Waze Navigation & Live Traffic MODDED 2022

Save time on every drive. Waze tells you about traffic, police, crashes & more
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Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Why Waze?
◦ See what’s happening – Alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive
◦ Speedometer – Get an alert when you reach the speed limit to help you avoid tickets & drive safer.
◦ Get there faster – Instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
◦ Toll costs – Waze keeps you in-the-know about toll charges on your route.
◦ Know when you’ll arrive – Your ETA is based on live traffic data
◦ Pay less for gas – Find the cheapest gas along your route
◦ Play music & more – Listen to your favorite apps for music, podcasts & more right from Waze
◦ Drive with Android Auto – Use Waze on your car’s display
◦ Always find the way – Choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive

Be prepared, drive with Waze!

Waze directions aren’t meant for emergency or oversized vehicles.


Saving time & avoiding traffic is even easier with this update:

Fixed a bug so that your saved places stay in the order that you set


40 comentarios en "Waze Navigation & Live Traffic MODDED 2022"

  1. Waze is absolutely essential, especially for long trips. However… The maps are just so ugly and outdated, and everything is blown-up and huge, taking up tons of space for no clear reason. I strongly urge the dev team to give the maps a refresh or at least give us more options for appearance. The bubbly look may have worked years ago, but it’s long past time for an update!

  2. Denise S dice:

    There are a lot of problems after this most recent update. It doesn’t remember where I’m going and if I minimize the app to do something else, when I come back to Waze, the navigation screen (map) is completely black. I have to exit out of the app, re-open it fresh & start all over again. Otherwise, I like it for the alerts (“Police reported ahead”) and the ease of checking different route options. HINT: Sometimes alternate routes are shorter so don’t always trust Waze’s 1st choice.

  3. Tiffany E dice:

    It will start with the correct amount of time, but after about an hour, it cuts the time in half so that arrival time and drive time is wrong. If you minimize the app it resets and you have to re-enter all the information. It would be nice if it could be set up the same at Google maps where you could minimize it to the corner. Hard to search for a gas station or add any “pit stops” along the route. Little changes would make this app so much better and user friendly

  4. Star dice:

    This app used to be fantastic a few years back, but it’s barely usable now. It feels like an app thats halfway through development. Menu icons don’t have text where they should, so it’s very difficult to customize the app. It’s an absolute mess. Edit: Got a new phone (S22U) and it works well now, increased rating. Leaving a star off because it still doesn’t work on my S8.

  5. L H dice:

    I enjoy using this app but there’s several frustrations with the routes. 1. Some of the routes the algorithm chooses are routes I would never take. It takes you on longer routes or through neighborhoods when it would’ve been easier to stay on the main road. 2. When beginning a route it’ll be confused which direction of your car is facing. Even though the app has already been running while driving. Sometimes gotta take 2 U turns before going in the right direction.

  6. Use it for many years. Recently I’m getting a lot of can’t find GPS no connection errors. Then when I uninstall the app and reinstall and go to login with my email, it keeps telling me there’s no connection try again later. I have two phones I checked out the app on my other phone and it’s working fine. I’m in the same area so I don’t understand the no connection errors. Please fix this as soon as possible or tell me when I’m doing wrong

  7. By far the best I’ve used. Failed to alert a construction bypass once but still works better than the others. Surprised at the level of detail, as in disabled vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc. Will likely create a login account for this app. Ads are not at all annoying and I’ve no problem with them. Happy to confirm or correct notifications along the route.

  8. Using it on Android sucks. It will not play through my car radio and is totally silent unless I turn on play on phone. There is no volume control. There no advance voice settings to turn on Bluetooth. Although Googling online directions trying to solve the issues states there is supposed to be advance settings and play on Bluetooth within the app. When I had it on my iPhone it worked perfect. On Android it is not worth the download.

  9. I have been progressively having issues with this app. It contstantly freezes in the middle of a trip, sometimes causing me to miss turns. There us also an issue with interfacing with Uber Driver app. When a new trip comes in, connecting to WAZE is “iffy”. It starts off randomly announcing turns on nearby streets until you actually start moving. It also announces turns but doesn’t complete the sentence, or mixes male and female voices. Tried uninstalling and reloading but it didn’t work.

  10. I have been using water for a number of years and thought it was the best ever. However for the past few months it has turned into complete garbage. It tells you to turn after you’ve passed the road. Or turn on a road that doesn’t exist. Can’t seem to get it to play on my radio anymore. And if it needs to refresh after sending you on a wild goose chase it takes until you’re miles of course to catch back up. It breaks my heart but I’ve decided to part ways and Uninstaller this now useless app.

  11. Morey B dice:

    Having trouble with Hey Google, report voice commands. Problem is never reported, doesn’t show up in impact reports and I get an error message saying something went wrong, can’t find your position on the map. Works great without voice commands but this requires fiddling with the phone and potentially redirecting your attention to the phone instead of the road.

  12. Great app if not for voice limitations. I love the app and use it every single time I drive (work, etc). I like the police and road hazard warnings as well as route issues due to traffic conditions. Only problem I have with the app is reporting road conditions or other functions via Google commands. It says it completed,but an error pops up saying location couldnt be determined or something to that affect. Works fine when using on screen reporting. Not a gps issue either. Fix and this is 5 stars

  13. I absolutely love Waze, but one feature that I really wish they would implement is picture and picture. I use Waze on an everyday basis for my driving navigation for work and I am constantly jumping between the phone app and the GPS app, so it would make my life a lot easier and less accident prone if picture and picture would be implemented. Other than that I absolutely love the app thank you!

  14. Mat Ri dice:

    This used to be the best app out there for travel. With the new updates and Google takeover it’s turned into a constant barrage of ads with worsening directions and gps that has become finicky. The newest update said I could go 900 miles in 9 hours (same time zone). I honestly think Google is trying to kill it so people will use their maps system… Which sadly is the case for me.

  15. Great app when functioning properly. However if multiple rerouted are necessary, my Waze will malfunction and direct me to take the next left at every corner. It just drives me in circles if I don’t follow the designsted route. Can be frustrating and difficult to navigate until restarting with a new navigation. I love how Waze alerts me of approaching speed traps and police laying in wait to attempt to ambush and capture travelers.

  16. I listen to a music app that takes me outside of Waze, meaning I can’t see the directions. But Waze USED to still tell me “take a right in 500 feet” with my music, but now it doesn’t! I have to pause my music, open Waze, wait for it to load because it magically stops when you exit the app, (it used to not do that,) and then you’ll know where you’re going! Half the time Waze just shuts off! I have to type in the address while driving! This can kill somebody Waze! Go back to how it used to be!

  17. G A dice:

    If you only care about going from point A to Point B, this is a oretty good app, maybe 4 stars. If you want to add one side stop, it goes from 4 to 3 due to the difficulty of adding the stop. If you want to take a scenic trip or take a favorite road, it ain’t happening. Overall, 2 stars.

  18. Just installed it. Please add integration with Musicolet. All the privacy invading options should be disabled by default not enabled by default. After I actually use it driving somewhere I will come back and update my rating. I wouldn’t even have installed it if they were retiring Android auto which already worked perfectly which is probably why they’re getting rid of it. You know Google, if it works get rid of it and make a new version that doesn’t.

  19. – audio cuts in and out in Android Auto – Waze does not navigate to the location after handing off from Google Assistant (with Android Auto while driving) I reached out to support, and they asked me for logs which were pretty annoying to get while I was driving. I did that, then they ask for more stuff. Not worth the issues. Uninstalled

  20. Basically the same old juvenile, cumbersome app it was the last time I gave it a go nearly five years ago but with one bonus feature; if your route starts near a road closure it will magically start your route on the other side of the closure. Crisis averted. Just pick your car up and plop it on the other side. Why didn’t I think of that?

  21. Melissa S dice:

    I use Waze all the time. I love that it navigates me around traffic jams. Some of the recent changes suck, and it really needs to show you which way you’ll be exiting and when all the time. I often find I miss exits, because all it shows is continue straight until I’m 1/2 – 1/4 mile from my exit. Show the next step under it at all times. Also, I would like an option to put an end to sending me to the exit where the ramp practically lines up with the turn. Especially when it’s a four lane feeder.

  22. For an app that’s been out this long, there are some truly embarrassing issues. You can’t preview voice options, navigating by voice only is risky and will cause you to miss turns because it announces too late, when searching for addresses, there’s no zip code in the results, so if there are multiple results with similar names, have fun figuring out which one is your destination. There are just so many minor issues that literally don’t have to exist 🤦🏿‍♂️. Always a frustrating experience.

  23. I find all the different options to report incidents very useful. I would like to see two more options added. The first would be the ability to report fast flowing or light traffic after a traffic jam. Often times the map still shows heavy traffic for a big stretch when in reality you have passed the traffic jam and the flow of traffic has been restored. The second option would be the ability to report when you are stuck at a railroad crossing.

  24. Started using it again, and it seemed to work okay, but there must have been an update or something because when people send me a link to their drive, it centers, up close, on MY location, with no way to zoom out. That’s a big reason why I used it instead of Maps. But now that feature seems useless. Update: link is not clickable, and I can’t select the text to copy it. And when I go to the web page, it just says loading drive, and no way to exit that. So now completely useless.

  25. I have been using Waze for 8 years, and it’s my preferred navigation. BUT, recently Waze appears to be incompatible with Android auto. The result is the screen in my car going completely black, with our the ability to use other apps on the screen. I need to force quit Waze from my phone to correct the issue. I am now using Google Maps, but I want my Waze back! (Note the app is fine, until connected with a hard line into my car)

  26. I like it but a few things can be improved. Speed limit indicator needs to be bigger so I can see it easily while driving. Then when you reach a destination it’s not exactly user friendly to end the trip. You have to back out and then hit shutdown. You also have to hit start twice. Unfortunately, Google is much better because they don’t have those issues. It’s easier to use. It’s should to be virtually hands free or at least as close as you can. Unfortunate.

  27. BCal dice:

    Can’t turn off HOV, super annoying The map functions are ok, once it finally connects. I do like the alerts as well, good to know where cops, accidents, cars stopped are, etc. But not going to use it any more, the inability to turn off HOV lanes is awful, and quite frankly, ridiculous. I know you can disable it by turning off toll roads, but, um, hello, they’re not the same thing. I never use HOV lanes, so the map constantly telling me where to enter and exit them is a show stopper for me.

  28. Why is all traffic from the Florida Turnpike South en route to 528 East being rerouted through the Orlando Expressway Toll Roads instead of continuing on the Florida Turnpike directly to Exit 254 for 528 East? And the maps can’t be altered or adjusted. Not very user friendly. I’ve contacted Waze about this issue and they seem unable to understand. As a result, I don’t trust Waze to navigate my travels and will be searching for a more user friendly app that allows people to adjust routes.

  29. Pete Cal dice:

    It does three very aggravating things. 1. It askd me if I’m still there. Who cares? Not your business keep guiding. 2 It puts up a screen that covers the display. I can’t read it because I’m tooling down the highway at 70 mph in heavy traffic and I can’t get it to go away except with a lot of swipes back and forth. 3 It doesn’t tell me that it lost GPS. It says in 1,000 ft turn right and then nothing I go more than a thousand feet I look at the screen GPS lost. Why didn’t you tell me stupid!

  30. Still there are two major bugs: 1. Navigating on map by drag the map and opening left menu in portrait mode is laggy and slow. 2. Can’t send voice report by Google assistant and still it says “can’t find your position on the map” even though my precise location determined by the app. I just sent the app logs to you and have a ticket, and I am waiting for a fix.

  31. Used to be absolutely best app ever! Now if u get a text and or open another app it closes and stops giving alerts making it useless for me. This WAS the go to navigation app until this started happening. To top it off this question is asked repeatedly in the help center IN APP and it goes ignored. Maybe this reaches them and they fix it because if Waze can’t run in the background it’s useless to most people.

  32. Keith Kim dice:

    No starts (black screen) , crashes, etc. Use Samsung S8. AA and Waze worked best about a year ago, since then unreliable (disconnects, not starting (maybe AA related as I’m yelling “okay Google with no response), now crashes when calculating route. Get a newer phone? Ha, if this combo didn’t with when I got the S8 new and my new car what’s the guarantee?!

  33. James W dice:

    With every update app gets less user friendly. First large buttons on the bottom tray you dont need a carpool optionfull time, now the messed up one of the main features. Access to map updates such as traffic and and reports and gas prices are no longer visible without opening up one of the ‘ghost’ by holding the map update, choose one of the 3 uncusomizable updates the backing out of that choice and the you gat to the update menu , 4 steps instead of 1? NO!!! Stop the “improvements”

  34. Whenever I try to go somewhere and do search -> places -> *click on the map, it expands it to the full screen* -> *search a location I want* -> *click on it*. Right after I try to click on the location, it does nothing. If you start clicking it many times, eventually it will show up a tooltop with “preview location” for half a second and then disappear. To make it show up and stay it sometimes can take you up to 30-40 clicks. Please fix this bug. It’s a very annoying and bad one.

  35. Just downloaded, already uninstalling and here’s why: 1.) I cannot change my user name and your username is too complicated for my dyslexia to recall. 2.) It keeps saying no internet connection when I’m on 5G network and haven’t moved yet 3.) It will not allow me to add a road update to prevent other drivers from damaging their cars. 4.) When I try to add the road alert it’s too far away pinpoint wise from the location and I cannot alter it.

  36. Allen dice:

    I would love to have a more friendly landscape mode. Just make the stuff at the bottom go away. Options are best. I don’t eve know anyone who car pools. Put the where too next to my waze. Or off to the sides. And make it to where it goes away. Either an option or automatically and when you touch the screen it comes back.

  37. The locations slide up is an annoyance, has no value & is redundent w/the waze menu button. With no active route it causes issues w/the position of or covering up the speedometer, car icon, car info & quick access buttons. There needs to be setting to eliminate the slideup & it’s search pane. Bring back the middle button that, w/no active route, allowed quick access to the sound settings. I used it allot to turn off/on sound prior to preplanning my route so as not to bother others near me.

  38. It’s great for long distance… It tells you the spd limit& the speed you’re travelling. It also shows & tells where others have marked. You can also alert contacts on your location. There’s also estimated time of arrival; how much time is left before arrival. There are a lot of other good things about the app. My only problem is sometimes you can be by your destination & it says you have reached your destination. Just try it & judge for yourself.😎👍

  39. Eric Wes dice:

    My only complaint is that I would like the speed, and speed limit, info to be bigger, much bigger. Maybe this is a configuration item, and I will look, but using the app yesterday I really wanted the speed numbers to be easier to see. Other than that, great app. I use it instead of my car’s GPS. Waze routes the way I route. Neither Google nor the Volvo’s nav system route my way, which really is best. Waze does!

  40. Accuracy has declined but it still works for alerts. Previously this was the go to app for navigation but I’ve noticed in the last year it’s taking me the long route and wrong location. Over the weekend it actually had me driving 15 mins past my location to a backway. I turned around and the directions were still off by 10 mins so I switched over to Google and found I was 3 mins past the location.

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