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Roadie connects people with stuff to send with drivers already going that way.
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Roadie is the easiest, most flexible way to make extra cash in the Gig economy. Drivers earn $8-$60 on local Gigs, and even more on long haul deliveries. With no interviews or vehicle requirements, it’s never been easier to sign up for a new side hustle!
 • Choose deliveries that fit your schedule
 • See pickup and dropoff details before you offer
 • Deliver packages, not people
 • Enjoy direct deposit into your bank account

Roadie puts you in the driver’s seat with more control over when and where you drive. Our new Driver App takes that even further by allowing you to:
 • See more detailed information about deliveries, so you can be prepared ahead of time
 • Choose your own navigation app
 • Handle common pickup and delivery issues quickly and efficiently in the app, without a call to Support

Download the Roadie Driver App today and provide your feedback at [email protected]!


44 comentarios en "Roadie Driver MODDED 2022"

  1. Darla Stockton dice:

    If I could give this zero stars, I would. The idea is great but the app execution is abysmally poor. Whatever updates they’ve done since I took a break, they need to undo. I’ve had multiple gigs that I’ve had to cancel because they have already been picked up. If you’re not within two miles of the store, offers are stuck in pending mode until you cancel and resubmit. It’s been an exceedingly frustrating waste of time and fuel.

  2. Theyadore Ray dice:

    Many trips at this point/5star reviews for those that did. After you make a certain allotment they throttle your accepted bids. Confirmed for 2 gigs, same area/same time (but separately, due to the matching system. Support will encourage you to Cancel). Canceled 1 gig, the other offer was accepted. But never accepted at the same time. They were smaller gigs nearby to each other. It’s been 2 hrs and no one else has been accepted for either gig. I re-canceled bids after an hr wait in parking lot.

  3. Daniel Snook dice:

    Horrible delivery app. You have to be within 35 miles from the delivery, most of them are duplicate orders that have been picked up already. I drove 50 mins from my house with a truck and trailer to pick up a delivery for 81 dollars only to find out when I arrived at the merchant that it had been picked up already and 2 other drivers had been there to pick it up as well and were turned away. They are only compensating me $8 for the cancelation delivery. I wasted more than $8 just in my time

  4. Sabine Yepes dice:

    App is not bad but does have some weird glitches such as sending you a gig after the pick up location is closed. However, if there is a problem, support does pretty good unless it is a heavy holiday time. Then it is so overwhelmed you can’t get anybody for a long time, up to the next day. Then you are locked out of any gigs that become available. You can also not override the system in any way at that point. It needs a straight up cancelation option that does not require customer support.

  5. Appears to have better potential than another Gig app (CDS – Complete Delivery Solution). It is a little glitchy and there are times when I go through a communications dead zone/black hole, that it thinks I have turned off the app. I only turn off the app when it freezes which is only sometimes. Also, the initial pay for the gigs could stand to be maybe a bit higher. Also a system to prevent gig grabbing bots would be nice to level the playing field.

  6. Gets two-stars because I can’t get through the sign up process. No matter how many times I take pictures whether it be of myself, my driver’s license or my license plate the app always says something went wrong. It is a never-ending loop. I’ve taken the pictures at night time and during the day with every light configuration you can think of as the app suggested. The app accepts the pictures and gives me check marks. It still doesn’t work if I do it manually. Broken!

  7. They need to fix this app ASAP. Me, and a friend have selected the same gig 5 mins apart from one another, I selected it first,and she selected it after I did, and she got it. HOW? The transition from drop off location to picture is super slow. Also I had items from Best Buy going to the same location that I selected, and I only got one. Why would you not give me both. I understand you are trying to give people a chance to make money, but that absolutely makes no sense. Custs Svc sucks

  8. Really good for a side thing, the app does freeze a lot when trying to submit pickup and drop offs slowing the next deliveries.. Especially if it takes me to a no cell service area always use Google maps and I take pictures incase the drop-off doesn’t submit before I’m leaving the location to the next drop off. Really wish there were more gigs in my area I’d definitely be on here more ++

  9. This app is extremely well organized, easy to use, and with very professional driver care associates (Imagine that) I’ve driven for over 4 years on a dozen apps and this one is by far the best all-around driver app and I haven’t been let down by connectivity issues. Trying to uninstall/reinstall the app or keep track of funds that didn’t post!! I’ve not had a single issue. Making over $2.00mile. Though I Would like to see more volume for drivers, this app is certainly Top Rated in my book.

  10. Customer service does not exist. I’ve sent out several inquires and have not gotten a reply from a single one. The app is quite glitchy to the point where completing a gig after entering a dead zone is near impossible. Have to force close the app and restart my phone. Otherwise it’s a decent app. The poor customer service and glitchy app interface could EASILY be Roadies downfall if they don’t address it quickly. I’ve already seen their rating drop significantly since I downloaded it 3 weeks ago

  11. Customer support is not even up to par. Everytime I’ve had to use it I’ve waited at the very least 30 minutes. You guys really need to fix those wait times! Also, when attempting to accept multiple gigs, the app glitches Outland more often than not I need to force quit and restart the app. Same with customer support chat, when waiting long periods of time the app glitches out and the chat erases itself out of the blue. So I force quit, and restart one or more times in order to get chat back.

  12. Y Wu dice:

    I have mixed experiences with the app. Sometimes the “call/text customer” button will load wrong – it’s given me the same phone # a few times. Also, for multi delivery orders (like over 30 items), the projected drive time is about 30% less than actual. Customer support text chat needs fixing, right now it wipes blank when you close/reopen the app. I prefer to just call. These problems aside, it’s ok and I’ve made decent side income from roadie.

  13. J K dice:

    Customer support is almost nonexistent. Whenever I try connecting to a chat agent, the chat disconnects and I’m left hanging…I’m not even able to type anything in after the fact. I sent an email to their support email address, and I have yet to hear anything back. This app has technical issues that need to be fixed and customer support needs to do better!

  14. John M dice:

    Not a good app for steady income. I don’t know how this app assigns drivers to gigs, but i have been in the parking lot with an appropriate vehicle and didn’t get selected. This is ok if you want to do maybe (because that’s all you’re going to get assigned anyway) one gig per day. Also the customer service is terrible and slow.

  15. Been using app for over 2 years. As of the past month and currently the app crashes if there are multiple packages or stops. It can take over an hour to scan 10 packages due to app crashing multiple times during the pickup process. This is a MAJOR issue. NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP! TECHNICALLY team needs to be made aware of this major issue.

  16. Tried to pick up a gig at 6am and put my truck to use for a quick 20$ and it was never accepted. I live right next to home depot so I thought it would be quick and easy, drove over there and tried to offer the pick up again and it didn’t get accepted. Closed the app and opened it again thinking there might be something wrong since I went from my wifi to cell and then I didn’t see any offers available at all.

  17. Worked for them for a while. Had constant issues with gigs not being valid and not being able to remove myself from gigs. My last gig was invalid and I called and messaged to be removed from it because the app wouldn’t let me. The woman put it as I dropped it off so it flagged my account and I have yet to hear if I can work again over the error. Every time I call or message they tell me it’s still under review. Nothing but a headache. You’re better off doing shipt or citizenshipper no bs

  18. Binh Le dice:

    Easy to use and navigate. Works flawlessly most of the time. Support phone line is basically useless but most issues can be solved directly within the app. If you need an agent, you have the option to chat through messages also through the app. Evan is the man you want to speak with. He helped clear an issue that every other agent couldn’t be bothered to fix. A couple downsides I’ve noticed are the constant need to manually refresh, and the algorithm for deciding who gets accepted for gigs.

  19. Scott M dice:

    If you’re looking for $2/mi. this app probably won’t meet that most of the time. But living in a smaller metro I’ve definitely found some value. My biggest issue, to be honest, is that it sends you a message- while you’re driving- just to say “you’re near the pickup location, make sure to slide the arrival button when you get there” Which is just such a useless message. Of course I’m going to do that, I can’t continue the order otherwise. So the message only acts as a distraction while driving.

  20. There aren’t as many jobs as I would like available. They are building more tho it seems. The distances are sometimes far for what is not enough compensation either. But you do get to pick which gigs you offer your services to. The customer service help is always amazing. I would like more opportunities to drive multiple gigs at the same time. Not very many people tip either.

  21. John Lor dice:

    Custom service needs some help. Pay for gigs are dirt cheap. You spend more money on gas than actual make money. App crash or doesn’t work sometimes, but when it does, it’s fine. Bid on multiple gigs but make sure they fit your car size. (S/M/L gigs.) I don’t really have too much trouble when I bid on multiple gigs going to the same general area. Sometimes I’ll get some of them, sometimes I get all of them, sometimes I get none of them….

  22. Experience has been great. On three occasions the GPS navigation took me to a location miles from drop-off location. Also on several occasions I have had difficulty “completing” the gig. App needs help. Many times does not work smoothly.

  23. You might have to sign up through the website then download the app… I don’t remember how to sign up. I had it for 2 years before I even started using it because I didn’t know how it worked. It turned out to be the best money making app I ever downloaded. Customer support is amazing and they help you if your app freezes or anything. Take good drop off locations at drop off and you’re set!

  24. I have been running this app for several months. I’ve never been accepted for a single offer. I can receive notifications for half the day about a local delivery with a price going up and up. Then when I send an offer it is ALWAYS declined, I received a notification it was given to another qualified driver and the offer is then removed from the map. Every…single…time. At this point I don’t know if the app just doesn’t work or they are fake offers to prevent uninstalls.

  25. The app is a great for supplementing your income, when I first started, but over time I notice that there was nepatism going on. Trips I used to get all of a sudden were not given. Then they said if there are more than one pick up at a location, you could pick up both which ended up not being consistent. Then they expect you to go 28 miles for $12. Give the drivers pickups worth picking up!

  26. I have no major problems with this app. I’ve been driving with Roadie for about 3 weeks and have made pretty decent money. One thing I would like to see added to the app is the OPTION to have (turn on/turn off) gig notifications at my discretion. I hate having to keep the app open and constantly refresh the map to see what gigs are out there. If this can be added, I’d give 5 stars. Outside from that I have not had ANY problems!

  27. Ever since you made me install this app over the old app I am unable to turn off notifications. I can go into the app and hit the little button but it doesn’t change a thing. I have the setting set to where I won’t receive notifications but they just keep coming. Please have your programmers use their time in isolation to fix this. It’s extremely annoying.

  28. I wish there was a list view of available gigs instead of just the map. Would also like to see the address of pick-up location before bidding since Home Depot has several locations in town and it’s hard to figure out which one I’m picking up at until I’ve already accepted the gig. All in all, I love doing Roadie gigs. Would just like to see more user friendly options in the app.

  29. Forget getting in touch with customer support. Was in hold for 2hrs and nothing. Text and email works but they will respond after 3-4hrs no point after that. Too many bugs to be fixed still. Also, forget making money and trying to get those 45 dollar plus gigs. You will never get them. I’ve applied for 5 gigs at the same time. I never get a single one. I’ve waited a whole day trying to get a good delivery and it never happens. Lol. Good app overall.

  30. This app is great if you are located in the right region. It has very high potential. I started off getting a lot of gigs but then it seems like it tapered Other drivers cheat the app by using multiple accounts. Like today I have offered to take at least 6 gigs and not one was accepted. I still leave the app open because once in a while a gig will pop up in my region and once in a while they will give me a run. If more businesses jumped on board and the gig assignments were done more fairly then i would give it 5 stars. The app itself is okay, quite a few bugs and laggy at times, sometimes to the point you are spending more time waiting for the app to respond than you are driving.

  31. Terrible cant close out jobs properly. Doesnt have the option to see different gigs in a list. Only has at bottom of phone pull side to side. The first app doesnt always work properly either. But this one is worse. I do like you can see the footprint on the map of where the different jobs are going. Leaves like a trail. Still have to use the old app untill this one gets better.

  32. Kaitlyn A dice:

    I really like being able to make a little extra cash with Roadie. One thing I really wish they’d change is not being able to see other gigs once you’ve started a gig. I’ll get alerts stating there’s new gigs but I’m unable to see them. It would be especially handy for when you’re picking up and a new gig comes in at that pickup location. I’d like to be able to pickup at the same time rather than wait till I’m done the first gig and if the second ones still available head back to the pickup.

  33. Not sure if it’s an app issue or something else but I can’t drive. When I click submit offer which is supposed to initiate a background check the first time nothing happens. I’ve emailed support numerous times and they are apparently unable to tell if a background check has been initiated. On the other hand Uber had everything done in a couple days.

  34. Terrible experience with this app. Total waste of time! I get to a pickup location and I’m asked to scan my driver’s license. The scanner simply will not work! No matter how many times I tried, it will not scan. It refuses to allow me to pick up the item and proceed. I wasted 40 minutes trying to contact customer support to help me with this issue and no one would answer their texts aside from an automated message. Absolutely the worst! This has happened to me twice I am uninstalling this app.

  35. S P dice:

    Driver support is truly lacking in many regards. There shouldn’t ever be a time when a driver can not reach their “dispatch”, especially when they’re having an issue while on a current stop. Even still, with a few tweaks I’d give 5 stars, but still a great app. Lets get it Roadie, we together can make this app better… 2/9/22-driver support has improved tremendously, it’s not perfect but there’s money to be made.

  36. App is not bad but does have some weird glitches such as sending you a gig after the pick up location is closed. However, if there is a problem, support does pretty good unless it is a heavy holiday time. Then it is so overwhelmed you can’t get anybody for a long time, up to the next day. Then you are locked out of any gigs that become available. You can also not override the system in any way at that point. It needs a straight up cancelation option that does not require customer support.

  37. The app is really slow when it comes to completing actions. Sometimes it will not even perform the actions at all. I’m getting an error message when trying to refresh the map. Which causes me to miss out on gig opportunities. When I try to check my gig history the screen goes blank. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Then I kept getting an error message when trying to log back in. It will not allow me to. The app is really wasting my time with all of these issues. This app is not ready.

  38. Alex Vega dice:

    Things have changed. Only one delivery at a time. Starting gigs for 7$. They killed the app when they don’t allow the driver to have multiple pick-ups at one location. I used to make 40$ 50$ picking up baggage from the airport 3-4 deliveries at the time. Items descriptions are just sooo inaccurate. You think you picking up one item, you end up with your car full of groceries 15 or 20 bags easy. Change those things this app will be great.

  39. I never get notifications of new gigs. I have to refresh manually every time. I miss gigs cause of this all the time. It should be able to do this on its own every 10-15 seconds? I would think. All my settngs are correct if that may be the issue but poking the screen until i see a gig is what im doing. All notifications are turned on always as well.

  40. If I could give this zero stars, I would. The idea is great but the app execution is abysmally poor. Whatever updates they’ve done since I took a break, they need to undo. I’ve had multiple gigs that I’ve had to cancel because they have already been picked up. If you’re not within two miles of the store, offers are stuck in pending mode until you cancel and resubmit. It’s been an exceedingly frustrating waste of time and fuel.

  41. I have found that this app/ side hustle is a very helpful addition to my work opportunities. I can check out what jobs are available (or be notified) and grab whatever ones I want at my own convenience. In my area it’s not been back to back orders because I dont think it’s super well known, but in bigger cities I’ve seen it have 10 or more orders at one time to pick from. Just check it out and see what offers you get for awhile and see if it’s worth your time. Roadie app and pay system is good

  42. I do quite a bit of driving with roadie. The app is pretty straightforward. You can combine multiple gigs into a route and they encourage it. I wish the longer drives would pay more but that’s my opinion, and I wish Roadie would take into account drivers willing and able to complete multiple batches of retail deliveries in a row, it would be a win win when it’s busy season.

  43. I’m only giving three stars for now, and this is why! It has on my dashboard that I completed 17 deliveries, but I completed 18. One Delivery was close to a two hour drive. The gig was canceled 20 minutes before my scheduled arrival. It’s almost impossible to locate a number within the app itself to get phone assistance. You have to send an email first. It has been well over two weeks since that has happened. I haven’t been paid yet. $60 gig + $16 for tolls plus gas. Screen shot your gigs!

  44. Brian H dice:

    Absolutely horrible customer service as a potential driver, can’t imagine what it’s like doing or even offering a gig. Last year I got approved in a couple weeks, this year it’s been a couple months and now I’m locked out of my account. The only feedback I get from support is “I’ll forward it to management” then nothing after… EVER! After several attempts it’s time to delete the app.

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