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Buy a ticket anywhere, anytime – in seconds. The Official MBTA mTicket App is like a ticket office in your pocket. Your smartphone is your ticket!

With the new MBTA mTicket App for Commuter Rail and Ferry, you can securely purchase MBTA Commuter Rail and Ferry Single Ride, Round-Trip, 10 Ride, and Monthly tickets in seconds. Purchasing a ticket is easy: select your trip & ticket type, enter your payment card information and your smartphone is your ticket!

Never lose your ticket again! Once you purchase your ticket, it will always stick in My Tickets. Need to replace your phone? No problem — we can easily transfer any purchased ticket.

Want to check your schedule or service updates? You can check schedules and T-Alerts right from inside the app!

We are making the app better everyday! Let us know what you think at www.mbta.com/mticket


● Secure ticket purchasing with your credit or debit card
● Your smartphone is your ticket
● Never worry about zones again — just select your origin and destination to purchase
● Never lose your ticket — tickets can be easily transferred if your phone is lost or stolen
● Check Commuter Rail schedules, maps, and service alerts
● Brand new offers from JustRide and the MBTA

Please note that support for Android beta versions or experimental features is not guaranteed and customers using Android beta versions or experimental features do so at their own risk.


This version contains several under-the-hood improvements for future releases


40 comentarios en "MBTA mTicket MODDED 2022"

  1. I can’t rely on this app. Every once in a while it randomly stops accepting any debit cards. Same error. I’ve checked my cards, with the banks, everything on my end is fine. Last time this happened I had to uninstall and reinstall the app a few times and the error stopped, but that isn’t working this time. I emailed last time but honestly it didn’t help and I don’t want to go though it again. Guess I’m back to buying paper passes at South Station, seems to be the only reliable way.

  2. This app is okay but it has one really annoying “feature” and that is that you cannot add a payment card prior to making a purchase. I ride the commuter rail very infrequently and for whatever reason it lost the card info from the last time I bought a ticket. I’m not good with the on-screen keyboard on my phone and when I went to purchase a ticket just now, it took forever because I had to re-enter my credit card info. It would have been much better if I could have done that beforehand, but that apparently is not possible. Also this is NOT the fault of the app, but the fact that the commuter rail and subway use completely different payment systems is ridiculous. A CharlieCard would be 10x easier to use than this app.

  3. I am pleased with the app. It has worked flawlessly for me so far. Everything it purports to do it has done. There are some areas that could be improved. 1. Add a card, manage cards, without requiring a purchase. Lo importance. 2. App often restarts when selecting it from running apps when it is not the app with input focus. This is annoying, especially when selecting the app to show the conductor your activated ticket; mid importance. 3. Track Assignment Notification. It would be GREAT if one could receive an alert with track assignment for the train at South Station!!! There’s always a crowd of people blocking the center of the station, staring up at the board. If you are reading a book or having a drink as you wait you have to often glance up at the board or monitor; mid importance. 4. Download ticket history. Would be convenient for QTE FSA claims and tax returns if the app would email a ticket history with prices paid; mid/hi importance. 5. Keep live schedule working. The feature that shows the train location on the schedule often (usually) hangs. 6. Pay for parking. Why must I use another app, form another vendor, to pay? Add it to this app!

  4. The fact that train and bus fares cannot be purchased here and used being that it’s the only mbta app in the market. The fact that it’s 2022 and the mbta hasn’t made it easier for commuters to have a seamless experience in any facet of their commuter services. Mbta needs to do better from their actual transportation services to as you can see, support in the digital space. For this I give this app a one star for being mainly useless.

  5. I visited Boston for the marathon and stayed in the suburbs, using commuter rail to get into the city. I found this app to be very streamlined and easy to use. Basic in a good way, y’know? I don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles.

  6. The stations nearest me don’t have manned depots so this app is essential. It is so easy to use and allows me to buy tickets in advance when planning a day-trip or multi-day vacation. System wide schedules are easily accessible, as well as street maps and station info.

  7. COMMUTER RAIL ONLY. Doesn’t work for the subway. This isn’t clear in the app’s description. The app works well though – and you can use commuter rail tickets to enter combined stations. (I’m not sure fare enforcement would like that though…)

  8. Great app. Would love the following features however: Widget for displaying active pass on home screen. NFC support for the T and bus. (Probably asked often but I would like to reiterate interest in this) Ability to automate future payments.

  9. Jack K dice:

    Limited. This app is strictly for purchasing digital commuter rail tickets. Any other functions just sends you to the mbta website. If you are a regular commuter it might be useful. I prefer physical tickets/passes for reliability anyway.

  10. In the most recent version of the app, I am logged out regularly (where previously, I’d remain logged in on my phone indefinitely.) I understand this is a security feature and that maybe not everyone protects their phone with a PIN or password or biometric like I do. But still, picture this: – On my way to the train, not much time to get there. – Try to open mTicket to purchase tickets. – Oops. Logged out!! Do not remember password (keep it in a password manager app that I can’t access from my phone.) – No ability to log in with biometric (fingerprint). – No mTicket = no ticket = no train ride – Sit and stew in Pike traffic instead. (And lost revenue for the commuter rail) Can you please PLEASE allow the user to: 1. Customize their session time. (I would choose indefinite, since my phone screen is locked all the time.) 2. Log in via biometric (like fingerprint) if their phone supports it.

  11. Have no other way to get home but commuter rail or an expensive uber. The app won’t work at all. Tells me there is an unexpected error every time I hit any button on the app to try to purchase a ticket. Went from a great app to useless. I uninstalled and cleared cache and data and no change.

  12. This charged me $40 without even giving me a ticket. Garbage. And no number to call for service. Idk where all the positive reviews came from but this thing is a scam. Update: The money was refunded 1-2 days later. However, I still think it’s easier to just buy a ticket on the train with cash.

  13. Good app. Works well and is relatively easy to use. Has the schedule which tells you when the trains are coming and can let you buy tickets online. Basically a solid app for its intended use. No problems so far.

  14. I use this app a lot, has not failed yet. Just changed phones and I am unable to retrieve my account though. I got the prompt for my email but the reset code was never sent. I’ve tried a few times. I hope I do not have to lose the tickets I bought on that account.

  15. Great! Well done, MBTA! No complaints about this app, does exactly what I need it to. However, one thing I wish is that the MBTA machines for the subway would allow you to tap your phone if it has NFC for payments, and that this app would be the way to do it. Anyway, well done!

  16. This app will not work on my Galaxy phone. I cannot purchase a ticket because the screen will not open wide enough to allow me to-never had that problem before. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the app in the first place.

  17. EVERY TIME I use the app it never works properly. When I’m either looking to change the direction of the train to the way I want to go or when I want to change the date to the day I’ll be traveling ro check the schedule for that day. The app freezes up and won’t change to what I need. I usual have to go in and out of the app until it allows me to. It also has problems when you want to go back to the previous page and it won’t go back

  18. I don’t like the fact that you can’t switch between devices. After 3 you have to call. Please get rid of that limitation and leave the ticket wallet on your server. And the security of having to re-enter the code on the credit card every time you buy a ticket should allow a fingerprint instead.

  19. If you’re in an area with no ticket booth at the station you’re at, this comes in handy. If you’re planning a trip, you can buy tickets ahead of time and keep them in the “wallet” in app so you’re prepared for your trip. I use it whenever I’m going to Boston.

  20. Schedules are needed. The schedule boards don’t work properly and when trains don’t run GPS we run late for work, but not counted against service times, of course!

  21. Very easy to use, very visually easy on the eyes. Everyone associated with the MBTA system knows how to use it, and as a first time rider, it was pretty easy for me to figure out how to work.

  22. Paul L dice:

    I couldn’t figure out how to load my debit card on. Called customer service (got a live person!) issue resolved immediately. (hint: need to go to “buy ticket” first. Then you’ll be prompted for debit/credit card info.)

  23. the worst app, I tried to pay with my credit and debit card but I couldn’t pay, and never showed me my tickets, when I checked my bank account this app charged me almost 60 dlls, you should fix that part because is not a game when you are trying to pay and you don’t receive anything

  24. App has gotten better but still logs you out far too frequently and does not offer fingerprint authentication. The app should be better at saving your login info and should offer a way to use fingerprint authentication like most bank apps and other transit apps do now.

  25. Logs you out every week or so, without even the option to use fingerprint…why is this more obsessed with security than my bank? As of today, cannot log in or purchase tickets, which is annoying when you are on a train, being asked for a ticket

  26. Purchased a round trip ticket for the day. Went into ticket wallet and noticed instead of a round trip, I had two one ways going the same way. What good is that to me? Thanks for taking an extra $9.25!

  27. It’s ok. Recent update appears to have broken the app. I continually get connection errors and can no longer purchase tickets with the app.

  28. Difficult to use, doesn’t store information (i.e., senior ID or credit card numbers) well or accurately; really find it frustrating.

  29. It’s very good and convenient, but it’s easy to mess up if you’re new to traveling on trains like me. However, no problem I’ve had has been the apps fault.

  30. Big Rex dice:

    Used this app daily for a while. Recently stopped working on my phone, I have to clear the storage and cache each time I open it. Guess I’ll stick with paper.

  31. From a tourist viewpoint, the design is rather unintuitive and confusing; unclear how to use, pay, etc.

  32. The app is pretty useless since I’m unable to buy tickets. Every time I try, the app tells me “check your details” even though I’ve checked and everything is correct.

  33. After the last update it crashes repeatedly. Hangs up at the purple screen. Very frustrating.

  34. This app works great for me I’ve never had a problem with it does what it says. Every time I get on the train I’m able to use is that I haven’t had a problem unless it’s just been a problem with Wi-Fi on the train

  35. was told on train it will make your ticket cheeper( by the employee that was going to take my cash) and it was the same price, plus I figured a bar would come up they could scan a bar code just reducd my fare, but but wznted crefit card, my adress and personal info.

  36. I installed this app and bought a round-trip ticket for the next day. This app shows that I have two one-way tickets to South Station! All that this app did was take my money and cause me headaches!

  37. i only ever use this for the schedule because everytime i try to buy a ticket it gives me an error msg that says i cant buy the ticket because i messed up my info which i didnt but then still charges me the ticket when i cant even use it!

  38. I like this app, it is very convenient. The customer service is good as well, they were vary quick to answer my questions. I would recommend.

  39. Errors out when you prepare the ticket then leave the app. I’m low cell service but that shouldn’t better since that’s the train route. Incentivizes not activating until conductor is waiting

  40. Bought a ticket from N Billerica to North Station. Not a single parking space in either lot. Had to drive in and there’s no way to get a refund.

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