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The official app of the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad brings TrainTime to MTA eTix. You can now plan railroad trips and buy tickets all in one place without having to switch between apps.

Whether you’re new to the system or a daily commuter, make your trips as seamless as possible with:
• In-App Tickets: Our biggest request! Securely buy and use Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad (East of Hudson only) tickets in the same app you use to plan your trip
• Trip Planning: Check schedules, view track assignments, and see how full trains usually are
• Real-time Train Tracking: See exactly where each train in your trip is, check when it will arrive, and follow it throughout your trip
• Real-time Seat Availability: See the list of cars on your train and how full each one is for the best chance of snagging a seat
• Alerts: Service alerts straight from the source, presented in the context of your trip
• Chat: Text with customer service without leaving the app
• Station Information: Check upcoming departures, elevator and escalator status, and ticket office hours
• Trip Sharing: Send your trip details to friends and family


Minor bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "MTA TrainTime MODDED 2022"

  1. Way better than any of the MTA/LIRR apps of the past. Being able to get your tickets and check the schedules all in the same app is so much more convenient, and the user interface is quick and intuitive for the most part. A really great feature is that you can look up the schedule for your trip and there’s a button that allows you to buy/activate the correct tickets right from there, rather than having to switch apps and remember which tickets you need. All around big improvement from before!

  2. The new version seems to be a big improvement, tho the bar was pretty low before. I logged in with the account I had on the other app, my payment info was still there. Purchasing a ticket then getting train times for that ticket worked and the track info matched the station info. We’ll see if it remains good as I keep using it. Having everything in one app is what this always should have been, but better late than never.

  3. Timetables often don’t show up. Have to close and restart app to get them to show up. App is too big and slow. Requires internet connection to get timetables to show up even when you just looked them up. That’s not friendly to users traveling on subways where there is no internet. Update. 6 weeks later. It doesn’t even work with wifi. Terrible app

  4. Wow. This new version of the app is EXCELLENT. I’m usually very hard on apps, but this checks enough of the boxes that I’m giving it the full five stars. My favorite little feature is that the app is smart enough to show you the inbound or outbound trains based on where you are / what time it is. A few other standouts: It is one click from the trip to the e-ticket; you see live and predictive capacity at each station along a trip; the map tracking feature works every time.

  5. Very simple to use, overall. The next step should be for the ticket purchase to default to the stations selected in the trip planner, rather than have to re-enter them all over again. This combination of the TrainTime and MTA Tix apps, however, is a very good and convenient start.

  6. a very well designed, smart app. everything I need is in one place, and the app learned the routes I take to and from work. it takes the guesswork out of buying tickets, and has an attractive, easy to understand interface. from a NYC native: well done MTA! this makes my commute less stressful.

  7. The new update is terrible. The app went from being user friendly to complicated. After buying tickets, there is no longer an icon to simply get to those tickets. Now you have to look at what you bought and try to click the small word in blue that says “new” to actually see the ticket. I guess it makes sense that it got worse, since it is associated with the MTA

  8. Since the last update with the visual refresh, the app has become completely unresponsive, and as a result, completely unusable. It can take upwards of 30 seconds to a minute for a new screen to load, and it’s not clear whether you’ve pressed the right button. As usual, the payment processing still is broken and throws errors inconsistently, forcing me to log out and log in regularly. I’ve used the app religiously for four years but something seriously broke for me, and it’s quite frustrating.

  9. The app has a weird glitch. Most of the time it works well, but occasionally it has this strange problem. After activating a ticket, it is shown with the usual activated ticket window. Suddenly this changes and the app says the ticket has been used. This has happened twice. Each time the ticket only showed being active for about one minute. Both times I could go into the ticket history to show the conductor that I had only just activated the ticket, but both times it took several minutes to convince them that I didn’t need to buy/activate a new ticket. 1) The app needs to be corrected. 2) The conductors need to be told that there is a problem and that looking at the history to tell when a ticket is activated is the appropriate thing to do until the app is fixed. (I am using Android 9.)

  10. When you use this app, be careful. They sometimes charge you twice for a ticket. If you report the issue to your bank, MTA will block the eTix account until a manager gets back to you (it takes a long time to hear back). When you have an issue with a payment, contact them first! Avoid getting the app blocked because its hard to get it working again. It’s difficult to hear back from a manager, and I’ve called multiple times.

  11. The app takes forever to advance to the next page. I get an error message on every page. “App not responsive”. Once I get to the page to purchase a 10 pack it confirms my selection. Once it’s advanced to the payment page the order is doubled. Each and every time this happened. I do everything I know to fix the issue including uninstalling the app and starting fresh with a new download. The attendant stands over me seeing the nightmare I’m dealing with and charges full price cash on a Saturday.

  12. I downloaded this so it would be easy to buy a ticket, but once I did, it looked like I purchased 2 one way tickets with the same routing, which is not what I wanted. I ended up being unable to cancel only one leg of the itinerary, and it took longer than 2 minutes to figure out the very unfriendly app, so I was charged 10$ for the refund. ugh. I’ll try again, but I think it might just be easier to brave the lines at the counter, rather than use a modern app that could actually help a passenger. meh.

  13. I wish I read the reviews before I tried using the app. Which usually I do. All the negative reviews are accurate. The double one way tixs (same stations) when you purchased round trip. The $10 fee when you’re under 2 minutes. Traveling with daughter and two grandkids for an afternoon in the city. Afraid of what will happen when I actually use the train in a few hours! Again, based on the bad reviews that are so far correct. I will never use this app again.

  14. Miles M dice:

    I don’t take the LIRR that often, maybe once a month. Every time I open this app it says my session has expired, I can’t log in until I reset my password, oh no you’ve registered a new device, update payment info, etc… Like I’m at Jamaica very stressfully trying to set everything up AGAIN before the train I want leaves, and then it freezes! Going to a kiosk is easier. The user authorization system just needs to be redone, it’s a horrible UX issue.

  15. This app is surprisingly good. I have used etix and other MTA apps over the years but this was a game changer. It is really easy to search for LIRR trains and you can buy tickets straight from your search. Saves your card details and you can save frequently used stations, I really like it! The notices are very helpful during construction and the people density indicator is pretty accurate. Well done MTA.

  16. Five starts if the Goal is to Produce the “MTA isn’t responding” message as often as possible. Seriously. You get this message on every … single … screen. To say it is buggy is unfair to the definition of the word. It took me a good twenty minutes to just purchase a simple round trip ticket. Every screen would crash, giving you the “Close, Wait, or Send Feedback” screen. Fortunately, if you just click “Wait”, it does appear to eventually work. But overall, this app is horrible.

  17. Works pretty decently, and easier than buying real tickets. Some ideas for improvement: * Show a “Last Ticket” label on the main screens’ ticket wallet suggested ticket if this is the last ticket in the wallet – so that there is no surprise on the way back * When switching between apps the MTA eTix app “forgets” about the ticket screen you were in, and returns you to the main screen instead. Since showing the ticket to the conductor is a pretty common scenario, it would be nice memorized this

  18. It was about time for the MTA to combine their schedule app with their ticket app. I find it quite useful despite its glitches. It seems every time I move from WiFi connection to cellular connection, the app loses its real-time connection. The only way to correct the problem is to close and reopen the app. I do not know if it is a glitch in the app or in the MTA’s software when it can not show me a trains location or car capacity. If it is the MTA’s problem, they should inform us.

  19. D K-Cup dice:

    DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKETS ON HERE! Buy the paper tickets, just use the app for getting train times. The app says you must active before boarding train, once you activate the ticket you are out of luck if something happens to you before you get on the train like what happened to me and their support was completely unwilling to work with me on a credit or anything, with a paper ticket as long as it’s not clipped on the train you can use it another time, there is no recourse with this.

  20. I’ve sent my opinions to the developers about certain features that were left out from the original. Was assured that they will be back in future updates. We shall see….update 12/5/22 some features have returned wish the alarm was back(12/29/22)alarm still not back (would let you know when train has arrived and what track)

  21. I have a pixel 7 pro and theres some screen display issue so when I try to accept the terms and conditions to purchase tickets on the app, I am unable to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to accept the terms. I can get as far down as “I agree to the above and to the Privacy Policy at” Since I can’t accept the terms, I’m unable to purchase train tickets. UPDATE: While I still cannot accept the terms, it’s no longer a requirement to do so in order to buy the tickets. Kind of fixed..?

  22. the train times at night aren’t correct. I got stuck at train station last night. App showed that trains ran all night. However I got to Union station at 11:35. Last train had came, got stuck there until 4 am. Ridiculous. Please look into thus and update, would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Kevin Z dice:

    Talk about a glow up! The previous MTA apps were awful, and there were several. This app is well thought out and slick, and even has support for the galaxy z fold”s screen.

  24. Latest update (12/23/22) to the app wiped my entire ticket wallet and will not allow me to sign out of account to try and retrieve data. How can I depend on this app to keep my tickets when it wipes everything out and leaves me already on the train for early morning commute with no way to recover?

  25. Very intuitive and simple interface. I should have used this instead of the ticket kiosks years ago.

  26. Kes Rose dice:

    this has been my thought since before COVID, but it’s just so convenient and time saving when the app behaves. outside glitches and slow loading time, ofwhich im sure is the fault of my device not the app, I save time waiting in line at the kiosk or the counter. im a runner when it comes to public transportation, and while I usually have days where I can walk and wait this app makes it easier to run on days where im late.

  27. tyler j dice:

    Using this app makes everything so much easier. It’s all the same price as buying it at the station and you don’t have to get to the train station 15 minutes early to make sure you can buy your ticket in time. It definitely saves me a lot of stress and time. 100% recommend using the app to get ur tickets and check train times with live updates

  28. Better late than never. Metro North finally pulled through with an app that is functional. It never made sense to me that there were two apps for tickets and time. The features in this app are great; ticket purchasing, delay updates, track and time info. Now if we could only speed up the trains.

  29. Milo dice:

    a massive improvement over MTA eTix and LIRR/MNRR TrainTime. easy to use, visually pleasant and overall plenty reliable.

  30. Has some cool new features, but missing some it had. As an example, on Android, I can no longer hold the icon to bring up my monthly pass. I used this feature all the time. Some other things im missing but will continue digging in case it’s a me thing.

  31. Ada Zhang dice:

    Edit: the app malfunctioned and wouldn’t show me any train schedules, so I reinstalled the app. Uninstalling and reinstalling on the same device apparently counts as one of my 3 “device changes”? The app still often says I am offline when I am not–I can view updated schedules on the MTA website in mobile browser as well as in Google Maps. 🤷‍♀️

  32. Love this app. It’s convenient to have you can know when the train is on time and also buy your tickets which is very good so if you gonna miss the train you can buy the tickets 🎟on the app that’s why I love it.

  33. Kin Yip dice:

    I have used “Train Time” for some time using my work email address. But then I wanted to change this email address to my private email address because if I change job, the above email address won’t work. But there is no option for me to change email address for my account in “Train Time”. So I clicked “Delete Account”. I thought then, maybe, I can create a new account. But after talking with your staff in 511, it seems that since I delete the account, , I can never create another account !

  34. E # dice:

    Attn. Devs! There’s a bug in the app. Stored credit cards don’t show the last digits, so there’s no way of knowing which card is which. PLZ fix asap.

  35. em Howell dice:

    It seems shortcuts for tickets are no longer available (at least on Android. Not sure if that was a thing on iOS) I can no longer just tap on “monthly” to access the ticket. I now need to open the app and then select the ticket. You’ve added additional taps to the simple process. Please fix or revert back

  36. The upgraded app is pretty and informative, however it will not accept any of my card payments and customer service has been no help. They continually direct me to “contact my bank or use another card”. After doing just that with several different cards, all of the banks state it is the app and there is nothing I can do about it. This app worked just fine before the update but now I either have to buy a physical ticket or pay extra on the train. Very disappointing.

  37. Marge S dice:

    I can not select a time to leave. Only shows 3 hours of departures. Impossible to plan ahead. I miss the old app already. I found another bug. This app deleted my MTA eTix app, so it was very hard to pay for metroNorth tickets. Why did they need to change something that worked before?

  38. Rachel L dice:

    They very recently added an amazing update to this app. Before it was two different apps to see the train times and then to buy the tickets, but now thankfully it’s all one app! And even includes metro north with LIRR times! The UI is great and I’m really glad they put this together.

  39. The app won’t open for me. I just get a message that it timed out and closes. I uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same problem. I’m glad that I don’t need it to buy tickets. I’m sticking with paper tickets and outside apps for the schedule. Would give 0 stars.

  40. The app crashed each time i tried buying a ticket – of course i was on the train trying to buy the ticket before the conductor came around. I never had this problem with the etix app. I had to pay full price for a ticket that I didn’t actually want because i was out of time and couldn’t mess with this app.

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