point. Thank you OK. Constantly causes my phone to reboot. When it shows up coming truck stops its not always accurate. It will say, for example, 13 miles to pilot but the closer you get the mileage stays the same even as you go past it. Great when it’s working properly but needs a lot of work to justify the cost.

  9. It’s a great app for truckers. I gave it 3 stars because it is inconsistent. It doesn’t always show upcoming rest areas, weigh stations and truck stops so you have to quit your navigation and restart it a lot for it to work. It also makes your phone crash and restart sometimes in the worse places like the middle of a city causing you to miss turns and exits and also in non service areas where you can’t reload your route

  10. Lam My dice:

    I like the app, trip planning is a breeze and you can zoom in and check out the destination. the choices of routs helps the weather alerts help. You have to use common sense though all GPS is a tool and not to be totally relied on. the fact that you can see the amenities and reviews on stops is great, when ever you see red on your route best believe there is a major jam.

  11. This was the best trucking app on android, but now problems and bugs make it worse. The feature to see upcoming truck stops and rest areas at a glance on the left side of the screen is now gone? This was the main reason I paid premium for this app. It no longer is an option? Other bugs include routing that never finishes, and internet connectivity problems.

  12. Recent updates have ruined the app. Slow,slow slow. Can no longer login with 2 devices. My tablet install is really slow, no good for finding parking places. My phone install is faster, yet slow. Since the tablet is only good for a known address. I use my phone to find parking. Unfortunately cannot be logged in with both devices. Login with one, it logs out the other. This is very disappointing and a pita. I pay for a subscription. Not going to continue. Chat support does not work. No support!

  13. Good app for parking. Not good for navigation. App prioritizes small roads over big roads. Hope you like county roads and driving through downtown because that’s how this app will route you even if your stop is a block from the interstate. Edit: developer wants screenshots which reminds me – when you get to the end of the route the app forgets the first 2/3 of the route so you can’t even report a bad route. I’m not going to pull over on a 180 degree switchback in rural PA to take a screenshot.

  14. Kevin dice:

    The Absolute Best! I’ve been using Trucker Path for many years . The Navigation is the BEST! … I am paying $29.99 a month … But it’s well worth the money! The app allows me to plan my trip without having to think. It’s sophisticated enough to route me around low clearance bridges and weight restricted bridges and roads. I’ve been driving 21 years OTR , and Trucker Path has made trip planning too easy! Ive had no problems finding a pickup location or delivery location.Trucker Path Rocks!⭐

  15. T. Dude. dice:

    Very sour taste in my mouth after free trial wouldn’t cancel and default package selected after trial was VERY pricey for half a year. I’m over it and can say that even the free version is incredibly useful and one of my daily tools out here that makes it possible to make trip adjustments on the fly when my days plan is inevitably turned upside down and I need information quick because I’m then running at 02:00 and need a parking spot. Use common sense and don’t use while driving.

  16. John B dice:

    Been using for the last year. VERY VWRY BUGGY! Certainly not worth paying their price for a subscription. Customer support is non existent. Suggested fixed don’t get fixed. Icons disappear, routes freeze or don’t choose best route. Good for current status on parking and scales, when it works. Needs alot of work. Feels more like an Alpha version then a full version EDIT: I’ve tried this app on Android phone & Tablet as well as Iphone and Ipad ..It’s your app, not my equipment.

  17. Update. This navigation constantly sends you to roads with weigh limit and length restrictions. On Sep 26 at Manhattan, IL I got a ticket because there is a length restriction (up to 65 feet straight length). This GPS didn’t even recognized the restriction… The navigation change path by itself without alerting a driver. In many cases it’s creating a path through tight and unnecessary turns.

  18. The WoT dice:

    Credit to them, they fixed the issue that made the app unbearable. Will continue with subscription, although it is a ridiculous price. I love the things that are on here that are extra helpful so I use this over buying an individual GPS, I feel like more money could be made by making it cheaper, since more people would use it but who knows.

  19. Causes phone to crash and restart. The app is well thought out, but poorly implemented. Switching apps will cause the directions to disappear and your left with a blank map. Trying to move the map around to see up coming turns also breaks this. Would also like to see adjustedable volume for directions as they are way louder then audio books, and music. Pixel 6 pro Verizon stock. Reply Can not take a screen shot of the app as it causes the phone to restart. Can you allow debug report?

  20. They keep updating the app which makes it less and less user friendly. Everytime I have to re learn how to use it, where they put things “this” time. Quick pic selections hidden so I can’t go through each one individually without going into a setting. GPS isn’t giving me multiple routes and the routes they pick are either out of the way or make zero sense. I’m a paying user and I’m getting very dissatisfied

  21. This app used to be good, but recently has become a buggy mess. I have to open, close, then reopen the app just to get it to function, it takes 5 to 7 seconds to register any change to a route, and the navigation itself is lackluster at best, and hazardous at worst. I’ve had this thing try to take me down very narrow switchbacks on a mountain road that was very clearly not designed for a 53′ trailer. And numerous other issues that I can’t fit in 500 characters. Not worth a $30 subscription.

  22. Not as good as it used to be, so I finally uninstalled it. I gave them suggestions. They said thanks but didn’t follow them. I used it for over 3 years. Many of the places don’t show exit numbers, so I have to use Google Maps or my truckers atlas anyway. My newer version omitted many of the rest areas the old version had. Can no longer customize locations. If you can, then it’s more difficult. Old version had a little button visible on map. I didn’t have to search for it.

  23. Damon H dice:

    I use this for my routing and pay for a membership but they refuse to answer emails so I’ll write about the latest update that I have a problem with. You use to be able to tilt the navigation screen using two fingers so you could see a little further ahead which was great so you could see the curves in the road ahead of time and if in a large city, helped you get in the correct lane early for the interchanges. Who’s dumbass idea was it to remove this feature?!?!

  24. This app used to be amazing when I downloaded it a few years back. But, the more they updated it, the worse it became. Now, the app barely functions at all. Glitches constantly, causes my phone’s screen to go black, and then my phone freezes and then i have to restart it. I’ve deleted this app. I may consider downloading it again if the developer would fix the bugs, or make the app the way it was originally.

  25. This app is amazing when you’re looking for places, and info about them, especially parking. 5star! GPS is ok, but it lacks a lot of options like doing a search for places along your route. You have to manually zoom out and look for them. Also, routing needs a bunch of work. Many speed limits are wrong, and reporting them is a huge hassle requiring lots of input, which means texting while driving, instead of making a quick button that would pull all that info from your current location.

  26. It WAS a great app, until you started trying to “perfect ” it. I don’t want or need to sign in to give a rating on a location. YOU don’t need that level of personal information. And why can’t I choose a different app for routing now? Like Garmin etc. I would rather have an open app that can be used with others than be locked out they way facebook operates. Update : it’s not improving. The ads are interfering with function. Every choice has an ad pop up. Waste of my time.

  27. I have been using this app for several years and have loved it. Over the weekend, they changed it. I now have NOTHING I had before, and I have to shell out 24 usd a month for the privilege. I am royally ticked off here. They screwed it up. Nothing is intuitive, navigation loops back on itself to redundant questions and blocks access to maps. I updated to the newest version. Worse. They need to put it back to the version that was useful two weeks ago, then LEAVE IT ALONE!Utter stupidity. Goodbye.

  28. This was a great app until it became monetized with ads. I used to leave the app open on my phone while I’m driving. Now it flashes ads at the top of the screen constantly. The biggest problem is when it locks the entire screen asking you “if you dont want ads pay for it” which is very distracting. So I don’t leave it open anymore. I get that you need to make money. I can even put up with the small ad box at the top. But locking the entire screen is a deal breaker for me. IM DONE RANTING.

  29. The mapping and GPS tools aren’t any good. When you first try to use the mapping it warns you that it doesn’t actually look for height or clearance issues along your route. Then the map doesn’t show you where you are in real time. It only highlights your route. I can get the same service from google maps. I do like the parking info for truck stops but not enough to pay monthly for it…

  30. I’m finally done. First it was just duplicate entries making the parking status useless. Then it was the flood of all the alternative services for which had no use. But now, on top of there being ads, the ads seem to come up every 30 seconds or every 3 or 4 times I hit a button. And to top that off, after every ad is dismissed I have to click the box that says I want to continue with ads! Which is essentially an ad for ads! I’m done.

  31. As a long time user I would have given this a better rating, except the past few months it only works sporadically. After inputting my beginning and end locations and then tapping “Route”, it shows me my available routes. So far so good. However, after tapping “Start trip”, it takes me back to the location input screen. It does this numerous times. I’ve forced stopped the app, cleared the cache, and even uninstalled & reinstalled the app. It may eventually work later in the day. Not always.

  32. I was using the Trucker Path for years. In the beginning the app was very responsive and fast and never ever got a crash. Right now the Trucker Path is overloaded, very slow and crashes every time I put a new address for routing. Once great application, now is unusable piece of junk. If you don’t fix it, will become history very soon. I don’t mind paying a monthly fee, but not for this pile of junk…..

  33. Like this app for the most part. But, would like to see the ability to prioritize which pins are on top. A truck wash pin can be on top and ‘hide’ that there is also a scale there. But, user can’t control which pin is displayed on top. Also, would like to see the ability to use set map scales. It is a pain to have to zoom in and out slightly to get it close to a specific scale. It also would be SO wonderful if you could input your own route! Often, given route choices are not the route I want.

  34. The voice you use for prompts I’m navigation is horrible. The one from HAMMER sounds way more like a human and far more easy on the ears. This app needs to be more user friendly and use less data. Multitasking has become an issue since the last update and I don’t know why. I need to be able to switch to my music then back without having to stop the trip and log it back in while driving. ITS UNSAFE.

  35. This used to be a decent app, like a couple of years ago. Now it’s terribly bloated and resource hungry and there doesn’t seem to be any way to trim the bloat like getting rid of the jumping gas can and the rediculous button bar at the bottom. The bloat takes up about a third or more of the screen. They should call it Vacationers Path, not Trucker Path. Also, the current free version won’t let you update the status of Weigh Stations, at least not in a way that I can find.

  36. I’m an idiot for downloading this app again thinking it would be better. It’s even worse than it used to be. Trying to get directions especially, used to be they actually showed you the address for whatever place you’re trying to get to, now it just shows the city and zip code. You can eventually get routing through Google maps but it’s an easy to miss button. The “pay us money to navigate to your destination!” button is impossible to miss though. The devs of this app are nothing but greedy.

  37. Poorly done. Can’t avoid u turns, toll roads, selected roads. Can’t zoom out while navigating. only shows about 1/2 mile ahead of you. Can’t see fuel stops, weigh stations, etc while in navigation mode. If the app can’t find an address it locks up. Don’t expect a response from tech support, I’ve waited 2 weeks so far. Hopefully the bugs (features) will be fixed/implemented sooner or later. Galaxy Tab A $70 and Sygic truck navigation $130 (lifetime) are far cheaper than $100 a year for premium.

  38. Updated: I’ve used this app for just over 2 years. Mostly for the convenience of seeing truck stops and rest areas along my route. Navigation is horrible, and I do mean horrible. Tries to have you go down residential streets, u-turns, etc…. make sure you zoom out to look at your route before you follow the route. Additionallly, ALWAYS having some kind of issue with app. For instance, right now you can’t even pull up an address. If I need to use Google for navigation, why am I paying you?

  39. I agree with all the recent reviews. Didn’t feel compelled to write one myself until a couple days ago when the pop ups became so intrusive that it cuts off any audio I’m listening to and forces me to clear out back to back pop ups while I’m in the middle of getting information on a truck stop. Too bad this used to be a great app. Been using it daily for several years. Guess I have to go find a new one.

  40. Chuck M dice:

    I really wanted to like this app. The concept and the FEATURES are awesome! I liked the free version, and upgraded in order to get truck specific routes that properly used all the necessary variables you would expect. But, the navigation portion is glitchy (an understatement). The app won’t work in the background for more than a couple of minutes. It consistently crashes when signal degrades, and i LOOSES your navigation inputs, forcing you to restart the nav process. Very frustrating.

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