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Fight Your Traffic Tickets
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#1 traffic ticket fighting service, nationally
4.7 rating across 20k+ online reviews
1M+ traffic tickets and misdemeanors
1000+ experienced, local traffic attorneys
Trusted by CDL and professional drivers

Off The Record (OTR) is the app that fights your traffic tickets and wins 97% of the time. It works like magic. Don’t drive without it!

No mailing in your ticket. No going to court. No in-person meeting with your lawyer. Your lawyer takes care of the paperwork and does all the heavy lifting.


It’s super simple to use the OTR app. You can fight a traffic ticket or misdemeanor in under a minute:

1. Take a photo of your ticket
2. Answer a few simple questions
3. Get your instant quote
4. Book your case and let your attorney do the rest

Once you book a case, your local experienced traffic lawyer starts working with you right away. Your lawyer will send you real time updates to keep you informed every step of the way. You can communicate with your lawyer directly through the app.

Look at that, you just fought a ticket and never had to leave the couch!


Yea, we’ve become famous for our Money Back Guarantee. The attorneys we work with agree that the legal fee you pay will be returned to you if your case is not successful.

We have the most generous Money Back Guarantee in the industry. You can read the full details here:


Traffic tickets and traffic misdemeanors is OTR’s bread and butter. But with a national network of over 1,000 partner attorneys, the OTR platform handles all types of cases on a daily basis:

– Traffic tickets (speeding, cell phone, HOV violations, stop sign, red light, etc.)
– Traffic misdemeanors (Racing, suspended license, negligent driving, reckless driving, etc.)
– Marijuana possession
– Drug paraphernalia
– Public intoxication
– Public indecency
– Prostitution
– You get the idea…

OTR and its partner attorneys have also handled some fun ones: Driving a tractor down the wrong side of the highway and driving butt naked.


— Best Value —
Legal fees to fight a traffic ticket vary greatly. At OTR, our lawyers charge a low flat fee with no hidden costs.

— Smart Match —
This is our magic ingredient. We don’t just match you with any random attorney. Our proprietary Smart Match approach analyzes past data and trends to match you with the traffic attorney most likely to win your case.

— Experienced —
We work only with the most successful, highly rated traffic attorneys in each city.


— Money —
On average, a single speeding ticket will cause your insurance premiums to increase by $30/month for three years. That’s a total of $1,080! It gets worse if you have multiple tickets or if you’re a young driver. Contesting your ticket is the financially responsible thing to do. And since OTR gives you a full refund if your case is lost, you have nothing to lose.

— Jobs —
More and more jobs require you to have a clean driving record. Don’t let a tarnished driving record limit your opportunities. Always fight your tickets!


— Will my ticket be contested by an actual, licensed lawyer? —
Yes! You will work directly with a real, experienced, licensed lawyer in your local area.

— How much does it cost? —
Download this app and get an instant quote. Your quote will depend on a number of factors (i.e. state and county where you received the ticket, violations you were charged with, the type of license you hold, etc.).

— How does my lawyer get paid? —
Our partner attorneys set their own fees, so the instant quote you see is the lawyer’s actual fee. Once you book a case, the fee you pay goes directly to your lawyer. You will not have to pay your lawyer any additional funds.




New features, updates and enhancements to make your experience using Off The Record the best and safest it can be!


40 comentarios en "Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer MOD 2022"

  1. Needed immediate help with a traffic citation and this app came thru gloriously. The services aren’t cheap but the investment is worth it for the benefits. The process is easy and smooth. Only technical recommendation for the developers is the messaging feature can be a bit clunky and limiting at times. Further refinement there can go a long way since that’s the main way to communicate with your lawyer.

  2. J McCann dice:

    Fantastic app!! Heard about it from some of my favorite car channels on YouTube, tried it out for a ticket this summer, and it was the most stress-free ticket experience I’ve ever had. Never had to go to court, only ever had to answer a couple questions on the app, and Off The Record did the rest. Thanks to this app and my local traffic lawyers, I’ve had 2 speeding tickets completely dismissed this year, and have saved LOTS of money in the process.

  3. Phil dice:

    Got a speeding ticket in NY. I was skeptical about the app and any possible positive outcome but I went ahead anyway and followed the directions on the tin. The app worked just as it said. I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope I never have to use it again but it is definitely a (must▪︎have) to keep in reserve for anyone who drives.

  4. Great experience!! I have had two lawyers off of this app. The first one was dismissed ,and the second one dropped from 111 mph to 85 mph in a 60 zone. I’m happy with the process from start to finish. If you want the best available, you will have to pay, but it’s worth it..

  5. Got a speeding ticket in an area where I don’t live, and decided to try off the record. The case got delayed and postponed by the court every few months for a year. Not only did I not need to worry about any correspondence with the court or all the rescheduling, but the ticket was ultimately dismissed with no penalty cost or points against my license! Any time I wanted to get an update about what was going on, I could message my lawyer and get responses within half a day. Highly recommend!

  6. Mike dice:

    I highly recommend using off the record for all your trafficticket needs. From day 1,when I contacted them about my ticket, they communicated in a timely manner, the ease of the app was simple & if u have any questions, they will answer, plus they are reasonably priced. I am thrilled that my ticket was dismissed! No court fees, no points, nothing! Give them a try! U wont be disappointed! Thank u again for the great service!

  7. Janelle dice:

    Awesome service. I was unsure at first but had a wonderful experience starting with Off the Record’s customer service, to the results of my matter. Got one ticket dropped and another reduced without points. Granted, these tickets were falsified by the officer and I should not have had to pay anything anyways but, money spent for this service was very much worth it. This was quality service. My lawyer was also great.

  8. Mike May dice:

    Absolutely satisfied. For about the cost of the ticket, my attorney successfully got my ticket and points completely dismissed! I still have to pay the full amount of the fine, but I retain a spotless record thanks to this service! I will definitely be recommending to friends. So happy for discovering this app!!

  9. This so is amazing got a ticket snap shot of it. Then sent it to them paid a small fee of how much the ticket was going to cost. They resolved the ticket and I didn’t need to go to court and they went on my behalf. This was incredible and they updated me the whole entire process and I’m so appreciative with this service and I’m thankful and they really blessed me. Thank you so much.

  10. All in all it worked out where I didn’t get any points on my record. But…… there is definitely a lack of communication with the lawyer and it is a little stressful when you try to get a hold of the lawyer for a status on your case and he won’t respond. After the whole thing I ended up paying $200 in court fees and $40 in a 4hr traffic corse, which is fine. Would I recomend… depends on situation. Will possibly use again if I was in another county traveling. In town just go to a local lawyer

  11. great service from beginning to end. very user friendly. I have recommended this to all of my friends and family. I will use this service again if I get cited for any traffic infraction!!!! Don’t mind paying extra just not to have points on the license.

  12. Heard about this app from many automotive youtubers, gave it a shot when I fell victim to one of the most known ” not to me apparently” speed traps in America while on a road trip. Got the points off, and I didn’t really have to do much on my end. Would use again should I ever need to.

  13. Got my 3 point speeding ticket reduced to a 0 point parking violation. I was skeptical at first but it ended up working out. 100% would recommend. It was a lengthy process but it was worth it.

  14. Off the record, really work for me. The app is easy to use. No calling a traffic lawyer, contact and payment all done through the app. ( you pay they work)

  15. Yasuke dice:

    The ads are true. Take a picture of your ticket and send it in, and they handle it. My first one was for 18 over, so after that was handled with ease I have not had any headache or anxiety watching over my shoulder while driving since.

  16. Seemless process from start to finish. They handle everything and make sure your ticket is handled swiftly. Will use again if any future tickets arise

  17. Do not use these useless attorneys on this application. It is essentially a money grab. I received a ticket for not using a turn signal and these idiots turn this into a jury trial instead of dismissing the ticket. In order to change the date they want more money.

  18. Igor Ya dice:

    The app works just fine. It was really easy-to-use. I had one speeding ticket. Got it reduced to non moving violation. That saved my driving record and insurance costs.

  19. 2 tickets in 2 weeks, 1 speeding and 1 using mobile electronic while operating mov, enough to suspend my license right there… Got them both reduced to non moving no point violations. Saved my driving record, my insurance costs and my wallet. 🥹🙏 Was about $800 all said and done including the costs for 2 lawyers for each ticket, 2 defense safety courses and the $100 a piece reduced fine, which when put into perspective is a great price. 1 bad ticket can cost that. I highly recommend OTR 🫡

  20. I really did not need a point on my license and the ticket I was given did not seem fair. OTR took care of this and I did not even have to pay any additional fees!!

  21. Literally in the same parking lot I pulled over to and got the ticket I scanned it and submitted through the app. Within 5 minutes I was matched up with a lawyer. Great communication with that lawyer and in the end instead of a 4-point ticket and big fine I got no points and $100 fine. Extremely easy to use and fantastic result. Highly recommended

  22. They are amazing! They took my case and got the ticket dismissed saving me $500! I absolutely recommend Off The Record to all if you need someone to help with a case.

  23. Nathan L dice:

    I got a ticket for going 25 over which is an estimated $440 fine, ~$790 accounting for insurance, and am asked to pay a legal fee of $1895. Makes sence…

  24. The process was easy and communication with attorney was well . Got my case dismiss without me being present, which is good for me because i didnt want to waste time off from work . This app gets its goal done for you with little effort on me . Attorney gets it done and made it easy on me .

  25. Very easy stress-free way that helped save my CDL from getting points from a speeding ticket in my personal car. The lawyer who was assigned to me did a great job and took care of everything for me.

  26. The process of fighting off a speeding ticket has never been smoother and most convenient. Highly recommend to help set up attorneys in areas where tickets have been issued far from home and time and distance play an annoying obstacle for fighting off tickets yourself. In case your wondering if I’m a bot, I’m not. The Last Jedi was an absolute garbage movie and Bobba Fett was mediocre at best. Anyways, I’ve gotten my tickets off the record! See what I did there. I’ll show myself out now.

  27. Little expensive but gets the job done. Also there’s no risk since you get full money back if they aren’t able to get your ticket off your record.

  28. 2nd time using this service in 6 months. Both speeding tickets, and no points! Lawyers did an amazing job!

  29. Just wow! They took care of everything. I nvr had to set a foot in court. They got my speeding ticket dismissed. Thank u off the record. 2 tickets dismissed. Will definitely recommend u to family n friends.

  30. I would tell anyone to use this app…OTR!! Not only did it keep my ticket out of sight it made my car insurance pymt go down. It’s been a great experience you should try it.

  31. Roxas dice:

    Hands down best app and money I have spent. Got a pretty good ticket and was also my first, thought I’d get lucky to have it reduced in fine or just not as bad of a ticket. Nope got it dismissed, won’t ever go that fast again but holy heck after my last experience imma use them for any future issues I have and get others I know involved.

  32. I wish there was a little more communication or a welcome phone call with the attorney/staff. Otherthan that I have no issues, they did excellent work because my ticket was completely dismissed. The app made it easy to keep track of what was going on.

  33. I had great experiences with OFF THE RECORD! 2 speeding tickets and both were dismissed! Awesome help!!

  34. I have a CDL and any points on my license couple have huge implications on my career. I received a ticket for using a handheld device. I was able to contact my assigned Attorney through the app and phone calls and though it took a couple court dates (none of which I had to go to or be online for he was able to get my ticket dismissed! I am so grateful for this outcome and would definitely recommend it. Thanks OTR for your services and keeping me on the road.

  35. Sean Oppe dice:

    Great app! Very effective. Haven’t had another ticked affect my insurance ever since I downloaded this! Highly recommend

  36. I would give ten stars if it were possable. I am delighted with the outcome of my speeding ticket being dismissed as this would be my third point and would probably cost me my licence plus the expence of insurance increaced for my AMG Mercedes. Thank You OTR for your professional skills and experiance.

  37. My experience with the service has been very satisfying. They saved me from a 2 point penalty. The app experience can be improved though.

  38. They really did help me get Off The Record! So appreciate the teamed lawyer Pat Monk!! He is an awesome guy!! Thanks Off The Record most definitely recommend!!

  39. beat multiple tickets and has saved me so much money over stupid tickets well worth the one time fee vs 3 years of getting charged more for insurance.

  40. Don’t pay for a traffic ticket! I’ve had two speeding tickets dismissed through this app. 100% recommended

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