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The motorcycle, offroad & snowmobile app to track & guide your riding experience
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The journey is about so much more than the destination. The world’s largest motorcycle, snowmobile and offroad GPS app and community is all about helping you enjoy the ride, relive the route, and share it with your friends. From planning to navigating to sharing, REVER aims to enhance the entire experience, making it more fun & memorable, while offering convenience and technology to every ride. If you rev, REVER IT! Plan. Track. Share.

Built specifically for route discovery & navigation, REVER turns your mobile phone into a fully functioning GPS device for your motorcycle, atv, snowmobile, or 4×4 vehicle. Create your dream ride experience with thousands of scenic roads, trails and best areas to explore and ride, in-app planning for custom routes, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, offline maps, 3D playback & more!


Record distance, duration, elevation and speed on all your rides. Keep them public or mark as private.
Web planner for scouting at homem to create and auto sync planned routes to your mobile device. Website
Satellite and topographic maps with route line navigation
Stay motivated by competing in challenges
Discover thousands of miles of hand-curated routes and places to explore from around the globe.
Input vehicles into your garage
Add your riding gear into the app
Import GPX files into your REVER profile through

Your recorded rides display in your REVER feed so friends and followers can like and comment
Join brands, events, rallies and friends in a REVER community
Share your route and share photos of your adventure on social media

Unlock access to the most robust navigation tools and features. Pro membership gives you access to:
Custom turn-by-turn directions with voice navigation
Weather radar and alerts
See adventures in 3D Flyover and Explore
LiveRIDE Safety Features and automated safety SMS alerts
Mobile-route planning
Plan routes in 3D
Save Offline maps and rides
In app GPX import
Download GPX files
Butler Maps highlighted road recommendations
Point-of-interest with campgrounds, gas stations, restaurants, & hotels
Create communities
Premium Map Styles
Ad-free experience

Turns your phone into the best GPS, using the built-in GPS to navigate you through your route. No cellular network needed. You can even record rides in airplane mode.
Download offline rides and maps for off-the-grid adventures

Track a whole range of powersports and off-road activities including; side-by-side (SxS), ATV, UTV, snowmobile, trikes, Spyder, scooter, personal watercraft, Sea-Doo, Slingshots, Ford Raptor, Jeeps, 4x4s, and more.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your card will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
Payment will be charged through Google Play at confirmation of purchase.
Visit the following URL for full terms of use:
Your subscription can be managed with Google Play:


We are riders just like you. If you have a problem, suggestion, or just want to request new features, please contact us at [email protected]

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
*If you are experiencing issues with tracking, adjust your Power Save settings to Performance.


Not all rides were created equal. Show a little personality with new ways to react to your friends rides.

We also crushed a few bugs and improved the Pro Upgrade process.


40 comentarios en "REVER – Motorcycle GPS & Rides MODDED 2022"

  1. Terrible experience with the app. It now crashes constantly, making it impossible to use, but even before that it wasn’t very good at what it did. If I want to navigate, I can’t just put in a destination and go, I have to ‘Create A Ride’, set a start and end point, set a date in taking the ride, and publish it online. Then I have to go into my list of rides and load it to navigate. And sometimes I’ll do all that, only to find the start and end points have flipped, and it stops navigating.

  2. Really great when it works. Quirky when it doesn’t. Navigation is solid but takes getting used to. Route planning is nice but not unique. Only real downside is losing a lot of work when planning routes because the lines started going in bizarre angles. Three stars because its an ok app that doesn’t offer anything new and useful to the table besides Butler Map integration.

  3. Decent app, could be better. Tracking works OK, but planning a route and following it can be hard. It definitely can get confused. I end up using the follow the line feature more than turn by turn because of this. I also wish the challenge section would retroactively add your rides in that fall within the date when you join them. I didn’t realize there was a parks challenge till I visited several, so after riding a week, I joined,and I have 1 visit instead of 26 🙁

  4. Test it on the bike before paying! It’s just so broken for that use. I now use Rever (via website on PC) for planning, which it is good for, then export the GPX file it generates & import it into a different moto app for actual navigating/tracking on the trip. Rever is unreliable. I’ve lost SO MUCH trip progess. Difficult to pause/continue routes, e.g. overnight. Navigation is buggy & annoying. And even with offline maps, it works poorly with the spotty cell signals common to moto journeys.

  5. Not a good app. I own an Indian Motorcycle, and “ride command” is horrible. So I tried using rever. I spent more time turning around than actually navigating. We were in Colorado on a motorcycle trip, in a larger city, it was hot and lots of traffic. We left a location and went west, the app had me turn around, and go east, not easy to do. Then had me turn around again in a mile, and head west again! And yes I tried the ignore way points option, still had trouble. Would not recommend this app

  6. This is a great concept and fantastic trip meter.. Unfortunately that’s the only thing it did well on a recent 3000+ mile ride. During use, the map frequently navigated off the screen while driving, and/or would randomly zoom in and out with no way to adjust. Or it froze completely, forcing me to restart it. The worst was in low cell service areas. Turn by turn nav – a basic maps feature – is also Not available without the Pro version, forcing me to upgrade. Be warned before buying this.

  7. Ken Marsh dice:

    Update two. Always running latest app version. Still crashes sometimes, have lost about 1 out of 10 recent trip records due to crashing while riding. Loading trip planning on the phone crashes it. Trip planning on the PC works, but can’t view road names or numbers, as they are hidden under the route lines. Still needs work.

  8. This app could be so good, but the mobile app does not work. It crashes a lot. Today I planned a ride while at my computer. I saved it. When it came time to ride, I loaded it on the mobile app, pulled away from home, and it went crazy. I couldn’t skip the first location. After I tried, it got worse. It wouldn’t even load the map right. When I selected Ride It and then Turn by Turn Navigation, it put me in the middle of the Atlantic ocean! Google maps got me where I wanted to go.

  9. Andrew MD dice:

    Been using it for a year and overall, it works. A basic function of having the ability to download a map of your area is locked behind a paywall. This is a big deal as the app uses a lot of data in a short amount of time. I understand that things like points of interest and the other fancy overlays be a sub but not even being able to get one map downloaded. Put limits on it like one download per week or you can have only one downloaded at a time. One star until they fix the facebook login.

  10. Utter failure! I discovered this app from CycleGear and was extremely excited as I have moved to a new state and have no idea of the riding spots. Went to the discover feature and found a decent ride. Set my alarm to get out there before the traffic just to find out when I was ready to go everything is missing. Tried to use the discover feature again and the results are completely empty. Figured it might be a PRO feature now and subscribed. As fate has it no difference was made minus the $ lost

  11. I don’t have any instability, but during a small 1 hour trip the GPS took my phone from 100% to 65% in under 20 min. No matter the settings it is insanely draining on my Pixel 5. I used Google maps, Waze, and even some random 3rd party apps, and they only averaged 4% in the same timeframe. Rever has some great features but as an all in one GPS, or tracker… It falls short on battery optimization. It has been the biggest issue since I first used it. Still seems to be the same in 2022.

  12. Hart 3131 dice:

    I have used this app for about 2 years. I really like the way it keeps track of my ride, both the route as well as the speed and elevation changes. I do wish that the playback videos could be longer than 30 seconds. Some of the rides I take and track, take all day and a 30 second playback is a little difficult to follow. I wish you could stretch that out to as much as 5 minutes. Otherwise I love the app, works really well, and I highly recommend it. Once you get the settings right it’s great.

  13. I don’t know why I keep torturing myself by reinstalling this app and renewing pro membership every year. I keep seeing this touted as a proper Adv route planning and navigation app and it’s terrible. Dirt roads are bypassed and the GPX import issues STILL aren’t fixed (uploading standard BDR tracks results in straight lines creating weird routes that don’t follow the tracks). When I open it, it’s just a blank map with no location on it, and no details, as well as no temperature reading.

  14. The idea is good but this app doesn’t come through. It doesn’t upload rides like it should. The GPS tracking doesn’t work and doesn’t provide accurate accounting of miles ridden. The LiveRide feature doesn’t provide an easily viewable map as it doesn’t clear previous rides… so if you ride in an area alot there will be grey lines from previous rides so friends can see where you currently aare. Lastly, the customer service is poor.

  15. After recent update the app is Slow, buggy, and locks up. Used to work okay but now it’s unuseable. Locks up when trying to open shared rides. Saved rides from computer won’t show up. Recent rides show as black boxes. Tried uninstall>clear cache>restart> reinstall and still won’t work. I also dont understand why the free version still downloads butler maps even though you cannot access them, waste of space.

  16. Have Rever Pro. Went on Ozarks trip over a week. I mapped out several routes and saved them in My Trips. The next day they were gone. Not wanting to waste any more time used my Tom Tom and Google Maps. Was able to get trip from riding buddy who recorded a route on his Rever Pro. Has potential, but don’t know if it’s that reliable.

  17. Absolutely the worst navigation app I’ve used – and I’ve used a lot: driving, motorcycling, biking, kayaking, and sailing. The map freezes all the time, it won’t scale in or out, it randomly decides to go between road-in-front and God’s eye views and let’s you ride right off the edge of the screen. And turn by turn? Yeah, not any better. It can’t even override your phones sleep mode and keep the screen on. Rever was certainly a waste of money for me and I can’t endorse or recommend it AT ALL.

  18. I really, really want to like this app. However, it has problems. For example, it constantly locks up on my smartphone. And no, I don’t have a crusty old smartphone, it’s a new Google Pixel 6. Other apps run fine. Not Rever. Another problem is that the edits I make on an existing ride on the mobile app don’t carry over to the same ride when I view it on the Rever web site. And vice-versa. Third, I had to completely turn off notifications for this app, because it keeps beeping through my headset about something…I don’t know what…because no error message is visible on the screen. Whenever it beeps, it mutes and interrupts my music. So I was forced to turn off all notifications for this app. Some competent coders I’m sure could fix these problems. I really hope they do.

  19. This is a very useful app. Especially if you ride in a group, because your able to share a route with others. I’ve only had it a few months. ETA – after using thus pro version for 2 years, the in app navigis still kinda bad. If you miss a waypoint, you have to use your phone to skip it. It should auto update like google. I should not need to touch my phone when riding. 3-7-22

  20. Less and less. Sound woefully lower than other sound. Music should pause and voice instructions should be the same volume. They are NOT. Recalc horrible. Point to point unclear. Created a few routes, now can’t create a route because the app keeps crashing. While riding, difficult to see next turn, how far, how long. Real time tracking is very poor as I’ve already made a turn, but app is behind in its location of me. Rated this app before as poor at best, dangerous at worst for a rider.

  21. M L dice:

    IF IF IF you stay on the planned route, it’s fine but if you run into a detour due to construction or whatever and deviate, it will hound you endlessly with messages to turn around and won’t reroute like Google Maps does. I would much prefer to use Rever but, more often than not, I have to shut the damn thing off and turn on Google Maps or stop and completely start over mapping a new route.

  22. Ken dice:

    The most recent update has in effect bricked this app with regard to being able to track/navigate using GPX tracks even if they’re created in Rever. I pay for Pro and have waiting 7 days now for Rever to fix this debilitating bug, and still nothing. At the same time trying to navigate using these tracks, 3 friends are experiencing the same issue(s). Disappointing to say the least.

  23. Absolute TRASH app. Want to follow a saved route? You better be exactly where the route starts, because its navigation won’t get you there successfully. Its turn by turn directions won’t go full screen, so 25% of the map is covered by your ETA…an ETA that is habitually wrong because the app struggles to identify where you are. If you select the “Follow The Blue Line” navigation option, it will allow your icon to ride completely off screen pacman style so you can no longer see yourself

  24. Hard to use and doesn’t track rides I had the pro version I used it for a week long ride so my wore could see where I was. Half the time it showed me stopped when I was really hundreds of miles away. I don’t know what happened it used to work great. Also planning a route isn’t easy is clunky and once I made a mistake on my route I couldn’t go back. Just very frustrating to use.

  25. Renee S dice:

    Ugh… this app has so many bugs. At this point I’m sorry that I paid for the pro version. Not sure why I have to always have to uninstall the app and reinstall just to get the Butler maps to show up. I definitely will not be renewing. Also, turn by turn navigation only allows for a small number of way points or it won’t work. At this point it’s just not worth the money.

  26. Was looking into my first foray into riding a BDR with some friends. I found the app very inconsistent, and frustrating in use. The app would crash sporadically. The app would randomly stop tracking the GPS track I had loaded causing me to have to constantly manually correct. Then the fun times it would flip to portrait orientation when the phone is mounted in landscape. This app is geared towards following a gps track on a motorcycle, shouldnt have to fumble with it before someone crashes.

  27. Don’t like how it makes you save the ride every single time you want use the navigation. also sometimes when you first start the route the audio will play in a loop nonstop. Only use this because its the only way to get some sort of Navigation to show on my Trike’s screen. Other than that its pretty useful to get your where you want to go.

  28. App has series issues with optimization and design. It only works well in portrait mode. In landscape turn by turn becomes almost unusable as the top and bottom bars take up 90 percent of the screen real estate. Extreme battery drain while in use to the point where I can’t even get the phone to charge while using the app. On a Google pixel 6 pro it went from 100 percent battery to 40 in 20 minutes at half brightness while connected to a quadlock charger. No issues using maps or waze.

  29. Started out as a good app, and have tried the pro version to see how that is. But the constant thinking it’s offline when it’s not is really annoying. I have 7 rides that I want to sync but it will not do it. I have tried restarting my phone, shutting it off still thinks it’s offline when it’s not. I had this happen twice now. Once I lost everything because I cleared the cache and then had install the app before it would detect the Internet. Doesn’t matter if I’m on my data plan or wifi it won’t

  30. Great for finding good roads to ride. Bad for navigating through the route if you want to take any detour. Drains battery super fast!!!!! I can not use it for an all day ride while charging due to the fast drain. Other navigation I use do not have this problem. You can not download you route files to you phone to send to your gps, you have to use the desktop function for that, it stinks when you are traveling and do not want to carry a lap top. Also they do not respond to emails anymore.

  31. The only thing worth paying for in this app is the butler overlay. It is rife with bugs. 1. The turn by turn feature is terrible. Not accurate. 2. When you go past that way point or turn it just keeps repeating distance. Forever. It is slow to update worst I’ve had is 20 mins of it repeating. 3. It’s nearly impossible to create a map on your phone. 4. It will send unending notifications to your smart watch.

  32. I bought this to be able to plan my route and then get turn by turn instructions (since most navigation programs are bad at this, they just want to send you on the most efficient aka boring route). Mapping routes was easy and offered some excellent roads that I had never been on before. BUT, the navigation is unusable. Literally unusable. If you are not at the exact specific GPS coordinates that your planned route begins on, all it will do is direct you to that point. Accidentally put that point in a building? Too bad, you will never be able to use that route. Stop for gas? Too bad, you will never be able to COMPLETE the route you were on. Very disappointing for what should be a great and needed app.

  33. App is great, I use it every ride. I originally had 2 complaints: payment wasn’t accepted, and lack of response by Rever. I did eventually get an email saying that there had been an issue and it would be taken care of, but when I asked for clarification, I again didn’t get a response. When my previous membership expired, it did renew so it turned out ok. Can’t process a renewal early, so taking advantage of sales is sketchy. Still wish for better support communication, too.

  34. Everything was going great with the route planning online. Loaded them onto the phone with offline navigation and turn by turn. All looked good….. But then it just kept crashing, every 10 minutes or so it would just close without any type of message. Would be annoying in a car, but completely unacceptable on a motorcycle. Having to keep stopping and pulling over sometimes in non ideal locations. Not to mention there’s no easy way to resume where you left off. It’s 4 or 5 menus to get to a saved route, then you have to remember / guess how many of your waypoint you’ve already gone through or it will try to being you backwards. Very disappointing, it had such promise and I was even going to keep my subscription but after the 2 weeks it’s canceled and uninstalled. Using a samsung S10e.

  35. It often just routes you as if you are in a teleporting machine from point-to-point rather than actually giving you a road route. Not always but often enough that it makes me want to slap a developer in the face. And obviously often enough that I just can’t use this app because it is totally unreliable. EDIT: No, I’m referring to trip planning. My bike doesn’t have teleportation features. Try to use the web app right now, it simply doesn’t work. I have screenshots. I can’t plan on mobile without pro and there is no trial so no thanks.

  36. Premium membership. Full featured map software. Once you download a map locally you no longer need a network signal to navigate. There is an odd behavior with using a planned route and turn-by-turn directions in that you have to be EXACTLY (within about 20 feet) of the start point to have it begin directions to waypoint #1. If not it will continue to direct you to “Start” unless you stop navigation. As far as the other reviews stating slow response and lost data, I have not experienced that.

  37. This app has only crashed once making my route unsalvageable. However… it was 118 degrees and my phone was overheating and shutting down, so I can’t blame Rever. I use this just to track my long rides, and it does everything I need it to do. Mind you, I plan my rides using Google Maps, so I don’t think I have completely explored Rever’s full potential.

  38. I tried REALLY hard to love this app, and the more I used it the more I hated it. When it led me in a big circle as I was leading a group ride, I realized it had to go. This app is highly flawed: 1. Can’t edit routes on your phone, and for a mobile user group, that’s a tough sell 2. Outdated maps. The app tried to direct me across a bridge that was destroyed 4 years ago. Rever support told me to contact the map company they use, and the map company told me to contact someone else. 3. If you are following a route line and miss a turn, navigation will keep trying to direct you back to where you got off course, not to the fastest way to get back to your planned route. I might be able to live with these issues in a fee app or small one time charge, but not with a monthly subscription. Bye bye Rever, see ya never.

  39. AZ Biker dice:

    App is not, “smart”. If you plot a way point, say an intersection, if your way point is, say slightly off the road and you don’t hit it exactly, it messes the app up and it gets out of sync. You have to try to tap on skip way point button while riding. If it would automatically jump to the next way point, it would be far more useful. Also, the price jumped from 25 to 39 a year. I canceled.

  40. Tim Newis dice:

    When I first tried this app about a year or so back I had my doubts, but I kept it on my phones to keep trying it and I have to say that it’s developed into a very useful navigation tool for anyone who likes to get out no matter how many wheels or whatever the route; asphalt to challenging trails. I finally paid up for a membership and things just get better. On a side note their support is also very good with personal responses and ongoing dialogue with max 1day turn around. Great job guys.

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